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The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 36

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 36

Chapter 36 – Episode 36 Uninvited Guest on a Sea Trip (2)

Moon Yeong-seo, in the center, was also a person in Ye-ji’s memories of her. However, the two people with Yeongseo were people I had never seen before. Still, you could tell that he was not an ordinary student through his dyed yellow hair, tattoos on exposed areas, and piercings.

Moreover, seeing that he appeared with Yeongseo, it was clear that his intentions were not good.

Yeji asked with anger in her eyes.

“Moon Young-seo. What is your intention?”

“Well, while I was walking down the street, I happened to see the Reds playing in a public place.”

Yeong-seo responded with a sly gesture, deliberately touching Ye-ji’s mood.


Zinc looked at Yeongseo with anxious eyes.

He knew roughly what happened to Yeongseo, who had been miserably fooled by him and Yeji, after transferring. In hindsight, I felt a little regret, but it had already become something that could not be helped.

I thought it was absolutely no coincidence that I ran into Yeongseo, whom I had not heard from since dropping out, in a place like this, not at school or in the neighborhood.

“Yeji, just let’s go.”

Anyway, if you avoid it now, it won’t be a big deal. It didn’t feel good, but I didn’t want to cause trouble by going on a trip.

Yeji was feeling similar to Zinc. I don’t know how they knew, but they appeared in front of me and Zhen on purpose, and they didn’t seem to have any intention of just leaving. However, I certainly didn’t come here to say hello to an old friend.

Yeji, unable to understand their intentions, was just glaring at Yeongseo. It was Yeji who broke the short silence first.

“I don’t know how you found out, but if you don’t have work, why don’t you just go?”

“You can’t do that. I met an old friend for the first time in a while. Let’s talk~”

“I have nothing to say?”

At Yeji’s words, Yeongseo made a fake, sad expression.

“I’m living like this because of someone who put me in that situation, and I have nothing to say. I’m so sad, right?”

Yeji smiled and accepted those words.

“Wasn’t that the rule you knew too? You were trying to catch A-yeon anyway, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right. Actually, I don’t have anything to say about that.”

Youngseo, whose smile disappeared from her face, continued speaking with scary eyes.

“But now I want to receive an apology first.”

“I can’t say it in words. Could you ask me to understand the topic again? Surely you’re not trusting the two people who came with you and leaving?”

Yeji said, looking at the two people who came with Yeongseo one by one. One had a pierced face and an ordinary build, and the other had a short build and yellow bob hair.

I didn’t know who those two were, but I didn’t think I would lose.

“She’s being so outspoken, Youngseo? She’s shaking at the sight of us. She thinks she’s some sort of superman.”

“Hey, Superman is a man, right? If you want to do that, you should say Superwoman, you idiot.”

“Huh, what a lame joke? The short bag strap is the same, but it’s also pointed out?”

Is it because of numerical superiority? Looking at the two women chatting leisurely, Youngseo shrugged her shoulders and gave advice.

“Oh, in the area I was in, she’s called the queen, and she’s a very popular person. If you look down on her, you might get in big trouble.”

“Wow, she’s the queen. I guess she’s embarrassed by such an old-fashioned nickname.”

“But if Yeongseo says something like this, she should be a little nervous, right?”

When it looked like they wouldn’t back down easily, Yeji got up from the bench and approached Youngseo.

“There’s nothing we can do if we can’t communicate.”

“As expected, you are still full of confidence.”

Youngseo sent her eyes to the two people next to her. The woman with short golden hair fell to her side, and the woman with piercings prepared to fight alongside Yeongseo.

Yeji’s eyes flinched when she saw that.

“Even if the three of us attack, it won’t be enough, right?”

The pierced woman frowned and responded in displeasure at Yeji’s remark that seemed to ignore her.

“Oh my, aren’t you overly confident?”

However, Yeong-seo, who knew Ye-ji’s skills well, knew that Ye-ji’s confidence she was not bluff.

“It will be different from last time, Baek Yeji.”

The pierced woman, who sensed tension from Yeongseo, also erased her playfulness and began to focus on Yeji.

In a moment of overflowing tension, Yeji lunged first and launched her kick towards the pierced woman’s side her her her her. She managed to defend her side with her elbow, but before she knew it, Yeji’s palm she came right in front of her her eyes her her eyes her.


When Yeji’s slap hit the pierced woman, the pierced woman stumbled, her head spinning.


