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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 8

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 8

Chapter 8 – Seria and Lilyne

“Then, that’s all for the introduction of ‘Practical Battle 1’. Let’s see the swordsmanship department cadets who choose classes next time.”

The cadets of the Faculty of Engineering made faces as if they had seen a Cosmic Horror disgusted by my solution.
The swordsmanship department was surprised by the majority, but quickly understood the method.

Two faculties with stark differences.
It was a simple class that would be a means to a goal, but it might be fun unexpectedly.

“Everyone, have a big lunch.”

Now, there is no need to come to the academy until the first class.

In the meantime, the main character will go to Red Meyer to hear that there is a magic book for dimensions, but since the book is empty and I have already eaten the elixir, there will be no change.

Right. Right. Right.

Back at home, I read the archives while hitting the table with a fountain pen.

I seem to be reading more books than I’ve read in my entire life lately.

I read about 3 books over and over again, but sometimes my concentration breaks down.


There is such a thing.

(In ‘Akkalight’, the more abstract the skill description, the better.)
If you look at what this means, it’s one of the many skills I have.

[ Bullseye – C ]
▷Increases the accuracy of projectiles by 50%.

Rather than this.

[ Bloody Demon – A ]
▷ Physical abilities increase in proportion to the amount of blood loss.
▷ The lower the physical strength, the higher the physical ability.
▷ Resistance to bleeding increases.

There are many cases where skills without precise mention like this are of a high level.

The main character has a skill related to light, matching the game subtitle, and at first it is a B rank skill, but if you continue to grow, it will go up to SSS right before returning to Korea.

The heroines also have skills that are not enviable at first, but among them, the unique skill is the skill currently possessed by Ricke Skadi.

[ Seeing eye light – S ]
▷ Penetrates and sees through.

It is a skill that puts the end of the abstract explanation for being born in S rank.
I’m still struggling with not being able to deal with it properly.

The house was destroyed before in-depth education.

‘No – it’s an unavoidable case because it’s a skill you get from the moment you go through the incident in the first place.’

Originally, after solving the case, you learn how to deal with it while going around with the main character.

“I wonder if it would be good to throw in a few keywords in class…”

Come to think of it, this is also kimchi soup.
It’s only possible if she takes my class.

“Hey—-it’s not easy to do something that even you don’t want to say~”

An uncontrollable sigh comes out.
I threw the book into my inventory and threw myself onto the bed.


Seria Electra is the daughter of a male writer since she was born.
She is the youngest of 3 boys and 3 girls there.

Even if I didn’t do anything, there was no discomfort.

Her father used his innate appearance to focus only on marriage for the family.
If you do that, you can continue a smooth life like now.

A life with nothing to worry about.
A life that leaves troublesome tasks to someone else and lives like a doll without a single argument.

She is Electra. She thought it was only natural that she was the daughter of a male writer.

But her older sister was different.
Her older sister, who was always her benevolent and never angry, went against her own destiny.

Her sister left her family in search of a life of her own.
Leave me a letter

“Sister yi yi-!”


She ran to her chest and was hugged by Lilyne.

Lilyne held Seria, who was smaller than herself, and spun around in the capital square.

Their eyes focused on each other, but they didn’t care.

The joy Seria feels is that she can see Lilyne more often than she used to, the day she entered her academy.

Previously, once a year.
Twice if you’re really lucky.

But now that she is out of the eyes of her parents, she can be as close to her sister as possible.

I took her sister’s tender hand and walked into her restaurant.

“Looks like you don’t have class today?”

My sister looks at me with her eyes full of affection.

“I have to make a timetable by choosing a subject by tomorrow! Just a simple explanation for today?”

“Huh~ It’s amazing.”

Seria, who was about to put her tomato in her mouth, stopped her hand at the information she recalled.

“That’s right! Come to think of it, an adventurer came as an instructor… But something is strange…”

“Ahaha… Uh, what’s strange about it?”

Lilyne’s smiling eyes trembled.

Seria didn’t notice that and continued her words.

“You don’t look that old, but I heard your grade is platinum? Are there really people like that? Maybe they lied to scare us…”

Baron Electra is very far from the capital.

