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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 14

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 14

Chapter 14 – -13- Meeting the Master Is So Much Fun! (Above)

[Automatic disconnection protocol complete! Welcome back]

A mechanical sound with a clear voice welcomes my return.

My consciousness, which was submerged in deep water, slowly begins to float.

“Ugh… My head… Hurts so much…! What the hell happened?”

As if waking up from a severe hangover, my head hurt as if it would break.

It’s like groping for something in a dark room.

“Yeah…I’m sure I’ll enter his world”

As if pulling a skein of thread, each time I put the words into my mouth, the associated memories were slowly coming back.

Following the trail, I was able to meet the man.

I tried to intimidate the man I met, but it turned out to be the opposite.

Put in a disadvantageous situation, I tried to escape, but…

“Ah…! My head hurts so much…!” As I tried to forcefully recall the vague memories, I felt pain as if someone had stabbed me in the head.

“I need to drink water…”

I need to open the connection capsule, go outside, and come to my senses.

“Computer? I have to go out, open the access capsule quickly!”

[Runs the personality restoration sequence]

“Computer?” A personality restoration sequence. My head hurts, how long are you waiting?

It was annoying, but understandable.

Sudden blurring of memory was by no means a natural phenomenon. With a personality scan and reconstruction, you may be able to identify the problem.

[Please wait a moment. Scanning personality…52% complete]

…This could be considered my defeat. After confidently attacking an unknown opponent first, he ran away awkwardly, losing his memory.

“…If I hadn’t prepared for it, something worse might have happened…!”

If it hadn’t been for his decision to automatically exit after 30 minutes, he might have been forced into an unfavorable contract by now.

“If we meet again, we will never lose…!”

The real oneself is numerous personal connections and property. And there was a mighty power coming from a high position. If you start negotiating again with the cooperation of many people, fully prepared

I will never go through such an absurd defeat as now.

“…By the way, why does it take so long?”

[Checking personality integrity…Failed!]

[Contrasting with the personality stored on the server… 67% match rate]

[Severe level of personality damage detected]

[Attempting recovery with the backed-up personality]


The emotionless machine sound conveyed irrational words.

67% personality match rate? Recovery attempt?

The agreement rate of people who were immersed in virtual reality and lived in virtual reality for 5 months thinking that it was real was 80%.

But 67%? Unless it was a change that shook people’s foundation, it couldn’t have changed like that.

“Open the door now…! I’m normal…!”

Inside the cozy capsule, it started to feel like a small prison.

Like the Iron Maiden, an instrument of torture from the Middle Ages, it felt like sharp thorns.

“Now…! Open it…!”

I knocked on the capsule door with my hand and kicked it with my foot.

[Running recovery process]

[Warning! Capsular damage during personality repair can cause permanent brain damage]

[Execute user protection measures]

At the same time as the mechanical sound, I felt something being injected into my throat.

At the same time, his limbs lost strength, and his body became weak and drowsy.

“Hey…! What… Did you… Do to me…”

A feeling of drowsiness spread, and a sense of serenity and relaxation enveloped her whole body, as if oppressed by a heavy, soft blanket.

Feelings that are completely opposite to the current situation.

[For the user’s safety, muscle relaxants and benzodiazepine-type tranquilizers have been administered]

[Until the recovery process is finished, please rest.”

“Let this…Let go…!”

[I will run the recovery process]

[Recovery Target: User Chae Yuna]

[Last created backup personality: Chae Yuna_V2]

[Start restoration]

Along with the sound of the metal fan spinning, the computing devices connected to the connection device operate furiously and emit heat.

As if to let you know that the future work will be very difficult.


In my head, memories that I didn’t know are flooding.

“What’s this…?”

Memories of childhood, everything is reversed.

She is praised by the people around her for her outstanding looks, and her memory of bullying children she doesn’t like is tainted.

You have to remember.

Can’t forget

It was me who made others cry. It’s not me who cries weakly, it’s the opponent.

I was a being who reigned over others…

[Recovering personality module…14%]

However, the memories I had just inadvertently recalled, forced to recall, denied my memories.

I was isolated from everyone and crying lonely, but my master embraced me.

He gave me a different meaning of life as I struggled in pain and tried to force myself to prove it.

I don’t have to force myself to prove myself, I just have to follow what Master does.

Since then, my life has become easier…

…Not! I’ve always been the helmsman of my life, I never depended on anyone.

I’ve never wanted anything like my master. In the first place, he wasn’t the type to depend on someone.

He was a man who dominated, ruled, and enjoyed the view from a lofty position.

Host? There was nothing like that in my life! All memories are completely fake!

