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Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 11

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse 11

Chapter 11 – -10- There’s No Way I, a Genius, Could Be Brainwashed Into a Female Slave, Right? (Above)

“…How much further do we have to go?”

“We’re almost there. The facility is quite large, right?” Team leader Kang Soo-hyeok said, breaking out in a cold sweat.

It seemed like I had walked the blindingly bright white hallway for a long time, but I still hadn’t arrived.

The “Site” Guided by the security team leader was located deep in the laboratory. It took quite a while even though I walked at a fast pace.

“Escape from such a large facility without anyone being noticed… A test subject with no consciousness?”

Certainly, it was understandable that Kang Jeong-hoo, the head of the security team, suspected the insider of the crime.

It invades here without leaving any traces from the outside, and disappears as if evaporating again?

She was the one who didn’t know much about physical security other than hacking, but it seemed impossible even to her outsider eyes.

“Im here.”

The security team leader opened the door by recognizing his fingerprint and iris in front of a large metal door.

With the mechanical sound of a heavy object moving, the heavy door opened slowly, revealing the scene.

I saw colorful small round tanks that seemed to contain nutrient solution.

And, a large tank surrounded by them, too.

A culture tank large enough for one person to enter.

The tank that was supposed to contain the “Perfect adult male body” Was empty.

Originally, the wires, which were supposed to be attached to the body of the test subject, were just floating above the water tank, losing their way.

She took her own laptop out of her bag and began hooking it up to the machines on her site.

She rummaged through various log files to see what had happened to the device.

“…There doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with it…?” I tilt my head and compare the records of various devices.

Access history, last time individual parts were operated, validity of files, communication history

If you review all the data, you will be able to get to the bottom of the case.

The head of the security team, who couldn’t stand his nervousness, said.

“…Did you find something?” As if impatient, he stared sadly with bloodshot eyes as he said.

“There’s nothing certain yet… But he seems to be quite capable. At first glance, I can’t see any traces of rudimentary mistakes or intrusions.”

“Ah, uh…Then, our security team!” It was the head of the security team who was crying because he was distracted.

In times of crisis, people seemed to be dumber than usual.

‘Stupid, how long has it been since you reviewed the data? After all, stupid…’

Hiding my feelings, I smiled and reassured him.

“Don’t worry, if you analyze it with the device in my house, you will know the truth of the case.”

“There is a limit to the analysis that can be done here. In 24 hours, I will tell you the whole truth,” I boasted, reassuring him of his anxiety.

‘Should I push the security team leader a little more…’

It didn’t matter which way her investigation came out.

If it was a mistake by the security team, I was thinking of giving grace by covering it up.

What if it’s not the security team’s mistake? It was to become a savior who saved him by revealing what would have been hidden.

Whichever way the story goes, her security chief was going to owe her a great debt.

After transferring the data to my laptop, I went home for further analysis.


“…That’s amazing”

The statement that the data would be handed over within 24 hours almost became a bluff.

“Certainly, he’s a very talented person. He seems like a first-class person like me…?”

It was a pure impression that I had while reviewing the material.

“If it wasn’t for someone as skilled as I am, I would never have discovered it…”

His work was skillful enough to be respected as a person in the same industry.

As if living in a virtual world, everything was done with second-to-second precision. Neutralizing all security nets in just one attempt, not dozens of attempts. Communication with the outside world was cut off.

Since the test subject in the tank was in critical condition, the system was tricked and the upper part, which should have been tightly locked, was opened.

Emergency opening/closing records that should have been reported were not reported due to communication paralysis, and all records were manipulated after the tank was closed again.

‘If you look at the records, it’ll look like it’s never been opened…’

It was fun. I feel like I’ve found one person who isn’t an idiot.

‘I didn’t know a person like this… The world is really wide’

At the same time, it was exhilarating.

‘That kind of person’s weakness…Now I have it…Huhu’

One communication log file that was not deleted in error. She was barely able to secure a record of the communication sent when the test subject left the tank.

In other words, she was able to reconnect with him.

‘The learning device of Ryusia, a repeat student…? Ha, good camouflage’

After specifying his location on her server, she could also prepare an attack.

If you shake off the personal information in the server, you will also know his real identity.

‘I’m really looking forward to what kind of person he is…?’

He hacked into the GK Group’s research equipment and caused enormous property damage.

For this alone, he would have to rot for several years in prison, and if his identity is known, he would also have to deal with the personal anger of Chairman Park, the original owner of the body.

Of course, it’s a story when she accuses all the facts.

‘Then, I’ll be able to give you grace again…’ A thrill of pleasure ran down his back and wrapped around his body.

This man’s fate was now in my hands.

