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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 5

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 5

Chapter 5 – -4- Exhibitionism Reincarnation Ryusia (Upper)

“Lucia, you like to be in the spotlight.”

“Yes…That’s right…” She, struggling with the afterglow of the climax, absorbed the information I gave her without resistance. Like moist clay, it was in a state where I could twist it back and forth with my hands.

Before she came to her senses, I thought of adding one more of her new walls to her.

It weaves together her pride in the way she looks, her desire to brag, and her pride when she is recognized.

“The fact that other people’s eyes are focused on me is proof that you stand out that much.”

“A gaze…Evidence…?” Lucia said to me with a confused expression.

“You are a shining being, and it is a pleasure to receive attention from others.”

“I…Shin…Attention…Enjoy…” She repeated what I said, like a cheap stuffed toy repeating just-recorded words.

It amplifies her experience of being in the spotlight during her trainee days. Those days when everything seemed to be going well, and I could feel an overwhelming sense of superiority compared to those around me.

Adjust to feel the positive emotions of that time again.

Here, it’s time for a little variation.

“The more slutty people look at you, the better it feels”

“Yes….?” She said questioningly, frowning her eyes. Her sense of discomfort increased rapidly, and she showed signs of awakening from hypnosis.

If I hadn’t been in a sexually aroused state, I would have woken up from hypnosis long ago with a great sense of discomfort.

However, she was in a state of difficulty in normal judgment due to repeated climaxes, and felt only a momentary sense of discomfort in spite of the somewhat unreasonable suggestion.

Hum, hum. She tilted her head while doing so, then returned to a stable state.

“The proof that I felt attracted to my body, I feel happy.” Observing her condition, I continued to suggest.

“Is that so…? I’m not sure…” She told me, still questioning.

I began to stimulate her breasts, which were still red and swollen. From the outside of her breasts, as if slowly attacking the area around her nipples.

However, it did not directly stimulate the nipples that started to stand up. The pleasant feeling coming from her chest was controlled so that it stayed at a regrettable level.

“Ah…Huh…” I heard a dissatisfied moan, but I continued my work in silence.

“Even with a small glance, I feel erotic. As if someone invisible caresses me.”

“Huh… Ha….” He focused on relating the sensation she was feeling now to her gaze. I feel good when I get attention, I feel very good, but I feel like something is missing.

“When I feel that someone else has an erection because of my body, I feel better.”

I stimulated the most sensitive part of her nipple. Her breasts, which had a very sensitive sensitivity, which is rare for a large size, were pleasing to their owners.

“Hikes…♥ Haa…♥ Huh…♥”

“It gives me a sense of superiority when I know I’ve been chubby and made someone else get an erection.”

She connects her original desire for display and recognition with her sexual desire.

“You feel naughty when you’re in the spotlight.” I questioned her to make sure her suggestion was well established.

“Umm … ♥ That’s right … ♥ I think I feel that way … ♥” To her who answered meekly, her previous sense of incongruity and hesitation was nowhere to be found.

‘Looks like she’s almost finished’ I clapped my hands twice and slowly lifted her from her hypnotic state.

[Clothing and other changes restored]

To make her feel uncomfortable. Her task of oblivious to most of her counseling was not very difficult.

By modifying a few lines of her code in her learning device she was using, she was able to keep most of her memories recorded only in her depth psyche.

‘It’s a vicious trick’

The code for the learning aid that allowed her to keep the memory of the free trial period without throwing it away. It was being used very usefully by Jeong Jin-hyeok.


“…A student of Xia? A student of Lyusia?”

It felt like a very long, pleasant dream. I just remember how much fun it was. I couldn’t remember most of it.

Aren’t most dreams like that? Even if it was a very intense dream, only a fraction of it remains in your mind the moment you wake up.

Even if you had fun and colorful adventures in the world of dreams, all memories disappear like bubbles when you wake up.

Even in today’s dream, the only thing left in my head was just one strong emotion. Joy, great joy.

It was a dream in which too much joy wrapped around my body like a wave many times. I don’t remember what it was about, but I’m sure it was fun.

In addition, I felt a little hot again. Rather than being hot, does it feel like breathing in a room full of heat? A strange, unknown pleasure was felt every time I finished the program.

“Whoah…Is it over already, sir?”

“Sure, I slept very comfortably today,” J, the counseling AI, told me with a grin.

It was a trustworthy person, not a program. It’s so elaborate that sometimes I wonder if it’s not human, but I knew it was an AI when I saw it always there no matter what time I visited.

