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The Great Demon King 2

The Great Demon King 2

Chapter 2 – [What Is Life, Just Live as You Live]

Rest stop in the middle. The only experience I had on the highway was when I went on a field trip at school. Because my parents passed away in the past, that was all I was going on a trip to, and since I use the terminal bus even when I go on vacation, the highway rest area is really tidy.

“Originally, the best thing to do is to buy walnut snacks at rest stops.”

“Okay, I admit it’s a fresh choice”

To be honest, if you have to pick what comes to mind when you think of highway rest areas, one of the three must-haves is walnut snacks. I also like nuts, and I also like hot snacks, so I like it in a double combo.

But eating only walnut snacks makes my mouth feel dry and choking.

“I’ll buy you a drink, so I’ll wait for you.”

“Do you have any money?”

“Do you think I look like a beggar with no money to buy a drink? They say soldiers are getting good salaries these days.”

“Are you paying the minimum wage?”


If you ask me like that, I have nothing to say.

I didn’t have anything to say to Shion, so I entered the convenience store in the rest area.

I was going to buy something other than a drink, but it’s better to eat something else than what I can easily buy at a convenience store. Like butter potatoes or elvan squid.

It’s also a rest area, so there are a lot of people, so you have to wait in line. Because the structure is such that you cannot get out unless you pass the entrance and the checkout counter, there were several people guarding it in front of it.

After about 5 minutes, it was my turn, so I tried to pay with a couple of small bottles of soda.

“Dunhill, one! Quickly!”


If it wasn’t for the man who suddenly ran the counter backwards and came in, handed out money to the clerk and asked for a cigarette.

What is this ignorant bastard?

I can’t even see you standing in line right now.

“Hey, sir. Other people are queuing right now…”

“So you can give it to me quickly! How long does it take to pay for a pack of cigarettes!”

“Because that’s how long it takes is my time. Mister, don’t you have any concept?”

I said something to the man who was trying to quarrel with the employee.

“What is this bastard?”

“Can’t you see that everyone else is queuing up? But it’s clear that they don’t have any idea when you see that they drive in the opposite direction and come in alone and don’t line up and ask for cigarettes.”

When I questioned him, he frowned and raised his voice.

Originally, there are many people who think that raising their voice is the way to win. It’s because I’ve seen so many human figures while reincarnating.

“Where is the young bastard talking nonsense!”

“Are you older than me?

“This bastard!!”

He grabbed me by the collar and lifted me up. But I do it too. I’m quite tall, over 180, but I don’t know if my courage is imaginary or reckless.

“You said the right thing, but if you see that you pull up by the collar, you’re an old man. Did you do well by cutting in the line?”

“You know who I am and say that!”

“A famous line unique to Kkondae came out. But what if you know who it is? Do you want to become a member of the National Assembly? Originally, the higher you are in a higher position, the lower your head is, but you are the opposite.”

“This bastard really!”

I was about to do it, but the staff managed to stop it. When I let go of the collar, I shouted to the people around me.

“Oops! A person who cuts in line is trying to beat people! Help me!!”

When I shout out loud, people’s eyes turn this way. People flocking to see what the fuss is about. And as the people gathered, he realized that he was at a disadvantage and spat on the floor.

“Twa! Unlucky. What a fucking bastard is attached.”

“What are you saying, old man who can’t even stand”

“This bastard is real!!”

I was about to fight again, but I finally calmed down after people stopped me. I’ll see all the dirty looks.

When I brought the drink, Shion was already finishing a bag of walnut snacks.

“It’s late. What happened?”

“I got caught by some kind of old man and stepped on his shit”

“Some people get wiser as they get older, but some people get regressed because of the glories of the past. That’s why many middle-aged men think that they are always right and others are wrong because of their useless pride.”

“Still, it shouldn’t be a nuisance.”

Aren’t you fucking bastards?

For a while, Shion and I sat in the corner of the rest area and shared drinks. It’s been a long time since we met, so there’s a lot to talk about.

However, the situation suddenly took a turn for the worse.


