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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 18

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 18

Chapter 18 – -17- A Competent Slave Yuna Wants to Receive a Prize♥ (下)

Chae Yuna looked shyly at her camera and said.

As if conscious that she was being filmed, her face flushed and her eyes twitched.

“Tell me your body information”

“Yes…♥ My height is 163 cm… Weight is 55 kg.. ♥”

Chae Yuna spun around in front of her camera as if she were proud of her own body.

As if she was shy, she took several poses, showing off her figure.

Indeed, she had a look to brag about.

Her waist was slender, and the lines of her breasts and pelvis attached to her waist were unrealistically beautiful.

Her thin waist and contrasting hip line were emphasized by the black H skirt.

Even the long beige coat that covered her body couldn’t cover the shape of her long, cool legs.

The long, smooth legs were covered with thin stockings of about 20 denier.

Her face was no match for her body.

She was wearing a proud and dignified expression that would decorate the cover of a magazine any moment.

Even though those eyes were filled with some obscene expectation.

It was like an elegant and haughty model. Although her breasts were of a size far from her model.

Admiring her figure, I asked her a question.

“Which body part are you most confident about?”

“The part of my body I am most proud of is… ♥” She took off her coat, loosening the straps around her waist.

The long coat that covered her body slid off to the floor, revealing her bust line.

It was covered with a black knit, but Chae Yuna’s chest was not covered at all by that thick cloth.

“It’s a chest…♥ The size is…75G…♥”

“It’s a great size, have you ever had trouble with your breasts?”

“I used to have it, but I don’t have it now♥ In the past, I didn’t like the way men lusted after my breasts, and I thought it was a lump of fat that meant nothing.”

“I resented my chest that only hurt my shoulders, so I tried to make my chest smaller through exercise, but I only lost weight and my chest couldn’t get any smaller.”

“There were times when I was resentful of my constitution, but after knowing that my master likes it, I think I am blessed♥”

She said as she touched her own breasts. The figure that was slightly covered by her small palm emphasized its enormousness.

“If it had been a small chest, it would have been difficult to contain the owner’s large items…♥ Huhu, I’m so glad..♥”

The camera was taking pictures of Yuna Chae without hesitation. As if she was excited about being filmed, Yuna’s eyes were filled with hazy pleasure.

“Take off your clothes.”


At my command, I slowly took off her skirt and sweater.

In order for her camera to capture all of her process and her own body.

When the clothes that wrapped around her were removed, one of her secrets was revealed.

“…Are these not pantyhose?”

Chaeyu Na was wearing her full body stockings under her clothes, covering everything except her hands.

It was an erotic type of clothing that can only be found at fetish establishments.

With the thin string around her neck, the stockings that were fastened to her upper body were all exposed.

Her back was also hollowed out, showing off her beautiful curves.

A vulgar costume that exposed her lower belly around her navel, both holes, and even her nipples was hidden inside her clothes.

“Yes…♥ I came wearing clothes that the owner would like and doing what the owner ordered…♥”

“How did you feel?”

“Uh…♥ I was so nervous that I wouldn’t be found out…♥ For the sake of my master, I forcibly turned into a person who wears such risque clothes, and worked while hiding such a perverted outfit…♥”

She said, letting out her increasingly quickening breath.

“So…♥ So good…♥”

She replied shyly, twisting her body around. Her large breasts swayed from side to side, accentuating the black heart stickers covering her nipples.

“Describe your body, raunchy”

When she commanded in a coercive tone, Chae Yuna replied with a creepy smile.


“My, milk..Pussy is always hot at the thought of my master…♥ If I don’t stick stickers like this, I’ll show everyone that I’m in heat…”

Like this, she said, removing the sticker from her chest.

The nipples followed the sticker due to the adhesive force, and exposed its vulgar shape with a pong.

The pale peach-colored nipples were full of excitement, showing off their master’s lewdness with their dainty appearance.

“Like this, I can’t let my erect nipples get caught… ♥ I’m trying to hide it… ♥”

“And my body has a lot of pretty colors…♥”

She stretched her hands upward as if doing gymnastics. Posing to accentuate her chest and armpits, she continued her bragging by staring at the camera.

“Since I was born, I have a body that has a beautiful color even where there are many wrinkles, so I am very grateful to my parents…♥”

In her literal sense, her body was made up of raunchy colors.

Her nipples were stained red with blood, as if expressing excitement.

Even between the armpits, there were erotic curves without any coloring, and even the most wrinkled elbows were dyed pink.

Her ears also flushed red, revealing her excitement, indicating that she was enjoying the situation.

“My pussy is also such a pretty color that my master likes to eat it…♥”

She opened her hand to her tight cunt, making a V with her two fingers.

Her bud protruding in excitement and her vagina in heat dripping with sticky honey were captured on camera.

“What is the purpose of filming this video today?”

I said, putting my cock in her face.

Sitting on the bed, her eyes covered by his cock, she let out an excited moan.

“It’s my wish to have a dangerous video of being eaten by the owner♥”

“…If it was leaked, would your whole life be ruined?”

She said as she placed her mouth against the pillar of her cock.

