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Into the Creations 8

Into the Creations 8

Chapter 8 – 008. Sports Day

008. Sports day

* (Swap away)

“It’s the first time I’ve seen this size.”

“I hear whites and blacks are this size….”

“Have Yumiko-san and Seiko-san been impaled by this cock? How did you feel?”

“Oh, that was amazing.”

“Whoop whoop. Yes. It was amazing. It was an experience that I will not forget even years later.”

Right now, there are a lot of women on my team around me.

With me in the center, the women were each reaching out to touch me, or sucking on my cock with their tongues.

Wow Zhong.


Receive fellatio from 3 women at the same time. One sucked the glans, one licked the pole, and the other licked the burl.

There were also women who were stroking my body or making fun of my nipples. Soft hands caress my body.

Also, someone is rubbing their breasts on my back. The hard nipples and softness like marshmallows make my mind dizzy.

I stayed in this state for 3 minutes.

Of course, I wasn’t standing still. My right hand was playing with Seiko’s voluptuous breasts like a water balloon, and my left hand was touching the pussy of an unknown woman.


Suddenly, a woman opened my ass and licked my anus with her slippery tongue. Her tongue didn’t just lick her anus, it tried to penetrate.

‘Again, shit… !’

I finally had no choice but to declare surrender.

“Cheap, cheap!”

The women quickly moved out of the way. But only one. Only Seiko was next to me, holding her prick with one hand, angled it, and ran it with her hand.

My cock started gurgling hard and spitting out semen. The semen shot from the well-angled cock flew far away.


My cum dripped onto the dry sand. Even I am surprised by the distance.

“Wow…. Haven’t you been ejaculating since this morning? And yet, to fly so powerfully….”

-2.1M! It’s a new record!

“Joe, I’m a little tired.”

I said looking at the women.

I wasn’t kidding. The sage time came strongly this time. Even though there were a lot of girls around, my cock didn’t react much. I needed a little break.

*(Group skipping rope)

I thought that there were only strange events because it was called a sex sports day. But I was wrong. Surprisingly, there were also normal sports events.
For example, group jumping rope. Men and women are divided, but except for being naked, it was the same as a general group jumping rope.

‘Still, it was nice to see it because my heart was beating.’

I didn’t go out this time. There were also physical problems, but I was not interested in ordinary content. Wouldn’t it be better if it was jumping rope while driving a dick into a woman’s cunt?

* (Running rope)

Last schedule for the morning.

The rope running was the best spectacle. Not a tug of war, but a rope run.

In this, only women participate, a specially treated rope is installed in the center of the playground.

Female contestants compete in running with a rope between their groins.

Of course, the rope has knots at regular intervals. Although the string itself is slippery, it gives great stimulation to the pussy when it touches the knot. Even walking slowly would be stimulating. How about running anyway?


“Huh! Oh clothes… !”

The women played well in the beginning. However, in the middle part, the speed slowed down remarkably, and it moved slowly while shouting. The bottom of them was full of love juice.


I exclaimed I want to take a picture of this unique scenery with my smartphone and keep it forever, but I don’t have a smartphone.

Haha, it’s not just a sports day, it’s a sex sports day, so I must have picked up a smartphone.’

I tried to keep it in my head while concentrating on the scene in front of me with regret.

*(Lunch hour)

During lunchtime, you can go inside the school. Of course, only certain places were possible. And, of course, she was naked.

“This high school closed five years ago.”

Kurata said from the side.

“Five years ago? It doesn’t seem that old.”

“They call in people and do minimal maintenance. My friend, the principal, he was also the principal here five years ago.”

“You must be the principal of another school now, right?”

“Okay. It’s a high school in a city a bit far from here. This school is perfect for a secret sports day like this. There are not many people in the countryside.”

“Is it held here again next year?”

“Well, yes. He’s my friend, but he likes weird stuff like this. I heard that they run a naked swimming pool.”

