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Into the Creations 7

Into the Creations 7

Chapter 7 – 007. Sports Day

007. Sports day

“Oh. Are you the Eugene that Kurata-san said about?”

As I was getting ready to go out to the playground, a woman approached me.

He looked to be in his mid-30s, but wrinkles around his eyes were visible.

However, she had above-average looks for women at the athletic meet. She was far more beautiful than most young women.

She tied her hair in one place at the back of her neck.

Her body was so outstanding that it was immediately apparent that she was taking care of her body.

“Yes. I am Eugene. Are you my partner?”

I looked over her body as I spoke.

Chest. The nipples were brown but full. She looked like a D cup. It was a bit saggy, but it was rather naughty. A little flab was visible on her abdomen, and her pubic hair was trimmed along the bikini line.

“This is Seiko. … I’ve heard of it, but it’s really big.”

Seiko’s gaze was on my cock. A cock that hasn’t been erected yet, but bigger than anyone else. Probably none of the men here will come after me. The play life app was the best ability.

“Since I was born, there have been many times when I felt uncomfortable because of this.”

I didn’t even spit on my mouth and I lied.

“But… If it’s that big, it will affect your daily life.”

Her gaze didn’t know how to fall. I’d like to try putting it in.

-I’ll say it again~

– After a while, I will start running with my hands on it. Participants, please gather in front of the podium.

“Miss Seiko. I think we should go too.”

“Ah. I see.”

I raised my left arm and put it on her shoulder.

Seiko was not surprised by the sudden physical contact. I walked alongside her, lowering my hand from her shoulder and clutching her chest.

The firmness dropped, but the softness increased accordingly. It was so big that I couldn’t hold it all with one hand. I liked that the most.

I whispered in her ear.

“Miss Seiko. Please touch my cock You have to grow up to put it in, right?”

“Oh. Whoop whoop.”

Seiko caressed my cock with her bewitching fingers. My cock grew bigger and bigger with gentle pleasure.

I slowly lowered the hand that was rubbing my chest further down.

I touched the standing nipple once, went down the breast hill, stroked the curved waist, entered the navel once, and rubbed the slightly protruding belly fat.

After that, as I went further down, I could feel the pubic hair trimmed by the bikini line. I grabbed the pubic hair and pulled it slightly.


He lowered his hand and covered his entire pussy. Her warm pussy wasn’t wet yet. I slowly rubbed my cunt with the entire palm of my hand.

“Miss Seiko. My pussy is thick. I want to hit it fast.”

“Eugene’s cock is really big. I don’t know if I’m going to go in.”

The palms covering her pussy felt damp. I inserted my index and middle fingers into her vagina and stirred.

Seiko’s hand ran over my penis. We caressed each other’s genitals and headed to the front of the podium.

“Looks like everyone is here. I’ll start running with one pair each of the white team and the red team. Everyone, please prepare.”

The woman with the whistle around her neck, the referee, spoke.

Participants began to prepare to run as she said. The man stood up the pepper, and the woman soaked the clams.

The man hugged the woman, and the woman clung to the man with her arms and legs like a cicada. Of course, the cock went into her pussy.

Haha… !”


Moans were heard everywhere.

I picked up Seiko and immediately shoved my cock into her cunt.

“Hoooh clothes!”

A shriek escaped from her mouth. I grinned and grabbed her hips with both hands and moved them slowly up and down. My cock went in and out of her pussy repeatedly.

The referee looked at my big, hard cock, gulped down her saliva, and spoke a beat late.

“Sir, let me begin. Please prepare.”

I was the first turn. I stood on the starting line holding Seiko’s hips firmly with both hands.

Next to me stood a rather stout man, but his cock was so small that he seemed to have a hard time pinning a woman down. Too bad.

Besides, the woman didn’t seem to be very satisfied.

Seiko, on the other hand, was different. Her cunt was full of foam made by my cock moving in and out. Her love juice flowed.


I heard Seiko’s wet moans in my ears.


I ran away with the signal.

