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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 1

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 1

Chapter 1 – -0- Betrayal and Birth

I couldn’t attend my funeral.

In a normal case, it would be divided into two cases. The person himself died and could not go, or he was running away for some reason. In my case it was both.

Currently, only my consciousness remains in virtual reality and drifts. Since the body is dead, it is safe to say that he is dead, and since he must not be found out that he is alive, it is also true that he is a fugitive.

How did I come to be in such an awkward situation? To explain the story, I inevitably have to brag about myself first.

A scientist who received his PhD at the age of 15 and broke the record for being the youngest person to win the Nobel Prize at the age of 24 for a new, next-generation quantum computer theory. That is me, Jeong Jin-hyuk.

Having a good brain, I had several physical flaws, such as a heart that almost died after a short walk, and a right leg that was disabled due to a congenital nerve problem.

He despaired at the reality that even the power of modern medicine could not cure these two. It was from then. I had a dream of realizing virtual reality.

It was impossible with the efforts of one person alone, but with the help of patient investors, the constant support of benevolent sponsors, and countless trials and errors, what seemed like a fantasy suddenly became a reality.

Indistinguishable from reality, a near-perfect virtual reality. You can enjoy the world you came up with, or you can enjoy the world created by others.

People with disabilities will be able to enjoy virtual reality with perfect bodies.

Even my body, which has never run until I run out of breath, will be able to run until I am out of breath in that place.

The completion of the new virtual reality was only a matter of time, and my wish was as close as I could touch it. If you wait a few years, it will be commercialized to people all over the world.

So it was a pity that he was killed by a “Merciful benefactor”.

The day I was murdered, it rained hard.


“Are you going home right away? Mr. Jinhyeok?”

My benevolent benefactor, Sua Kang, the eldest daughter of the GK Group, grabbed me as I was about to go home and spoke to her.

Even in a neat black suit, her beauty was not hidden in the slightest. Rather, it stood out in contrast to the monotonous fashion.

My biggest supporter, the one who understood me. And my sweetheart Her dating didn’t last long, but I fell in love with her wholeheartedly. Even when people around her criticized her for ruining her precious talent with ‘nonsense daydreams’, only she supported and understood my dream.

“Ah, yes. I have a little left to experiment with.”

She asked me, her round eyes wide open.

“…An experiment? Oh, are you working from home?”

I asked with a smile. “Shouldn’t it be completed sooner rather than later if I work at home?”

“…Then, can I go home to play?”

She smiled and asked me in a playful tone.

Embarrassed, I said, “House, uh, why, all of a sudden?” She blushed and gibberled, and she went home with me, saying, “It’s a natural right as the biggest benefactor.”

Upon arriving home, she marveled at the room full of experimental devices.

“Wow… Would you believe me if I said I moved an entire laboratory?”

“Uh, um. It’s for an efficient experiment.”

“…I heard it’s almost finished, Mr. Jinhyeok.”

“Um. Actually…It’s already done,” I said, expecting her reaction.

“It’s finished? Really? Why didn’t you tell me right away?” When she was startled, she asked me.

“Hmm…Actually, I wanted to show Sua-san first. The completion of this technique.”

I walked with her to her virtual reality hook-up. It was a clunky device with a single thick wire and several wires connected in a mess to a huge electronic device.

Hehe, is this a connector? In terms of design, it’s a breadwinner?” She said with a small smile. He let out exclamations of wow wow and touched the device here and there as if he was curious.

“Kuhmm, it’s still a prototype. It will be different when commercialized.”

I put the connector on, and she did it soon after.

“…Um, do I have to prepare anything else for this? Should I go to sleep?” She asked me, looking a little uneasy.

Hehe, don’t be surprised.”

Flash At the same time, the two of us fell into a completely different world.

From rooms full of untidy wires to golden palaces of ivory marble.

“Uh…? Am I dreaming?” She asked me, bewildered.

“A dream? Hmm, it’s a dream that’s more real than reality. Mr. Sua” I Walking out She answered her

“Jinhyuk? Legs, then, is this all…?”

She stuttered her words, even more startled by the sight of me walking out without limping at all. Words that do not form sentences, come out word by word. Showing how surprised she was

“Wow…That’s amazing. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it was completed.”

“Hmm, it’s troublesome to be surprised already?”

Within this space, everything moved according to my will. At my will, the landscape changed, and I could do anything and anything.

Enjoying the feeling of omnipotence that fills my heart to the fullest, I looked at Kang Soo-ah, who was with me.

The reason I see this scenery now is all thanks to this person. The person who always stayed by my side and protected me when I was having a hard time.

So I decided. I decided to propose to this person here and now

It was a sudden decision, so she might not be able to say anything nice, but I felt like she would understand my sincerity.