“Ah, this”

A very small sign that ordinary people do not notice. But the gicheok is gradually starting to grow. Distortion occurs as something that appears distorted in space appears in the air like a haze.

“It’s a dimension”

“Is that red species coming out?”

“I’m not in that unit, so I’ve never seen them pop out. I’ve seen enemy species passing by from time to time, but I’ve never been particularly involved.”


Before long, you hear the sound of space and space shaking. One of the biggest features of Dimension Jin. Only then did people notice what was happening.

“Do, run away! It’s a dimension!”


“Ughhhhh! Don’t push!”

Enemy species prioritize killing humans like a monster in a cartoon where a certain knight runs. More than any other vandalism around them, they run to kill humans when they see them. So, in densely populated areas, Force users are placed so that they can arrive anywhere.

They say it takes up to 20 minutes. It’s long, but it’s the maximum, and in fact, it can be reached in 5 minutes in any city.

But this is right on the highway. It is far from Seoul and Gangwon-do. It may take up to 20 minutes to arrive.

“Okay, there’s only one way”

“What is it?”

“It bounces fast!”

Am I alba

It is said that people die in front of your eyes, but people die anyway. I don’t know anyone among them, and I don’t intend to let people know that I’m not normal either.

Why hide your powers? If you ask while doing it, I will say something.

Force users who belong to the state and do not cooperate in killing hostile species are subject to tax. It is a policy to pay the price if you want to be protected by the state despite having the ability. Aren’t force users the people?

With no intention of entering the country or paying more taxes, I got up and prepared to leave this place. But maybe it was a little late, so many cars were crowded at the exit that it was impossible to get out. A collision had already occurred in front of me.

“How will we do it?”

“There is also a way to throw away the car and splash”

“It’s not worth the car”

“I have insurance”

“Let’s leave only the military uniform in the car. It’s necessary for reserve army training.”

I walked leisurely and took out my military uniform and a few guitars that I had in the car. Even if the timing was right, at that moment, the air split.

And with a strange cry, strange monsters began to come out of it.


It was a monstrosity that looked like a bird’s head attached to it, with a muscular body protruding to the point of disgust. If anything else, the head was not completely avian, but rather a hard thing like a beak.

The whole body has a dull gray color, and the wriggling muscles inevitably arouse repulsion. Just as too much of anything is not good, it is good to have enough muscles.

“Usually like that, um… What should I say?”

“You can say if there are organisms that are a mix of organic and inorganic matter. That’s why it’s not possible to do it. And such organisms are mainly called silicon-based organisms.”

“It’s great that you’re a science student. After all, you’re both a chicken restaurant tree!”

Enemy species protruding from cracks rush at people. The wriggling muscles grab hold of passers-by and pull them apart, tearing limbs apart.

In order to make a person’s body like that, grip and muscle strength must be supported. However, that enemy species was committing even that lightly as if it were simple.


“Sa-save me! Save me… Kek!”

There were no rules on how to kill. Guts out, limbs ripped out, heads exploded. Either way it ends up killing someone.

Before long, a man came out nearby and found Shion.

It runs towards us while salivating. When he tried to reach out to Zion, who seemed the easiest, I blocked him by knocking him out instead.

The muscular strength of the enemy species in front of me was not only visible, but also strengthened by Afim energy, so it had enough strength to break down a building with a single body and bend a thick iron plate into a ball.

But in front of me, you’re not mean.

“Thank you for your manners”

“It’s a husband’s virtue to escort his wife”

Did this bastard try to touch our Zion?

I didn’t have any other emotions even when I appeared in the enemy species, but I was pissed at once with just that one.

“Isn’t your body not very well trained now, unlike in your previous lives?”

“That doesn’t mean that even the ability is reset, right?

Usually when I look at guys who are strong and capable, whether it’s a return or something, they say that they’re all-around, so they don’t solve anything with magic.

I don’t have anything like that.

The versatility of my ability is quite wide, but what I’m really good at is fighting, and I can’t heal others or erase memories. You can’t even manipulate information. Terribly incompetent.

But he’s really good at fighting. To the point where it blows.


When I lightly grabbed his wrist and twisted it, there was a cracking sound. Even without using Gaia Force, the representative ability of this world, I have a completely different ability.

