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The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 7

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor 7

Chapter 7 – First Day of School

It is usually in winter when the famine is prolonged or when there is nothing to eat, when fresh young blood is transfused into the adventurer’s guild.

I’m hungry, but there’s nothing I can do right now.

It is also the time when young guys who still have the stamina to move are brought in en masse.

In the past, I was one of them, but looking at it now, it is a whirlpool of madness where would-be suicides gather.

Compared to that, the guys who have just become adults you meet at the academy are as bright as the sun, full of energy, and have good complexions.

The average height is long and the skin is smooth.
I feel like I ate well and slept well.

This gap between rich and poor is not bad.
It’s all just the logic of the world.

I decided to commute from home, so I went to the academy mixed with the cadets.
Because the outfit was neither an instructor nor a cadet’s, burdensome gazes gathered, but I pretended not to know and walked forward.

It’s not a formal instructor with long-term service, so it’s ambiguous to wear an instructor’s uniform.

Doran informed me that he would not be involved in my attire, saying that he would respect the freedom of being an ‘adventurer’ since I am not an assistant instructor by name.

Even if you are an adventurer who is called the representative of the bottom, you take out your shoes thinking that you have to be moderately polite.
He wore a neat outfit that was close to the suit of his previous life.

I walked around wearing only comfortable clothes every day, and after dressing up, my neck felt tight.

‘I’ll report the situation and change into the comfortable clothes I put in my inventory.’

Now that I’m in charge of classes that move my body, it might be the only day I’m wearing this kind of outfit.
I don’t know if I’m going to get over today right now.

“Instructors in charge of elective subjects in the undergraduate department generally explain the outline of the class on the first day and explain the benefits of taking their class.”

“I guess I’ll just have to explain it at the gathering of the Knights Faculty and Swordsmanship Faculty.”

I went to the dean’s office and heard a brief explanation from Doran.

It is said that from today to tomorrow, cadets listen to explanations about subjects and make their own timetables.

It is to listen to the curriculum of required and elective courses from each instructor and fill the class in the direction you want.

Even if you are in the Faculty of Engineering, if you want, you can take administration or alchemy as electives without any big problem.

My time was set right before lunch, so I sat down with Doran and a man called the academy administrator to listen to the academy go on.

The two of them vomited up the problems of Mijoo Algojual Academy, probably because there was a lot accumulated inside.

I didn’t open my mouth and just listened, but a long time had already passed.

“Then let’s go.”

“I’ll make you suffer.”

40 minutes before lunchtime.
It’s not a long time, but it doesn’t even take that much time in the first place.

I climbed the stairs and headed to the lecture room I had seen earlier.
Step by step, the closer you get, the more you can feel the hum of people.

[Lecture 7]


The main character from Lilyne’s younger brother. Rike and other heroines.

All the familiar faces were looking at me alone.

Even though there were more people inside than expected.

Because the classroom was so large, not all the desks were filled.

What’s interesting is that the middle table is intentionally empty, and one line is neatly empty as if a line was drawn.
One side is the Knights Department and the other is the Swordsmanship Department.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Roman who will be in charge of ‘Practice 1’, which will be a required course for the Knights Faculty and an optional course for the Swordsmanship Faculty.”

Compared to other subjects such as ‘history of ritual swordsmanship’ and ‘atmospheric mana research’, the name is quite simple.
Cadets who know why this class was created can only draw attention.

– Roman?
– I’m new to it.
– No last name?
– I don’t think the age difference between us is that small.

I only said hello once, but it was louder than I thought.

“Rather than being a formal instructor, you can think of him as an adventurer who is invited to teach.”

One of the men from the Knights Faculty group raised his hand.
As I chinned, the cadet opened his mouth.

“Uh… You’re not a knight, but an adventurer, but you’re saying that you’re an instructor teaching a required subject for the Knights Faculty…?”

It ends with a clumsy zone rather than notice.
I don’t think I’m a noble, but since I have the title of instructor, I’m at a loss.

“Yes. That’s what I understand.”

This time, one from the swordsmanship department raised his hand.

He was the youngest of Lily’s family.

“Instructor! If you’re an adventurer, can you tell me what your grade is?”

According to the dean, the Faculty of Swordsmanship would have no prejudice against adventurers compared to the Faculty of Knights.

With the exception of a few, those of low status to succeed as knights.

In the Faculty of Swordsmanship, most of them are barons or barons, and it is said that the rate of graduates from the academy and turning to adventurers is higher than expected.

It might be because of Lily’s, but her eyes didn’t seem to be particularly averse to adventurers.

“It’s platinum.”

“Pear, platinum?!”

– How high is platinum?
– You idiot! It’s on the same level as Urus!
-Maybe the rumor…
– It’s really platinum?! Why is platinum here?
-Then the truth is that I’m very old…


The cadets shut their mouths at the mana-filled voice.

