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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 13

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 13

Chapter 13 – -12- There’s No Way I, a Genius, Could Be Brainwashed Into a Female Slave, Right? (Below)

I’m just offering my precious personality to my master, but my system has sent me a bunch of useless warnings.

[Warning: Modifying or altering the main personality file can have fatal consequences]


[Backup personality [Yuna Chae] Do you want to modify it? – Last modified: 1 hour ago]

Even though the master decided to fix my fix by pressing Y, the arrogant and stupid system stupidly sent an additional warning.

[Warning! You are an unregistered user!]

[Serious Security Violation Found]

[Within 120 seconds, please enter a security code of level 2 or higher]

After all, it’s only about changing one person’s personality into a slave worthy of the master.

In the past, I foolishly attached shackles.

After entering a long 32-digit password, I could barely get my hands on my personality file.

[Level 1 security code verified. Welcome. User Chae Yoo-na]

“I’m sorry. Master…” Every minute and second to be brainwashed by the master wasted precious time, and I was only sorry.

Mercifully, the master comforted me, saying it was okay.

‘I’m glad I worked hard… If I hadn’t had the ability, I wouldn’t have even thought of tinkering with something like personality…’

I opened the personality file and started analyzing it.

“Wow…That’s how it feels…”

The biggest core that made up me in the past was [Arrogance]. And, even the ability to maintain that arrogant personality.

A large sphere of arrogance and the various emotions connected to it formed my personality.

[Pride], [Confidence], [Sense of superiority], [Desire to dominate]

…Was pathetic. It was a mindset that was not at all suitable for a female slave.

If he ever returned to this personality, he would certainly harbor disloyal intentions to harm his master.

Because in the past, I was a woman who couldn’t stand others standing above me.

Because she was indulging in the pleasure of trampling on others and proving her own superiority.

While I was lost in my thoughts, my master spoke to me.

“Let’s start with the past”

The Master began to distort my past memories.

“Ah…You could have used it that way…”

The idiot team members manipulate individual thoughts in unimaginable ways. The process of transforming detailed memories is so adept.

‘The way he’s concentrating… He’s so cool…’

“I found out about it while changing your senior over there,” Said the owner, pointing to the senior who was twisting his body and fiddling with his crotch while being neglected.

Like a puppy waiting for its master, a lewd senior who warms up his lewd body himself and waits for his master…

“Master, will you change me like that…?”

“I want more than just a female slave from you. I’ll make you a competent female who will absolutely obey my commands.”

Master planted [Fake memories] In every nook and cranny of my past.

My memory of courting others and making a child’s life hell changed.

In the memory planted by my master, I was a victim of bullying.

Everything I’ve done has become what I’ve been through. I spent days suffering from ridiculous rumors.

I will think so 15 minutes after receiving this memory.

My master saved me. To be precise, he planted such memories.

Master saved me from suffering and loved me.

The [Arrogance] That formed the personality is cracked. The harm and isolation inflicted during school days shrank the ego, and the atrophied ego was not as confident as before.

I spent most of my childhood being helped and seriously dependent on others who were superior to me.

[Pride] And [Conceit] Are cracked.

Master soon planted the memory of defeat in me.

I have defeated countless people and put them under my feet.

Twist those memories

The joy he felt in defeating others was replaced by the joy he felt in defeating his master. It distorts the causal relationship itself.

I, who was intoxicated with my own superiority, from the past until now. It was only defeat by the master.

From school days until now. Continue.

Here, my [Conceit] And [Sense of superiority] Collapsed.

An unresolved sense of incongruity arises in the gaps in the collapsed ego.

With no pride, no conceit, no sense of superiority… What the hell did I just subjugate others?

Soon after, the master weaved my memories and emotions as if to resolve my sense of incongruity.

“The thrill of stepping on others” Changes to the joy of losing to the owner.

The “Excitement of proving your superiority to everyone” Has changed to the joy you feel when you confirm your master’s superiority.

It instills a false memory that it felt so good to lose to an opponent superior to me.

To my master who keeps winning me over, I felt various emotions in my manipulated memories.

The first feeling was resentment, then respect, and finally admiration.

It creates huge emotions that have been gradually built up over several years.

In his memories of being altered, all the things he did were changed into actions that he did to help his master.

Do you work hard on your appearance and have intelligence? It was all in order to become the master’s favorite.

Building power by subjugating others? I did it all just to give it to my master.

