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The Great Demon King 4

The Great Demon King 4

Chapter 4 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live] ※Including 19 Scenes.

Shion’s full name is Shion Hanon. The name Hanon is his own tribal name.

The important thing now is that her species are insensitive, if not insensitive, so they don’t respond to her dizzying stimuli. In short, she is hard to get excited about even sex.

Of course she’s difficult, not that she’s not sexually aroused.

“It’s the first night, at least with that body. Wouldn’t it be nice to be a little moody?”


I kiss Shion’s mouth as I hugged her. Her warm lips, which seemed to have a slightly higher body temperature than mine, met, and her tongue pierced the gap between them. None of them were bigger than me, so it felt like I was rolling candy in her mouth.

A small tongue that could feel cute mixed with mine. As if not wanting to separate, they entangled and licked each other’s tongues. It smelled a bit like alcohol, but so did I.

Me and Shion kissed and headed to the bedroom. It was my first visit to the house, but it was easy to find the bedroom, so I was able to arrive quickly.

“Oh, wait… I want to wash up.”

“I don’t mind the smell”

“But, it’s better to wash before you do it… Oh”

I laid her body on the bed. Ignoring her words to wash, I take her mouth off her lips and slowly slide down.

He put his lips to the nape of her neck and licked it with her tongue. I think it was my mistake, but it seemed to taste a little sweet.

Her hands reached for her top and slowly undressed her. Unbuttoned and flat enough to not even need a bra, but still the busty breasts and the pink nipples at the end look beautiful in harmony with the fair skin.

“You always remain the same. I change each time I reincarnate.”

“You can change the shape as you like, but for now, wouldn’t it be better to stick to the basic shape? This is what I like the most.”

“Am I the type of lolicon?”

“Do you know that saying that I’m small-schooled isn’t convincing as long as you like me?”

I didn’t answer and kissed her on the chest. He licked his pretty pink nipples with his tongue and started sucking at the same time. When it started in earnest, Zion also started to respond.

She didn’t groan, but her face turned red. It’s proof that you’re a little excited.

I didn’t let go of her hand while I was teasing her mouth. With my hands, I took off my bottoms, and I also took off my clothes and lay down on the bed together. Today is the first time with this body, so it’s normal. So we face each other on top.

Because of her small stature, it is difficult to look down when you make eye contact with her. So after another kiss, I lowered my hand down to Shion’s lower body for foreplay.

“What should I say? Every time I say it, it feels like I’ve become a criminal.”

“So it’s not good?”

“I have a strong sense of immorality, but getting excited means I’m a bastard.”

He is older than me, but since he looks like an elementary school student, his body is also that of an elementary school student. The clean, white vagina, hairless underneath, wanted to be dirty as if looking at the ground covered with freshly fallen snow.

Let alone my cock, I put a couple of fingers into her vagina, which was closed to the point where it seemed difficult to enter. And while rubbing, I waited for a response.

As I swept up, I rubbed her clitoris, which was already small but even smaller.

“I’m sorry……”

“It’s already been a reaction. Has it accumulated?”

“You must have been growing up for 20 years, but I was at my peak for 100 years.”

“Then you have to persevere.”

All of a sudden, the slime liquid came out of my fingers. To relieve some tension, I slowly inserted my index finger into her.



“I haven’t been able to do it for a while, so I think I’ve narrowed it down too?”


Shion shyly whispered in my ear.

“Wouldn’t it be okay if you widen it? Just like before.”


Sizzle, squeak! Tsui, Tsukkuk! Sizzle, sizzle!

“Ah, suddenly, why so fast, ah, ugh?!”

“I say that, but if you’re not excited, you’re not a man.”

When Shion suddenly moved forward quickly, she was startled and hugged me around the neck. Gradually she increased the amount of juice flowing from her vagina. There must have been a lot of things piled up in the meantime, and my hands were about to become full.

She kissed me, feeling my fingers and me feeling her vaginal walls. Unlike before, I could taste her hot breath.

