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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 15

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 15

Chapter 15 – -14- Meeting the Master Is So Much Fun! (Below)

Writing in a diary is always fun.

Is it because there is more exciting news today? It feels like my diary is written more quickly than usual.

Because my junior came in! That was really good news. There are things that will allow you to serve your master in a variety of ways, but

When I can’t serve you, there’s another person to serve you!

It’s only been two days since my master informed me that I’m a female slave, but my heart skipped a beat to hear that a junior of mine had already entered.

I, Ryusia, really tried to treat her well with the thought that it would be nice if we could get along with the same onahole.

But what? Our junior was a very cheeky person!

Listen, was it really dumb?

“Hello. I’m Chae Yuna, who came to serve the master again from today. Nice to meet you.”

The way he introduced himself with clear pronunciation and a lofty impression seemed arrogant.

The intelligent appearance that goes well with the tied up hair seems to show that she is a successful career woman.

“Ah! Hello! I’m Lucia! My sister is the new ona hall the owner was talking about! Nice to meet you!”

As befits the female chosen by the owner, she was a female with a beautiful appearance.

Besides, thinking about the name, OMG! He was a famous person I knew!

She was the woman on the cover of a magazine in a hair salon, with a beautiful young CEO leading the future.

She was such a great junior. At a young age, she climbed to the top of the giant corporations.

But, that’s just a career in society. In front of the master, all of them are just female onaholes.

By the way, this ona hall was arrogantly trying to act like a senior!

“For some reason, I was unavoidably away from my master’s side for a while. I want to come back and serve my master wholeheartedly, so Miss Ryusia would like to ask for your ‘assistance’ diligently.”


She was honestly dumbfounded.

She seemed to know that she had served her master for several years.

She saw her Master brainwashing her by planting fake memories in front of her eyes, so I could understand her mindset. She felt like she was being cut in the line.

She’s the master’s female, on the subject of two days or too late!

Saying something cheeky like ‘bozo’, she didn’t like it.

It would be better for her to be a bit forced and establish her authority as a senior.

“Hey, Chae Yuna.”


I hit Yuna-san’s stomach with all my might.


Yuna’s body bent and fell on the floor of her front door. I told her as she fell on the floor, her trembling.

“No matter how long Yuna-san was a female before, it’s over if she leaves her master for a while.”

Stepping on her face with her bare feet, she went on.

“While Yuna was gone, who do you think was in charge of Master’s sexual desire?”

“I was the first to take responsibility for the master’s cock.”

“I’m not asking for anything unreasonable. However, please keep the basic courtesy toward seniors.”

“…Kuhhh…That’s…What…” With a defiant look, I explained with a sigh.

“I’m not asking you to obey me. Master’s slaves will continue to increase, but I’m telling you because I can’t assert my authority in society like now.”

“For the sake of the master, we must make sure of the basic rules.”

“Master…” When I mentioned the owner, Yuna’s face was about to burst into tears.

Seeing Yuna shed her tears, her heart weakened.

Ugh, I’m too kind, so I’m going to get rid of it.

“Ugh, don’t cry. I’m doing everything for the master… Yuna-san, wake up, I’ll have to check if you’re ready to serve the master.”

I picked the crying Yuna up and led her to the bathroom.

“Take it off”


I had no choice but to answer nervously at the stupid answer.

Not being able to do it fast.

“You don’t have to make sure you’re ready to give it to your master!

“Ah … Yes ….” As if finally convinced, Yuna began to take off her clothes that were covering her layer by layer.

The violent body, pressed down by her clothes, was revealed.

The master has good eyesight, after all. She was an erotic female with a different feeling from me.

If I had a fresh charm that seemed just ripe, Yuna had a mature look.

“Hmm…That’s great. Yuna-san, the master will be pleased.”

“Really?” Yuna-san’s face flushed red as if she was happy to hear that it belonged to her, which would make her master happy.

“But! Hair removal below will make the owner happy! Why did I come without doing something basic like that in the first place!”

It was Yuna’s pubic hair that was managed and grown neatly, but the owner preferred her neatly shaved hair.

She really likes the way flesh comes out of her manly pussy.

“I was in such a hurry…I’m sorry. How, is there no way?

Seniors! Yuna-san called me senior for the first time! I was willing to help her unnie Yuna.

“Of course there is, Yuna unnie..! I’ll make it pretty!”

“Thank you…Senior…!” As if Yuna unnie was genuinely moved, she cried as she spoke.

“Oh, my sister is really good too! You can’t forget something like this from now on!”

I started shaving off her Yuna sister’s secret hair. Every time the blade of the disposable razor slipped, it was really erotic to see the white and smooth surface.

Yuna unnie’s pubic hair was thin and soft. I finished it off by leaving a small heart shape over her crack to emphasize that it was carved for her master.

“All right…! How is it? Yuna unnie?”

“Thank you so much…Senpai…!” Yuna’s older sister loved her own smooth pussy like a child, twiddling it around her belly.

Contrary to her first impression, Yuna unni was a grateful female.