No, my master let me know that I am not that kind of person.

I tried again and again to defeat the Master, but the Master always found out about my plans.

After being turned against by my master and losing countless times, I realized that I couldn’t defeat this man.

After admitting defeat, I felt relieved. Losing to the owner, maybe it’s natural?

The reason I tried to rise to a high position was to find a superior master who would rule me.

My master forgave me for being arrogant and continuing to challenge myself.

How can you be so merciful…

In Master’s forgiveness, I felt a sense of security I had never felt before.

Perhaps it was then. The spirit of challenging the master gradually turned into love.

[Recovering personality module…27%]

…It can’t be These are all false memories. I definitely had memories of challenging someone higher than me, but it wasn’t that guy…It probably wasn’t.

It seems that there was someone similar to the owner. Most of them are still lies.

My memory is starting to get less and less certain, but I can’t have risen to this place having spent my school days like that.

This position I am in is a position that can only be reached with a firm fighting spirit and confidence in oneself.

This means that she is not a stupid woman who submits to others and gives herself over to a trivial sense of security and happiness.

… Stupidity, have I forgotten how delighted she was when my master begged me to be his slave?

I still remember it vividly. As graduation approached, I made a forced confession because I thought that my relationship with my master might be cut off.

I don’t want an undeserved position like a lover, so please stay with me in any form.

The owner gave me a suitable seat. The position of a female slave who gives everything to her master…

Let go of the lofty pride you uselessly guarded. When you kiss her toes with vulgar coquetry. It felt like the world I knew was breaking apart.

Pretending to be lofty in high places was all acting.

To be placed under a master who is greater than me. It was such a good feeling.

My master had left me before vacation, saying he would come back when I was in the right shape for a perfect female slave.

After graduation, in order to become a cultured slave, he immersed himself in studies during the day and accumulated obscene knowledge at night.

I practiced dirty words until the vulgar and lewd language that I had never put into my mouth came out naturally.

How can I please my cock, thinking over and over again

He did not neglect to take care of his body to be dedicated to his master.

She pays attention to her body and skin care, and does not let her innate appearance fade.

Develop sexual sensation around the breasts, so that the nipples and clitoris are sensitive to even the slightest stimulation.

I tried to have a shabby female body that easily goes away according to the owner’s taste.

[Recovering personality module…51%]

…Not! I was studying for my future. Future…? What kind of future was it…? Oh yeah. I think it was the future of being a lewd and smart female…

Anyway, the important thing is that half of my memories of Master are false.

The sweet story of the kind master who always took care of my life

One of the two stories, “There was no such thing as a master, and I was a confident woman with an independent mind,” Would be false.

I followed my thoughts and wondered which one was closer to the truth.


It was a word that made my heart thump and beat faster just by saying it.

I still vividly remember the memories I had with the owner.

[Recovering personality module…74%]

…I remembered another one. Memories of being with the owner warmly filled his heart once again.

When I offered his virgin to my master, I remember the temperature of the cold plastic on her navel.

I also remember the lens of the camera that was filming every single one of my girls disappearing.

During the after-party for the opening general meeting, when the owner suddenly appeared and gave a rough fuck in the bar bathroom, the suppressed sexuality she endured.

I cut it with scissors so that the owner likes it. The feeling of putting on a piece of cloth that was the school uniform and riding on top of the owner and stabbing his womb.

The cold dawn air I felt when I was stabbed to the side by the owner with my legs spread apart in the shape of an I in the park on a dark dawn.

When I reported masturbation every day, the pictures I took while being careful not to make a shutter sound.

With the proof of being loved by the master, his stomach was full. The thrill I felt when I gave a speech as a representative of graduates with a flushed face.

All senses remember the Master.

All memories testify of Master.

This… Can’t be a lie, can it?

“I remember everything…Everything…♥”

[Recovering personality module…100% complete!]

[Personality successfully restored]

[Previous personality saved for analysis]


There was a push…And the sound of air escaping, and the connection capsule opened.

“My head…Refreshes”

The previous headache was gone. It was the most refreshing feeling I’ve ever felt.

“I feel like I was born again…♥” I tied my hair up and prepared to go see my master.

“I want to see you soon…But still, I want to look the prettiest.”

I simply put on makeup and drove to meet the owner. How many years have you been driving yourself?

I couldn’t call the article. Right now, I was going to fulfill my duties as a female Ona Hall Chae Yuna, not to handle the work of a GK Group employee.

Sleek, streamlined supercars costing several billion won quickly sped through the middle of downtown Seoul.

Carrying a female who is steeped in lustful expectations…

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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