That fact gave me a strange sense of security. No matter what time I visit, the sense of security that the teacher will always be by my side.

“Ugh, I think I slept too much today. No matter how good my grades are, I can still work harder.”

While I was resting like this, the anxiety that others might have gone ahead.

“Rest is definitely a stage of learning. Student Xia. The better you take a break, the better your results will be.”

Moreover, Xia students are doing well enough. The teacher reassured me as always.

“Rather, why don’t you take a break? Student Xia? If you work too hard, you might end up with burnout.”


“Yes, if you repeat life like a treadmill repeatedly every day without any pleasure, you can get tired in no time.”

“Watching YouTube, watching the clothes I always wanted to buy or the movies I wanted to see, eating the food I wanted to eat… Isn’t it bad to play outside once in a while, get a good rest, and start over?”

Strictly speaking, it wasn’t without pleasure. Because every day, intense masturbation to become a perfect slave to my master was enough to relieve stress.

However, it didn’t seem bad to do as the teacher said. As the teacher said, it seemed good to play outside once in a while.

After all, couldn’t the teacher give me harmful advice?

“You should rest while you can, so that you will be able to pick up your strength later, student Xia.”

“Whoa, is that so…?” My mind inclined to follow the advice. Yeah, it’s time to rest. You’ve been doing well so far.

“Then, shall we go? I followed the teacher’s advice with a grin.


Thinking about going out after a long time, her heart started to flutter from the stage of choosing what clothes to wear.

I was thinking of watching a movie at the shopping mall in front of my house. But since it’s been a long time since I went out, I wanted to decorate it beautifully.

‘Because I might meet someone I know’

While trying on various outfits in front of a full-length mirror, I came across a toxic one.

“This….However, is it too erotic?”

Light beige see-through top. It was a costume that she was embarrassed to wear because of her large breasts. It was a piece of clothing that I didn’t normally pay attention to, and had been tucked away in a corner of my closet.

“Umm…Even though it’s summer…It’s too, too revealing…” It was a stimulating outfit that subtly showed through the arms, chest, and stomach.

The lining was tight, so if worn, it would emphasize the large breasts against the thin waist.

“No, it’s a costume that shows through to the underwear. It’s too, too erotic…”

Most of the underwear in the closet was black, so it was a little burdensome to see through.

But, strangely enough, I wanted to wear this outfit today. You don’t usually wear clothes that reveal your body too much, but isn’t today going out after a long time?

It’s good to be noticed by everyone. It seemed that the focus of attention would give even a strange delight.

…Did I like exposure? She was herself who usually preferred to dress loosely because she did not like to attract attention.

I have some doubts, but people are bound to change. It wasn’t that strange at all, nothing at all.

As she continued to ponder, a crazy thought flashed through her mind. One she normally thought she wouldn’t have at all.

“…What if I don’t wear them?”

Not wearing a black bra at all? If so, it might look like a plain beige outfit, not a see-through one.

Her breasts might have popped out in an awkward way, but her nipples were normally quiet.

If the weather was cold, it could have been a physiological phenomenon, but if the weather is warm, you won’t have to worry about that…

Even though she tried to deceive herself and lined up various excuses, she did not feel very persuasive rationally.

An emotional desire to wear these clothes, feeling the joy of being caught. Not yet quite sure of her own need for exposure, she continued to deceive herself with strange excuses.

“Hmm, I’m going to wear a mask, so what if I get caught…♥”

‘I get caught by others.’

At the same time as her self-destructive thoughts, she felt the heat in her chest.

The thrill and elation she would feel from wearing this costume seemed to heat her head.

“Maybe…Because I might be able to meet someone I know…♥” It was the same thought as before, but it was a different feeling of determination.

Even the subtle expectation of a ruinous outcome…

Lucia confirmed herself for the last time. She looked at herself in the mirror, she felt like her model. On top of her healthy white skin, a short beige top that showed off her navel was well matched.

The black pants that were attached as if to emphasize her long legs, made her long leg proportions stand out. It was a casual outfit that I liked. Except that she hid one secret.

‘At this level… Under bright lights, it might show a lot… ♥’ For some reason, whenever she thought of something dangerous, she calmed her beating heart and headed to the shopping mall in a happy mood. .

“…Hmm…♥ It feels like this…♥” Even the wind brushing my heart felt different today. A sense of liberation, and… Even a slight erotic feeling.

Trying to calm her feverish body, in her midst she headed to the mall.

She unconsciously wishes for something she doesn’t even know yet…

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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