I was able to hear many things through Kurata.

The women here seem to be receiving over 100,000 yen as a participation fee. Of course, I wasn’t forced to attend. Most of the women participated to enjoy this sports day.

“There are no prostitutes among the women here. Strangely, he doesn’t like prostitutes very much.”

“That must be a difference in taste.”

We gathered men in a classroom and ate lunch provided by the organizers. During lunchtime, men and women were to work separately.

“Five. The level of the lunch box is excellent, right?”

“The principal is a rich man. They don’t lend me a single penny to my friend, but they spend a lot on places like this.”

The lunch box was luxurious.

Hamburg steak, cream pasta, fruit salad, fried shrimp, etc. I couldn’t fit in one lunch box, so I gave three. There were many drinks to choose from, such as soda, fruit juice, and beer.

It is so large that it is difficult for an ordinary person to eat it all by himself. In fact, most men ate only what they wanted and left the rest.

I ate the whole thing evenly. No matter how you look at it, you are an aspiring hunter. 3-4 servings can be served alone. And it was quite tasty. As a self-taught student, there are not many opportunities to eat such luxurious lunch boxes.

“Well? Are you napping?”

I saw that Kurata was lying on the floor with a pillow he had brought from somewhere.

“Lunch is one hour long. There’s nothing to do for the rest of the time, and when you’re this age, your stamina is going to run out, so you have to rest when you’re resting. How about you? Naps are sweet.”

“I’m going to go to the bathroom. I would like to take a shower. Do you have a shower room?”

“Of course not. It’s on the second floor. There is also a bathroom attached, so go and come.”

I left the classroom and went up to the second floor. This school has a total of 4 floors, the 3rd floor was used by women, and the principal was using the 4th floor.

I went upstairs and looked out the window in the hallway. It was definitely rural. No tall buildings were visible, and the scenery full of rice fields came into view.

‘What does Korea look like in this world? I’m suddenly curious.’

I took my eyes off the window and walked down the hallway. Then I met a woman. She is a referee with a whistle hanging around her neck.

She wasn’t quite as good as Hishiragi Yura, but she was quite beautiful. She was in good shape, her breasts were moderately large, and she had flesh on her hips. She was, above all, a woman with pretty thighs.

I quickly scanned her thighs and her black cunt hair, nodded slightly, and passed.

Went into the shower I was alone in the shower room. The water came out cool too. I took a clean shower and came out, then hesitated.
In front of the shower room, there was a referee who passed by earlier. She was looking out the window with her back to me.

‘… What, what? Did you wait for me why?’

The question was soon resolved. She just turned her head and glanced at me, then grabbed the frame of her window, bent her upper body, and thrust her hips into mine.

The cunt and asshole between the asses were clearly visible. In particular, the condition of her pussy was a mess, and it was soaked with love juice. It was so thick that love juice dripped down its black fur.

Her cunt was moving slightly like a clam as she exhaled.


I got her point There was nothing to worry about. The woman who participated in this sports day came to have fun. And it was the same with the referee.

I grabbed my erect cock with one hand and inserted it into my pussy.


A coquettish voice escaped from her mouth.

It is the same voice as the announcement of the sports day.

*(Collect semen)

The sports day resumed immediately after lunch break.

The event is collecting semen. A man has sex with a woman on his team while wearing a condom. He fills a traditional Japanese sake cup with the semen collected in the condom. The first team to overflow the semen in the glass is the way to win.

The glass wasn’t that big. If a man ejaculates once, he can fill 80% of it. In other words, someone needs to ejaculate more than once.

I dealt with Yumiko and Seiko at the same time. I ejaculated while alternately poking the pussies of the two prettiest members of our team.

This event was also carried by me. I had three times more semen than other men.

* (Hurdle run)

The athletic meet was slowly running towards the end. According to the referee, the event after obstacle running is the last event.
Frankly, I was exhausted here.

‘Should I use full recovery?’