My ability is ‘Interference’. It is an ability that can be used infinitely if it is manifested only by my own will and falls into the category of ‘interfering’ according to my will.

It can be seen as a power similar to a superpower such as telekinesis rather than an energy system ability like Gaia Force.

Thanks to that, even though I lacked strength with my bare body, I was able to use my abilities based on my body to generate enough strength to break the wrists of the enemy species.

“Evee Ee!”

The enemy species I broke my wrist vomited its anger at me along with the pain that came over me. I lift him up with more strength, just like the wrist I grabbed to blow me away with a fist.

Threw it away Well, to the point of being thrown out of the rest area.

“Should I walk all the way to Seoul?”

“Wouldn’t it be bad to take a walk?”

“Will you ride the wooden horse?”

“Then I should have come wearing a skirt and not pants.”

“Isn’t it usually the other way round? Then the feeling of the thighs…”

The moment I tried to get out of the rest area where I secretly became abusive. A groan is heard nearby.

The enemy species were completely overturned and crushed between the chaos of vehicles, making it difficult for even a single person to escape. The moans seemed to be heard from within.

“Buy, save, give…”

The glass had already been shattered, but the impact of the upside down had crushed the window frame to such an extent that even my head could not get out. Unable to get out on its own, a trembling hand came out asking for help.

The voice, the face looking through the window, and seeing the car are all these coincidences. Or, I wondered if it was because I had such a personality that I did the driving like that.

I crouched down and spoke to the old man who couldn’t get out of the inside of the overturned car.

“Do you remember me?”


“It was about 30 minutes ago, but if you don’t remember, you should suspect dementia, right?”


He then remembered who I was.

To him, I’m just an unlucky person, but to me, he’s the one who nearly caused an accident with a sudden lane change, and he’s a no-brainer who cuts in line.

“I mean, I’m a Force user. With a bit of effort, I might be able to save you from here.”

“Sa, save me! Please!”

“But I’m sorry”

The case with other people is different.

Right now enemy species are killing civilians. They are just not interested in dying, so they are watching the death itself.

But in the case of this old man, he stands by the sidelines for a different reason.

It’s not that I’m not interested in dying, I’m just watching it because I want to die.

I smiled.

“It would be better for an old man with no concept like you to die so that he would cause less trouble later on, right?”

“Sah, help me! I’ll do anything! I’ll give you any amount of money! Please help me!”


Without hesitation, I got up from my seat. The enemy species that were far away can be seen approaching.

As he gradually moves away from his car, he lets out a near-shouting scream inside it.

“Save me! Help me! Who helps me! Fuck! This is a dog! Please help! Save me!

An enemy species came running and heard his voice and ran.

Grasp the outstretched arm and pull.

“Uh, aaaaagh! It hurts, aaaaagh!!”

If you take something out through a narrow hole, it will go bad. It’s no different with people.

Of course, compared to the strength of the enemy species, it has the durability of a person, so it doesn’t come out as much as you imagined, but it doesn’t change that it’s quite a boastful appearance.

The old man, who had been dragged out of the window as if he was about to die, eventually had his arms ripped out first, as his own body’s durability couldn’t stand it. If there is one thing he is not lucky, it is that he is bleeding heavily and the condition is serious, but his breath is still attached.

Well, it’s good if you’re lucky that you die sooner than later because of the shock.

“It’s enough to see people die through the screen. I don’t want to see them in real life.”

“Then you should have wiped them out.”

“Don’t you hate getting involved in useless things? You don’t have to do it intentionally.”

Was it because you thought of me that you didn’t say it on purpose?

I was so proud of Shion that I gently stroked her hair. Isn’t my wife so cute?

Compared to us giggling, there were screams and pain behind us. It was the opposite, but I ignored it.

It’s not like anyone I know is hurt, so who knows.

The Great Demon King

The Great Demon King

최흉의 대마왕
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
The Demon King who judges civilization. Among them, Daemawang, who is in charge of 'society', was running a fried chicken restaurant in Korea. Being a masked superhero is a bonus.


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