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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 11

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 11

Chapter 11 – Reunion (2)

Because of the blood and flesh scattered everywhere, the beasts went into madness faster than expected. Did the scattered red flashes stimulate something instinctive before it even started? Even I felt a little fear when I saw them pouring into the building without covering their front and back.

Even they themselves seemed to be terrified. That would be natural It’s the first time they’ve seen it, too. However, in this situation, it was the girls inside the building who panicked the most.

“Don’t come! Don’t come!!!”


“Please! Please don’t come!”

The first victim was a brunette girl near the entrance. For some reason she was near the entrance, but she didn’t even get close enough to die in the blast. She was the perfect fit to be her first victim, as she was crushed and her legs were not free.

Just like that, the girl was grabbed by the limbs by four men in an instant.

“Let go of this! Let go of this!”

“This… Fuck… Won’t you stay still?”



The girl, who had been struggling with all her might, threw off the shoe she was holding on to and hit the man’s face hard against her leg. Under other circumstances, it would have been a fairly effective counterattack, but there were three more men there to capture the girl.

That’s why the blow of conversion only brought her suffocating silence.



A fearful voice escaped the girl’s mouth. And at the same time, thick blood flowed from the man’s nose. He brought his hand to it, tasted the salty blood, and cursed.


“I’m sorry… I’m…”


Maybe he too didn’t know what to do the first time he caught the girl in her and she just screamed at her. But the blood running down her nose was telling her what to do next. It was a red flag announcing the beginning of violence and a preview of the virgin blood that would soon flow.

In the next moment, he grabbed her girl’s soft thighs and spread them wide apart on either side of her. Sensing what was about to happen, the girl let out her scream one last time.



But no one listened to her desperate cries. There were already too many things going on in her field, besides her. To care about that one girl, everyone’s lives were already being ruined.

And it was the same for me. I was already running into the building when the girl grabbed her thigh. That’s why I didn’t hear the girl’s scream that followed. I didn’t even hear the sound of heavy flesh digging through the mucous membranes. I hadn’t heard the big lessons being handed down to her cheeky, howling mouth.

A few hours later, of course, I didn’t hear the sound of the girl’s resigned screams gradually turning into sweet chatter. At that time, I was full of thoughts about other things. The life of an unknown girl was forgotten that way.

Tick ​​tock tock tock


The inside of the building, where the light had gone, was too dark. I don’t know if he intentionally turned off the lights or didn’t have the energy to turn on the lights, but even when he ran with his sword drawn, not a single reflected light was reflected.

The only milestones in the pitch-black darkness were people’s screams. But even that was so messed up that it was impossible to tell who was the victim and who was the perpetrator.

No, in fact, that distinction seemed meaningless now. The dream of one-sided hunting has long passed since the first button went off the rails.


“Fuck … Fuck bastards!”

“Aagh! Fire! Fire in my body!”

Contrary to my expectations that they would fall into panic in an instant, the students inside the building responded calmly. No, should I see it as calm or risking my life to be outrageous? They chanted magic faster than usual, and were counterattacking with astonishing accuracy. Thanks to that, it was not uncommon to see the attackers fall down after being hit.

But that’s only for a moment. The difference in numbers was by no means negligible. On top of that, the limit of magic that necessarily required chanting time was added, and as time passed, the scene was forming in favor of the attackers. In this way, the dynamic relationship between prey and predator was quickly reestablished as if it had never been.

And I was the only gray molecule that didn’t belong to either. Of course, that didn’t come to me happy at all. My vision was still dark and I had no means of assisting him.

So, for now, I had no choice but to seek out any girl in front of me.


“You bitch!”

A slender body collapsed to the floor with another scream from nearby. And as if he had been waiting for it, a big guy rushed at it. I couldn’t figure out the identity of the two because I couldn’t see their faces, but I had no time to think.

Without hesitation, I coolly kicked the ankle of the running man. Then, unable to overcome the recoil, he collapsed and hit his head on the floor.



As he climbed up and hit his lower jaw with his elbow, the scream he was about to scream was crushed in his mouth. With a powerful blow, the guy collapsed in an instant to the extent that his size was in vain, and the girl let out a weak breath and cried out.


“Shh. Quiet.”

I shut the girl’s mouth and looked around her. Fortunately, the darkness hid not only the atrocities of others, but also my betrayal.

No, should I call this a betrayal? By the time Hater died, all deals had already been lost. I looked into the girl’s face again, cursing the situation that had gotten her twisted.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t anyone I knew. I pressed myself into the corner as much as possible and whispered.

“What about Lena?”

“Mo…I don’t know…”

“Yes. Hide.”

After giving a brief advice, I stood up straight away. While I was rescuing one person, the number of people around me was being eaten by beasts.

No matter how you think about it, it wasn’t an efficient way. I couldn’t save everyone by myself, and it was just a feeling, but Lena seemed to be hiding deeper. However, there were too many obstacles to get through to that point at once.


“Kyaaaaagh! Please!”

“These damn… Damn bitches!”

“Mom! Mom!”

The voices of many people clung to the swear words that were chewed out in the vagueness. Finding people I knew among them seemed close to impossible.

So what to do? Are you carrying a torch? But if I did, there was a good chance others would catch up to me, like bugs flocking to a light. So, should I call you by name? But in this situation, is there an idiot who responds to a name being called? Any ingenious methods were meaningless now.

It seemed that all I could do was slow down this mad raid. I took off my shoes, put them in my backpack, and shouted with all my might, enough to drown out the surroundings.

“Avoid! Those crazy bitches are preparing a large-scale magic!”

“What… What…?”

“Dodge first! Avoid!”