I caressed my arm with my fingers to the point where it hurt, and I thought I had to go back to the main game, so I got back to my posture. I brought the tip of the glans to the entrance where her sticky love juice flowed. Every time I put it in little by little, I felt a sticky, warm, yet tight feeling.

I heard somewhere that a woman’s tightening is weaker than a normal male tightening by hand, so a person who only masturbates can become bored. Her tightening is different from what she did with her hands. It was a little difficult to even take it off if I didn’t have enough strength in my back.


My cock wasn’t ignorantly large, but it was a little above average. However, she is so small that she cannot fit all of them. It was inserted the deepest so that her glans touched the cervix, but it was less than two knuckles of her fingers.

“Isn’t it a bit smaller than in the previous life?”

“Then I’ll have to make up for it with technique.”



I moved my waist and pulled it out to the extent that only the glans were in, then I did a piston exercise by sticking it in close at once. At the same time, a hot moan escaped from her mouth.

The reaction was good, so I continued to move my waist again. Every time he pulled out his dick, the sticky vaginal wall was scratched, and the juice flowed out. The bed sheets were already soggy that I had to wash them once.

Shion hugged me in her arms for the pleasure that surged through her every time she hit me and let her hot breath vomit on the nape of her neck. I wonder if that breath is feeble.

Drive it roughly by moving it up and down. I know her weakness well, so I stimulate her even more by scraping that part of her every time she picks her up.

Squeeze, squeak, squeak, squeak!

“Ah, black… Ah, hot♥”

Her voice sounded more tender. It is proof that the climax is not far away.

I also sped up to match the speed of her waist. The sound of their buttocks clashing against each other echoed through the room. And not long after, I ejaculated deep into Shion’s vagina.


As she groaned, there was no more space in her narrow vagina, and gradually a mixture of semen and love juice began to flow from her vagina. Let’s move back little by little and take out the cock! And sounds like air escaping.

“It’s been a while, so I’m a little satisfied”


“Do you think it will be possible to have it once?”

“Did you think I would end it once?”

I was going to continue after roughly organizing it, but when I gambled that far, I ran into her again.

Even if it’s not like the old days, it’s not like the crazy stamina of manga, let’s take 10 shots today.

*        *    *

Let me introduce myself again in a way that is easy to understand.

My name is the worst It is the worst by using the character Choi (最) and the character evil (齷) that will stick to it. The meaning is not so bad, but the pronunciation is so ruined. Well, it’s okay All of our family names are like this.

My cousin’s name was Choi Gil-hyeon or Choi Kang-in. There are many cases of having a strange name or a strange name in pronunciation to the point of not knowing the meaning.

A special feature is reincarnation. He is a professional reincarnator who has reincarnated so many times that it takes a while to count the number of reincarnations.

There are a lot of things I learned while reincarnating, so I’m at least able to die instantly somewhere, so if nothing else happens, I’m living a leisurely life.

If you touch it, it’ll end without a hitch.

Again, I’m the harmless type if I don’t touch it. He is the kind of person who has nothing to say even if he is criticized for being an egoist.

Even when an enemy species appeared at a rest area and killed people, I didn’t save it even though I had the power to save it, because I didn’t want to be bothered by revealing my power, so I didn’t step forward.

For me now, as long as my friend or wife, Shion, who I have acquired in this life is safe, that is the end.

“Breakfast is done”

“Ah, sorry.

“It’s been a while since I’ve made my husband’s breakfast, so I can do it. The menu is kimchi fried rice.”

“Is it fried rice from morning? Stir-fried in oil?”

“So you don’t like it?”

“Sure. Sausages?”

“It’s Vienna”

“What about eggs?”

“I’ve got two of them”

“Keah, since I’ve been married for a long time, it’s comfortable knowing all my tastes.”

She is a silver-haired girl who looks like an elementary school student. She is also very good looking, just like her doll, but there is a feeling that she looks desolate because of her hard, expressionless face. However, since she has been around for a long time, she can notice even the most subtle changes in facial expression, so she can roughly grasp the emotion.

