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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 17

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 17

Chapter 17 – -16- Yuna, a Competent Slave, Wants to Receive a Prize♥ (Top)

Again. Again. Again.

In the long, empty hallway, only the sound of high heels hitting the floor echoes.

Gang Jeong-hoo, the head of the security team, calmed his trembling heart as he listened to the sounds that were getting closer.

“Please please…”

I took a sip of coffee from her paper cup to soothe her trembling heart, but the trembling did not subside with that amount of caffeine.

Until the fate of Kang Jung-hoo and the entire security team is decided. There’s not much left now.

Again. Again. Again.

Hearing the sound of high heels gradually approaching, Kang Jung-hu began to worry. If it is the responsibility of the security team, what should we do?

The ‘truth’ brought by Chae Yuna could have been bad news for the security team. Kang Jeong-hoo thought about that case.

Most of the members of the security team were not very well off financially. Right away, team leader Kang himself was in huge debt.

There were mountains of installments still to be paid. A house she bought with an in-house loan, a big car she bought, and even the latest learning aids she bought for her children.

If you make a big mistake and lose your job while you’re barely paying it off, the future will be bleak.

Not only Kang Jung-hoo, but most of his team were in such a situation.

“Hu…Please…” In this situation, the only thing Gang Jeong-hu could do was pray. Like a madman, he was repeating the two words please.

Again. Again. Knock.

The sound of high heels stopped in front of the door. Kang Jeong-hu wiped his face with a dry face. He couldn’t shave, and the gritty texture passed to his hands.

“Hello? Kang Jeong-hoo, technical team leader.” Kang Jung-hoo opened the door and looked at Chae Yuna, who greeted her.

His eyes are grinning, but his mouth isn’t smiling at all.

Chae Yuna suggested that the security team leader, who was restless and half-awake, sit down.

“Ah, yes”

Kang Jeong-hu tried to sit comfortably, but he just couldn’t.

Kang Jeong-hu thought of himself as a mouse in front of a cat.

A shabby, miserable gray mouse.

She couldn’t figure out what she was thinking. Chae Yuna’s deep eyes seemed to see right through her.

What plans do you have behind that eye smile? Even if you know, it won’t make any sense.

“Relax, Team Leader Kang Jung-hoo. I’m not a ghost that eats people.”

Chaeyu I smiled and opened her bag.

Soon after, she put down a cute-looking USB on the table.

“The [Truth] The team leader was looking for is right here.”

Swallowing her saliva, Kang Jeong-hoo pointed at the USB with her trembling hand.

“This… This, that’s it…!”

“Yes, that’s right. The [Truth] Is that this incident is not the responsibility of the security team.”

Kang Jeong-hu barely held her spirit as the tension in her body was released in an instant and she was about to go into a stupor.

“The truth is that a fatal error in the development team was the cause of the incident.”

Chae Yuna looked at him intently and said with one of her legs crossed.

“A tank of nutrient solution for the test subjects and a tank containing the test subjects to be supplied with nutrients. What would happen if the two codes were used without distinguishing between them?”

“Yeah…? That, well?” While enjoying the relief, Kang Jung-hu, who was taken aback by the sudden question, answered in a dumbfounded voice.

“Whoops, this is the core of the mystery. Why did the test subject disappear like it evaporated?”

Because it’s actually gone– she continued her explanation.

He took a clear glass of water and a sugar cube from the coffee shelf on the wall.

“It was a fatal error by the development team. The tank containing the test subject was recognized as a tank containing the nutrient solution. Normally, the nutrient solution should be supplied to the test subject, but…”

“…If I had perceived it the opposite way, the test body would have disintegrated and turned into a nutrient solution…!”

“That’s correct~”

She dropped the fondant into the glass of water. Pieces of white sugar disappear as if they melted in contact with the water, and soon became transparent again as if nothing had happened.

“In this way, the test subject disappeared. As if it had evaporated…”

“I’m sorry Mr. Park, but this incident wasn’t theft… It was all the development team’s fault,” She smiled and tapped her water glass.

Her fingernails slammed against the glass, and a clear sound filled the room.

“Thank you, really… Thank you…!”

When he said that everything was the development team’s fault and that the security team wasn’t responsible, team leader Kang let out a sigh that he had been holding back in tears.

I remembered the sleepiness of my heart until now, and it felt like all the tension was draining away.

That’s why Chae Yuna’s continued words pierced Team Leader Kang’s chest like a dagger.

“…If this is the truth”

Chaeyu I took out an additional USB from her bag.


To team leader Kang, who stupidly asked back, Chae Yuna spoke slowly and clearly.

Like a sentence.

“This is the conclusion I came to by checking CCTV records and traffic lines in the previous case. This case contains the [Truth] That the security team is responsible.”

“That’s what…!”

“25 minor violations of security procedures, 12 devices were operating without updates, and the vulnerability disabled the surveillance system.”

