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The Great Demon King 3

The Great Demon King 3

Chapter 3 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Korea Forceuser Union. The organization, called KFU for short, is an organization that the majority of Force users belong to, defeating enemy species appearing in Korea and protecting the safety of citizens.

Established 20 years ago after the Great Depression, it is an organization that has deployed force users and built the current system so that they can be mobilized at any time in densely populated areas above a certain level nationwide. Even if the people of Korea curse at everything else about the country, they will admit that at least one thing.

“Chief, the investigation is over.”

“How are the guys from this time?”

“It is a small heptagon (heptagonal) type”

“It’s quite strong. Small ones are mostly hexagonal types.”

Enemy species are classified according to the shape and size of the core that emits Raff energy.

Pentagon (pentagon), hexagon (hexagon), heptagon (heptagon), octagon (octagon), nonagon (nonagon), etc.

Twenty years ago, most of them were Pentagon (pentagon), and the emergence of large enemy species of Hexagon (hexagon) type, which was barely defeated by consuming all the ammunition for one division, was said to be strong, but the level of enemy species that appeared over time I was hoping to get high

Of course, as time passed, the number of stronger Force users increased. Thanks to that, there was no problem with countermeasures against enemy species, but as the level gradually increased, when enemy species that were stronger than the growth of force users appeared, it could not be promised.

“Are any of us injured?”

“Han Seok is slightly injured. But it will heal if he is treated by a healer, so he just needs to rest for a day.”

“It’s okay because no one is dead.”

The person currently in command at the service area is Cho In-hyeong, the team leader of the 67th branch in charge of Seoul. Although he is a tough Force user in direct combat, his Force attribute is ‘Perception’. He was the one who got to sit in the team leader’s position because he was good at grasping and analyzing the situation.

“Have you counted the dead and wounded this time?”

“It’s not in the city center, but it’s because it showed up at a rest stop on the highway and was delayed… I predicted it to be dimensional in advance, but there are a few people who died because of the distance.”

“It’s going to be another fucking bout. Shibeol, we’re not late because we want to be late either.”

Wisdom users are very rare, but there are. The number was very small even in the world, so there was only one person in Korea.

“But those idiots killed them.”

“Wouldn’t we die from overwork someday?”

However, that prediction system user was forcibly dragged halfway through and foresaw a dimensional forecast. Precognition-type ability is a force attribute that overworks the brain, not the body, so after about a year, the precognitive-type user died of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Because the brain problem is not revealed from the outside, and on the other hand, it was the result of the stress of being the only precognition-type person and the stress caused by overwork.

Only then did the government feel sorry for it, but it was already too late. Once the bus leaves, it never comes back.

If it was to predict a dimensional quarry of a certain size or more, that predictive user wouldn’t have died from overwork, but since he was overworked to the point of being harsh, he deserved to die from overwork.

Since then, the prophecy-type talent has not come out of Korea.

“Anyway, tell the bereaved family the news and say, ‘Let’s withdraw quickly because it’s hard to do something. Did you pack all the by-products?”

“It’s a highway, so I think it’s convenient to transport.”

“Are you lucky among misfortunes?

Team leader Cho In-hyeong, who was about to change his position, suddenly turned his attention to something that was caught in his force.

Among the corpses of the hostile species to be transported, relatively intact corpses stood out. The other corpses were cut, punctured, and messed up in various ways, but the corpse was undamaged except for a core cut and a broken wrist.


“Why, chief?”

He frowned and touched the corpse of the enemy. He looked here and there and used his Force attributes to get the knowable information.

“……Hey, is this without the force? It’s a corpse that hasn’t undergone force fusion.”

“Yes? No force?”

When enemy species appear on Earth from cracks through the dimensional earthquake, Earth’s Gaia force is naturally absorbed by the enemy species. It is called the force fusion phenomenon.

The speed is so great that Gaia Force dwells in the body as well as the core of the enemy species to the extent that it can be clearly distinguished in just three minutes. Through the Gaia Force as a medium, force users can inflict greater damage to enemy species than firearms.

However, no trace of Gaia Force can be found in this enemy species.

“Team leader, in order to prevent the force fusion from happening, shouldn’t it be killed within 1 minute of coming out?”

The inflow of Gaia Force lasts at least 1 minute. It takes up to 3 minutes or less. The results of the study also came out like that, and the case where the time is exceeded is when the host species are large or extra large. Even in that case, it’s said to take less than 10 minutes.

“That’s right. But killing an enemy species that hasn’t even finished adapting in less than a minute after they appear is unreasonable for most Force users.”

Enemy species are basically monsters. It is basic to crumple an iron plate with bare hands, and in terms of purely physical abilities, it is more than a moderate physical strength force user. It is safe to say that the fact that Force users can defeat enemy species is all due to the Force fusion phenomenon.

“Then, whoever can…”

“Roughly master level? Even if not, expert level”

“Are you out of your mind? Mr. Lee Kyung-jin came all the way here because he said something was wrong. He said he couldn’t even use his vacation properly because he was defending the metropolitan area.”