Her name is Shion Hanon. The couple has known each other for quite some time.

Although she is a reincarnated person like me, she only reincarnated once, unlike me, who has reincarnated many times. However, unlike me, who was reincarnated as a human, she was reincarnated as a race called Hanon, so she has no lifespan.

Even Hanon, who was born directly above her, had seen two or three star formations and ended, so he said it all. She is not even a thousand years old, she is quite young.

FYI, it has nothing to do with how young she is and how she looks. She is only a basic form that has been changed by forcibly taking a human form from a non-human form, and as proof, the humanoid form of the oldest Hanon race looks like a middle school boy at most.

………… During her previous life, she was told not once or twice that she was a pedophilia bastard when she was with Shion. She was originally human trash, but she fell further down there and now has developed resistance.

“What are you going to do now?”

“Um, shouldn’t we open a store first? It seems too much of a nuisance to play and eat. Just lend us some capital.”

“Honestly, I can feed myself, so I can play and eat.”

My wife is the best!

Come to think of it, there were more important things than that.

“Should I submit the marriage registration first?”

“Oh, I forgot.”

“Even if we hold a wedding, there are not many people who will come.

“First of all, let’s put out the documents and think about the wedding slowly. I’ve done it a few times before, so I don’t think much about the wedding either.”

“I wish I could gather people and open it grandiosely sometime.”

“If I invite my guests, my cousin will come and ruin the atmosphere.”

Shion’s appearance can be changed freely, but it consumes energy. She said she didn’t like it because it felt like she was forced to wear clothes that didn’t fit her, so she always wore the appearance of an elementary school student, so she used to wear that look at weddings.

Even now, I can’t help but think of how her friends from her previous life looked at her as a bride and looked at her with garbage eyes. It’s been several hundred years.

“What are you going to do with your business?”

“Chicken House”

“As expected, it’s a fast chicken tree.”

“Isn’t science the same? But where do you say you own a building?”

“It’s in Myeongdong”

“……The land price is very expensive there.”

It is said that enemy species often appear in places where the population density is above a certain level, but the proportion only appears once a month at most. In addition, since there is a KFU branch near such a place, it is dispatched quickly and construction has been completed, so there are several shelters.

Of course, even though it has fallen a little, it is a neighborhood that boasts one of the most expensive land prices in our country, so it is still difficult for ordinary people to afford small buildings.

“My main business is not building. My main business is also the only one I can’t do.”

“Then don’t eat it”

“It’s a skill that you wouldn’t notice even if you hacked the US Pentagon, but you wouldn’t notice it if it was a poor stock operation.”

In front of Zion, where electronic communication devices at the level of modern earth civilization are no obstacle, it is like crouching in front of a slug at least a computer.

“Should I set up a fried chicken restaurant for the next month or two as preparation time?

I am good at cooking. In the case of a civilized society, licenses were often obtained, and even if you take at least 50 years in a lifetime, multiplying that by 10 times is 500 years. It’s strange that I’ve spent that much time on cooking, but I can’t.

I need to find out where the materials are supplied, and I need to figure out the age of the floating population. Quite a lot to prepare.

“I’ll give you a card, so use it yourself.”

“The card is black. Is that the one I saw before?”

“It’s not as rare as you think. The benefits aren’t that great compared to these days, and it’s just made for zodiac signs. You need to spend about 300 million won a year, so please write sparingly.”

American Express Centurion. It is a card with unlimited limits, often referred to as a black card.

It is said that this is the card that Michael Morhaime, the CEO of Blizzard, used to shoot pizza to all the audience in Korea. I don’t know if the person actually has this card or not.

“You won’t come out later as a big hand in the stock industry or something like that, right?”

“My hands are small”

See how he jokingly evades an answer. However, even if a problem arises, it is Zion’s business, so I have the heart to step in and solve it.

How much money did this guy make?

“There are a total of two buildings I bought in Myeong-dong. One is already set up as a clothing store, and the other has space for a store, so you can go there.”

“Can I go see it?”

