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The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 35

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 35

Chapter 35 – Episode 35 Uninvited Guest on a Sea Trip (1)

Several days have passed, but the issue of ‘exposed perverted girls’ at school has not cooled down yet.

At lunch time, Yeji, A-yeon, Sia, and Hye-hyeon were eating at the restaurant, and Sia brought up the story.

“I’m on a broadcast, and other viewers know about the pervert exposed girl from our school?”

“Really? Wow, that exposed girl must have become a national star~ Sia, you have so many viewers!”

Sia, who did not know the inside story, brought up the story about Yeji (a perverted, exposed woman), and unlike Hyehyun, who reacted excessively, Yeji was just eating quietly.

“No, now it’s almost 1,500? This is still a small number. It needs to be about 15,000 to be able to say there are enough viewers.”

To be honest, she wanted to boast that she was a huge Hang Seng, but she seemed embarrassed in front of her real-life relatives, so she showed humility on the outside.

“But I found out by chance that our school’s children were also broadcasting on the same platform.”

“Really? It’s fascinating?”

“Uh, I found out about this exposed girl incident…”

As she spoke, Sia looked at the table across from her and trailed off. On the other side, she saw a group of four people putting food on the table and taking their seats. As Sia looked ahead without thinking, she happened to see Jeong Si-hyeon’s face her, and it overlapped with the face of the angel Shawnee.

Normally she wasn’t interested, but the face of the angel Shaunie, which she remembered while talking about the broadcast, overlapped with the face of Jeong Si-hyun, who was sitting across from her, and it made Sia’s head cry.

She exposed her her her her breasts her her on Angel Shaunie’s broadcast and made such an impact that even if she ran into her at school, she would not recognize her.


Sia, conscious of the three people looking at her strangely as she stopped speaking, smiled awkwardly and evaded.

“Ah, haha… I think it’s in our school too haha…”

“You don’t know who it is?”

“Uh, I didn’t know who it was, but now I think I know.”

At Sia’s strange answer, the other three people made strange expressions and began to focus on eating again.

On Saturday, Yeji and A-yeon were traveling in her car to the pension they had booked in advance. She doesn’t usually drive, but she has a license and has a car to drive when she needs to. She was close enough to the sea that she could easily drive there.

“Wow, now that I think about it, this is our first time in the sea! I’m so excited, I’m so excited.”

“Hehe, is that so? I don’t usually enjoy driving that much. Above all, it’s not my car.”

“But what does she know how to do? If it weren’t for Yeji, she would have been really tired just from moving around.”

Seeing A-yeon looking so excited, Ye-ji was in a good mood and a smile appeared on her face. She couldn’t even think about the stress that she had piled up recently due to all the annoying things she had to do.

“Why don’t you get a driver’s license too? I’ll help you.”

“Ugh, no, I have a license anyway, but if I don’t have a car, I have to practice again later. I’ll get it when I buy a car.”

Shaking her head with a slight frown, Zinc took out her cell phone and started searching for something about her with her excited tone.

“I have to find out what to eat today first! This place is good, this place looks delicious… The scenery here is really nice, right? It’ll be really pretty when I go later in the evening.”

I couldn’t see Yeji driving, but I was so excited to see famous restaurants and tourist attractions all the way there.

“Oh, it was really delicious!”

“Yes, the building is shabby. I guess this restaurant is a hidden gem.”

After having dinner at a famous restaurant, Yeji and Zhenyeon wandered around watching local festivals nearby. The appearance of them holding hands with their arms around each other was no different from other couples seen at the festival.

“Huh? Should we try that?”

The place Zinc pointed to her with her hand where she was a booth where, if you hit a gun on the wall with a toy gun, you would exchange prizes determined by your score.

Psyung – Psyung – Psyung –


“Pfft, is there something that Yeji can’t do? I’ll try it!”

Pishyung – Exactly. Pishyung – Exactly. Fishing – Perfect.


“See? I guess I have the constitution of a soldier.”

Although there was almost no connection between toy guns and shooting real guns, the owner of the event smiled brightly and brought out a prize doll. It was a small, cute doll that could be hung on a bag or keychain.

“Come on, Yeji, a gift!”

“Huh? Isn’t this what you wanted to have?”

Although she participated because she wanted it for Zinc rather than Yeji, Zinc still wanted to do something for Yeji, so she gave it to Yeji with a smile.

“But I’ve received so much so far~ I think of myself every time I see this!”

“Hehe, thank you. I’ll cherish it forever.”

“Hehe. Ah, let’s go eat that!”

At a place where food booths were gathered, Zinc saw a booth where Tanghulu was being played, and took Yeji by the hand and led her to that booth.

After enjoying the festival until late at night, Yeji and Zinc went for a walk near their accommodation. Since summer had not yet begun, the cool sea breeze made Yeji feel even more refreshed.

While walking down a dark path, the two found a pavilion in a quiet place and sat down on a bench to rest for a while. The pavilion, surrounded by trees, can be seen at a glance even from a distance, making it a place with quite an atmosphere.

Zinc leaned her head on Yeji’s shoulder and patted her hand on her stomach as if she was full, admiring the night view. Yeji saw her zinc look like that and gave strength to the hand she was holding, as if she was cute.

Of the two who were locked in each other’s thoughts for a moment in silence, it was Zinc who spoke first.



“I have something to say… !”

