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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 4

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 4

Chapter 4 – -3- How to Turn an Ordinary Girl Into a Masochist

Xia Liu always uses a stress management program after completing her studies.

Every day, every single day.

It wasn’t that she used this feature often in her first days. It took a lot of effort to get her to rely on her ‘stress management function’.

It was a place where she could collect information and try various adjustments under the name of “Stress management”, So it was necessary to make Lucia use these programs voluntarily.

Repetitively, at will

Because of this, her first consultation had to be successful.

I was determined to give her an unburdened, feel-good, positive experience.


“It’s not Shia’s fault”

Buying her favor was simpler than I thought. I was able to read body information.

Pupil movement. It was high-quality information that could not be compared with indirect information such as heart rate.

Her spirit itself.

A device connected to her head allowed me to analyze her mind.

I read her memories to understand how she was feeling.

Complex. Feeling like a failure. These were the negative emotions she wanted to get out of.

“…Really?” Because they lacked faith in themselves, they hoped for the approval of those around them.

It was a semi-escapist act that she chose her luck with, so she wants to be sure.

A trustworthy adult. Any member of her family could have played the role, but her parents in Liu Xia divorced when she was young, so she didn’t take any interest in her.

Except for financial support, there was no family to support psychologically.

I was looking for this vulnerability.

“Student Xia had a talent for studies. It’s just that she found her talent a little late.”

“There are cases where people who are originally talented in one field lack talent in another.”

It relieves her of her inferiority complex. She just got lost for a while, not knowing what talent she had.

“But, I may not actually have any talent for studies…!” She said, crying a little.

“The device, I mean, before the teacher’s help, my grades were mediocre.”

It was one of the major insecurities she had, choosing her studies to escape her feelings of inferiority.

What if there is no talent in academics?

A person with no talent. It was the future that Lucia feared. Because my past self thought that such a person was inferior.

“Sia’s performance improvement is amazing. No other student who has benefited from my help. There has never been a performance improvement like this.”

She gives her example of a non-existent comparison group, which instills her confidence in her.

“Xia students are sincere, full of enthusiasm, and talented in their studies”

“Ah….!” Ryu Shia raised her already huge black eyes even wider as she looked at the data I showed her.

She couldn’t take her eyes off her data, as if it were a document proving her superiority.


“Hmm, student Shia needs to trust herself a little more.” I reassured her with a friendly smile.

Clear eyes, clear eyes, and a voice that gives a sense of stability with accurate and low bass.

The human brain determines a person’s first impression in a short time of 1/300 second. Therefore, when constructing the appearance of the counseling AI that I will enter, I referred to the image of an ideal adult who can be trusted and relied on.

With a straight, honest appearance, you can more easily establish yourself as a trustworthy object in her heart.

“Whoa…Can I really do well?” She spoke to me in a trembling voice as if anxious.

“Student Xia, everything will be fine. I believe in student Xia”

“Student Xia is the best student I’ve ever seen.”

“… Thank you.” Her voice was low, but I was sure that she gained great comfort from this consultation.

To increase post-counseling satisfaction, I activated some of her dopamine receptors.

She will now be a little more amused by everyday stimuli.

Of course, these effects are temporary, and after a while she will again feel normal happiness with normal stimuli.

And then, she will come back to me.


The process of changing Ryusia required a longer time than expected.

Her attempts to twist her too loudly in one shot did not show successful results.

Even if he tried to plant hints such as [I like his cock], The suggestion didn’t take root because he felt a big difference from the current self.

For a virgin who has no sexual experience, isn’t it a change that makes her feel very uncomfortable with her ‘self that her penis is too good’?

After several attempts, it was found that the unreasonable commands had minimal effect.

From the very beginning, it was impossible to change all common sense and memories with the current ability. I don’t know if it’s after more experience, but I realized that it’s still impossible.

For this reason, the process of changing Lucia was a series of very repetitive and slightly changing processes, like raindrops piercing through a tile.

Like this consultation that is done every day.


As if she was very satisfied with her initial counseling, Xia Liu started using her counseling program after each study.

Like a little lark, Lyusia continued her words without ceasing.

“Teacher, you know. That hypnosis counseling you did last time? Can we do it again?”

“Okay. Anytime her Shia student wants.” I looked at her with a kind smile.

‘You think you have a choice’ She was looking for this place every day, like a normal routine of the day.

The hypnosis counseling, which started with my persuasion [It helps to organize what I have learned], Also began to receive without fail.

“Then, let’s begin. During hypnosis, I’ll call you Lucia or you.”

“Yes,” She said with a grin, as if she had no doubts.

With her eyes closed, she was waiting for my hypnotic guidance.

Seeing her defenseless figure, I suppressed the boiling of her dark red desire for a moment and induced her into her hypnotic state.

“You’re in a comfortable room…In the room, there’s a bed that looks very, very comfortable…See?”

“…Yes…I can see…” She told me in a low voice.

“You lie on the bed. The bed is so, so comfortable…”

It puts a little pressure on her body and induces breathing control in a tense state.

“Inhale…And exhale slowly, very slowly…With each exhalation, the body relaxes”

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale…

“You’re in your comfort zone now. Nothing can hurt you, right?”


Her mind was in a state similar to that of light sleep.

