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The Great Demon King 5

The Great Demon King 5

Chapter 5 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Cho In-hyeong, team leader of the 67th branch in charge of KFU Seoul, repeatedly investigated to find the whereabouts of the unknown master level user.

“Seoul-Chuncheon Expressway, if it was heading towards Seoul, it would have started from Gangwon-do. Besides, I guess it’s a hat and plain clothes, but the sunlight isn’t strong, so there’s no need to purposely use it. Are you a soldier?”

“Why are you in the military? If you reveal that you are a force user, can you replace military service? They give you more money.”

“There are people who think that serving in the military is better than risking one’s life even if you get less money. Besides, you know that if you’re a Force user and don’t work for the state, you’re taxed, right?”

“How many Force users were arrested for not paying taxes because of that?

“Anyway, I don’t want to fight, I don’t want to pay taxes. Then I’ll have no choice but to hide that I’m a Force user. Then, of course, I have to go to the army. I wear a hat, but it’s not thin. Then I’m sure he’ll have some time. Wait a minute…..”

Team leader Cho In-hyung took out his smartphone and searched for data here and there. It is mainly related to the military bases in Gangwon-do.

In time he found satisfactory information.

“It’s just that day, April 2018, when the service numbers will be discharged. I don’t know what period it is.”

“The army is fast.”

“Changin-ah. I’m over 40 this year. In a few more years, I’ll be able to retire neatly and receive a pension. Do you think I’ve never served in the military?

“Ah, old man……”

“Most of the kids on our team came in because they didn’t want to go to the army, right? Then they sat down. Anyway, get a list of all the discharged soldiers from the Gangwon-do unit that day. I’ll have to investigate.”

“You’re going to do that?! There must be a lot of them…”

“It’s a time when you feel sorry for one person, but what a waste it would be if you lost a master-class person. Even if you get rejected, you should get hit in front of yourself.

Team leader Cho In-hyeong thought of writing a request for cooperation to the military base and recalled the vague image of a man in his memory.

The range of discharged soldiers has decreased significantly, but the fact that the number is large has not changed. It’s just the difference between a sea and a lake.

“Come to think of it, what did you do with the enemy corpses and cores that came in this time?”

“Half was taken by the research institute and half was bid by the corporation. Did the leverage company take it?”


Team leader Cho In-hyeong recalled the Leverage Company in his memory.

Leverage Company.

Its headquarters is a multinational company in the United States, and it also invests in Gaia Force research, but its main business is Raff energy research. That’s why they don’t spare money to buy carcasses and cores of the enemy species.

Even in the country, the more money the better, so some of the corpses and cores obtained are taken for research, but some are sold. Although it is conducted in the form of corporate bidding, it is safe to say that close to half of them are bought if the proportion is measured.

As it goes without saying, Leverage is the first company to refine the core of an enemy species and turn it into an energy source. The core of an enemy species containing Raff energy cannot be used in a normal way, but it can be a great energy source if it goes through a refining process.

Even the weakest pentagon (pentagon) small core can release energy that can use a small car for half a year without resupply if it goes through the refining process.

However, it is difficult for individuals to use it due to the lack of supplies, but they are contributing by building a power plant and supplying only the energy emitted from the core.

“Well, if it sells well, I hope soybeans will fall on our side as well.”

“Ah, I’m too busy to eat, so I’m going to do that. I’d appreciate it if you bought me some equipment.”

“Anyway, Changin. Let’s work hard for a while.”

You have to look at the list of discharged soldiers and find them one by one and compare them. It will be hard and arduous as it becomes simple labor.

“Are you paying overtime pay?”

“Is there such a thing in our country?”


His complexion was rotting.

*        *    *

They say it’s a chicken house tree in Mungwa or Igwa-don, so I’ll go to a quick chicken tree instead of going to college. This is a chicken restaurant founded for that purpose.

In fact, I was confident that business would go well. Even if there is no such thing as marketing, it is natural that if the taste and seating are good, the business will go well.

The store was made open. It’s a small shop that doesn’t allow many people to come in like a restaurant, but it doesn’t have a few tables and mainly thinks of takeout. Oh, no delivery.

