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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 2

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 2

Chapter 2 – -1- Reincarnation Ryusia

Lucia failed the entrance exam.

It was natural. She focused on other dreams rather than studying her high school life, and the results showed in her grades.

A different dream, Ryusia was dreaming of a career different from that of ordinary high school students.

She was hoping for her success in her entertainment industry. Although she realized that it was impossible not long ago.

With her innocent appearance and atmosphere, she was already a complete Ryu Xia in terms of her external appearance, but she had serious flaws in her basic abilities that she had to have to work in the entertainment industry.

Even if she danced well, it was difficult to say that she danced well, and her singing was at a level where she had to borrow a little too much mechanical power.

If she had any other talent, how could she have made her debut?

The ability to react appropriately and affinity in broadcasting, which is usually called “Ki”. Such talent as well. She had none of her own. Her limit was sitting there with a pretty smile on her face.

It didn’t take long for her agency to learn that her potential was only her appearance, and her highly anticipated trainee Xia Ryu soon had her contract terminated.

It felt like I was blown away in an instant. What should I do now? In the midst of her anxiety about her identity, she saw trainees whom she thought were inferior to her in many ways debuted and succeeded one by one.

She felt nervous. She feels that she is falling behind. Wasn’t I better than them? She wanted to prove herself in some way.

Study, let’s study this time. She wanted to prove that she was superior to others. She was pretty and beautiful, and she wanted to prove that she had intelligence as well.

Apart from the size of her desires, her year-and-a-half-long effort did not significantly change her performance.

Is that why? Ryu Xia neatly tore up her own report card after her CSAT.

Since her CSAT was not a dice game, her report card filled with 5s did not mean anything to her.

Considering that there was no foundation, it was a very large improvement in performance, but she was not satisfied.

Below average, Korean student average! It was a score that was difficult to even understand, let alone satisfied with. How would you prove superiority by taking the mean?

Since she wanted to show off that she was superior to others, she justified herself that this test was just her practice for her, a process she was going through.

I wasn’t in good shape for this exam, and I didn’t have enough time to study.

If it was the next exam, given one more year, I wouldn’t get this ridiculous grade again.

Her second decision was very quick. It’s so quick, if she started rehashing herself so quickly, wouldn’t she be able to play around a bit? Enough to think

Let’s play a little bit more I can’t study when I’m stressed, so I’ve worked really hard for this year and a half…

I deceived myself with excuses, and like that, time passed little by little.


“Haa…” It was a situation where only a sigh came out.

Ryu Shia was staring at her report card for the mock exam in June.

It was such an important test that it was said that the grades at this time roughly determine the university one will go to. She screwed up, though she tried hard to deny its importance.

“I had a lot of fun, but I didn’t expect it to be this bad,” She lamented to herself. She was looking at her paper, biting her lower lip enough to leave marks on her pretty lips.

Her grades improved just a little to the point where the adjective “Subtle” Was appropriate. The starting point was grade 6, and considering the time of 8 months, it was a meaningless increase in score.

“Huh… If I go on like this, the SAT is good or bad… It’s completely ruined!”

Ryu Shia, who was complaining in a corner of the room with no one to listen, threw the report card in her hand as if resentful.

As if she was mocking her, her light paper, instead of flying away, fluttered around her room and got stuck in her corner.

To be precise, next to the helmet-like device in the corner

“It’s like useless expensive garbage.”

A brain-active learning aid. It was a learning aid for students and researchers developed by the GK Group a while ago.

Performance was very good. During the free trial period, the performance increased noticeably.

It felt like everything in my head was being sorted out one by one. What I knew was left in my mind more clearly, and what I didn’t know was clear and understandable, like dry cotton soaking up water.

If you only see the upward trend in grades, the comparison with before writing was embarrassing.

Until the exam, I felt like I could get the highest score in all subjects.

[Meet Ryu Sia, a perfect scorer in the SAT] [“Studying was the easiest” Exclusive interview with a beautiful student] Her success in the SAT seemed natural to the extent that she had spent time delusion.