I ran with all my might. Every time I moved, Seiko’s body clinging to me swayed violently. Automatically, her body jiggled and became her piston vagina.

“Ah! Great… ! I like the clothes!!”

My vaginal muscles contracted and tightened my cock. It has reached its peak.


I didn’t stop I did my best to run the distance of 70m. Then, when I suddenly looked back, there was a gap of more than 20M with the competitor.

I finished the goal without slowing down. The winner was me.

“Ha. Ha…. Ha.”

It wasn’t my breathing, it was Seiko’s breathing. All I did was a little out of breath. It’s worth raising her stamina stats.

“Miss Seiko. I will continue.”

I grabbed her ass and bounced around her waist, focusing on sex in earnest. This is the reason I ended up running so quickly.

Puck! Fuck! Puck!


Few. Furut. Few.

I couldn’t stand it and ejaculated inside Seiko’s vagina. After enjoying her lingering moment, I set her down on her floor. She somehow got up, but her legs were shaking. A white liquid trickled down her thighs.

“I’m glad we won. Yes?”

“Yes Yes. Relief…. What a relief.”

I grabbed and supported her voluptuous breasts and returned to the back team camp. Even in the middle of it, I constantly teased her breasts, and I heard a faint moan coming from her mouth.

I know. She had at least two orgasms while running.

*(Cheering match)

Only women participated in the cheering match.

The women of the white team danced an exciting samba in the center of the playground. The scene where they were naked and shaking their bodies violently to the cheerful background music was not at all cool. The hands and feet didn’t match at all between the team members, so it was rather ridiculous.


I watched the naked samba while splitting the room. Still, looking at it, it was pretty ugly. It’s strange when women dance naked but don’t respond. The problem is that it’s more than funny.

Seeing the red team cheer, I accepted the white team’s defeat.

The women of the red team were pole dancing.

‘This is lost. I admit it.’

They performed pole dances to the sticky and sexy background music, and surprisingly they were quite skilled. Above all, it was enchanting.

His cock twitched at the dance. Leaning on a pole driven into the ground, stretching one leg up and revealing her pussy to the whole world, she even felt the urge to run out and fuck her cock.

‘Ugh…. I want to see it up close.’

Did you even know my heart like this? The women of the red team suddenly approached our camp with poles and started dancing.

It was a provocation.

‘Thank you so much for this kind of provocation! Thank you!’

Whether it was coincidence or intentional, the one standing in front of me was Yura Hisiragi. I gulped and straightened my posture to see properly.

Yura laughed. Her face was obviously innocent, but she seemed to have a lewd smile that even gave off a decadent beauty. Her breasts were large; She appeared to be a D cup and her nipples in the middle of her were pink. There was no flab on her abdomen and her pubic hair was neatly trimmed.

My cock was half erect just by looking at Yura’s body from the front.

“Ha. Ha….”

With a hot breath, she anchored her pole to the floor and started dancing.

When she ran her slender hand over her rod, it was like she was running over my cock, and when she stuck out her tongue and licked the rod, it was like her tongue was caressing the cock.

As Yura’s bewitching dance continued, my cock got bigger and bigger until it expanded to its limit.

“…… ?!”

Surprised to see my fully erect cock, Yura smiled as she rolled up the corner of her mouth. Soon after, the dance changed. The action is getting bigger.

I grabbed her pole with both hands and bent her upper body, sticking her hips out toward me. It’s the perfect junior position.

Pussy and anus exposed. She moved her hips from side to side as if teasing. I saw a black spot on the left labia majora, and I also confirmed that the pink petals were wet with love juice. The tightly closed chrysanthemum-shaped anus was dainty.

‘Fuck… !’

I spat out swear words in my heart. I wanted to grab that waist right away and stick it into her pussy. But I had to be patient. It was a violation of manners and could have resulted in being kicked out of the sports day.

My purpose is to fuck Yura and enjoy the content of this athletic meet. I swallowed tears of blood and stared at Yura’s body.

