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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 12

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 12

Chapter 12 – -11- There’s No Way I, a Genius, Could Be Brainwashed Into a Female Slave, Right? (Middle)

‘Calm down, Chae Yuna’

I admit that I was careless. I also knew that I was in a pretty unfavorable situation right now.

‘At times like this, you have to be confident’

To hide the trembling of his limbs, I hid both of his hands behind his back and told him.

“Hmm, are you playing a funny prank?” Suppress your anxiety and pretend to be calm.

It wasn’t easy to keep my voice from shaking.

‘Just 30 minutes… Just 30 minutes to buy time…’

I didn’t break into this man’s virtual reality without any countermeasures.

A safety device that forcibly disconnects the connection after a certain period of time.

A security system that detects mental distortions or serious changes and automatically restores them.

Even if there was an unfavorable situation, he prepared in advance so that he could escape to reality.

“I think you know who I am now.” He tries to negotiate in a calm voice.

“…You didn’t tell me. Didn’t I find out?” The man patted the woman lying next to her on the head.

“Be naive~ Do you really think you were able to find out with your skills?

…Because if I stood still, my legs would tremble.

As soon as I stroked her hair, that stupid female NPC who smiled and started sucking his cock was an annoyance to her, but she had no choice.

‘A lump of disgusting delusion…’

What makes you happy to serve others with such a smile? You won’t get any pleasure from your mouth.

It was truly a perverted, filthy, and vulgar existence created by delusion.

‘The problem is that I’m trapped in such a perverted world…’

In times like this, you need to show a confident attitude.

Even she herself did not negotiate with opponents who seemed weak.

They regarded them as easy prey and robbed them of everything.

The moment you show submissiveness to the other person, the equal relationship disappears.

Even if you made a mistake, you can pretend it doesn’t matter.

“It’s all just fake records and addresses for contacts”

“Oh, there’s a lot of very personal information…”

The man spoke my address as he slowly stroked the head of the woman kissing her cock.

‘…I’ll have to move as soon as I get out…’ As soon as I get out of here, I’ll have to change my address.

“…It’s all just fake information randomly placed. Hmm, I’m rather curious? How far did you find out?”

Pretending that it was all unimportant information, he continued to lie with the nuance that everything was a test.

…Hiding the fearful self

I might get caught someday, but it doesn’t matter.

If you hold on for 30 minutes, 30 minutes. ‘Cause I can get out of here

“Ha, card approval, 429,000 won, for women only, for adults…”

“Stop…! I understand enough. I see, you’ve passed the highest level of security testing.”

My face burned with embarrassment at the embarrassing and personal consumption record he revealed.

A woman’s adult product that I bought a while ago that is very stimulating.

If I had a mirror, I would have been able to see how red my face was.

To hide my blushing face, I continued talking as if I was slightly angry.

“Hmmmm, it’s all just randomly arranged information. Please send me the information that suits the highest level of security.”

“Hmm…” The man let out a dissatisfied sigh in disbelief.

“I know your skills. But, is it really the right thing to do to keep me here? Maybe we can work together.”

“Think about it, you’ve already proven your skills. Now tell me the terms of the deal. Money? Fame? I can match anything.”

“I don’t know where you are working, but I’m confident that I’ll double or even triple the treatment I’m getting now.”

Promise the best treatment for the man, and wait for the time.

15 minutes. I can get out of here in 15 minutes.

The man who had been silently listening to me spat out a single word in a growl.



“I want all of you”

Saying goodbye, he told me to give my all to him.

‘…Is there a reason why such a talented person is not known?’

It was an excessive demand, a strange one. Not even specific. It wasn’t even feasible.

Because of a serious flaw in his personality, he may not have made his name known.

‘Negotiation seems impossible, so I’ll have to wait some time’

“Hmm, didn’t we promise to treat you the best we could? Don’t say such strange things, but make specific demands..Heheh?!”

A lot of warning windows appeared in front of my eyes.

‘…Replacement of personality…? What the hell is this…!’

In my clouded mind, a possibility crossed my mind.

‘Am I… Being brainwashed?’

Brainwashing technology, even in the GK group, was still in its rudimentary stage.

Manipulating the memories and emotions of people online in real time was a very difficult task in itself.

From a technical point of view, it was close to impossible to completely brainwash people in a short period of time.

The level of inducing a little liking or suppressing a little discomfort was the limit of the current technology.

Are you changing your personality? A person’s personality is formed by the combination of experiences and memories of a person’s life. Is it that easy to replace?

‘That kind of thing, is it possible, Riga…?’ I feel dizzy as if the accident is dark.

‘Please…! Just 15 minutes…!’ At the end of this thought, “Chae Yuna”‘S thoughts were cut off.


“…What?” I tried to close her eyes, but as I feared for a moment, there was no such thing as “I’m disappearing.”