In reality, full recovery cannot be used because of the cooldown, but it was different in this world. It was different from the actual skill cooldown.
I haven’t used full recovery yet.

‘…… No. I’m not the limit yet. I can do more. If I write it, it will be in the next last event.’

I headed towards the center of the playground with heavy steps. I have ejaculated about 8 times so far. If you didn’t do it while resting in the middle, your erection wouldn’t have worked properly.

There was awe in the eyes of the men around me. They also knew how much I ejaculated.

‘… But women… Ugh.’

It was a look at me as if I were prey.

According to Kurata, the sports day ends today, but if it goes well with the girls, they can remain sex friends later.
As much as the girls here love sex, I’m sure they’ll find me very desirable because of my high energy.

‘…… Let’s focus on obstacle running.’

Obstacle running is one-on-one. The other man had a strong physique, but his cock was weak. Just as I am tired, so he is tired.



We looked at each other and nodded. There was a strange sense of kinship.

The obstacles in the hurdle run are the women of the opposing team. However, it is not a game where you run over the women of the opposing team.
In order to overcome the obstacle, the woman, certain conditions must be met. For example, one minute of fellatio, 50 breast massages, 30 anal insertions. These are very sexy conditions.

‘Shit. What kind of woman are there 10… No, wait. Isn’t the woman at the end Yura Hisiragi?’

Last hurdle. That was Hishiragi Yura. She is lying on her mat, legs apart in an M shape.

‘The last hurdle condition is… Was it the 1st time? This is how the opportunity comes.’

I stood on the starting line, feeling my motivation roaring again.

-Ready~ Start!

I started running slowly. Even if you win here, the winning team is not decided. This is because the difference in scores is not that great. The winning team will be decided in the next event with big stakes.

‘I heard that obstacle running requires a certain amount of time to complete. Then… Enjoy it to the fullest… !’

The first hurdle was encountered. She was a dark-skinned woman, and she was sitting at a desk. The woman with her navel pierced looked at me and she grinned.

“Is your cock a little big?”

“I am a bit taller. But what are the conditions?”

The woman is positioned on her desk with her belly on her desk and her lower body sticking out. She is the perfect doggystyle position. She grabbed her hips and spread them apart with her fingers, which had colorful nail art on her.

Pussy and anus exposed. It was a clean pussy without a single hair, but the clitoris was exceptionally protruding.

“It’s alternating between fucking the pussy and the asshole 30 times each. It doesn’t matter if it’s packed inside~”

“I won’t eat it.”

I made a promise and approached her. Looking to the side, the male competitor was already facing an obstacle.

“Don’t let me down with that big thing?”

“This guy has never let me down. Not even once.”

I fucked her in her pussy first. The pussy that was already prepared went in without difficulty.

‘Wow. It’s baggy.’

It was the loosest woman I’ve ever fucked. Of course, it wasn’t to the extent of fucking in the air.

“Yes. It is big.”

“How long have you been stuck?”

“Yes? Well. I don’t know too many. I didn’t even count the numbers. Now, it’s an asshole this time.”

I sighed and brought my cock up my anus. To be honest, I didn’t expect much. However, at the moment of insertion, I felt a completely different tightening from the pussy.

“…… Ugh.”

“Isn’t it great? Everyone said they couldn’t stand an asshole.”

“Wow, you’re definitely as good as an ass hole… !”

I gritted my teeth and pulled out my prick. The ass came with the prick and it went back to normal. It really wasn’t a joke.

‘This… It might be difficult.’

“Hem! Great. The technique isn’t great, but the stuff is big, so it’s just nicehahaWould you like to meet me after the sports day?”

“Think… Try it… !”

I quickly teased my back and alternately fucked my pussy and anus.

Fortunately, I was able to get over her without ejaculating.

‘… The problem is that there are still nine obstacles left.’

“… Ha.”

The man next to him sighed. Looking at his cock, it looked like he had already ejaculated.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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