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The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 10

The World's Academy Will Perish in 100 Days 10

Chapter 10 – Reunion (1)

The gloves Hater handed over with a sinister smile were as black as the sky outside the window. It was suitable for covering the pattern, but I was concerned about the feeling of it sticking to my hand. It felt as if it symbolized a bond that could not be separated no matter how hard we tried.


There was a hint of tension in his deep breath. It seemed that no matter how much I touched and checked the sword, this feeling of constriction in my chest would not go away. No matter who the opponent was, a reunion after a long time always evoked special emotions.

Besides, it’s even more so when it’s the partner of a long unrequited love. When I thought about it, I laughed without even realizing it.

Looking back, it was inevitable. Since there was only one woman in his life, it is only natural that Lena was the only object of his love. Besides, Lena was pretty, so in a way, it was irresistible. When I still think of her, it seems that my hardened heart beats little by little.

I devoted myself because I loved you, and I understood everything because I loved you. That’s why, every morning, she took care of Lena without complaining and responded as if it didn’t matter no matter how much she was ignored at the academy. Even thinking about it now, it was such a hogu day.

However, it was not that there was no compensation at all. If I spend a week like that, Lena would do something similar to me on a date every weekend. Of course, it wasn’t that big. To the extent of going for a walk or chatting together on a remote forest road at the academy. But that moment was the energizer of my life at the time.

Listening to Lena’s worries or complaints from behind such a deserted rock made me feel as if I had become a boyfriend. Lena also did skinship without hesitation at that time. Or slap your arms while laughing. It’s like removing the crumbs from your face. There were even times when he leaned on my shoulder and closed his eyes as if he was sleepy.

At that time, I was really confused. Can I kiss those pink lips now? It’s not once or twice that I felt the urge to just hug and throw away looking at the immaculate skin peeking through the defenselessly disheveled dress.

But Lena never allowed more than that. More than a hug, less a kiss. The line of friends has always been kept that way. Sometimes, regardless of gender, when other people crossed Lena’s line, I felt insanely jealous.

Come to think of it, did Lena even have a boyfriend in the middle? I don’t remember that. Maybe I forgot on purpose.

If there’s one thing that’s clear, is it that all those emotions have been diluted as time goes by?


A pure love that does not change over time is a fantasy. No matter how intense it is, unrequited love will eventually cool down. I was that living witness.

It was only after thinking about it that much that I could vaguely understand what I was thinking of Lena. There is obviously a warm heart, but a love-hate existence that clearly knows that it cannot go back to the way it used to be.

I want to protect it because it’s a memory, but I’m confused about whether it’s worth it because it’s just a memory.

Of course, memories can also come into contact with the present depending on the situation. But that wasn’t something I could work on.

“It’s about time.”

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the middle of a long time, so I don’t think I didn’t know the time was passing. It was time to go.

…Anyway, no matter how long you wrap it up, you’re risking your life to save Lena in the end. Whatever the inside story, I still couldn’t give up on her. The childhood friend who had a crush on her had no choice but to become a sore finger under any circumstances.

Still need to save It’s Lena.

No matter how divergent the paths were, I wanted to stop them from losing my virginity to these guys.

Of course, I don’t know if I’m still a virgin.

“What the…”

It was an absurd joke even if you think about it yourself. I stood up without even smiling and headed towards the night road without a single moonlight.

It was late at night when the hungry crescent moon tilted as it tilted. The only light left in the sky was the dim moonlight, and even that was dangerous, as if it were going to be eaten by the clouds. It was a really perfect day for a night raid.

If only I could clearly tell who was an ally and who was an enemy. Looking at the white school uniforms scattered in the dark, my anxiety only grew. As I was brooding over my anxiety, Hater approached me.

“You’re here on time, Lope.”

“Yeah. Anyway, if you’re going to raid at night, you should’ve told them to wear black. It’ll stand out.”

“I don’t need to do that. They’re all asleep anyway.”

Do you wish for such good luck by letting the children loose like this? Heyter might have said something, but it was already noisy enough for the excited boys whispering among themselves. It was a night where the sound spread well, so if you wanted to listen, you could hear their voices even outside the academy.

If the numbers weren’t enough, it might have already been declared a failure. But fortunately or unfortunately, the number of guys Hater gathered was considerable. Even just by looking at them gathered, the scale of that small building was already overwhelming.

Even if there were a lot of people in there, this one would be twice as many. With that thought in mind, I glanced toward the building.

Illuminated by the hazy moonlight, the building looked much shabby than I thought. I don’t know if it’s because of the light or because of my eyes, which are weak in the dark, but it seemed like it was about to break apart just by a person of this scale rushing at it.

Even so, I couldn’t be careless. Anyway, there are a lot of people who use magic, and from my memory, there is also an underground facility. It was clear that even the most inexperienced students had made some preparations.

At this point, I wondered what the great way to penetrate that place was. But Hater still seemed unwilling to tell. The guy was reported by a guy who came running from somewhere, and he nodded his head in satisfaction.

“The preparations are almost done. As soon as it arrives, we must begin. Are you ready, Lope?”

“Never mind me. Rather, what the hell is that method?”

“You’ll know when you see it. Ha…Fuck it. But I’m already fucking pissed off. I’m imagining bitches running away while dragging it.”


Considering the words heard around him, it was quite an understated expression. The murmurs of fanatics, united by sexual desire rather than sanctuary, were so vulgar that it made me want to grind my ears.

“By the way, why did you have gloves on your hands, Lope? Didn’t you just want to go in and have some fun?”

“If you get hurt here, someone will stitch it up for you. I have to take care of my body.”

“That’s a good word. I’ll have to put it in my hand, too. I’ll chew it and take it out right away and hit it.”