A part-time job recruitment notice was posted on the part-time job site. The conditions were [Male, age doesn’t matter, strong, able to work for more than half a year, hourly wage determined after interview] Other than that, I didn’t put any other conditions on it. After all, I just have to do serving and washing dishes.

Frying the chicken is my job.

Shortly thereafter, several applications came in to the part-time job site.

The moment I was looking at the resumes and self-introductions of those who applied. There was one person who stood out.

It wasn’t for any particular reason. Like my name, the worst (最齷), the name was just a little unusual.

I called the cell phone number listed on my resume. The call continues and then you receive it.


“Excuse me. Is this Ha Baek-ri’s cell phone?”

[Yes, that’s right]

“You applied to my house on the part-time job site, right?

[Ah yes. Right]

“Would you like to meet and talk when the time is right? I thought it would be better than calling.”

[Where are you? I’ll go]

“Meet me in front of the store. The location of the store is listed on the recruitment site, right?”

While waiting for the call, I cleaned up the store once. At least because I want to show a neat appearance. You should make a good impression.

Still, after the cleaning was over, I had some time left, so I turned on the news.

[At around 2 am today, an arson incident occurred near Yonggang Elementary School in Daeheung-dong. Fortunately, there were no casualties, and according to the results of the police investigation, they are planning to launch an investigation with the possibility of artificial arson in mind.]

The world is so ugly, and I thought it was a distant story. I have no intention of interfering.

And an hour later he came to the store. Now that the remodeling and facilities are all built, it’s okay to bring in anyone.

It is the appearance of a newcomer to society who still has a childish appearance. My appearance is also in my early 20s, so it may be similar, but my eyes are rough, so it looks like presbyopia. Maybe even if I can’t, I’ll look like I’m in my mid-20’s.

It’s the same impression I’ve seen anywhere. Where did you see it……. Well, it’s probably not that important.

“Hello, my name is Habaekri.”

“Oh, how are you?”

“Uh… Are you the boss, by any chance?”

“So what?”

“No, because you’re young…”

Starting a business when you are young is not uncommon, but it is rare. Honestly, if I didn’t have a shop, I couldn’t even dream of starting a business like this.

“The boss is said to be the worst.”


“Isn’t the name unique? That’s why I chose Ha Baek-ri. The name Baek-ri isn’t common.”

“Ah, yes. I’m glad you liked it.”

I have suffered in various ways because of the name of the worst. It’s not uncommon to make fun of names. Worst Private in the Army! When I said that, what the seniors said was like something.

“I looked at my resume. I’m 21 years old and I’m a military man?”

“As soon as I graduated from high school, I applied to be a recruiter and went right away. My father said it was better to go to the army early.”

“Then you’re older than me in terms of service number. I was discharged in January.”

“This January? Boss, by any chance, how old are you…”

“I’m 22 years old. I’m one year older than you. There’s not much difference, I just call you hyung. I’m only a year older, but I feel uncomfortable when I hear the boss talk.”

“Ah…Then I’ll call you older brother.”

“I don’t have a license. Well, I went to the army right after graduating from high school. I didn’t have time for a daughter. What about family relationships?”

“I have two parents and one younger brother.”

“What about college?”

“Ah…For now, I’m not thinking too much. My younger brother is going to college next year, so I can’t think about the tuition.”

“The tuition is expensive. I’m not thinking about going to college either. But it’s hard to get a job without going to college, so everyone says they’re in debt.”

The tuition fee for one semester is several million won. It’s not money that comes out when you dig the ground, and it’s close to 10 million won in a year.

If it is a four-year program, then it is 40 million won. It’s expensive, but it’s going to be more expensive, so it’s hard to pay for tuition unless you earn a lot.

“What are your parents’ occupations?”

“My mother is a housewife. My father is a firefighter. He works at the Yeongdeungpo Fire Station.”

“Firefighter? You do a good job.

“Besides, my younger brother is a Force user, but he opposes joining the country… It’s a little bit because of the tax.”

“I want to destroy the National Assembly who made that fucking law.”