She leaned back against her pole, sat down, and then rose again. Her legs were wide open, revealing her cunt, and her large breasts swayed lustily.

The highlight was the moment she tore her leg off. I spread her legs open and lifted her chin with my left shoulder.

She brought me closer to her, and my cock to her cunt extremely close.

My glans dug between the wings of Yura’s pink cunt. I feel the hot heat of her pussy on the tip of her glans. Very little. It was my earnest wish right now to go in just 1cm more.


But she pulled her body back as soon as her music was over. The pussy and her glans fell apart, and the skein of love juice that was in contact with them stretched out and then broke.

“…… Whoop whoop.”

She smiled at me and took the baton and went back to the red team camp.

‘Kuuuuugh! I want to even hit it!’

My left hand twitched. Instead of this, I wanted to shake my cock with my hand right away, saying it was gum.

But he persevered with superhuman patience. There were plenty of opportunities to hit. It’s a waste to drain the water with a jerk.

I stared endlessly at my erect cock.

It stood firm enough to pierce the sky, but now it seemed lonely and lonely for some reason.

*(Stick sucking)

– Then, let’s start the stick sucking game~

Suck the rod.

It’s just fellatio

The rules of the game are simple. You have to endure longer than the men of the enemy team in the fellatio of the women of the enemy team. In other words, you have to endure circumstances to win.
Of course, I also participated in this stick sucking event.

‘I have to be patient and cheap.’

I’m here to have fun, not to win. And it’s the same for most participants, including me.

‘Hishiragi Yura… I didn’t participate.’

In a way, it was fortunate. It was the woman who chose the other person here, so I couldn’t put a cock in Yura’s mouth just because I wanted to.


Standing in front of me was a tall woman. Her breasts are A-cup and her pelvis is also narrow, so she wasn’t my type. Her face was fine, but she had a mole on her cheek that was jarring. I didn’t really like a woman with a mole on her face.

“Yes. Hello. Please take good care of me.”

I smiled and replied to her.


The woman squatted down in front of me as she stood up and, without using her hands, took my cock with her mouth.

Side. Jjook. Side.

He sucked slowly on the cock that hadn’t yet been erected.

And as her cock grew, so did her fellatio.

Wow Zhong!

“Puha… ! That’s big! Her cock is so big I think her chin will fall out!”

As she spoke, she ran her tongue over my cock. It starts at the bottom of her column and runs all the way to the urethra in one sweep. The feel of the damp, slippery tongue sent chills down my spine.

“After…. The ball pocket is also big. Didn’t you have surgery?”

“What kind of unreasonable words! I have never had an operation.”

“… Yes? You will know that once you taste it.”

“…… Oh clothes?”

She held my cock all the way to the root. Her parted lips caught all of my cock, touching my twisting pubic hair. It swallowed an 18cm cock in one go.

“Whoop. Whoops!”

She pulled her head back again. Then the invisible cock appeared. But for a moment, she swallowed again the glistening cock.

Surprisingly, she didn’t use either of her hands. Her right hand is touching the clitoris, and the four fingers of her left hand, excluding the thumb, are moving in and out of her pussy.

“Oh, what a mouthful… !”

“Whoop. Whoops!”

Her throat was like vaginal discharge. Repeated contraction and expansion. Surprisingly, the force is controlled by removing the cock from her mouth.

“Ah… ! It’s cheap, I think it’s cheap.”

“Oops. Woo woo… !”

It was like putting it in your mouth. If it wasn’t for that, he would have spit his cock out of his mouth.

Bhut. Byu Ru Rut. View.

I forcefully ejaculated into her mouth.

The cock slipped out of her lips. She had her curly hair around her lips. It was my hair that was stained with furious sucking on his cock.

Gulp. Gulp.

“Ugh. It’s thick. Is it because you’re young? It was very tasty. If you have time, would you like to continue in the bathroom?”

“Oh, no. I have to go to the next game….”

“Okay? That’s too bad.”

She licked her lips again and walked away. I looked down at her floor where she was. There was a stain the size of her palm.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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