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The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 37

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin. 37

Chapter 37 – Episode 37 Uninvited Guest on a Sea Trip (3)

When she first heard it from Hye-hyeon, she only half-joked and said it half-heartedly.

Anyone who has fought in person knows this. His foresight when fighting was nothing short of a monster. Everyone watching from the side was just amazed. He’s not big, nor is he heavily muscled. However, if she was hit, her destructive power was different. Very few people knew that the secret was innate flexibility.

If several people fight, there is a chance of victory. In the industrial world crowded with iljins, there were bound to be many students who looked down on Yeji. The reason why they didn’t join hands and do the ‘Queen Raid’ called Baek Ye-ji was not special. Unless he goes crazy, Yeji will not take on such an unfavorable fight head-on. And in the future special school, she foresight had already become an idol, and many followers followed her, whether she knew it or not, and it was almost impossible for her to raid the queen.

The more Yeongseo heard from Hyehyeon, the more her thoughts changed. Although the specific plan had not yet emerged, it seemed that if a good plan was made based on Hye-hyeon’s information about her, it would be possible to subdue Ye-ji without having to defeat her in a fight.

-…Wouldn’t it be possible to take advantage of this situation~?

“Hmm… Then there is a possibility. But how did you know they were going there to hang out?

– He talked about it like he was bragging at school.

“Then why are you telling me this?”

– …

I could hear Hye-hyun’s silence on the other end of the phone. Yeongseo’s question was one, but it had two meanings.

First of all, Youngseo knows that Hyehyeon belongs to Yeji’s group. Her actions by Hye-hyeon were tantamount to betraying her friend. There is no way for her not to be betrayed by her Hye-hyeon her her her her.

Second, as Hye-hyeon said, if there is a situation where she can use it, she can take advantage of it, so why did she tell herself? Although we both had some expectations, we wanted to be sure so we waited for Hye-hyeon’s answer.

– As you know…

I heard Cha Hye-hyeon’s voice as she was about to check her cell phone, wondering if the call had been cut off.

– He never thought of me as a friend? At least since high school.

Yeongseo, who had known them since high school, knew well what Hyehyeon meant. Although she was hanging outwardly with them, there was a subtle atmosphere between them.

– And if you want to step on Yeji, wouldn’t a person who isn’t nearby be suitable? Even if you want to look for it, you won’t be able to find it, so there will be no risk of retaliation.

“Uhm… “

As Hye-hyeon, she only told half the truth. It is true that she had no reason to keep her loyalty to Yeji as her friend, but she was not afraid of revenge or retaliation. It was simply because the distance was far and annoying.

However, to Yeongseo, Hyehyeon’s answer sounded like a valid reason. She is the one who holds a grudge against Yeji. She is a person who is okay with whatever means she has. She is the type of person who will have no problem diving if she puts her mind to it.

“Okay, let me think about it. Please tell me the name of the pension they reserved.”

As I hung up the phone, I was lost in thought about how to use Hyehyeon’s information. The only information Hye-hyeon has is that Ye-ji and A-yeon are a couple. With just that, Youngseo understood exactly what Hyehyeon was trying to say. If you find it difficult to deal with Yeji, just attack the other side. I’ve dealt with her before, but Zinc wasn’t very good at fighting.

The problem is the number of people.

If you were just trying to hit the road, you could drag it out as much as possible, but in reality, it was close to impossible. To prepare for the worst-case scenario of that number of people running away without proper means of transportation, the fewer people, the better.

‘First mark. You have to have a provocative attitude to move Yeji, and you have to be able to endure it to a certain extent. You also have to be strong. At least two or three people. And one person to catch zinc.’


A message has arrived from Hyehyeon.

– Sky Sea Pension this weekend! Oh, and what happens there should be kept a secret only between the parties involved! This must be kept (ノ*ФωФ)ノ


Yeong-seo, who had doubts about the later instructions, began to focus on making a plan again.

Women with piercings and women with short hair were invited like that. Both of them are dropouts like me, and they are gangster younger brothers that I met in the area where I live now.

When the first pierced woman was attacked by Yeji, she thought her plan was ruined. At that time, the distance between Yeji and Zinc was too close for a woman with short hair to approach Zinc.

After that, they only focused on defense, and while Yeji was actively moving, fortunately, the short-haired woman succeeded in capturing Zinc.

Zinc’s complexion turned pale. She was just dazed for no reason, but she was taken hostage and was being beaten as a punching bag by a woman with Yeji piercing right in front of her eyes.

Mate- mate-

“Wow, this is such a pleasure? How does it feel to be beaten by your sister?”

The pierced woman slapped Yeji’s face with low intensity several times as she was unable to resist.

The look in Yeji’s eyes as she stood still and offered her cheek was still far from giving up. She continued to look towards A-yeon’s side, looking for an opening, but the situation, where she had already joined A-yeon’s side all the way to Yeongseo, became increasingly closer to despair rather than hope.

“Where are you looking, sister? Is she out of her mind yet?”