Most Force users are helpless even with firearms, and are specialized in hunting only enemy species. However, there are Force users called masters who have gone beyond its limits.

Monsters that can rule alone and have a force capacity approaching one million. They are literally as strong as monsters, capable of dealing with an army with a mediocre human body.

“Hey, is there CCTV here?”

“There it is”

After seeing a CCTV installed next to the service station and gas station, they soon began to investigate the site.

“Oh, really. It doesn’t look exquisite.”

“I installed this to take a picture of a car coming into a gas station, not a rest stop.”

Because of the lack of angle, the CCTV did not take all of it, but it was still taken to some extent.

An enemy species ran out of the screen and was captured flying away. And when you see it’s far away and there’s no more movement in the screen, it’s like dead.

“Did you just die from flying?!”

“Did you hit one?”

“If I had hit it with a fist, it would have left a fist mark if I had pushed it with force. But other than a broken wrist, there were no major cuts.”

Team leader Joe was deep in thought. What kind of person should be able to do something like this? Judging from the video taken at a cursory glance, it also happened less than a minute after the red species appeared.

“Huh? There’s something else.”

“Rewind and play again”

Team leader Cho focused on the CCTV footage again. In a noisy resting place, when enemy species appear and move to kill people, everyone runs away, but there is one person who is leisurely and relaxed.

He walked slowly and squatted in front of the overturned, dented vehicle. When I saw someone struggling with an arm stretched out through the broken window, it seemed like I was talking to the person inside.

“Are you trying to save me?”

“I don’t think so?”

Soon after the man left, a servant came to the vehicle and grabbed the man by the arm and pulled him out. What followed was a scene so brutal that it was difficult to speak.

“If this person is that master level user, did he just leave without saving him?”

“It could be said that there was a grudge relationship. Can’t you expand on this?”

“What do you want from the gas station’s CCTV? I could pass it on to someone else, but… You want to find it? This person?”

“Yes, the number of people is not enough. If there is such a person, I will look for it.”

“Persuasion? People are dying in front of my eyes, but when I see them go alone without knowing, I don’t think they’re a proper person.”

“I’ll think about that later”

Team leader Jo looked at the man on the screen with his eyes shining.

Who is he and what is he doing now?

*        *    *

Eat meat!


“It’s been a while since I heard the sound of meat cooking.”

“Have you ever eaten meat in the unit?”

“Once in a while, when there was an event, I used to grill pork belly for dinner, but are pork belly and beef the same?

Beef that has been grilled for a long time goes into your mouth as soon as it is grilled. The unique smell and gravy of beef, which is completely different from that of pork, evokes appetite again as it blends in the mouth.

A few hours ago, the enemy species showed off their talents, but if you care about that, you won’t be able to eat for the rest of your life.

“Beer? Soju?”

“Shochu please”

“Here’s your order.”

I called the waitress and ordered more. Not enough meat, should I order a bottle or two of alcohol?

“Please give me two bottles of soju and two glasses. Give me two servings of pork belly and pork belly.”

“Uh, hey, customer… We don’t sell alcohol to minors at our store.”

“Huh? Underage?”

When I said presbyopia, I heard presbyopia. I don’t think I look young enough to look like a minor, right?

As I was thinking that, I suddenly realized that Shion, who was sitting across from me, was eating meat. Oh, just look at him, he’s underage. Elementary school students too.

“Hey, if you want to drink, take out your passport. But do you have any?”

“If you don’t carry it with you, the policeman might catch you later, so I always carry it with me.”

“Hagisa is just an innocent elementary school student who goes out with a guy with dirty eyes who looks suspicious to others.”

“Anyway, here’s the Min Jeung”

Shion took out her ID card from her bag and showed it. Her name is Western-style, but whether she received it through a naturalization application or whether she made a name and registered it separately, it is a resident registration card that is no different from mine.

“Eh?! Born in 1996?!”

“Don’t doubt it because it’s not fake. Even if he looks like that, he’s older than me.”

“It’s because I’m sick. I have a medical certificate, can you show it to me?”

“Ah, no……Yes, I received an order for two bottles of soju and two servings of pork belly and inside skirt.”

I asked her if her waitress was going and only men with me and Shion.

“Do you carry a medical certificate or something? Are you going to cosplay a sick person?”

“I have it for now. Just in case you don’t know. There’s no problem with the hospital computers being hacked.”

“Preparations are perfect”

“This is what I did to keep you from getting caught.”

“Thank you for that”

Honestly, if I hadn’t prepared like that, I would have been arrested by the policeman a long time ago. Going to prison isn’t scary, but it feels dirty.

If you want to live in society, you have to wear cosplay that suits that society. All in all, ‘He’s an alien, so he’s about 900 years older than me. So even if you say ‘it’s legal’, you will only hear what kind of idiot is fucking.

If you look at what he does at night, the story will fit.

“I got what you ordered”

I received a glass and a bottle of soju from the waiter. I give one glass to Shion and she opens a bottle of soju and pours soju one by one.

“I won’t get drunk anyway. Well, I’ll drink it in my mood.”

