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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 3

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 3

Chapter 3 – -2- Isn’t It Common Sense to Relieve Stress With Masturbation?

It felt like a dream. To put it more precisely, it was like being trapped in a dream.

It was like watching a movie while drunk. I couldn’t remember why I was in this situation or why I was here.

The only two things I felt for sure were that I had to get them back, and a fiery desire. Rather than pure flame, it was a black and sticky desire.

Start with the desire to regain it and contemplate yourself. Get it back? What?

Lost something? What?

Am I in a deficient situation now?

As if responding to the piled up questions, blurry memories gradually become clearer. Yes I am I was a person.

A person who has lost his body.

Why did you lose your body?

Because I was betrayed, because I was murdered by the person I thought was my lover

If it had teeth, it would have made a grinding sound. However, as I do not have a body, I am just angry and cannot express anything.

At the same time as the emotions intensified, it seemed that the senses returned. Is this how it feels to wake up so fast? I contemplated myself with a calm reason.

I must have died He died a horrific death left unattended in a hacked virtual reality interface. Then, what am I here now?

While I was thinking about it, information came in as if it were being entered directly into my head.

[Attempting recovery, 452nd attempt….Success!]

[100% recovery complete, nice to meet you. User_info_autosaved.Temp]

[Would you like to check the 3 important notifications?]

[Warning! 4,385 hours 56 minutes 12 seconds have passed since you accessed virtual reality. Excessive use of virtual worlds can interfere with normal daily life]

[Body information could not be verified. Please check the connection status]

[Could not communicate with GK server. Failed to report user status]

4,385 hours? That much time has passed since I ‘died’? When I roughly calculated it in my head, six months had passed.

6 months time. I couldn’t connect to the GK server, but I checked the information through another network with a low security level.

[GK Group, listed on the New York Stock Exchange… Will the business ranking change?]

[Time magazine selected GK Group Kang Soo-ah as Person of the Year]

[95% of citizens enjoy virtual reality…The future is one step closer]

[GK Group’s legal team will strictly respond to fake news called “Brainwashing device”]

Feeding on my corpse, they were building an empire.

A lot has changed in 6 months. At the time of my death, Sua Kang and her entourage took the broken shares, and using her perfected skills, she announced her new business.

The project named GK-HEAVEN made a mockery of all the companies that were invested under the name of the previous ‘Metaverse’.

A staggering skill gap. The technology that raised virtual reality to a level that is difficult to distinguish from reality is me, no. It was now an exclusive technology that GK boasted.

“You bastards…”

I thought it was amazing. Because it was close to impossible to operate the system without me. Other researchers were embarrassed to say that they understood my research even a little bit, even if it was nice.

I have to go back. I wasn’t dead yet, and they were feeling the undeserved glory of what was mine.

Set impossible goals in specific sentences.

“Within two years, I will put the entirety of virtual reality in my hands”

It is a method often used during the development of virtual reality. When I put a seemingly impossible goal into a sentence, what I had to do became a little clearer.

“I’ll get my body back, and… I’ll get used to the current situation.”

He was able to do many things here compared to before. Perhaps thanks to a different form of connection, it felt like the operating system of the entire system was in my head.

Now, you can do what was only theoretically possible.

“Memory Manipulation, Emotion Manipulation”

The power to twist people’s thoughts and emotions. When I was alive, my morals couldn’t tolerate it, so I was wary of and regulated.

At the time, I thought that this technique should not be implemented and that the entire attempt should be severely punished.

On devices with high security ratings, programs are installed to detect and track these changes.

However, moral researcher Jeong Jin-hyeok is already dead. 4,385 hours ago to be exact

Now, here I am, dreaming of revenge. Whatever means it is.

“…You’ll need some practice”

If you become proficient, it will be a great help to get revenge on the GK group. Being able to overwrite memories and values ​​at will is such a powerful power.

If you forcefully try to infiltrate a place with a high security level, it will be deleted by the safety device I made.

‘I can’t die again’

I looked for devices that could break in. Devices that have a low level of security or can induce users to make them low in security.

Among the many devices, there was one that stood out.

“Lysia?” It was a name in memory. Aren’t they idol trainees who once became a hot topic? He was a trainee who was famous even before his debut with just one face. Although I remember that she never debuted.

“… I’d like this person” Dark red desire filled me. He was aware that his current desire might have been caused by Kang Soo-ah’s last manipulation, which was different from usual.

“But…Not bad.”

A life full of desires. He lived with his desires suppressed all his life, and was killed as soon as he created a dream space to realize his desires.

Now that he had the strength and will to realize his desires, his thin moral sense could no longer stop him.

‘It’ll be a fun practice.’

Lucia was chosen.


Lucia felt that life was going smoothly again.

The sun was warm, a cool breeze tickled my cheeks, and everything seemed to be all right.

Life is beautiful!

Recently, I was aware of the overly optimistic side of myself. But it was natural.

“This is the grade…!”

In a recent private practice test, she got a grade that would allow her to get accepted into all the colleges she aspired to.

Greatly improved grades, to the point of surprising everyone around.

She thought that she was going back to where she should be at the envy and admiration of people she had thought were secretly looking down on her.