“Iknow, right”

As I reincarnated over and over again, I pride myself on having the eyes to see people. This kid is a rare young man these days. There is no need to doubt her personality if she worked part-time to pay for her brother’s tuition and grew up with a father who was a firefighter. She is my personal favorite human figure.

“Okay, the store opens next Monday, so it’s the day after tomorrow, but it’s open from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, closed on Saturdays. The store is small, so it’s comfortable, but can you work full time?”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter. But is it okay to not have a chicken restaurant at night?”

“I don’t like it at night. I have to go home too. My wife, who is the cutest in the world, will be waiting for dinner.”

“Uh……? Hyung, are you married?”

“I’m 22 years old, but I’m married. I came back last month with a hot marriage registration.”

“I heard that not many people get married in their 20s, but you did it early.”

“By the way, this building is my wife’s.”


“I’m trying to make money, but I’m half-hearted. Since it’s early days, I only get one part-time job. If the business goes well, I’ll get another one.”

“Will business really do that well?”

“Do you want to try it once?”

I have marinated chicken in the refrigerator. Even if you fry the chicken roughly, it’s delicious with a little skill, but it tastes better if you invest time. I added a little bit of seasoning and put it in the refrigerator to leave it for a day or two until the seasoning is full, but even if it’s not too long, the taste will be good enough.

Put in various things, take out the aged chicken, and make fried dough. Chicken is important, but the fried batter is also important. Only when the balance of the two is right does great fried chicken come out.

While cooking, I asked Baek-ri various things.

“What position did you come from in the army?”

“Cooking disease. Originally, I just wanted to go as an infantryman, but that was the only way to go quickly.”

“It’s a world where it’s hard to go into the military. That’s why I went as an engineer instead of an infantryman.”

“If you’re a sapper, why don’t you build a bridge?”

“No, it’s harder. I’ll skip the detailed explanation because I’m going to eat chicken.”

Still, if you’re a caterer, you’re working hard without weekends. Bastards who say that cooking sickness is honey are the ones who don’t know who cooked the food they ate three times a day in the army.

“Sometimes on the day of the dog, they’ll give you a small chicken and make you samgyetang, right?”

“Don’t say anything. That day was really like hell… It was hotter and more difficult because it was summer.”

There is a saying that when men get together, they only talk about the military, games, and women. Almost true. The only thing a warm-hearted reservist who has just been discharged from the military has to say about the army.

“I went to the sapper and did some maintenance work. I know how to install an air conditioner.”

“Hey, I heard that it costs hundreds of thousands of won to do it once in Daegu?”

“I thought I’d give it a try, but I gave up.”


“You mean a house with air conditioning doesn’t have air conditioning.”


In that hot Daegu, do I have to install an air conditioner in a house without an air conditioner?

Well, thanks to meeting Shion, I opened a shop like this. It’s a good thing to meet and see my wife.

“You said you were married. How is your sister-in-law?”


“You’ve got a bean pod…”

“I’m not kidding, she’s really pretty. If you ask people on the street, 10 out of 10 people will say they’re pretty.”

It’s just that he looks young, but he’s an alien. Changing the form is her specialty, and transcendental ones of that level are basically beautiful because their appearance follows their soul.

But after all, she looks like a 5th grader in elementary school. No matter how good the development of children these days is, elementary school students are elementary school students.

“But I got sick a long time ago. My hair was bleached and my growth stopped while fighting the disease. If I introduce you later, you’ll wonder what kind of elementary school student came out.”


“I don’t joke with my wife. Even if I put up with cursing at me, I don’t tolerate cursing at my wife, and I’ll punch someone’s thrush or break an earthenware pot. If you call later and ask me to come to the police station, come out.”


Baekri must be thinking, ‘Is the president really a sane person?’ Looking at it, he seems friendly and has a good personality, so I think about employment and just set an hourly wage.

“Okay, the chicken is done.”

Just in time, I brushed off the oil from the well-fried chicken and put it on a plate. Since they are not in business yet, it is okay to drink, so I take a beer out of the refrigerator. Also, chicken with beer.

“Here, try it. Even if you look like this, it’s chicken with many know-how.”