At my desperate cry, the attackers hesitated while feeling doubt. In a situation where information is extremely limited, the commanding voice tends to have a strong force. It was brief, but along with the sound of crunching, the sound of numerous shoes stepped back.

And I ran backwards between them like crazy. The sound of footsteps on the ground was drowned out by other footsteps. Thanks to that, my existence disappeared from everyone’s senses for a very short time.

“…! …!”

Thanks to running while suppressing even breathing, I quickly penetrated deep into the building in an instant. There were still far more girls hiding than attackers. I cleared my voice as much as I could and cried out in a pitiful voice.

“Seniors! Wait a minute!”


In this situation, honorific titles were the best way to break the other person’s vigilance. In addition, the girls stopped for a moment, as if they looked like victims without shoes running without shoes.

“Seniors… Wait a minute…”

“Wait a minute. Who are you so stupid? Hurry up and get caught!”

“But I have to find that Lena-senpai. Where is Lena-senpai now?”

“What? Lena?”

Instantly, the girl’s complexion darkened as she answered. She said, shaking her head in contempt.

“Are you bewitched by her face, too? That selfish bitch is hiding behind a locked door by herself! Even when we ask to let her in, she hides without answering. So you’d better run away with us!”

“Where is the senior’s room? I’m in a hurry!”

“Stupid…! That’s a big lecture hall just around the corner. But don’t even think about going there and doing anything. Just come on… Wait. But who are you?”

“Hey there! I hear a voice over there!”

At that moment, the sound of ugly footsteps approached from the other side. Apparently, the effect of the lie did not last long. I immediately grabbed the sword and whispered softly.

“Run away.”



Before they could react, I exaggeratedly backed away and slammed my body into the wall. Then, they urgently shouted at the attackers who chased after them.

“I got hit… Over there!”

“That… Over there! Everyone chase!”


They followed my words and disappeared into the darkness. I waited until the sound of them went away and ran to the other side.

Haha… Whoa…”

As I continued to run, I slowly started to get out of breath. Even so, I couldn’t stop, so I quickly headed in the direction they said. When I turned the corner and looked at the corridor beyond, the sight finally came into view.



A man was knocking hard on the door of a large lecture hall. Kung, thump, every time he knocked, the heads of the other guys who were bleeding and fell to the floor shook. Judging by the broken lock underneath it, it seems that the door has already been opened once.

“Fuck! Fuck!”

Her man’s kicking was rough, as if he had some personal feelings. It was so resentful that the moment the opponent was caught, it was as if his neck was broken. As he knocked on the door with all his might, he finally spat out a curse once more.

“Lena you bitch!”


At that moment, I drew my sword. The door, which had been swinging, also slammed open just in time.


As I got closer, it was a familiar face. It was the same guy who smashed the professor’s head at the school gate this morning. The crowbar was still in his bloody hands.

“Is it you, Lope?”


“What are you doing now? You don’t intend to come and help?

The boy’s voice rang from above his head. He was one head taller than I was, and his shoulders were wide open, giving off a sense of intimidation. I’d never seen him, but he looked like he might be strong.

After all, is this guy important? He didn’t treat Heyter lightly, and when he saw that there were fallen people around, it seemed that he was accompanied by his men. He was sure to get tired if he rushed in and called another party.

“I didn’t like this fuck but it was good. Very finished …”

That’s why I didn’t even think about it and put the sword straight into his lower jaw. In an instant, blood gushed out and stained his eyes bright red.



I grabbed him by the chin and as soon as he collapsed, I put my knee on his chest. Then, after bending his fingers backwards with his interlocking fingers, he cut deeply and vertically into his wrist, which was exposed in pure white.

“Ugh…! Wow!”

Blood gushed from the artery that had been precisely stabbed. He instinctively grabbed his wrist eagerly, even as blood poured down his chin. Then, this time, my face went blank, and I put my fist down. The screams faded away with each thud.







Then, when I felt my nose break under my hand, I stopped punching. Then he shoved a pile of torn cloth into his mouth and whispered softly.

“Don’t you know how to stop the bleeding? Give me your hand. I have to press here.”

“Uh… Uh…”

“I still don’t know. I’ll do my business inside and come out and stop the bleeding. Instead, if I see you guys, scream with all my might. Got it?”


“Other kids won’t know how to stop bleeding either. So do what I tell you to do. Please.”


If he was an ordinary guy, he might have died of shock right away, but fortunately he was strong. He seemed to be able to trust that he would serve as my own guard for the time being.


I gasped and entered the classroom. Then he pulled a desk and blocked the door. The noise disappeared in an instant, and only the sound of my breathing lingered in the air.


“Ha… Ha…”


Even that, when I shut my mouth, a cold silence enveloped the surroundings. I looked around the classroom, holding my breath as much as possible. Soon, somewhere, someone’s suppressed breathing began to resonate calmly.

“…Huh… Sigh.”



No matter how much I covered my nose and closed my mouth, I couldn’t hide the sound of air escaping through my fingers. And above all, the smell of her own flesh. She went into her room several times and smelled it, and it soaked into her lungs like a nostalgic perfume.

I walked towards the place the smell pointed to. It was an iron locker standing on the wall of the classroom. As I approached quietly, I heard a sound of tossing my body inside.


The reunion after a long time brought a deep sigh. I swallowed that breath and slowly pulled the locker door.

And finally, I came face to face with the red-haired girl from my memory.




When I called her name, the girl curled up like a chrysalis barely lifted her head. The traces of tears on her pretty face, like soot, left a particularly deep impression.


Lena’s voice, which she hadn’t heard in a long time, was drenched in her tears. But, as always, she spat out a word in a tone that quickly became cold.

“…Why are you here now. You idiot.”

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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