“… Sua, and me. Um, will you marry me?”

“Yes?” As if not understanding her sudden marriage proposal, she asked me again.

“I want to be with Sua for the rest of my life”

This time, as if my words had come through, she bowed her head in shame.

…What about her answer?

As the silence lengthened, frustration and tension enveloped the whole body. Damn, was it my feelings alone?

At the moment when she regretted that the marriage proposal was too hasty, she cautiously opened her mouth.

“…I’m sorry, Jinhyuk-san…”

I expected to be rejected, but. I wasn’t too disappointed. There will be another opportunity, so next time in a place with even better atmosphere…

“You can’t marry a corpse, can you?”

It felt like the accident had stopped. No, it wasn’t just the accident that stopped. The body also did not move as if frozen.

In the control window I opened with the thought that ‘something is wrong’, only one phrase was displayed in red letters.

E̴̢̬̙̦̠͙̯̩̙̔̿̿̇͋̽͐͂R̴̻̿́͛͆̓̈͆̔͝Ŗ̷̛̄Ó̶̠̱̗͚̂́͛̒́͝ͅR̸̗̰̾̓́̋̋̚͘͝͠! E̴̢̬̙̦̠͙̯̩̙̔̿̿̇͋̽͐͂R̴̻̿́͛͆̓̈͆̔͝Ŗ̷̛̄Ó̶̠̱̗͚̂́͛̒́͝ͅR̸̗̰̾̓́̋̋̚͘͝͠! E̴̢̬̙̦̠͙̯̩̙̔̿̿̇͋̽͐͂R̴̻̿́͛͆̓̈͆̔͝Ŗ̷̛̄Ó̶̠̱̗͚̂́͛̒́͝ͅR̸̗̰̾̓́̋̋̚͘͝͠!

Warning messages about serious errors, in broken text. The details were also horrifying.

[Body abnormality detected – logout attempt…Failed]
[Severe physical anomaly detected – logout attempt…Failed]
[Interface error notification….Disabled]
[Emergency Medical Assistance Request…Outgoing Blocked]

“Whoops, even if our researcher’s skills are messed up, they seem to have the skills to break them.”

“Keuhuk, Sua-san, what is this?” I could only spit out a few words with the feeling of vomiting blood. I felt like I was suffocating. No, it might actually be like that. Don’t you know what’s going on with my body outside?

“Doctor, oh my, my doctor…” She stroked my hair pitifully.

“Yeah, why are you so greedy… I didn’t want to do this either.”

“Full operational control of virtual reality, rights to 15% of the company’s central computing unit, decision-making power over business policy,” She continued as she began to press her tiny hand on my neck.

“I don’t know how to use the decision-making and management rights well. If it’s a money-making business, I’ll interfere.”

“Memory manipulation, emotion manipulation. Can’t you imagine how much money these things can make?”

“Cuckoo, man, the device must be, rigorously, controlled…” She cut off my answer by increasing the pressure on her neck. As if she didn’t want to hear it anymore, she said with a sigh, “Be naive,” And asked me.

“…Would you like to experience it yourself?”

She stirred the air a few times with her slender fingers and whispered in my ear.

“Hee hee, now the doctor will have 500 times the usual sex drive.”

She pressed my chest hard and spoke to me like a sermon.

“That proud moral point of view, belief. Will it be okay in the face of 500 times the desire?”


I was overcome with anxiety. 500 times? Manipulating desires 500 times?


I will be able to overcome In situations like this, you need to be more alert


I will never give up on base desires such as sexual desire. Decided not to.




“Take it off now, you fucking bitch!!!!”

Haha! Look at that, you’re also a human being ruled by desire after all, aren’t you?”

“You bitch, now, fuck”

“Oh, you can’t even talk properly. You could look at me like this.”

She said, looking me in the eye.

Eyes glistening with a dark red desire to only rape the female in front of him


She laughed and spoke to me one last time.

“You’ve worked hard for the company so far, Doctor.”



Kang Soo-ah took off her connector and returned to reality. In the seat next to her, a crippled disabled man was wriggling in a fit, trapped in a virtual world.

It was unsightly to die for such a worm-like being interfering in every detail of his company. Besides, marriage proposal? It’s like garbage that doesn’t know the subject.

Trash had a fitting death.

Self-erotic death

Death while masturbating while using tools to increase pleasure. In order to discourage the investigation into the death of a celebrity, such a disgraceful cause of death was appropriate.

What kind of in-depth investigation is going to be done about a man who went crazy with lust and died after touching his own brain and raising his sexual desire 500 times?

“It was your job to leave at the right time…”

As if to say her goodbyes for the last time, she headed towards her house, staring at Dr. Jung wriggling beside her. To leave no traces



[Data changes have been saved to the cloud. Back up the last saved file]

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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