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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 19

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 19

Chapter 19 – -18- To a New World

Lucia’s house is a nice place.

The space was spacious enough to feel big enough to live alone, and it was located in the city center with convenient transportation.

A neat interior unique to a new building, and a neatly organized ivory-colored countertop.

The flawlessly white wallpaper is harmonized with the simple interior decorated in a Nordic style.

The consistent arrangement of furniture made of marble gave unity.

The use of space that made good use of the advantage of large acreage provided a sense of relaxation in itself.

The ceiling height, which is not enough even for a tall person, gave a sense of psychological stability.

“Did you choose the house yourself?”

“I don’t know… My parents did everything. They never came to visit me.” Ryu Shia replied while continuing to cut her knife while wearing her apron.

Her divorced parents did not want to admit that they were indifferent to their children. Financially successful, they didn’t want to be perceived as heartless people who “Abandoned their children after a divorce.”

Because of this, they spared no financial support for Ryu Sia. She cares about her surroundings, not for her sake.

What she really needed was emotional support.

‘I was able to make good use of that gap’

The desire to be recognized, the desire to be loved, the basis of that desire is when you are recognized as a special being again. There was an unconscious wish that her family would return.

‘All I did was change the direction of that desire.’

The size of desire was already greatly inflated. All that was needed was to turn around.

By twisting the desire to be recognized, it creates a longing to be recognized by ‘me’.

Dig into the heart of the absence of parents and lack of affection, and fill the void with me.

She no longer wants to repair family ties. Being recognized by me and being loved by me has become her life’s goal.

Even if it was the life of a submissive slave, she was dependent on the pleasure and security I gave her.

Before I knew it, she put the finished dish on her table.

“Curry? It must be delicious. I’ll eat it well”

“Xia-senpai! Let’s eat well!”

When you take a bite with a spoon, the rich flavor fills your mouth. The onion, which was heated for a long time and fried until it turned sweet, had a sweet and savory taste.

The curry had a lot of meat in it, adding a strong flavor. By chewing meat, I was able to replenish the protein I lost overnight.

“Mm, that’s delicious”

“Wow, the thing I’ve been frying ever since was the onion! It’s really delicious. Senior!”

“Hmmmm” Rushed by Chae Yuna’s praise, Xia Ryu stretched out her chest and started bragging about her cooking.

“I cooked hard for an hour for my master!

Seeing her boasting a huge chest and being proud, she smiled spontaneously.

“Originally, I relieved my stress by cooking! Now, though, I try to relieve it in other ways…”

“Anyway! It’s a dish that showcased my skills!”

It was like eating food prepared by her wife at her newlyweds’ home.

The sight I once dreamed of was like this.

Happy newlywed life with Sua Kang. Such a life, with the salvation of my life, which was only filled with study and suffering.


I clenched my teeth, my mouth cracking and a sound came out.

The life I had hoped for was impossible in the first place. Because all the time she spent with me would have been a lie.

I was the only one who wanted such a life. She would have waited for me to complete my skills and die.

“Master…? Are you angry?” Yuna and Sia looked at me with worried eyes. It was fearless, genuinely concerned about the change in my feelings.

Seeing the two of them calmed my heart. Those two were not the objects of my revenge. Rather, it was on the side of revenge.

Because of this, I had an obligation to take responsibility for them. The duty to make the changed life live happily.

…It didn’t matter what means the happiness was obtained.

If he had been his former self, he would have been astounded by his mindset, but his current self was a twisted utilitarian.

Either way, isn’t it enough to reach the result of maximum happiness?

“…No. It was because I felt unfair for a while.”

“What?” In response to Xia Liu’s question, I smiled at her and reassured her.

“It was so unfair that I couldn’t eat something this delicious until now.

Hehe, nothing to say. It’s nothing…”

“It’s nothing special, but I can see you’ve been cooking since earlier. Thank you.”

“Hey, it’s really nothing. Thank you for your words!”

Seeing that she was happy with the compliments, Sia smirked with her cheeks blushing.

In a pleasant atmosphere, we were able to finish our meal.

After the meal, Yuna Chae reported on her achievements.

“How much do you know about the virtual reality division of the GK Group?”

“You can say that you know almost everything. From the start of the business, I know all the information from now until three months ago.”

“As expected, Master knows everything about everything…Even our company’s top secret.”

I wonder if I am of no help, said Yuna Chae, who began to feel depressed.

‘She doesn’t know I ran the business,’ I read, laughing at her despondency.

“What’s important to me right now is the information from the past three months. Can you explain mainly about that?”

“Yes! Over the past six months, there have been a lot of changes in the virtual reality division.”

“It was a business unit that was treated like a nerd, making huge losses every year while collecting huge research funds.”

As she manipulated the device on her table with her hand, a holographic graph of her surfaced.

“But now…The position has completely reversed.”

The stock price graph rose like a rocket.