“No, what is this,” Interrupted team leader Kang who stumbled and panicked, and continued with Chae Yuna.

“It is estimated that they went out at once as if they had promised to use the vacation, and created an intentional manpower gap.”

“The CCTV footage at the time of the incident showed one scene repeated for an hour, but no one reported it. Didn’t they?”

She took out her tablet and showed a video. Endlessly repeating at 15-second intervals, a leaf fell from the screen in the corner of the screen.

“What’s this all about? So…Then you’re saying this is all the responsibility of the security team?” Gang Jeong-hu said with anger.

“Well? That’s up to the team leader.”


“I decide what is true,” She said with a confident smile.

“I won’t bother asking which side of the truth you prefer. I don’t want to waste time on the obvious.”

“The important thing… Is what the team leader can do for me”

“I just… The truth of the incident”

“The truth? Ha! You really think that’s important?” The smile disappeared from Chae Yuna’s face, and a sneer settled in.

“Think about it, truth has no power in itself. True power comes from deciding what is truth and using it appropriately.”

“I just know that I can take this USB right now and go see the head of the development team,” She said as she wiggled the two USBs in her hand sarcastically.

“What do you want from me…” Kang Jung-hu replied with her head hanging.

“…Now you can talk a little bit,” Chae Yuna said with a crescent-like smile.

“Server Room 0. Can I come in for a moment?”

“Absolutely not!” Kang Jung-hoo said in fright.

“Hmm…Really?” When Chae Yu-na expressed her doubts with a sad expression, Gang Jeong-hu uttered her passionate words and made excuses.

“I really can’t! If I did that, it wouldn’t just end with me being fired from the company…! Besides, it’s beyond my power. Please, can I help you in some other way?”

“…You’re bothering me. Manager Kang,” Chae Yuna said with a smirk, displeased.

“I’m not saying I’m going to do something grandiose, but no one will know. If it’s a burden, yes. The 5th server room can be inspected sufficiently at the discretion of the team leader, right?”

“And during the inspection process, it will also be possible at the team leader’s discretion to have a trusted technical advisor accompany you.” Chae Yuna pointed at herself and said.

“Of course, if the team leader does that. I can give a lot to the team leader.”

Chae Yu-na persuaded her team leader. This time, not through threats, but through purchases.

“I heard that the payment of interest on employee loans has been delayed considerably?”

“…That’s right.”

“If Team Manager Kang helps me a little bit, all of that loan will be gone.”

“The honor of the security team will also be preserved.”

“All I have to do is open the door for a moment.”

“Is that all it takes?”


The woman in front of him was a spider.

Her self, tying up prey caught in her web, preventing her from escaping, forcing her to choose.

A very evil spider.

Like a helpless prey tied to a spider’s web, Kang Jeong-hu could only nod slowly.

“…Thank you for your cooperation. Team leader Kang” After the hunt, the spider left the room proudly.

She got everything she wanted…


“Master ♥ I’m back ♥” Chae Yuna said as she jumped into my arms.

Like a dog that has found her master, he rubbed her face against her chest and hugged her tightly around the waist.

“So, did you find a way to get into the server room?”

“Yes! Just as the master ordered, I found a way to enter the server room!”

‘I didn’t expect it to be this fast’

Chae Yuna was more competent than I thought. I can’t believe I’ve done everything I’ve ordered in half a day.

As if hoping for her praise, I pushed her heels close to my face. I lightly kissed her on the forehead, stroked her hair, and waited for her explanation.

“…?” But she stuck her mouth out and grumbled a little.

“Um, Master…Before I explain, can I take the prize…?”

As I met her eyes, sparkling with anticipation, I felt a surge of desire again.

“Yeah, I was supposed to grant you a wish…What do you want?”

“Yuna, Master and…”

As if embarrassed, Chae Yuna whispered in her ear.

She harbors lustful desires.


“…Is this really your wish?”

“Yes!” Chae Yuna replied with a wide smile. In the room she led, a high-powered camera was taking pictures of her bed.

“I clearly remember the videos I took with my master, but I don’t know if it’s because I’m in a bad mood, but I couldn’t find it no matter how much I searched for it…” Chae Yuna said with a sullen expression.

“It’s such a precious memory to me, but there’s no where else, right?”

“So, I want to take this opportunity to dedicate my life to my master again… Can’t I…?”

Seeing her look at me with anxious eyes as if asking for her belated permission made me even more excited.

“…It can’t be”

It was her attempting to make a video that could ruin her own life, for memories of her that never existed.

I wanted to give the best gift to a slave who worked hard.

So that the twists and turns of life are firmly fixed, so that you cannot escape from the pleasure I give you.

Staring at the camera, Chae Yuna said shyly, revealing her tension in her warm voice.

“GK executive, Chae Yuna…♥”

Staring into her camera lens, she removed her hand from covering her eyes and added a line.

“I’m 24 years old…♥”

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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