“It doesn’t matter…♥ Rather…♥ That’s the point…♥”

“Side ♥”

“Please wreck my life, mess up rape me, mess up her head.. ♥”


“The key that can ruin my life, I want to dedicate it to my master…♥”

It left marks of her lipstick on her cock. Wanting to decorate it with small lips, she kissed my cock over and over again.

She lay down on her bed and slowly rocked her hips from side to side on her side.

With her chest pressed against the bed and her ass lifted.

It was a posture to seduce the cock in front of her eyes, only to be fucked.

Spreading her cunt open with her fingers, she begged in a quivering voice.

“Please eat Yuna’s pussy♥ to your heart’s content…♥”

I couldn’t stand it any longer and shoved her cock into her body.

Resistance was felt at her entrance, but she held her back, grabbed her by the waist, and pressed hard.

“Five grains♥ Master…♥ It hurts…♥”

“Shut up”

Every time she reciprocates, her pubic hair comes along.

The sheep who don’t want to fall, fawning.

*Poke* *poke* *poke*

“Aaah… ♥ How can you be ♥ Violent ♥” As if she was even happy to be considered a tool, she was making a mess of her bed by shooting Fush Fush squirts several times back and forth.

“Don’t go without my permission, you dirty bitch,” I commanded, slapping her on the butt.

“Yeah… ♥ Whew! I’ll try.. ♥” She replied with her drool drooling and eyes wide open.

Aside from her resolve, her shabby body twitched again and climaxed arbitrarily, as if to show off her high strength.

“I should have told you not to go, but at least tighten it up.”

I slapped her on the butt again. Every time her hand touched her bouncy ass, she twitched and tightened her cock.

“Yeah…♥ If you join the crappy view..♥ I’ll try not to go…♥ Hee!♥”

It was engraved in red marks in the shape of my hand on my big, white buttocks. As if feeling pleasure from the pain I gave her, she fell and reached her climax again.

“Hee ♥! I didn’t go..Hehe…♥ I didn’t go..♥”

“Don’t lie, Yuna Chae.” I grabbed her by the waist and intensively stimulated the entrance to her womb. She climaxed with a beastly sound.

“Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh ♥ I don’t know… ♥ Poking at the baby’s room… ♥ I don’t know… ♥”

Ignoring her pleas, I bounced back and inserted it deep into her.

“Uhhh..♥ Jooin-nim…♥ If you poke me like that…♥ I’ll go again…♥”

It was a spectacle to see her climax, shedding tears and trembling.

The mascara was dripping down the trail of her tears, leaving her disfigured face incessantly.

Seeing her figure, I felt a sense of ejaculation rise.

“…Wrap it inside. Chae Yu-na” To my one-sided notice, she nodded happily and responded as follows.

“Uhhh… ♥ Master… ♥” She lifted her back even more, swallowing my stuff all the way.

My entire vagina was contracting and tightening my dick, as if not wanting to spill a single drop.

Ejaculating deep inside her, I stimulated her clitoris.

I had planned to continue to cum and climax at the same time, so that I would develop the habit of climaxing while being cummed.

“Heukkeuugh..♥ Master..♥ I’m going again…Hehe…♥”

She climaxed as her fingers roughly rubbed her buds, filling her womb with my seeds.

“Ehh..?♥ Haaaaa…♥ Joa…♥”

She was lying on her bed with her legs apart, ugly as her frog, as if she had lost her strength at the same time as her climax.

All of her moments were captured by the camera. My semen, which started to come out without being able to contain it all, and her face as if she was fainting with satisfaction.

The sight of him flinching whenever he lewdly puckered and spewing out a white, sticky liquid was stimulating beyond measure.

He grabbed Chae Yuna’s head as if she had fainted and forcibly brought it in front of her cock.

She opened her eyes as she forcibly grabbed her hair and pressed his cock close to her mouth, as if she were using her tissue paper.

Smelling her my cock, she started cleaning it, kissing her as if it were natural.

It was a thrilling sight to see such a smart woman serving my cock like a slut.

As if savoring some very tasty food, smelling her scent, rolling the cum around her mouth with her tongue, and glancing lovingly at his cock.

As if she couldn’t stand the lovely cock messing with her self, she started talking while looking at her camera.

“To all the men who love me, I’m sorry…♥”

“No matter how much you look at my erotic image and get an erection, it will be useless.”

“No matter how devoted and nice a man is to me, I will never be able to love him.”

Holding my waist with both hands, she buried her face in my crotch and said,

“The only thing I love is my master, who is like everything in my life…♥”

“My master who controls my life, uses me to the fullest, and eats me up…♥”

“I will never be attracted to a man other than Master…♥”

“Then, don’t work in vain?”

As if kissing her husband, the video ended with the figure carefully cleaning the cock that violently ejaculated inside her.

In this way, I was able to successfully finish awarding Chae Yuna.

After a while, Xia Liu, who received her video, said that she wanted to receive her award. The story of her grumbling will probably be told later.

Now, it’s time to talk about revenge.

Chaeyu, very satisfied with her, I tidied up her body and then she began to explain her performance to me.

About her competence in giving the GK group access to top-tier virtual reality.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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