“Half a year is the time it took for the new virtual reality environment released by GK Group to dominate the market”

“It’s to the point where it’s rated as half a century faster than other technologies. It’s only natural that our previous competitors won’t even be able to compete.”

“Virtual reality…They perfected it?”

I asked her questions that were unanswered in her mind.

“Yes, despite the death of Dr. Jeong Jin-hyeok, a key researcher, the technology was completed in a short period of time and released to the market.”

‘This makes no sense…’

Although the core of virtual reality technology had already been completed, finishing it was another task.

It was quite suspicious that the worms in the laboratory had refined the technology enough to commercialize it.

‘Without me, those worms would have a hard time making this.’

‘Maybe there is someone like me’

I started to doubt that there might be a level of skill or AI that can naturally manipulate virtual reality.

Thinking that I should be vigilant in my heart, I listened to her explanation.

“Some scholars sarcastically say that the sluggish technology was completed right after the death of researcher Jin-hyeok Jeong, and that he was rather a hindrance.”

“Well, the dead don’t talk.” She smiled and told me my story.

“That’s…Well, no. Go ahead.”

I naturally felt uneasy and tried to refute. Soon got annoying

She didn’t know my situation, so it seemed like a long and hard explanation. I’ll have to tell you someday, but now wasn’t the time.

She manipulated the screen and continued explaining to me.

“Personal virtual reality that was launched on the market was so popular that GK launched a new service shortly thereafter.”

“As a follow-up to the previously released Reality of Your own (RY) service, we have launched a new service called RY-IF.”

She spoke clearly with the correct pronunciation and taught me about the new service of GK Group.

“It is a new service that adds the concept of if (IF) to the existing virtual reality.”

“The biggest difference from existing personal virtual reality is that many restrictions have been removed.”

“In [Life], You can do things that would never be possible in real life.”

“You can use magic, throw swords, or use psychic powers. As long as you follow the rules of that world…”

“It’s like creating another Earth with new rules.”

“Personal Reality has been so successful that it’s become a modern necessity, but now most of GK Group’s revenue comes from [Life] Services.”

“The main server that handles most of the GK group’s information handles the life service at the same time.”

“That’s why, if you can completely dominate [Life], You can break into the main server of the GK group.

She pulled out a cute rabbit-shaped doll from her arms and cut the doll’s head with the knife next to her.

“Kyaaak!” Surprised by her sudden action, Xia Ryu kicked her on the buttocks, but Yuna Chae didn’t care and rummaged around the inside of her doll’s severed neck.

“Oops, I’m sorry, senpai… I didn’t mean to scare you…” She was the one belatedly apologizing, but her gaze was all over her, fixed on the doll.

“Obviously, at this point…Aha!” As she rummaged inside her doll, she smiled and reached out from inside her doll.

Between her fingers, a small data chip was pinched.

“Hmm, it was hard to come out of hiding… But voila!”

She said as she boasted of her showing off a chip the size of her fingernail.

“This is the access code to infiltrate the GK server room you’ve been looking for.”

“…What level of security can you get into?”

“You’ll only be able to enter the world that’s in charge of Server Room 5, the lowest security level. We’ll have to start there.”

“It’s a genre that was popular in the past, the world of the modern fantasy genre. Trends come and go, so now orthodox fantasy and martial arts are in vogue, so they’re not the most popular.”

That’s why security is the lowest, yo-” She added, and she chimed in with a smile on her pretty face.

“To access a server with higher security, what should I do?”

I asked her a question in a stern voice with her own determination.

I didn’t think the process of revenge would be easy. It could have been a long, painful, difficult two years.

‘Nevertheless, I will take revenge on her.’

It was a question that contained her own determination, so the answer she gave back gave me a pleasant shock.

“Master, you just have to do what you do best…♥”


In response to my perplexity, she calmly explained.

“All you have to do is to warp the world so much that it can’t be restored with the processing power of 5 server rooms…♥”

“Why don’t you twist all the designated main scenarios, kill the people you need, or turn someone who could have been a hero into a whore♥”


“It would be nice to break into the academy that raises heroes and twist the campus with lewd common sense, or to put perverted traits on noble people♥”

“Whatever the master does, as long as he twists the original world enough to make it impossible to solve on its own.”

She spat her words out quickly, her eyes glistening with anticipation.

“It will automatically connect to the server room with higher processing power…♥ The owner just needs to access it at that time…♥”

“Like Master destroyed me, you can destroy other worlds in your own way…♥”

With a mad look on her face, she trembled with terrifying anticipation, as if watching the world I was about to destroy would be so much fun.

Her eyes were filled with anticipation of the world I would twist.

It was an obscene expectation created by me, a twisted mind.

As I stroked her cheek, the corners of her mouth curled up into a creepy smile that resembled hers.

Maybe, revenge might be fun from beginning to end.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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