The pierced woman, who had been holding her Yeji’s head and shaking it back and forth, forcibly turned her Yeji’s gaze towards the captured woman.

“I’m a big fan of it in our neighborhood, but you’re really no joke. But you got caught because of that big-boobed older sister?”

Yeji, who was distressed to see Zinc with her sorry expression, forcibly turned her head and glared into the pierced woman’s eyes.

As if she felt catharsis from the look in Yeji’s eyes her her, she let go of Yeji’s head and hugged her own body her her, and her whole body her her began to tremble .

“Oh, those eyes are truly electrifying. Do you think that if you leave the cow girl and go on a rampage right now, the three of us will be knocked down right away? I’m so scared that I feel like I’m going to pee. Giggle, then there’ll be a hole in the cow girl’s cheek that will last forever, haha.” !”

Looking at the pierced woman talking and smiling alone, Youngseo asked the short-haired woman next to her.

“Was she always that type of person? I heard that she turns crazy when she fights.”

“Well, originally I transformed while fighting… Ah, that’s a concept. It looks cool. I’m really into animation these days.”

Young-seo, with a dejected expression, turned to A-yeon and asked how she was doing, not how she was doing. Zinc’s arms she she were tied behind her back so she couldn’t run away.

“It’s been a while. Since I haven’t seen you, those useless tits seem to have gotten bigger?”

Young-seo laughed, grabbing A-yeon’s breasts through her clothes.

It was clear that she was one size bigger than she was at the time and was a D cup, but she seemed to think that it was not her time to answer, so she continued.

“Ugh… Why are you doing this now… Your first target is me anyway. Stop harassing Yeji.”

“You? Kkeukkeuk, I really think you’ve done something, but that day, you just stood out and stepped on me. If you ask who I really have a grudge against, of course… Isn’t it Queen Nari, who’s being beaten like an asshole over there?””

She giggled as she looked at Yeji, who was still holding her head one-sidedly and getting hit.

“Is it hard to see that bitch getting beat up? Then tell her not to worry about it. Oh, she might be waiting for you to tell her to give up! Wouldn’t it be more humiliating to get beaten up by a bitch than Ye-ji and Ji?”

Looking at A-yeon who was shaking and unable to say anything, Young-seo continued.

“If you want to do this, it would be better to speak quickly before Yeji loses her strength. No matter how bright Yeji is, it won’t be possible to counterattack after a little while, right?”

The moment Yeongseo finished speaking, the pierced woman kicked Yeji in the stomach, causing her to fall.

A-yeon, who saw the scene, flinched and tried to stand up, but the short-haired woman stopped her from struggling in vain.

“Bashing the government!”


“Stab the regime in the chest!”


She deliberately raised her fist just enough to touch Yeji’s chest, and the pierced woman smiled and apologized as if she had made a mistake.

“Oh, I’m sorry, sister. She didn’t mean to sexually harass me. Oh, she’s a lesbian, so it’d be nice if she got hit on something like this, right?”

Her teasing and teasing about her her her her own Taekwondo her her her. She knew that she was deliberately making fun of herself with her clumsy movements, which made her even more miserable.

From then on, the pierced woman continued to play Taekwondo and hit Yeji all over her body.

Originally, Yeji was not very tenacious because she fought without being hit by her reflexes and flexibility.

As she was beaten helplessly, she felt pain and humiliation, and she will gradually wane to fight.

‘I… Should I give up? So, will it end quickly?’

She had already exhausted her stamina to the point that it was impossible for her to properly fight the three of them, let alone save Zinc.

She thought she might lose the fight someday. However, this kind of defeat was something she had never experienced or imagined.

Yeji couldn’t even attack her and she felt helpless in front of the absurdity of her fighting.

She felt like if she just gave up, the ridiculousness of playing with herself and the humiliation of having everything trampled would end.

The pierced woman, who was in the middle of her play, took a couple of steps back.

“Did you kick me like this before?”

The pierced woman ran a few steps behind and threw a front kick towards Yeji’s stomach to her.

Normally she wouldn’t have been hit by an attack full of loopholes, but she had no choice but to be hit by an attack that was clearly visible.


No matter how much strength I prepared by strengthening my stomach, it was impossible for my defenseless body to receive a kick with all my might without causing any damage.

The pierced woman, who knocked down Yeji’s foot with her foot, stepped on Yeji’s stomach and struck a victory pose like a fighting character in a game.


Yeji seemed to be so shocked that she fell down and didn’t move much.

Zinc could only watch with tears in her eyes. She just prayed fervently in her heart that the nightmare would end like this.

However, unlike Zinc’s wishes, the nightmare was just beginning.

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

The Shameful and Humiliating Humiliation of the Haughty Queen Iljin.

도도한 일진 여왕의 수치스럽고 치욕적인 능욕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2023 Native Language: Korean
The loser must obey the winner.

Baek Ye-ji reigns as queen of the school of the first rank.

But a plan is afoot to bring her down...

An unexpected weakness strikes, and Ye Ji is robbed of everything she has.


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