‘I was just nervous…’

It was nothing. Having lived for 24 years, her memories and experiences as Yuna were all intact.

“Well, there’s no way that’s possible.”

How can it be so easy to overwrite a person’s fundamental way of thinking?

“…As expected, that man, no. It must have been his misunderstanding.”

What? Why am I subconsciously honoring you?

“Open your eyes, Chae Yuna”

Hearing the sweet voice right in front of me, I smiled and opened my eyes.

Like the woman she just despised, she laughs

In front of my eyes, there was a man I respected so much.

No, the man in front of me was definitely my enemy.

An enemy who has done irreparable damage to our company, stole my personal information, and uses females too sweetly.

“What did you… Do to my head, eh?”

To the man in front of me, using short language was quite annoying. And, it was obviously weird for me to be offended by this too!

“I made the mindset of the female in front of you blend with your personality.”

If my personality is clear water, hers is like pink pigment.

My mind, which had been clear and transparent with her, was changed by her.

“Don’t lie…!”

Seeing the gaze that looked down on a puppy behaving badly, I flinched and corrected my words.

“.. I, Boon too… A person…?”

As a female, the woman in front of me, who was constantly caressing his cock regardless of who was in front of him, looked enviably happy.

As an aspiring female slave, it’s to the extent that I respect her. There seemed to be a lot to learn from the way she lay on her stomach, revealing her submissiveness, carefully satisfying his cock with her whole body.

It was a feeling that I had never known about whether the “Respect for seniors” That others were talking about was like this.

“Oh, to put someone else’s way of thinking on me…”

She fawns over men, rejoices by spitting out tides just by getting stuck in her dick, and shows a lowly self-esteem.

Are you forcing me to think like a lewd prostitute?


This is really

This, this is so

Isn’t that romantic…?

No, it’s romantic! It wasn’t even worth it.

I feel like my way of thinking is being polluted. No, is it actually contaminated? It was so difficult for me now to think with the old way of thinking.

Come to your senses, the man in front of you is my enemy. I am not a female slave or onahole. I am the best hacker in the GK group.

I have to get out of this polluted accident and return to my body.

Fleeing from the life of a happy female slave, back to my own life of meanness and insignificance…


Hmmm, that was a bit odd too. Just thinking about it is an unpleasant thought. How did you come up with that idea?

I decided to thank Master again for twisting my way of thinking.

What a sweet offer this is.

You want all of me

As a female slave, I was so happy to think that I could give everything to my master.

When we first met, he said he would make me a slave right away…

It was nothing more than a confession that he would make the female in front of him his own as soon as possible.

This was probably the only way to tell a stupid and proud female where she was.

Like in the case of seniors, there were ways to elaborate from surface psychology to deep psychology for several weeks. For a cheeky female like me, that was a luxury.

The way of thinking of a perfectly trained female can be mixed up for a while.

In this way, it was possible to entice the allegiance of new bitches without having to invest a lot of time.

‘Be so wise…’

The man in front of me said he wanted everything from me.

Romantic and kind, my master…❤

I thought to give my all to my master, racking my brain.

Interprets the “My everything” Abstract command.

At this moment, all my intellect was being used to interpret my master’s orders.

“I must give my present, future, and… Even my past to my master.”

‘After 15 minutes… 15 minutes, I will return to reality, and my personality will return to normal…?’

It was a safety device that I had prepared before. Keeping in mind the possibility of changing into something other than the original me.


There could be nothing happier than the life of a pet female who obeys her master.

‘How much can I twist in 15 minutes…?’

It only takes 15 minutes to get kicked out of the master’s happy world. If nothing is done, I will wake up at my house in 15 minutes.

With [Normal Chae Yuna’s personality] Backed up.

With the same old boring and boring way of thinking.

Forgetting that her body was raised to be dedicated to her master…

Such a misfortune should never have happened.

I kissed Master’s toes and greeted him for the first time.

“Master…❤” I felt happy just by saying it in my mouth.

I was worried that I might be asking too much for my first meeting. I explained the situation to the owner.

“…So master, can you help me with brainwashing my personality?”

I wept and pleaded with my master.

In the anxiety of ‘what if I get rejected’, my eyes felt moist as if they were about to burst into tears.

Master seemed to like my pitiful behavior begging for brainwashing, and fortunately he offered to help me.

As a lewd female, just like the owner…

I shed tears of gratitude and prepared to brainwash my precious personality like the master.

“My past, present, everything according to the owner’s taste…❤ Please change it to your heart’s content…❤”

At the thought of dedicating the personality of the past 24 years I’ve lived to give to my master, my pussy started to get wet.

Waiting for his own lewd appearance that his master would twist.

Thinking ‘I’m glad I can dedicate everything to the owner…❤’, Chae Yuna finished preparing to dedicate her personality to the owner.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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