“Maybe it’s because you’ve just come in, there’s no basic rules. The small talk is over.”

I took out the folded paper in my arms and unfolded it.
Doran took care of me with a gleeful face, saying, ‘Those who don’t have the ability are disgusting.’

“This is a memo carried by a cadet from the Faculty of Engineering, one year your senior. Listen.”

One. Love the empire you were born into.
One. Do not back down before the enemy.
One. There must be no mercy in the war against unbelievers.
One. Don’t lie and stay true to your vows.
One. Be generous to everyone
One. Prove right and wrong against injustice and evil.
One. Be a person who respects and defends all weaknesses.

A chivalry spread by the first knight, Asen Free Miller, who is said to be the pinnacle of knighthood.

The cadets of the Faculty of Engineering listened and nodded their heads with a bewildered expression saying, ‘This is right’.
The Swordsmanship Faculty just looked at it with a sullen expression as if they had no idea.

I burst the paper in my hand with mana.


“What, what are you doing!!”

“This is rubbish for you guys. Get it all out of your head.”

As pieces of paper flew around the lecture hall, I could see the eyes of the Faculty of Engineers widening as if tearing.

Some of them jumped out of their seats in surprise.

“If you’re going to believe in chivalry, do it only after you become a real knight. If you have the faith created by a strong person with skills that can’t even take care of your own body, it will only be seen as a purpose to cut off your lifeline.”

[ Coercion ]


The mana that stretched out spurred her seat and crushed the rising cadets, forcing them to sit down.

“If you’ve calmed down, let’s briefly talk about my class. Hmmm~ It would be easier to give an example.”

I unbuttoned one of the buttons on my shirt, feeling the cramped feeling every time I spoke.

“It was several years ago… About three years ago. I once tracked down a warlock at the request of the imperial family. The empire was also frantic to catch him. Dozens of famous knights and adventurers took time to track down a warlock. Did.”

Rike, who had been staring blankly at the word black magician, stared at me.
His eyes, like rotten fish, turned slightly different.

“The operation was simple, but not easy. He disguised himself by wearing a woman’s skin, and cursed himself to transform into a toad. He managed to get out of the siege using sage magic.”

I took a bottle of water from the table and quenched my dry mouth.

“I succeeded in tracking down faster than the knights using various know-how, and I was confronted alone with a guy who uses tricky black magic that uses human sacrifices and sacrifices.”

“That warlock had over 50 people he had kidnapped in the sacrifice box to be used as sacrifices for his black magic. As the pursuit narrowed, he wiped out the village right next to it.”

The sensitive topic of black magic isn’t something you hear often.

I hung up there and looked around the classroom for a while, and everyone was waiting for me to open my mouth.

“Now—- I’d like to hear a little bit about our students here. How would you handle this situation if you were yourself? Do any students have any good ideas?”

A man with a strong physique in the Faculty of Swords raised his hand.

“Quickly subdue warlocks before they can use their magic.”

“It’s not bad. It’s an on-topic, fundamental answer. If possible, that’s for the best.”

I blew one stick at the cadet and continued talking.

“I didn’t explain the important thing. If a warlock uses an offering, it’s possible to overwhelm an opponent with more mana than himself and better control. At this time, the warlock has similar skills to me, but even has an offering. What can I do? ?”

There was silence in the lecture hall for a while, and then Hana raised her hand as if she couldn’t lose.

“I rescue those held as sacrifices first.”

“It’s an answer like a cadet who dreams of becoming a knight. 10 points.”

Smiles appeared on the faces of the cadets of the Faculty of Engineering.
I look at the swordsmanship faculty with a smile as if I have accomplished it.

“Of course, it’s 100 points.”


The face that had been smiling confidently died.
After one bit me, no one raised a hand.

“That’s what I’m going to lecture on in ‘Practical Battle 1’. I’m giving a real combat class to pass on the know-how I’ve accumulated up to this point, and to prevent you guys from dying in a guest house after getting hit by a blind knife on the roadside. The cadets of the Swordsmanship Department also became a little interested. I’d love it.”

“Should we stop here for now? It’s lunch time soon.”

As I was tidying up, Lily’s sister Ceria raised her hand.

“Instructor… Can you tell me the answer to the black magician?”

“Ah! Didn’t I mention that? I can’t say it’s an unconditional answer, but I killed the warlock and survived using this method. So it should be a reference point. That method is…”

Seria was waiting for my answer with her green eyes shining.
It was quite a satisfying time since Ricke was also watching me closely.

“I kill the hostages taken as sacrifices first so that they can’t use black magic.”

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

The 25th Year Reincarnation Adventurer Became an Academy Instructor

환생 25년차 모험가는 아카데미 교관이 되었다
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Native Language: Korean
At the time when the main characters and heroines entered school, she became an actual instructor at the academy.


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