Perhaps the sight of Zinc’s face reflected in the dim light of the telephone pole stimulated her emotions too much, so she kissed Zinc’s face as she looked at her. She could feel the sweet fruity scent of the Tanghulu she had eaten earlier in her mouth.

“Eup… Ugh…”

Yeon-do, who was surprised by her sudden kiss her her, began to feel Ye-ji’s tongue her her her, and as she began to relax, her body her her her she began to relax.

She put her hand inside Yeji’s t-shirt and stroked her side. No matter when you look at her or touch her, Yeji’s her side her line her her her is a luxury body that anyone can envy.

He brushed her her side her her her, hugged her back her her, and moved her her hand her her her to her her armpit her her her, tickling it. Yeji’s body she responded by flinching.

Haha… That’s shameful…”

Just as I was about to put her hand inside Yeji’s skirt, I heard her pretending to be me and her her her her her her her her.

“Hwiyu~ The picture is nice!! You’re a pervert couple, you guys? On purpose haha!”

Startled, Yeji and Ah-yeon pulled away from each other and turned their heads toward the direction from which the voice came.

Where their gaze was directed, the three women were giggling as they looked at Yeji and Zinc. The woman in the middle was someone who knew Yeji and Yeondo.

“Moon Young-seo…?!”

On the day when Yeji and A-yeon planned a trip to the sea, they were searching for a pension to stay in for a day, planning a two-day, one-night trip.

“Ayeon, how about this place? It’s close to the sea, and there’s a walking trail nearby. It’s also pretty close to the festival area we’re going to go to, right?”

“Really? I want to see it too. What’s the name of the pension?”

“Sky Sea Pension. It’s the rainy season right now so there seem to be a lot of empty rooms.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll take a look too. Sky Sea Pension…”

Zinc, who was searching while lying side by side on her bed, looked at some of her photos and expressed her positivity.

“Oh, is this place okay? The reviews are good and there don’t seem to be any people right now. And if you take a walk on the promenade at night, the atmosphere will be great!”

“Really? Then I’ll make a reservation. I want to go quickly.”

“Hehe, me too. The name of the pension is also pretty. Sky Sea Pension.”

There was another woman who was looking at their plans.


Hye-hyeon, the woman who was watching Ye-ji and A-yeon, had no intention of interfering or doing anything this time. She didn’t know what kind of unexpected situation might occur if Yeji and A-yeon were together. Didn’t Yeji rebel against her just last time she was shopping for underwear?

If she had tried to take away her phone at that time, she would have been pinned down.

“It’s unfortunate, but this time… Huh? Just…”

Hye-hyeon was lost in thought as if a good idea occurred to her, and after a while, she opened an Internet window and started searching for her Sky Sea Pension. After she checked the approximate information, she opened her phone and sent a message to someone.

Youngseo Moon. She was the same age as Yeji and had a history of being brutally beaten and humiliated by Yeji, who accidentally discovered her in the early days of first grade while trying to make her slave after giving her away.

Even if her opponent had been Queen Baek Ye-ji, she would have been humiliated enough, but she passed that power over to Ah-yeon, who was defeated by Yeong-seo. Thanks to this, her punishment was as humiliating as it was, and even after that, she was known as a sloppy bitch who lost to a novice and was treated worse than regular students.

After being subjected to all kinds of shuttles, including homework, group assignments, and sanitary pads, I transferred schools after less than a semester, but the rumor had already spread, so I was unable to belong to any group and ended up being shuttled again before dropping out.

At least she tried to prevent Hye-hyeon, who was acquainted with Yeong-seo, from becoming her shuttle her, but Ye-ji’s influence was so great that she could not do anything, and even after she transferred to a new school and dropped out. , Yeong-seo and Hye-hyeon were often in contact.

– Youngseo, what are you doing?

– Oh, Hye-hyun, it’s been a while! I have a part-time job and it’s just the same.

-Gulcuna. It’s a pity that I transferred quite far away and can’t see you often. 〉”〈

– Haha, you can look if you want to see it. You pretended to be busy haha. But what happened?

– Um, I’ve been busy! Actually, that’s why I contacted you~ Do you remember Baek Ye-ji?

There was a sign that she had read my message, but she didn’t reply for a while.

‘I don’t think I read it… Are you busy?’

If I was busy, I wouldn’t have been able to reply to the message right away. After waiting a bit, she got a call from Youngseo.

– Hey, what’s wrong with that bitch? Ah, it’s been a while since I last heard from her. I can’t stand her smoking her and now I’m coming to smoke

“Yes, it has something to do with how busy I was. Do you want revenge on Baek Ye-ji?”

– Plural? Hahawhat should I do

“I can’t tell you the details yet. I’ll tell you if you want to.”

– Oh, what is it? Makes me curious. I want revenge on that bitch. But that doesn’t mean you have to fight and win, right?

Hye-hyeon smiled and reassured at the half-suspicious and expectant tone.

“Puha, it’s not like that, so don’t worry. Instead, what you’re saying should be kept a secret. We’ll probably need more people, but it would be better if they were kids who don’t go to school.”

– It doesn’t matter because there are kids like that that I hang out with right now. What on earth is this?


Hye-hyeon began to share her plans in detail.

Of course, only information that Youngseo can understand is revealed.

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

도도한 일진 여왕의 수치스럽고 치욕적인 능욕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
The loser must obey the winner.

Baek Ye-ji reigns as queen of the school of the first rank.

But a plan is afoot to bring her down...

An unexpected weakness strikes, and Ye Ji is robbed of everything she has.


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