In the base, various spices are added to age the chicken, and curry powder goes into the frying powder very exquisitely, stimulating the appetite. Cooking is one of the few skills that I have learned purely through reincarnation.

Few things are as delicious as freshly fried chicken. Baekri raised one leg and took a big bite while feeling hot. I also lifted one leg and chewed it.

Chicken that whets your appetite just by smelling it. You can feel the crispy batter and oil, and then the light flesh is chewed. The flesh is also seasoned, so you can feel the exquisitely salty taste. It’s tender because it’s leg meat, but on the contrary, if you eat breast meat, it won’t be as tough as it is.

And the beer you crave. I took a big drink and passed the cold beer down my throat. The chicken’s fat is washed away with the beer, and it grows on its own! Made me say

“Wow! The chicken is spicy? It’s delicious!”

“Isn’t this enough to make a good business?”

“Yes, it will definitely work. It’s an open type where you can see the cooking. Even if delivery is not possible, there will be many people who will come when it is packed? How much does it cost per chicken?”

“8000 won per fish”

“A lot of people would come if it tasted this good at that price. Looking back, the chicken chains I used to order in the past cost almost 20,000 won.”

“I have to do 1 chicken a day. I have to work for 2 hours so that each chicken can have a glass of beer.”

“Ah, come to think of it, the hourly wage is…”

“These days, the minimum hourly wage is 7530 won.”

This guy’s minimum wage goes up by a rat’s tail. I wonder if all part-timers are going to die, but the price is rising sharply, while the minimum hourly wage rises by several hundred won.

If the minimum wage rises, the self-employed will die?

Then why don’t you hire me? Buy only

“It’s annoying to calculate the change, and the hourly wage is 8,000 won? Of course, since it’s the beginning, I’ll give you that much, and I’ll raise it later after a long time. Gaze at the hourly wage of 10,000 won!”

“You look big, hyung. Thank you for me.”

“Because I’ll see you work and I’ll give you a bonus from time to time”

“Can you do that? There won’t be any left…”

“If I thought about staying, I wouldn’t have done it from the start. Anyway, the labor cost is for one person, and most of all, there is no rent. Don’t worry, there’s enough left over even after taking care of you.”

Originally, there is a reason why there is no rent because the boss is the owner of the building. It has a big impact on the price, so not having one is a big advantage.

“But how about marinated chicken?”

“Keep playing chicken. I’ll show you heaven.”

It’s time to take out my secret sauce.

*        *    *

“Do you think business will go well?”

“I admit it”

Baek-ri raised her thumb after feeding them even seasoned chicken.

Subtly sweet yet spicy seasoned chicken sauce cannot be made without technique. At that time, depending on the ingredients and the condition of the chicken, the mixing ratio must be slightly different, but if you do not do that, this exquisite taste will not come out.

“Business will be good. Sometimes I’ll go home and fry it after work.”

“Come to eat. Pay”


“If you bring your father, I’ll pay for the chicken for free. He’s a good person, so we should treat him.”

People who are not treated well by the country, but people like us should treat them.

On one side of the store, I immediately wrote [Firefighters (firefighters) get free chicken *alcohol price].

“Is that okay?!”

“Can they come as a group and have a dinner? Even if only a few people could come, the store is small.

“Hyung, you’re a cool guy”

“Anyway, bring your father sometime. I’ll fry it up for you.”

“I’ll bring my mother and brother.”

Alright, now I’m going to hire a part-time job. The work has been finished.

I need to start a serious business. I wish for a prosperous business and use it as a catcher, so I have to call a few of my friends and serve them.

Baekri went back, closed the shop, finished up and came back.

Upon returning, there was a rather large box in front of the entrance. I thought it was a little heavy, so I took it in and opened the contents inside the house.

There, naked Shion was crouched in a box. I covered my face with a strange feeling of deja vu.

“Are you a mail order alien?”

“I like this kind of play too.”

Shion slightly opened her eyes and spoke softly. Now that this has happened, I have no choice but to respond.

I took her out of her crate and stepped into her living room.

Afterwards she messed up sex.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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