Her first mistake must have been due to her excessive greed for her master.

As a generous senior, I could forgive this much.

“Then, Yuna unnie. Let’s change into these clothes together.”

I said while handing her erotic maid uniform to her older sister Yuna.

It felt like a maid outfit, but it was a slutty microbikini outfit.

“I didn’t prepare any clothes because I was in a hurry, right? Her ex has a spare one, so try it on. Yuna unnie”

“Really? Can I… Wear it?”

“Huh, sure. Female slaves of the same kind, we should help each other at this level.”

“Senior…” Seeing Yuna unni’s moved eyes made me feel better.

Me and Yuna unnie wore clothes.

As I expected, the two of us, who had transformed into lewd maids, were just the way our master liked them.

A very erotic figure… Clothes with holes only in the cunt area, and a top that was close to a micro bikini that only barely covered the nipples.

“I’m too shy… Master, will you like it?”

“Of course, Yuna-sister. How much the master likes that vulgar appearance.”

Because of her slightly smaller size, Yuna unnie’s clothes felt slightly more erotic than mine. Her breasts were accentuated even more, and her pink areolas, the same color as mine, bulged out more.

“Now, it’s time to go wake the master.”

I told Yuna unni a line that her master would like, and I took her by the hand and guided her to her bedroom.

The master was sleeping on the bed.

“Yuna unni, shall we wake the master up together?”

“Yes? Master?” Yuna said in a tense voice as if her heart was shaking.

“Huh, you just have to follow what this senpai does.”

As usual, I gently massaged my master’s egg sac with my tongue and began to climb up, licking his pillars.

My blood vessels were pulsating, and I kissed my master’s penis, which slowly erected.

“Come on, try it.”

Yuna-sister paused for a moment, and then, as if she had regained her composure, she opened her small mouth and caressed her master while sucking on her egg sac.

He licked her pillars with her tongue, and at the end kissed her glans with her soft lips.

“… Well done sister” I was happy and decided to show her senior’s dignity.

When Yuna unnie caressed her glans, I caressed her pillar, and when Yuna unnie caressed her egg sac, I tickled her glans with my tongue with a skillful technique.

With a pleasant feeling of pleasure, the master opened his eyes, grabbed my face, and began to reciprocate roughly.

“*Sizzle* Ku-Hup♥ *Sizzle* Ku-Hee♥” I endured nausea as I was stabbed up to my esophagus at the movement of not seeing the other person as an equal person.

Perhaps it was because it was worth training to turn even pain into pleasure, so I was able to get almost all of the master’s things.

I saw the owner smiling, as if it felt good to have my throat tighten.

“Whoah… Good morning… Oh, Yuna is here too”

Master said, pulling out his cock, which had been glazed with my saliva, out of his mouth.

I poked Yuna unnie by her pins and ordered her to do the lines I had prepared.

“New female on-a-hole maid♥ Chae Yuna greets you!”

I lifted up my maid skirt and showed off my wet pussy as I watched my throat get fucked.

He was a really great junior. Aren’t you perfecting what you’ve learned?

Yuna unnie said to the owner in a trembling voice.

“Erection cock in the morning. Would it be okay if I massaged my pussy…?”

With the owner’s permission, Yuna-sister trembled and climbed onto her cock.

The junior who was very nervous, I hugged her from behind and calmed her down.

‘Since you’re a junior who’s a virgin in real life, you should relax…♥’

No matter how lewd memories you have, it’s the moment when Yuna’s virginity disappears.

I caressed her breasts and slowly put my weight on her to press down to relieve tension in her body.

“Leave…♥” The master’s large object was inserted, and Yuna’s sister’s pussy was opened.

If it wasn’t for the body that was soggy with excitement, did something that would not have gone in slowly enter and tore Yuna unnie’s hymen?

“…Huh? Why am I? Menstruation…Or…Not…?” Thinking that I was rude to my master, I forgot about my own pain and tried to calm down the flustered junior, so I touched her ex-sister’s nipples.

“It’s okay sister…♥ Shake your back…♥”

“Hee-euk… ♥ Nye-hye… ♥” Encouraged by the pleasure she felt in her heart and the encouragement of her senior, the older sister slowly began to pound her stone.

Could it be because of the memories planted by the owner?

At an unbelievable speed for the first time, your junior’s body was developing rapidly.

The body, which had been receiving only a handful of it while frowning, began to serve the cock skillfully with a happy face.

Really, I almost shed tears at the dazzling growth of my juniors.

I ordered the prepared line at the timing when the owner was to ejaculate.

“*Poke* Master, please fill the maid’s nursery with morning semen…♥”

It was a disqualification as a female to sprawl out on the bed in the vaginal cumshot that followed after her lines, but

…Well, as a generous senior, isn’t it something that can be overlooked?

In this way, I was able to meet a junior female slave.

The first impression wasn’t great, but the way he worked so hard was really cute.

I am really looking forward to the days when I will serve my master with my juniors.

Oh, the master is calling.

Today’s diary should end here.

I wish my master would make me a junior again…♥

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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