“If that’s the case, why did you do it?”

“I ordered it to fit you because you drink it.”

“……My wife is the cutest in the world”

“It’s useless to say the obvious.”

Then, he averts my gaze. It’s a shame.

When I see couples, why do they say things like that? Even if you just hug and roll around, you will be overflowing with happiness.

Is this love!

“This is cooked. Come on, eat it.”


“You want something to eat?”

Feeding each other is the exclusive property of couples. I put one of the well-ripened inside bars into Shion’s mouth. It’s cute to chew and eat.

Is this the heart of paternal love or the heart of love? Well, from my point of view, it’s the latter, but from other people’s point of view, it’s the former, right?

“But can I just leave it alone?

“I’m not going to come after you with just that. Force users will die at least once when they come. Just because I killed it won’t be anything special.”

I wasn’t going to go this way anyway, so I deliberately didn’t care. I just think it’s like a country where wild animals roam well, so I’m not vigilant.

I don’t want to be forcibly dragged away halfway through and forced to eat, and I don’t want to pay more taxes because of it.

Who the fuck made the law that if force users don’t kill the enemy species, they will be taxed more.

“If you have enough to eat, you can go home and have a second drink. Oh, I’ve got a house, so I’ll be able to stay there from now on.”

“In the car, in the money, in the house, it’s completely like a pillar”

“If others see it, they’ll say it’s Lori’s pillar book.”

“Wait, that’s gross”

Either as a title or literally.

I’m going to eat a lot anyway. Enough to tear this store down today. If you don’t, you won’t be able to do it later.

I have to eat a lot, digest a lot, and go home to prepare for the work (Mhyw).

“I have to work too. How can I find a job…”

“I bought a building, so please set up a shop. I’m good at cooking, so go that way.”

“I have to get a license. It’s not like I got it once or twice, so I’ll get it soon.”

There is no problem with practical writing, so all you have to do is study the writing. It’s not like you completely forgot it, so you should be able to pass the exam by studying only two weeks before the exam.

“Shall we open a chicken house?”

“It’s not bad. You can receive God every day.”

“One chicken a day is a luxury.”

Should I really look for a chicken restaurant? You can borrow the capital from Zion, earn it, and pay it back.

“It’s not that easy for the landlord. I’m like this, so it’s hard to solve problems when they happen. Well, you can call someone to solve it. I’ll introduce you to our lawyer Kim later.”

“Oh, it’s not just about getting rent.”

“I leave the general information to the equipment company, but it’s not always possible to call because it’s simple.”

“Then I’ll do it, I didn’t know I could use what I learned in the army here.”

“What the hell did you do in the army?”

“……Something to do while eating.”

My position in the army was as a plumber. Originally, it was a position for field construction soldiers, but since there are few people enlisting in the military these days, I also went in to adjust the number of people. What I do there is to fix plumbing fixtures, such as water pipes, air conditioners, and other boiler equipment.

In addition to the plumbers I belong to, there are electrical and carpentry workers. As expected, because there was such a shortage of people, I was dragged here and there, so I was able to do everything to some extent.

It’s familiar because it’s the same 27th division I went to before, but he asked me to go, so I tried blood. No, I saw shit.

There’s that among the plumbing fixtures. Restroom. It is also a plumbing fixture. I also learned to weld, so I did everything I could say.

“I got an all-round worker. I don’t think I’ll worry anymore.”

“Pay me a lot”

“I’ll take care of it with the sergeant’s salary.”

“Don’t use memory violence?!”

Who is going to stick it on the nose with only 200,000 won, which is not even the minimum wage?

After drinking with Shion for quite some time, and I got drunk too, the house she said……Yes, it must be the newlyweds’ house. Anyway, I went to the house.

The location of the house was a detached house 30 minutes away from Myeong-dong. No matter how much it is, it’s near Myeong-dong, where there is a station nearby, and the land is expensive, but it’s not an apartment, but a detached house.

How much money did this guy make in 2 years?

“I managed to earn enough. The house was designed and built by me, so it should be nice to live in.”

“This is amazing”

Soon you enter the house. The front yard was pretty nice because it was like a house of a small family that you would only see in a drama. Enough to raise a large dog.

The door had an automatic door lock. The password is 555*, I thought about it for a while and laughed at the pattern I had seen somewhere.

“Is it Faiz?”

“Isn’t it nice?”

Shion and I have similar tastes, so we look alike. I also like special effects like the Kamen Rider series.

When you enter the house, there is no smell that will cause sick house syndrome, and it smells like a natural house. There are several rooms and it is on the second floor, so it is very spacious for two people to live.

“In case you didn’t know, I had several rooms. I’ll explain the other things later, but above all, the soundproofing is perfect.”


As Shion sneakily grabbed my hand, I responded with a smile.

He took her hand, lifted it up and hugged her. The small body that comes into my arms at once and the light smell of shampoo make me feel good.

“Shall we check it out?”


Guy Shion, even if he said that, it wasn’t that he didn’t like it.

Say no, but your body will make you honest!

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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