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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 16

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 16

Chapter 16 – -15- Preparing for Revenge

My eyes opened spontaneously from the sweltering heat.

A warm and soft feeling passed through the skin. Ryu Shia and Chae Yuna were sleeping next to me.

Even at the temperature of a person’s body temperature, it was quite hot because it was still attached.

I carefully pushed the two women who were sleeping peacefully leaning against me, and washed myself with cold water.

What date is it today?

I spent my days indulging in lust to the point where my sense of time was blurred.

It was only after he had resolved his maddening desire that he was able to make a rational decision.

It would be safe to say that he was intoxicated with a sense of omnipotence he felt for the first time. It was the same as if he had wielded it at random, without moderation.

“But… I don’t have any regrets left.”

There is definitely a big difference between myself before and my current self.

Even objectively, he is overly obsessed with desire, impulsive, and sadistic.

I know this is not normal. However, this life gave me a satisfaction I had never felt before.

“I need to wash”

I headed to the bathroom to wake up my still-dazed mind from the afterglow of pleasure.

The soap Lucia used smelled of her.

I turned on the cold water and washed my body. After taking a shower with freezing cold water, I felt like my mind was clear.

“…If I were the me before, what would you think of me now?”

If he had been himself in the past, he would have been shocked by being betrayed by his lover, but he would have admonished him, saying that it was not right to wield power against an innocent person.

They must be trying to guide me with the principled words that with great power comes great responsibility.

After taking a shower, I looked at my reflection in the mirror.

My body reflected in the mirror had the shape I wanted.

A perfect body without any physical flaws. It was reflected in the mirror.

“…Damn, when I asked, they said no”

In the GK group, when I inquired about [Transferring consciousness into a perfect body], They replied that it was an experimental technology and that it had not even reached the clinical stage.

It was a very disappointing answer for me, who desperately wanted to overcome my physical complex.

“Saying that, you’re already selling it to rich old people…”

The [Consciousness Transfer] Required a lot of preparation time. The process of reducing the gap between the body and the real body by adjusting each and every minor element of the new body and mind was a task that required a lot of time.

Since I already had [Consciousness] In the virtual world, I could easily steal this body, but in the case of a living person, it was a task that required all of my time to be focused on this task.

All the time, you have to focus only on [Consciousness Transmission] Without doing anything.

Perhaps, Sua Kang was quite annoyed by that.

Rather than wasting time getting a new body for Jeong Jin-hyeok, a human who will disappear anyway.

Because it would have been important to make the most of the research slave Jeong Jin-hyeok’s death before he died.

Her usual pain in her heart, which seemed to twist her whole body, and the agony of her right leg, which did not move like a stone, were of no value to her.

Anger at Kang Soo-ah fills her body. My honor, my life, my wealth. Her desire to get revenge on the woman who took everything from her welled up.

I looked at myself in the mirror once again.

Being confident, strong, and being able to achieve anything you set out to do. Eyes filled with confidence close to madness.

The weak, stupidly good-natured, stooped, crippled Ho-gu is no more.

There is a saying that new wine must be put into new wineskins.

Then, of course, shouldn’t a new body have a new mindset?

The moral hogu, Jeong Jin-hyeok, died with the body.

Even though I may be a little overly obsessed with desire, I like my life now.

The scenery I saw as I left the bathroom hardened my thoughts.

Ryu Shia and Chae Yuna were holding each other halfway with their arms and legs intertwined, as if they felt my vacancy.

There were many traces of pleasure engraved during the night.

Kiss marks etched around her neck, white bed sheets crumpled here and there from squeezing while holding back her climax. Even half-naked, thin clothes barely covering the body.

It was a sight entirely created by me.

If I hadn’t done it, I wouldn’t have been in the world at all.

It reminds me of Yuna Chae, who was fawning over her cock, holding up a girl four years younger than her as her senior.

Watching the ‘female senior’ notice, she sucked her cock with her tongue sticking out, which was the exact opposite of what I remembered.

‘He was always a proud, dignified person’

It reminds me of her in the GK group. She was not afraid to voice her opinions. She was a person with a confident attitude in everything.

He never gave in to anyone and had a strong desire to succeed and win.

I stroked her hair and put her thumb inside her mouth.

“Umm… Good night, Mr. Juin…?”

She had just woken up from her slumber and answered with a hesitation. She liked the soft inside of her mouth, transmitted through her hands.

As if my fingers were a bottle nipple. Her sucking figure was just like a female.

When I pulled out her finger, she naturally moved her hand to my cock and pulled it out.

“Umm…You’ve washed it…The scent of soap is nice…*Too** I like the smell of my master’s cock more…♥”

It was she who scattered her pillars with her hands, her lips kissing the front of her cock softly.

As if in response to her caress, she blushed in rapture at my slowly rising object.

“Wow…♥ You did that last night…♥”

She buried her little face in her cock and began to hum her tune as I stroked her.

