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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 20

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 20

Chapter 20 – -19- When Checking the Identity of a Suspicious Man, Isn’t It Common Sense to Check the Semen? (Above)

An incomplete phrase greeted me as if something had gone wrong.

[MANUAL_ENTRY_CODE, welcome access.]

[User_welcome_phrase_output: ERROR_USER_NOT_FOUND]

[May {user_name}’s journey become a legend]

Maybe because it wasn’t the normal connection method, I crashed naked on the edge of the world.

“…It doesn’t hurt”

Falling in the middle of a thick forest, I first checked my condition as Yuna Chae told me.

“Status window”

It was a bit embarrassing to spit out a trend from a few decades ago, but the effect was certain.

Because the translucent window appeared before my eyes and cleared up my situation.

[Name: Jeong Jin-hyeok]
[Attributes: Perfect Body (S), Energy (S)]
[Ability: Mental manipulation (S), View status window (A)]


It felt like playing a game. As soon as I thought I wanted to know more about [Supernatural ability], Detailed information came naturally to my head.

[Mind Control (S)]
[This is the power to manipulate the thoughts of others.]
[The more important the NPC is to the scenario, the more difficult it is to manipulate.]
[Mind control may be canceled when the discomfort level reaches 100%.]
[You can share the skill of the opponent who completely dominates.]
[User note: Yuna’s gift♥]

“This ability…You have to use it to understand it.”

While deep in thought, I felt someone’s presence.

“Raise your hands and get down on the floor!” With her eyes wide open, she saw a woman aiming a gun in a shrill voice.

“Yes.” I raised my hands and followed her instructions.

‘View Status Window’

[Name: Ina Eun]
[Age: 26]
[Ability: Body Acceleration (D)]
[Achievement: Academy Graduate (D)]
[Thinking: Shit, the sensor detected a human and not a wild animal… Why are you naked? Is it a villain?]
[Emotion: Fear]

Scenario importance: Lastly, I was able to confirm most of her information.

“I’m lost, officer.”

Using her powers weakly, she made excuses to the officer.

“Gee, don’t lie! It’s way off the road!”

[The sense of incongruity has increased.]

The sense of incongruity rose a little at the ridiculous excuse. To test her abilities, she used them sparingly and added excuses.

“Damn it, officer! I’m embarrassed too. I was robbed by a group of villains and left here naked!”

[The sense of discomfort has decreased.]

I didn’t think it was a very convincing explanation, but just having the minimum probability reduced the sense of incongruity.

Okay, I think I roughly understood the sense of incongruity system.

“I see. Then I will help you. Shall we go to the book to talk about the details?”

After she finished speaking, she handcuffed my hand in an instant, as if she had used her characteristic.

In a blink of an eye, her hands were handcuffed.

‘Is this body acceleration…!’ Although it was a D-class ability, it was an amazing level for ordinary people to see.

“Since the identity verification has not yet been completed, I am sorry, but we will detain you until the identity verification is completed according to the procedure.”

As befits a worldview with villains, she was handcuffed mercilessly even to me, whose crimes were not revealed.

“First of all! Put on some clothes!”

She pulled out a large-sized outfit from somewhere and put it on me, and led me to the police car.

‘I don’t like being stuffy’, but it was an unpleasant situation when her body was handcuffed and handcuffed, but she decided to hang out with her rhythm for a while.

Following her into her police car, I naturally took the seat next to her.

“What are you doing…? Hurry up and get in the back!”

Seemingly taken aback by my behavior, she said with a frown on her cute face.

Even though I tried to look scary, I was just an annoyed hamster.

I presented her with her new [Her common sense].

Perhaps because the influence of the scenario was F-class, her mind changed without resistance when she used her ability strongly.

“If I’m in the back seat, who’s going to touch Officer’s legs?”

The common sense [That in order to perfectly restrain her handcuffed hands, you must touch her legs] Settled within her.

“Kuhmm, that’s right… Well, anyway, get on board quickly!”

I sat down next to her, snapped her handcuffs and started teasing her legs.

She reached under her skirt and touched her legs wrapped in stockings.

“Officer Lee Na-eun, your legs are beautiful, I really can’t take my hands off them.”

It was pleasant to feel the tightness of the thighs trained through exercise, which could be felt even over stockings.

It was common sense for her to touch her leg, so there was no resistance.

“It’s a really tight thigh. I’d like to try inserting a cock between them.”

“What! That’s sexual harassment…!”

Her common sense of being angry is once again twisted.

[Sexual harassment is a compliment]

“…That’s right, thank you…?”

Although the sense of incongruity rose slightly, it was a meaningless increase that was invisible to the naked eye.

“The texture of the thighs is chewy, it seems to be like a pussy.”

She continued to tease her as she squeezed her thighs.

“I feel like I’m going to wrap my cock in a gentle way. I want to rip these stockings right now.”

“Just looking at your innocent face makes me feel like I’m going to get cocky. It’s a face I want to fuck like a dog.”

“Hauuu, since we’ve arrived, stop giving meaningless compliments and get yourself investigated quickly!”

It was she who slammed her door shut with a red face.

Upon slightly checking her psychological state, she was able to confirm the following message.

[Thinking: Ugh, it’s the first time I’ve received such a lot of compliments… He’s a polite person]

“Sit down,” She said as she pulled her chair away from her table.