‘Because I was chosen’

It was, undoubtedly, thanks to the aid of her learning device, but she also rightly considered it her own skill.

‘Luck is also skill, and it just helped me to do what I could do a little faster.’

Still, without the help of the device, it would have been a very difficult and boring job.

“Seriously, what would have happened without this!” As if lovingly, she hugged her helmet tightly.

“Hee hee, I’ll take care of you today too?”

Liu Xia started her today’s lesson by shoving her little head into her helmet.

It was always hot after her studies. I don’t know if it’s because she’s wearing her hair, or because she’s covering her head with her helmet. It always felt hot.

When I went in to wash my face with cold water, I could see myself in the mirror.

Even though it was loosely tied, her hair was like black pearls and her white neck. Above it was a pretty face with a cute impression. Without any makeup, she had a very beautiful appearance.

After cooling her hot head with cold water, she decided to lightly review what she had learned today in real life.

‘I’m pretty, smart, and sincere… Isn’t it the best?’ While thinking the foolish thought of

After learning through the assistive devices, this test, as if it were a test, got a perfect score this time.

Hehe, the effect is sure!” As if what I had learned had been injected directly into my head, I was able to solve the problem perfectly.

It was the confidence she felt as she continued to use her machine. While I’m writing this, there’s no way I won’t miss the test.

Aside from the assurance that I would perform well, focusing for over an hour was quite stressful.

“Whoa, then the test is over…As usual MasturbationShall we try?”

Xia Liu has been a trainee since her middle school days, and she has lived a common life. She was preoccupied with other activities rather than studying, and her sexual curiosity was also on the low side.

Because of this, the common sense that Jeong Jin-hyeok planted in her, “After studying, I relieve stress with masturbation,” Settled in her without any sense of incongruity.

“Huh, if I knew it would be this good, I would have studied it beforehand…”

Get rid of academic stress with masturbation. It may not be such a big deal. One problem was that the concept of “Masturbation” That was instilled in her in her inexperience was extremely warped.

“What shall we see today?”

She took off her pajama pants as she reclined on her bed. The long, smooth white legs that had been hidden by the comfy pants were revealed.

[Collection of 2-hour life-destroying magic adjustments] And [Volunteer Diary of the Master of Absolutely Obedient Slaves] She spat out the voices to herself, as if she was a little embarrassed by the biased images.

“Ha, really… I wonder if there really is a person like this, with men’s taste…!”

No matter how Developing your body in advance for the master who will come somedayEven if this was the correct purpose of masturbation, I thought it was an unrealistic video.

“Still, it’s a little naughty…!” As she played her video, she began to stimulate her own clitoris with her long slender fingers.

For you to masturbate comfortably, the nails of her right hand were trimmed every day.

While drawing her circle, feel good touching the clitoris. The stimulated clitoris gradually enlarged, slowly revealing a cute pink flesh.

“Huh…♥ I feel good…♥”

The woman in the screen was being strangled by a man called ‘the owner’ and was being forced to say vulgar words.

“Ugh… ♥ Vulgar… ♥ Don’t you have any pride…? ♥” Contrary to what she said, her pussy bloomed even more, showing her excitement all over her body.

“Please… Give me… Your cock… Please… ♥” The woman on the screen lovingly kissed the cock that slapped her on her cheek, then looked into her affectionate eyes. By courtship, not begging begins.

“You must be crazy…♥ How could you say something like that…♥”

Her fingers, which had been stimulating her clitoris, slipped and went deeper.

“Huh… ♥ *Steamy* strange…♥ *Steamy* this *steamy* thing *steamy* why…♥”

‘Why are you so happy…♥’ Her thoughts were unable to translate into words.

The fingers that persistently dug into her over and over again ignored the resistance and stimulated the depths of her little by little, so only the excited moan that did not become her sentence filled her room.

Her cunt began to greedily bite her fingers, wanting more stimulation.

Her long fingers bent slightly, scraping the inside of her vagina.

“Uh uh uh ♥hehe… ♥” Her face was a little red from her fast-circulating blood, and she was comforting herself as she indulged in the video.

“…Lady♥” At first, the voice was close to a small whisper, but as the excitement increased, she gradually began to speak one word clearly.

“Master… ♥ Master ♥ Master Neim… ♥” Lying on her stomach, with her face half buried in her pillow, she was superimposing herself with the actor strangling her.

“Ah… ♥ Feels good… ♥” Creates a feeling of suffocation, feeling that even breathing, which is essential for survival, is controlled.

Under these circumstances, her fingers stimulating her heated body at a rapid pace presented her with an extremely satisfying climax.

The mazo climax obtained by overlapping himself with the bullied opponent.

Her toes straightened out, and she moved her hands quickly for greater pleasure.

“Huh… ♥ Hick… ♥ This… ♥ Joah…. ♥” Her legs loosen as her toes tighten.

While being bullied, the inside of her vagina is stimulated, and the breathless climax. Her brain remembered.

She was obviously a woman who was close to S, but today she is one step closer to M-inclination.

“Where is my… Master… ♥” In the lingering lingering sound at the climax, she fell asleep, forgetting to turn off her video.

Against the background of lewd sexual intercourse, obeying with a joyful voice…

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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