Hehe~♩ Heuhmm~♪”

In line with her nasal voice, a pleasant vibration was transmitted.

The way she looked up at me while biting on her cock, watching my reaction, was so stimulating.

Because I was the one who remembered her appearance, all the more.

She handled everything calmly and promptly with an expressionless expression. She just sucked her cock and wet her cunt, letting herself be in her euphoria.

“… Chae Yuna” At my call, she stopped her caress and answered me.

“*Jjuup* puha… Yes?” The cock pulled out, and a long silver thread stretched from her mouth.

“Don’t you miss your old life?” I said looking into her eyes.

Hehe, that can’t be the case, in the first place, what would you miss in your old life?”

“Hmm, don’t you miss your old social status, your honor or something like that?”

To my repeated question, she answered with a frown on her face.

“Master, what value are such trivial things! Even if you add up all the little happiness, nothing compares to the joy of serving you!”

She puffed out her cheeks and pleaded with me.

“How happy I am to surrender to my master’s cock, admit defeat deep down in my heart, and lose in a mess… ♥”

“…Yes,” I thought of her, feeling her chilling pleasure.

Making the GK Group’s chief intelligence officer my slave was largely the realm of luck.

When the body was robbed, one trace was left on purpose.

One small clue that can track me only with considerable skill.

A person with the ability to track me down with only clues like this could later become a threat to me.

That’s why I dug a trap in advance.

To be able to twist the defenseless opponent when the vigilance against me is still low.

‘I didn’t know it would take such a big deal from the beginning.’

I didn’t know that a talented member of the GK group would step out right away.

I couldn’t even imagine that such a talented person would come in defenselessly and be completely defeated.

“I like it quite a bit…”

I looked at her completely corrupted figure due to the accumulation of many bad luck.

Yuna, who came without her mastery of her brainwashing skills, her security measures as she corrupts Ryusia, the existence of her backup personality to brainwash her again after her return

Without any of these three, Chae Yuna would not have fallen overnight.

She put my dick between her big breasts, and while holding her breasts with both hands, I massaged the cock between her.

There was little stimulation from the hydraulic pressure of the soft chest, but only the visual satisfaction was the best.

Hehe…Master…♥ How about the milk…Pussy…Volunteering…♥”

It was she who stuttered her words with an embarrassing expression, as if obscene words like [Wet pussy] Had not yet stuck to her mouth.

She sucked her pouting glans into her mouth, bobbing her large breasts up and down her devotedly.

“Jjook ♥ Jjook ♥ Jjook ♥”

Her caresses, which she seemed to be a virgin with no sexual experience until the day before, were a bit immature.

But as much as her aggressiveness, perhaps because of her instilled memories, she was like a devoted prostitute.

“You’re doing great, you’re very naughty”

I caught her cock and trampled her erect nipples as if to show excitement just by sucking.

“Hikkeuugh…♥ Don’t tease nipples…♥”

“Chaeyu-na, I have something to ask you to do. Can you do it with such an obscene body?”

I said pinching her nipples.

“Hee Iik♥ I can do it…♥ If the owner tells me…♥

“Really? Can you hide your lewd body that goes into heat just by pinching your nipples?”

Heheh..♥ Only in front of the owner…♥ Because they are in heat..♥ I can stand it well..♥”

Chaeyu I continued to suck on her cock, shaking her body for pleasure.

“…Swallow it all”

Feeling the rising ejaculation, I grabbed her head and ejaculated deep into her throat like gas.

“Heh cu .. ♥ Ek… ♥” Her breath caught, but she seemed to feel good serving, rejecting her instinctive bodily response, accepting the cock full up her throat.

“…Puha…♥ All…♥ I swallowed it ♥ *jjook*”

Squeezing it up from her pole with her hands, sucking even the remaining semen sparingly, she proved with her whole body that she was a devoted slave.

Opening her mouth, she boasted a clean empty mouth, as if she wanted her praise, like her puppy after a trick.

“Did I do well? Masterhehe…♥”

Until yesterday, she was a confident career woman. She was a virgin who did not know a man, and she who had a dominant disposition is no longer.

There was only a female prostitute who served only her master, a prostitute who served her manhood, and a female who wanted to be dominated.

“…Nice job” I stroked her, and her [Yuna Chae, executive of her GK group] Explained her needs.

She enjoyed my touch and focused on my words, but as soon as I finished speaking, she happily nodded her head.

“Leave it to me! Master!”

“Okay, if you do this well, I’ll give you a reward.”

“A prize…?! What a prize…!” She asked in surprise.

With big eyes, filled with longing.

“I’ll grant you any wish you want”

“…!” Her eyes widened at my answer, and she seemed much more motivated.

“Wish … ♥” She smiled brightly, washed her body and changed her clothes.

It didn’t take long for the lewd female maid slave to return as a competent career woman Chae Yuna.

“…I’ll be back! Master!”

As she left the house, her face was filled with enthusiasm, determined to fulfill her master’s orders and receive her prize. It was just full of passion.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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