Complete end to end.
If you don’t put a gate in the route, you have to eat a big heart to go once.

Even if Urus, the adventurer called the strongest, solves the request, it will take a considerable amount of time for the rumor to spread to the Baron’s territory.

In addition, Roman had minimized her publicity by her own volition shortly after becoming platinum, so even Seria, who was interested in her adventurer, would not know right away.

“…That person is probably platinum.”

“Really? Is such a young person… Then stronger than Mr. Lark?”

Lilyne just laughed at the embarrassing question.
Lark heard this and may have shed tears of blood.

Now, the youngest child in society does not seem to fully understand the authority of the adventurer class.

Maybe she doesn’t want to believe it.

She knows that Seria longs for Lark, a reliable vanguard, so she wonders if she should calmly tell her about this.


Lilyne has seen Roman solve her request.

I was lucky to encounter her on the way back after finishing her request.

That person is different.

She obviously has a human form, but to the point where it’s hard to see her as a human.

He sometimes nags, but when he comes to his senses, there are times when he gets scared.

‘To say that even 10 people can’t win…’

Seria’s eyes were too bright.

After much thought, Lilyne handed over the burden to her party.

“…That’s a difficult question. Shall we ask Mr. Lark directly next time?”


Seria, who finished her simple meal and bought her dessert and arrived at Lily’s house, placed a piece of cake on a small bowl while singing her hum.

Seeing Seria eating her cake in a hurry at the same time that her decoration was finished, Lilline became worried about her.

The incident at her academy that broke out this time is the same, and if she is not confident in the capital, she has no one to protect Seria.

Lark is also in a party with himself, so of course he leaves.



“If something dangerous happens when my sister isn’t around… Like at the academy.”

“I’ll run away without looking back! I know that.”

Although mission and dignity are important to nobles.
It’s not more important than life.

Lilyne now had the values ​​of a complete adventurer.

She educated Seria every time she met her, so Seria understands what she is trying to say.

“If it’s hard to run away and you’re confused, you have to stick close to that adventurer instructor. Okay?”

“Adventurers don’t work for free, so why don’t you just leave me?

“That’s what her sister will do, okay? And there’s no way a man would ignore such a cute Seria.”

“Chi…But I haven’t decided on a class yet. I think it’s better to listen, right?”

She is the one who has been telling me that in the future she will be an adventurer.

Lilyne knew the truth of her adventurer and wanted to stop her, but she couldn’t stop her as she decided to walk after him.

“I have to do it unconditionally! If I want to ask Platinum to teach me…”

There were many people who suggested a party to Roman, who worked alone and solved requests quickly.
But he never had a party.

As rumors circulated that he did not form a party, many people came to him to become his disciples.

There were many women who came to me saying that they would not take commissions, and that they could do chores and night shifts.

There were many self-proclaimed pretty women among them.

Men, of course, want a beautiful woman.

In particular, it happened because Roman had spoken about it.

The occasional light actions and words and actions must have served as an opportunity.

But unexpectedly, he turned them all down.

It is ‘platinum’ that is difficult to learn even if given a thousand gold.

Among those many adventurers, he is a person who can fit into your fingers.

I’ve heard that the imperial family sometimes gives requests, so I’m sure it’s reliable.

A man who had such a career and didn’t have a single apprentice he could handle comfortably.

Regardless of his skill, he may never have this opportunity again.

Even if you don’t get the class properly, it’s an opportunity to open up to each other.

The value of this class is not exactly known to the cadets.

After hearing Lilyne’s speech, Seria nodded her head.

“Ah, I see. That’s how amazing it is… Are you, by any chance, acquainted with that adventurer? You know in great detail.”

“Because all the news is heard among adventurers.”

“Hee hee – all adventurers get along well.”

Unless Roman spoke first. The moment you say you know, it becomes a nuisance resembling a solicitation.

It’s the same as what he said to rely on in a dangerous moment right now.

She is the one who would do anything for her own brother.
Her eyes roll back and she says it, but she’s a little stumped.

‘Haa—-I’ll have to apologize once we meet…’

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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