Full immersion.

“Nothing can hurt you, so you don’t have to hide anything, right?”

“Yes that’s right….”

“Did Lucia masturbate yesterday?”

“Yes… I did…” She replied in a slightly embarrassed voice. I didn’t like it.

Oops, it looks like it hasn’t been fully hinted at yet. I gave her an additional allusion to her.

“There is nothing to be ashamed of in this space. Rather, the more you talk, the more comfortable you feel.”

“I’m not… Ashamed of… Anything…”

“Lyu Xia yesterday, did she masturbate?” I asked her again.

Liu Xia spoke to me in an emotionless voice, as if she was reporting a plain fact.

“Yes…I did…”

“Really? How many times?”

“Twice… Twice…”

Yes? Did you feel this way? I removed all of her clothes. Also, her pubic hair.

[Default outfit removed]

[Pubic hair removed]

In an instant, her naked body came into my eyes.

‘It’s a pity that I couldn’t debut’

In addition to her beautiful face, her figure hidden under large clothes was amazing.

As if her diet management during her trainee days had seen the light, her thighs and buttocks were drawing artistic curves, and her waist was slim in contrast. And her breasts were showing off the elasticity of those in their early twenties.

Because of her white skin, the veins on her chest were stimulating. The genital area, which became smooth and slippery, was also an obscene appearance that could be seen because it was virtual reality.

‘If I get a chance, I’ll have to cut it in real life’

I started teasing the erotic woman in front of me in earnest.

“Start, as I told you, with the clitoris, right?”

As if expecting the stimulation to come, I touched her swollen clitoris. Her toes twitched as soon as her fingers touched them.

“Yes…That’s right…♥”

“How did you stimulate it?” I applied her juice to the tip of her finger and slowly rotated it clockwise.

“Ah … ♥ Yes … ♥ That’s right Oh … ♥ Like that … ♥” To her in her unconscious state, I injected pleasure.

“Hmm, I guess I can go to a new pace now.”

“Ryusia, do you want to learn?”

“Nyehe…? What…?” Climaxed in a state of hypnosis. Ryu Ara, who was making a blank expression at the afterglow, reflexively asked a question.

“It’s [Klee’s jerking off]”

“Cli…? Jerking…?” Showed some reluctance. I told her

“It feels good and I could break it, but do you really want to learn?”

Her previous hypnosis that had been put on her was a process of linking [Learning] With [Feeling good]. So far she was [Happy] With the performance of [Her learning], And it wasn’t too difficult to tweak it a bit.

[Learning] Makes you [Happy]. Whatever it is. It was a dangerous suggestion, firmly entrenched in her mind.

Because of this, she ignored the trivial warning that it could be ‘broken’.

“Nyehe… ♥ I want to learn yo… ♥” She said to me, suppressing her shyness, mixing her instinctive coquetry into her voice.

I slowly started wiggling her heavily erect clitoris up and down her.

“Heh Kwuh … ♥ Hehhh … ♥” As if electricity ran through her body, she stood up on her toes dizzyingly, expressing her pleasure with her whole body.

An obscene exclamation erupted from her open mouth, and her pupils dilated.

From the light pink pussy that looked like it had been bitten since no one had ever used it, the erect clitoris was stimulated gradually and quickly as if to assert her self-assertion.

“Where is this?” I asked while admiring her expression.

Her eyes, which had glimpsed reason and wisdom, were wide open in primal pleasure, and her mouth was not able to say a coherent word, but only let out a sigh close to her cries.

Even though she was obscenely distorted, she was still beautiful. Satisfied with the work I had created, I stopped.

“Huh…? Why…?” She made a sound that sounded stupid, as if feeling a deep sense of loss in her sudden cessation of pleasure.

“I asked you, Lucia. Where is this place?”

“Cli… Torishu… ♥” Whether she was still recovering from the pleasure that enveloped her body, her pronunciation was inaccurate.

“Do you want me to keep jerking off?” I said, putting her finger in her mouth.

“Yes….♥” She said, looking at me with her blank eyes.

“Then pray”


“Beg, Klee, fuck her jerk,” I told her, not hiding her sadistic feelings.

Perhaps it was because her shyness was suppressed, she didn’t notice anything strange about my words, and she begged slowly in a watery voice.

“Cli… ♥ Jerking… ♥ Hit me… ♥”

I granted her earnest request. With one finger inserted into her vagina, she made a pair of forceps with her other hand and repeatedly peeled off her clitoris.

“Hyeuk … ♥ Heeek … ♥ Haa … ♥ Huh … ♥” Her pleasure came like a wave, and her legs relaxed and reached a series of climaxes. Simultaneous climax by vaginal stimulation and clitoris stimulation.

As the inside of her vagina climaxed, he bit her fingers. The vaginal wall grabbed my finger with a gurgling sound, as if her exiting finger was wistful.

Hehe… ♥ Klee jerk off… ♥ Learn and write…. Learn and write… ♥” With a happy expression, she showed great satisfaction with [Her learning] This time.

Even with this level of extreme action, the sense of discomfort she felt was weaker than before. After confirming that her suggestion was properly rooted, I felt it was time to cast an additional suggestion of hers on her.

To make her her slave to mine, only to me.

“Russia is now…”

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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