“Is it smaller than I thought?” To my question, she answered with a sigh.

“Yes. It’s a remote place, so I’m on my own. It’s comfortable, but…”

It was she who came to her familiar space and showed a much more comfortable appearance than before, as if her tension had been released.

“Then, let’s start with basic identity verification. Name, occupation, and affiliation…”

She felt that even just a glimpse would be a tedious process. She had nothing to do with being investigated.

She was the reason for instilling her new common sense in her.

[This man’s reliability is determined by the size of his cock and the amount of ejaculate.]

[When verifying this man’s identity, he prioritizes trustworthiness over other minutiae.]

[Identification is not sexual, and if you are aroused, it is shameful.]

In line with these new convictions, she continued her words.

“…Things like that aren’t that important, so I’ll check the reliability.”

It was me with both of her hands cuffed to her, so I shrugged her shoulders and lifted her up, and she removed my pants from her.

Tung, the half-erect cock protruded from her pants, stabbing her cheek.

“Ugh, I’ve seen it before. It’s a really great size.”

“Is that so?” I said, pressing my cock on her cheek.

“Yes. The size and shape are all top-notch. It’s a form optimized for violating the genitals.”

It was she who spoke as if she were evaluating her furniture, as if she were unraveling objective information.

“…If it’s this big, it might be okay to loosen the restraints before ejaculation.” She said as she loosened the handcuffs on me.

“Is it over now?”

“No, there are still procedures left to ejaculate the semen.”

“It’s annoying, what can I do?”

“Uh, um, masturbation or something…?”

In the newly entered common sense, there was no need to check the amount of ejaculation with her body, so she naturally suggested masturbating to me.

I corrected her misconception.

[Masturbation is such a shameful act.]

[When checking the amount of this man’s ejaculation, it is natural to use the body of a police officer.]

[There is nothing shameful about doing naughty things to help with ejaculation.]

With her new common sense, she hastily corrected her words.

“…That would make no sensehaha…”

She knelt down and put her mouth on my cock.

Her glans went into her mouth as it felt damp.

It was a rudimentary fellatio. I was careful not to touch my teeth, but I couldn’t find any technique.

“Well, it’s so shabby, I can’t cover it at all.”

“Puha, what should I do?” She asked me in a worried tone.

“What if you ask me about that, Officer? How about saying something dirty?”

“All right.”

She thought hard, and then she stammered and started uttering the lewd lines she thought of.

“In Na-eun’s mouth, please shove as much cock as you want…?” As if she wasn’t confident, she said with a clumsy coquetry.

“Well, that’s nice, but how about making eye contact while kissing the cock in between?”

Following my guidance, she looked up at me while blowing a kiss on my cock.

The sight of her squatting and sucking cock in her policewoman uniform was certainly stimulating, but she couldn’t ejaculate.

“If you’re excited too, I think you’ll be a bit more pathetic…”

At my words, she narrowed her eyes and glared at me.

“Excuse me! I’m not a pervert, and there’s no way I’m going to get excited about identification, right? Where’s a pervert who gets excited about doing what she’s supposed to do!”

‘I’m here’

After she added the hint that she [Gets a little horny every time he kisses her cock], She uses her mouth on her once again.

“Eww…?” Lee Na-eun flinched at the slightly different feeling from before.

“Is there any problem?” To my question, she tilted her head and said no.

“*Side* cocks are delicious. *Sweet* cocks are good♥ Please *sweat* cocks♥”

Unlike her predecessors, she was a woman whose voice mixed with excitement every time she kissed his cock.

Shall we look into her heart? Her status window informed her that she was confused.

[Thinking: Ugh, it’s just a regular vaginal exam, but I got excited…Am I a pervert…?]

She said, pulling her horns off her cock, sucking on her glans like candy, with her arousal running high.

“From the mouth of the officer, I can’t really afford it.”

“Ugh, I’m sorry that my lips are so sloppy…”

She apologized to me with her apologetic expression. As she sucked on her prick, her silver thread sagged and broke in her mouth.

There was a strand of pubic hair on top of the white police uniform shirt.

She knelt down on the table, spread her legs in a diamond shape, and spoke to me.

“Teacher, I’ll have to extract the semen from my pussy… I’m sorry for bothering you.” She sighed and apologized to me.

“I’m going to open my pussy from the beginning, why did you use a poor mouth pussy?”

“Sorry, it’s the first time I’ve done a background check this way too…” As if her pride had snapped, she apologized to me with her head bowed.

Her body twitched as she began to run her hands over her cunt.

“The lower part is already soggy. Did you suck a dick and suck it up?”

To my sharp rebuke, she lied and excused herself.

“No, sweat…Sweat…”

“Your sweat looks so slippery,” I said, rubbing her ass.

It was pleasant to the touch. It was a pretty shape with a lot of hips up, as if he had worked out hard.

“Ugh…I’m sorry…I don’t know if I’m a little horny…”

She said, spreading her hips with both hands, showing her own crack in her goo.

“Please use the first officer’s pussy as much as you want, and pack a lot of semen inside…”

In order to hasten her ejaculation, she spits out obscene words of her own accord.

It was a beautiful and exemplary police officer who did his best to perform his duty to quickly check the amount of ejaculation.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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