Twenty-four years of my life was turning into something to dedicate to him.

“Um, I think this is enough…Would you like to do some fine-tuning?”

Master has mercifully allowed me to add a few detailed memories with my own hands.

“I’ll do it! Thank you! Master…!”

In order to become the perfect female that my master wants, I added fake memories so that I could get used to and enjoy lewd and erotic things when I woke up.

What kind of memory would be good to change into a female who feels joy while [Obeying]…

While thinking about it, I added several memories.

At the graduation ceremony, the memory of being confessed to by pathetic men is twisted.

It’s the last time, so it’s a pathetic confession.

In my twisted memories, I was there.

Unable to control his growing heart, he confessed that he would do anything to control himself.

With the memory of bowing down to his master, kissing his toes, shaking his hips, and vulgarly tempting him.

In the memory of studying hard after graduation, several studies are added.

About how to be loved as a female slave.

Obsessed with lewd videos and photos that he hadn’t seen before.

It adds to the memory of being engrossed in masturbation while seriously thinking about how to satisfy a man’s things and shake his hips while touching his pubis.

Only, to become a slave suitable for one person

As soon as I became an adult, I added the memory of the owner who took my virgin with his big cock after placing the issued new ID card on my belly button.

Surely I, in a terrified voice

He would have said, “My daughter whom I cherished for 20 years, please enjoy it…”

As soon as midnight came, the owner, who was anxiously rubbing the entrance of my vagina, drove me to the end of the pillar and poked the entrance of my womb.

Even the image of the owner who slowly hugged me as I struggled in the pain of breaking through and slowly and quickly moved the stuff filled inside.

He was treated kindly on the first night, and filled with moving memories.

Even the slightly fishy scent of her own blood that emanated from her cleaning and kissing her master’s cock, which had been messed up all night.

I am stained with white turbidity, smiling brightly in the mood

Even the air in the poorly ventilated motel, heated by the heat of the night before.

Clearly engrave each and every memory of the day that didn’t exist

In addition to this, I tried adding various memories.

[Memories of devoting oneself in a bar bathroom, in a narrow toilet cubicle]

[Memories of volunteering for cock while wearing an obscenely modified school uniform that didn’t fit]

[I was forced to run an obscene SNS, and I remember seeing everyone serve the master while blindfolded]

[Memory of being cummed by the owner outdoors with legs raised in the shape of an I, worried about someone coming, wearing sunglasses and a hat tightly]

[Memory of reporting to the owner after masturbating every lunchtime]

[When I gave a speech at my alma mater as a representative of graduates, I remember giving a speech with the semen my master gave me dripping down my uterus and putting a vibrator in both holes]

Added obscene memories that never existed, could not exist, and should not exist.

As I added many memories with a happy heart, now I really don’t have much time left.

However, my completed new personality. I quite liked it.

“…At this level, wouldn’t it be a pretty perfect slave?”

[Pride], [Confidence], [Sense of superiority], And [Desire to dominate] That had constituted me before are no longer there.

Now, at this moment, the most important element that composes my ego is Master.

[Pride] And [Self-esteem] Were shattered in front of the master.

It was only the [Desire to be dominated] That I felt from the [Superior] Master who controlled me.

“…I’ll save it” I said quietly after showing off my completed personality to the master.

[Warning! Critical tampering with the original file has been detected.]

[Warning! A fatal personality change has been detected.]

[Would you like to continue?]

“…Until the end, it’s trouble.”

I simply ignored the system’s pleas that the operation was irreversible and could be irretrievable—and forcibly saved my personality.

[The personality backup (Chae Yuna_V2) has been saved successfully.]

…Now, there is only one minute left.

“Goodbye for a moment, Master.” I looked at the master with pitiful eyes.

“…Until we meet again, please wait a moment?” For the remaining minute, I was held in the master’s arms, wrapped around his waist, and his tongue was raped.

“*Chew* Master…♥ I’ll be back soon…♥ *Joook* Yuna…♥ I promise…♥”

I really liked the way it was held tight, as if I wouldn’t let it go.

I put my lips on top of my master’s lips, soothed my regret and said goodbye.

[Automatic disconnection protocol activated…Success! Terminate connection]

‘…It is expected’

Soon, he would become a person full of happy memories.

As the most erotic, blissful, perfect slave of the master.

Envying herself a few seconds later, Chae Yuna escaped from her master’s virtual reality.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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