Yes, until her free trial period is over.

After her free trial ended, GK asked for a “Reasonable price” For use. The problem is that the reasonable price was just an enormous amount beyond imagination.

For the first few weeks, it was a tolerable amount. The problem was the vicious rate structure, in which the price increased over time.

As the SAT approached, the fee literally increased exponentially, and Lucia could hardly afford it.

Although her family was not very wealthy, the amount was burdensome even for Ryu Xia, who was affluent in her own way.

Furthermore, as if there was some kind of action, the knowledge accumulated with the learning aid disappeared as if it evaporated when the free trial period ended.

As if the knowledge gained while using the device was a mirage, it was completely forgotten.

In such a state, the mock test in June betrayed her expectation that there might still be something left, and showed such a hopeless result.

“I believed this and continued to play…”

Pushing the toe-tok machine tilted with her toe, she let out a soft resentment.

“Does it make sense to be so expensive in the first place…”

I can’t help but feel sad. Because when I had that machine, I really felt like I had become a superior existence.

“Heeing…If I could write this again, I’m confident in this exam…!”

Soothing her resentment, she sat down at her desk.

“I have to do something, really…” I tried to focus on her problem book to organize her cluttered mind, but her anxiety prevented her eyes from reading her letters.

Negative thoughts such as “Isn’t everyone using learning devices except me?”

I studied for about 4 hours, trying to control her anxiety, but I don’t feel like I’m getting any better than before.


The difference between when she had her learning device on and when she wasn’t, she was giving her a painful sense of deprivation.

“I really can’t study… Huh…”

Thinking of taking a break, she

[A new email has arrived]

“Yes?” As she read the subject line of her newly arrived mail, she couldn’t help but be startled.

[(Advertising) GK Learning Assistant Free Use Event]

It was an advertising email from GK Group. I clicked on the e-mail with the mindset that it must be a nonsensical event like a lottery for one person out of 50,000, and to my surprise, there was an installation guide for free use.

[Congratulations on winning the beta program to improve the GK Group user experience! Experience GK-STUDY, which has returned with a more powerful learning effect with new firmware. Anyone who participated in the closed beta test can use GK-STUDY for free for 6 months]

“Ouch…! Really?!”

I almost lost my phone in my excitement. Six months, six months was a leisurely time even after taking the CSAT.

‘Let’s go to Seoul National University, Ryu Shia…!’

It was like winning a lottery ticket I didn’t even buy. Is this kind of luck coming to me too? She had never won anything in a lottery before, so her current luck felt like a dream to her.

It was a dream, it was too good to be a reality

If she had been a little more suspicious, she would have felt strange enough.

‘Did I apply for the beta program…?’ A weak question that briefly passed through her mind,

At the phrase at the bottom that said [The beta program ends on a first-come, first-served basis], She started installing it as if worrying about it was a luxury.

Her anxiety about grades and the impatience caused by reading the phrase “First come, first served” Made her blindly follow her instructions in a situation where she could have doubts.

[Start firmware manual update]

[A new permission request occurs according to the update]

[Request new permission to assist with enhanced learning skills]

[Deep Psychology Access Rights] [Memory Storage Access Rights]

She clicked on consent without much hesitation. What would the GK Group do to harm me? It was a belief based on weak grounds.

[Request new permission according to the addition of stress management function]

‘Oh, it seems to manage stress now’

There will be no more sleepless days with meaningless anxiety and inferiority.

[Permission to access sensory control area]

[1-1) Definition of Authority: By collecting and analyzing information from all over the user’s body…]

I quickly scrolled down the complex-looking terms and conditions, then clicked Agree All.

It was a momentary judgment that I shouldn’t be caught on a first-come, first-served basis after thinking about it. After all, who reads the terms and conditions of the agreement?

After pressing [Agree] To finish all the tedious procedures, it announced that the installation was complete with a cheerful sound effect, Bbampbabam.

Not knowing yet that the bright sound effect just now was the sound effect that would end her 19-year life, she joyfully put on the learning aid.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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