Yeji, who was preparing to deliver the finishing blow before her opponent came to his senses, took a step back. Standing where Yeji was, was Yeongseo, who had thrown her fist at Yeji to protect her pierced woman.

“Are you okay? I told you to be careful.”

“Uh, ah, oh… It’s okay, it’s really not a joke.”

The pierced woman barely came to her her senses her her by shaking her head and focused her attention her by caring the cheek hit by Yeji.

Contrary to Yeji, who started attacking again without giving them time to think, Youngseo and the pierced woman helped each other and focused only on defense.

Yeji, annoyed by the two who seemed to have no will to fight properly, changed her strategy to move more aggressively. She quickly turned to the side of the pierced woman, made the three of them stand in line, prevented her from taking a pincer position, and then focused her attack on the pierced woman.

Ta-dat- peook!

The pierced woman, who was taken aback by Yeji’s movements much faster than before, was hit in the stomach by Yeji’s front kick and fell behind her, and Yeongseo, who was behind her, bumped into the pierced woman who fell on her as she could not see what was happening in front of her and fell down together.



He stepped on the stomach of a woman with piercings who had fallen on Yeongseo. Her face was severely contorted in pain. She must have been in so much pain that she did not even think about getting up from her seat and instead covered her stomach with both hands, trying to prevent further attacks against her abdomen.

Yeji, who saw that, grabbed her opponent by the collar and slapped her with all her might. At first she tried to escape by grabbing Yeji’s hand her her, but she soon lost her strength and gave up her resistance.

When Yeji felt her opponent’s grip her her her on her her her her her her her her her her loosening her her strength her her her, she pushed her to her side her her her and pushed her to the floor. To finish off the Yeongseo that was underneath her, she sat down on Yeongseo’s body and assumed her mount position.

“I gave myself a chance.”

Convinced that she had won, Yeji delivered her last words to Yeongseo, who was lying beneath her. However, when Yeji looked down at Yeongseo, her expression was not one of resentment or pain, but rather an expression that she seemed to be laughing at herself.

“Yeji, you are still…”

She opened her mouth with a little difficulty, perhaps because her thighs were tightly squeezing the sides of her spirit book so that it could not move.

“You think you’re the only one who’s proud, kekekeut…”

It was not a declaration of surrender or an expression of indignation. She raised her hand to finish, trying to ignore the ambiguous words of her spirit. Just when she was about to slap her palm down on her spirit’s face her her her-

“Stop for a moment and look here, sister. Don’t you feel like something is missing?”

The voice next to her came from the bench where Yeji and her sister, Zinc, were. On a bench a little away from Yeongseo’s fight, a woman with short yellow hair, who had escaped her fight, was holding onto her hair and holding a small knife to her face.

“…What are you doing? The use of weapons shouldn’t be allowed?!”

Embarrassed, Yeji shouted at the short-haired woman.

As if she was amused by Yeji’s embarrassed appearance, she waved her knife in Zinc’s face back and forth and said as if she were abusing her.

“Why the weapon? Ah, what kind of rule are you guys making? What about this? I don’t care about that kind of thing? Yeongseo and us are troublemakers who get kicked out of school. Just cut out the bitches you don’t like and that’s it. “What are you doing but you don’t know?”

As the short-haired woman said, the rules of the vocational special school were just rules established among students. On the other hand, for those who do not attend school, it is a superficial rule with no penalty for not following it.

Even if someone broke the rule, it was impossible to take revenge or impose sanctions unless they were affiliated with the school.

“By the way, you fight really well, right? Even if the three of you attacked, you almost got kicked.”

Yeji’s expression rapidly worsened. No matter how fast she ran, she could not be faster than the hand of the short-haired woman. She couldn’t gamble because Zinc’s safety was at stake. It seemed to her that these people would pretend to be crazy for even minor offenses. No, since they had prepared to this extent, there was no doubt that they would not look back if the situation went wrong for them.

“If you understand the situation, get out of the way, right?”

Yeong-seo, who was still on the floor, said, tapping Ye-ji’s leg in frustration.

There was no choice. Seeing A-yeon’s scared expression, Ye-ji released Young-seo with an angry expression and stood up. Youngseo spoke with a relaxed expression while supporting the woman with piercings who was still unconscious next to her.

“Now the situation has turned around?”

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

도도한 일진 여왕의 수치스럽고 치욕적인 능욕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
The loser must obey the winner.

Baek Ye-ji reigns as queen of the school of the first rank.

But a plan is afoot to bring her down...

An unexpected weakness strikes, and Ye Ji is robbed of everything she has.


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