“…And Heyter. Where is the contact you spoke of during the day? Can I meet you now?”


For the first time, Hayter answered in a voice without confidence. Then, pretending to look around, he answered.

“That… I haven’t seen it since a while ago. It may not have come yet.”

“What? It’s a different story. It’s true that such a person exists, right?”

“That’s right. But don’t worry, it’s not like he won’t come. He said he’d come because he wanted something. Maybe he’s already here and he’s in front of me. No way, Lope, you’re not thinking of leaving me now, are you?”

I want to do it because I feel like it.

But this also had a purpose. I had come this far, but I felt like the aftertaste would be bitter if I gave up and went back.

“I don’t think so. So let’s just get started.”

“I’ll start when I’m ready. I’ll be back soon…”

“The means to break through the door. So what is it, heyter?”

“You’ll be surprised when you see it.”

Hater smiled as he said that. Even in the dark, the madness in those white teeth was clearly visible. I couldn’t be anxious anymore, so the tension was rising.

“Ah, it’s finally here.”

Just then, I heard the sound of footsteps behind me. I turned my gaze to the empty sky, praying.

“Uh… Whoa…”

“Damn… That’s damn heavy…”


Then, in the dark, I saw several male students clinging tightly to a large box. I don’t know what’s inside, but it looks like it’s not an unusually heavy item. Hayter was frustrated by the sight, so he hurled insults at him.

“Those useless bastards. What are you doing. Move quickly.”

“I’m not kidding, it’s heavy, so wait a minute.”

“Fuck the wait. It’s frustrating, really.”

Even the impatience was felt in the urging voice. It was to the point of doubting whether it was because he couldn’t stand his sexual desire that he changed the plan from three days to today.

“Hey. Just get out of the way! I’ll lift it myself.”

In the end, Hater couldn’t stand it and clung directly to the box. Only then did he get a glimpse of the inside of the box through the gap.

Inside the box, several large bottles filled with mysterious liquids were lined up. I couldn’t even confirm the color, but looking at the label, it looked like it was from a warehouse near an abandoned building. A warehouse in an abandoned building that the academy was eager to demolish. It must have been too late to find it because it was in a secluded place.

It was something that was there. What is it? It was late at night, so my head was not working well. Therefore, the waste building and demolition. And it took too long for the keyword of a bottle containing liquid to be mixed up.

A bottle found in an abandoned building to be demolished.

Holy shit.

That’s a liquid explosive.

“What the fuck…!”

The moment I realized, the swear words came out first. What those idiots were carelessly carrying was liquid explosives that exploded at the slightest touch. Because of its sensitivity, even at professionally used construction sites, accidents occurred dozens of times a year.

So to sum up, at least it wasn’t something we’re going to be dealing with here.

“Wait a minute. That’s…!”

I hurriedly tried to run forward. But Hater and the guys were already stopped at the door of the building.

“Whoa…It’s really heavy. Can I put it down here?”

“Okay. Go get a fire. Start slowly.”

“Okay. Let’s clear it up. Your arm will fall off.”

“Wait Heyter. If you just put it down…!”

History has always been spoiled by careless idiots. And that this time was no exception. When Hater overpowered himself and threw the box roughly, his fate was already sealed.

The next moment, what filled my ears was the violent explosion tearing Hater limb from limb.

“Oh man…!”


Beep beep…

“Ah… Ugh…”

What came after the storm passed was a monotonous ringing in the ears. It took a long time just to confirm that my limbs were properly attached in the scene where I was going to go crazy.

When I came to my senses and raised my head, the sight of the sky opening unfolded before my eyes.

An untimely ray of light was tearing the skirt of the black night to pieces. The flash of light from the explosion embroidered the sky beautifully enough to forget the time for a moment. As if a flower bud that had been dormant all winter was blooming, the shining roses were all in front of my eyes.

And the pollen that fell below it was crushed flesh like sliced ​​meat and a thick scream.



“I should have known it would turn out like this…!”

With belated regret, I grabbed my sword and stood up. The entrance to the building was now very bright thanks to the still flashing light. The scene in front of the door reflected like that was truly heartbreaking.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

“Do…Run away! Run away!”

Victims of the explosion screaming as they clutch at the fallen flesh. Living corpses who only scream and collapse helplessly. In the meantime, the girls scream madly and run into the building. It was as if I was peeking at the scene of hell that I hadn’t yet been to. Explosives more than necessary destroyed the door and at the same time disintegrated the humans inside and outside as a bonus.

Human flesh was still splattering from the sky. In the end, the idiots had to hold a cruel rain ritual toward the dry sky because it did not rain.

“Damn it! It’s fucked! It’s fucked!”


“Wait…They’re girls…Girls!”

But even the hellish scenery could not suppress the madness of the beasts. The survivors started running toward the building screaming and screaming as if they were excited by the blood. No matter how much he trampled on the process and humiliated him, he proved himself by wielding his hideous penis as a result.

And I was still in the middle of the scene.

“Ha…Damn it…”

Now I don’t even know if the people I’m looking for are in there. Still, things took a turn. What was expected and what was not expected. All of them happened simultaneously and danced in front of my eyes.

In the meantime, the really fucked up thing was that the work I had to do hadn’t changed. Anyway, I had to go in there and find the people. And I don’t know if he came or not, but even the unknown contact Heter mentioned.

Eventually I drew my sword. And now, shouting this feeling like a slogan, I ran towards the building.

“Nothing really goes right!”

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

The World’s Academy Will Perish in 100 Days

100일 뒤에 멸망하는 세계의 아카데미
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
The world will end in 100 days.The talents they boasted of are no longer useful in this world.There was no longer any need to bow down to them.


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