“Let’s go together. Wouldn’t it be quicker to direct you to the location?”

It’s a weekday, so even in Myeong-dong, there will be few people. When it comes to really crowded times, there is no other day compared to the weekend. If there’s anything else, it’s probably a holiday.

Shion and I prepared to go out. It’s nothing special, I just put on the clothes she bought her and I’m done.

“Did you only have one car?”

“I usually take a taxi and bought a car yesterday. To be honest, I didn’t expect to need two cars.”

“You shouldn’t have left your car behind. I wonder if that will be fine.”

If you regret it now, it’s too late. Me and Shion took a taxi from a nearby location and headed to Myeong-dong. The taxi driver looked at us suspiciously, but he passed us by. There are also friendly drivers who talk to passengers, but I guess it wasn’t like that.

Eventually, he arrives in Myeong-dong and goes to the main street with her. She pointed to a building on the full main street side.

“That’s one of the two buildings in Myeong-dong.”

“Hey, the business will go well. I’m not interested in clothes, but if the interior is added to the seat, isn’t the business going well?”

“The boss is resourceful, so things are going well”

It was a cute clothing store. The building, which has been made wide by making the floor on the second floor look like it is open, attracts attention even from the outside. I don’t know much about fashion, but when I look at the clothes displayed outside and put them on Shion, I like any one and want to buy one.

“This is the building where you can enter the shop.”

The building I arrived at after walking for about 5 minutes from the clothing store was bigger than the clothing store I saw earlier in terms of area alone. However, the first floor was divided so that two shops could be placed. One size is about 15 pyeong. If you set up a small chicken restaurant, the table won’t fit much.

Well, if there are too many anyway, I can’t stand it. Just like how it takes time to fry a thousand or ten thousand chickens alone no matter how good you are, you have to accept the right number of people to serve chicken with sincerity to your customers.

I’m not officially a chef, but I still have the pride I’ve built while cooking. I have nothing to say when a man hears ‘You’re not even a pro gamer!’, But when I hear ‘You bastard who can’t fucking play games!’, It’s the same reason you drag him to a PC room after swearing.

“The second floor is a cafe, and the shop next to it is a Japanese-style restaurant.”

“The cafe on the second floor is also a private cafe that focuses on desserts such as cakes rather than coffee. It would be nice to have a coffee shop byeol, but I personally don’t like places like that.”

“Well, I don’t like places where a cup of coffee is more than a regular meal.”

There’s something I don’t understand, but I don’t know why the coffee at a famous brand cafe is expensive. This is not a time in the history of the world where coffee trade is difficult, and coffee prices are too expensive. At this time in 2020, the minimum hourly wage for part-time workers has risen to 7,500 won, but the price of coffee is over 5,000 won. To be honest, there are very few places that give the minimum wage, so the price of a cup of coffee is equal to the cost of one hour of labor for one person.

Why don’t you raise the minimum wage more?

“First of all, think of tableware and menus. After thinking about the interior. I need to find a part-time job.”

“Should I pay the minimum wage?”

“Although I’m human trash, I haven’t completely abandoned ethics. Still, if you’re thinking about making money by doing business, there’s only one person… Two at most.”

“Anyway, there are stores, so if there are more than that, it will get in the way of traffic.”

“That’s right. Hire at least one person, and if you don’t have enough hands, let’s do another one.”

I’m in charge of the chicken and the bill, and I leave the serving to Alba. If you don’t have enough hands, you can hire another person later to wash the dishes.

Considering the labor cost, there will be a surplus only when the business goes well, but there is no rent, so the difficulty is very low.

Indeed! Many of the owners of successful shops on TV are landlords, so there must be a reason!

The landlord who is on top of the creator…… From now on, I will also save money and buy a building and live on the rent.

It will take two or three months to open the store, but that time is enough to start a business.

“What are you going to name your store?”


Don’t expect naming sense from me.

But if you have to build it, make it short and concise.

“‘Do you want to chicken?'”

It must be a short and intense chicken restaurant name.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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