This ‘unidentified powerful man’ will now work for me. That great skill will now be put to use for me.

‘My empire will get a little closer…!’

I shoved myself into my virtual reality access capsule, preparing my words when I met him.

As long as you had good ingredients, blackmailing was as easy as twisting a child’s wrist.

And I was a skilled blackmailer who got what he wanted with blackmail time and time again.

This one will also be easy. Like it always has been

…Still, as one of the few smart people on Earth, should I be a little considerate?

I broke into the virtual reality where he was, thinking about which line would be more threatening.


The scene in front of me was something I had never expected.

It was an unexpected—beyond—a mind-boggling sight.

“Hey…Hehe…! Master…♥ Lose…♥ Give it up…♥”

She was being raped as she was strangled behind her by a woman who was skinny like a model, but whose breasts were too big to model for her.

His breathing was controlled, his beautiful face frowning in disarray whenever his penis was impaled.

Besides, oh my god. It was too big. To the point where I wondered if all of that would fit in.

“Calm down and watch or tighten up”

“Hikkeuug…♥ Yeohye…♥ Let’s see…♥ I’ll work hard…♥ I’ll tighten it…♥”

As if pleased with even the man’s coercive orders, the woman held her feet up on her toes and tightened her legs even as she panted.

She had a vulgar appearance, screaming incomprehensibly with every round and round, rolling her eyes and purring.

“…That’s the man I was looking for”

It was the conclusion drawn by the elimination method. It was clear that the woman in front of me was an NPC created by a man.

What kind of woman in the world has such an obscene body? Her breasts and hips are unrealistically large, only her waist is thin.

Her skin is as fine as snow, and her face has the appearance of an actress or the center of an idol group.

With that kind of appearance, how happy to be raped by a man?

Her arrogant and intelligent face was distorted by vulgar pleasure.

There was no possibility that that woman, who seemed like a collection of all sorts of delusions, was a real person.

Of course, it would be a by-product of the shady ego artificially created by men.

“…You’re a man with perverted tastes.”

Besides, customizing her own genitals to ridiculous sizes like that.

Body customization would be impossible in virtual reality at the level of a ‘learning aid’… Was it modified…?’

It must have been manipulated to a size that did not even exist in reality.

I lowered my evaluation of the man by one notch and talked to him.

From his point of view, he was surprised by my sudden appearance, but he answered me without looking too surprised.

“I don’t remember inviting you here? Who are you? You?” The man let go of the woman he was holding.

“Okay, I’m here at your invitation~” To buy time, she replied leisurely to him.

Even at this moment when the conversation continued, the viruses that came in with me were digging up the man’s information.

In a few seconds, you’ll know everything about him.

The man was reclining on the sofa, naked, with a relaxed expression on his face.

‘On the subject of a fake avatar, do you think that is your body?’

Ironically, he was using the stolen body as an avatar in the virtual world.

It was laughable to see the fearless use of Chairman Park’s stolen body as an avatar. Was he not aware of the situation he was in now?

‘I don’t think you understand what the current situation is like… I’ll tell you clearly’

A whimpering sound informed me that my viruses had analyzed the man’s information.

Even in front of an opponent who knows everything about him, can he still relax?

“Take it easy, I already know all your information?”

The man laughed, raising only one corner of his mouth as if mocking him.

‘It’s stupid, an unknown person has infiltrated his own virtual world. Why are you pretending to be relaxed?’

Ha, let’s see if he can laugh like that even when his personal details are recited one by one.

“Ha, your personal information. You just said everything was robbed? Now…!” Interrupting me, the man spat out a few words.

Words that make me so astonished.

“Yuna Chae, 24 years old, living in Seoul, Chief Information Officer of GK Group” The man cut off and read as if mockingly.

“What, uh, no, what?”

My personal identity, how?

How do you know my name?

“Are you using a very old interface? Yuna-san?”

At his smirk, I hurriedly opened my information window.

…Was hit

A much higher level of security was at stake than I thought.

‘Inversely… I never thought I would be victimized…!’ I prepared for security, but I never imagined that information from this side would be stolen.

It was absurd. Applying this level of security to a virtual reality that is at best a learning aid.

It was like locking a 100,000 won bicycle with a 15 million won padlock.

‘Really, does this make sense…?’

I told him, hiding my embarrassment.

“Hmm! You’ve built better security than I thought. Now that you know my name, please contact me through my secretary.”

‘Disconnect…! Disconnect…! To disconnect…!!!’

As I tried to disconnect as if running away, only one sentence in green light came to mind.

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

Became a Lewd Brainwashing Virus in the Metaverse

메타버스의 음란세뇌 바이러스가 되었다
Status: Ongoing Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
It has become a virus that invades virtual reality and brainwashes it.


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