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Into the Creations 6

Into the Creations 6

Chapter 6 – 006. Sports Day

006. Sports day

* (Preparation exercise)

– Next, we will conduct a warm-up exercise!

A woman’s voice rang through the playground’s speakers. It is a clean voice that reminds me of a professional announcer.

Yura, who was on the podium, went down and two men and women came up. The naked man and woman were not wearing her braids. Instead, she wears her whistle around its neck.

– The warm-up exercise will be conducted in a group of 2 people. Join the person next to you!

I grinned.

I remembered the content of the AV Sex Great Sports Festival, albeit roughly.

‘Okay. It’s a start. It was just funny to watch, but it’s a different story when you do it yourself.’

The music rang out. National gymnastic songs were similar in Korea and Japan.

-Please hold hands with the person next to you!

As I was told, I looked at the woman next to me. An unknown woman also looked at me. We held hands I asked, watching her neat bobbed hair swaying slightly in the wind.

“The name?”

“This is Yumiko. Do you?”

“This is Eugene.”

I smiled lightly. I was able to hear the sound of a handsome man whose skin has changed completely due to complete recovery. Yumiko smiled at me as well.

-Arm workout~!

I glanced at the man and woman on the podium and began to imitate her movements.

It is the posture of swinging her arms up and down and bending the knees of her slightly spread legs to bloom. When seated, the legs are spread out to the sides, so the genitals are visible from the front.

-One~ Two~ Three~ Four~

The counting voice was slow. I liked that.

Me and her diligently warmed up.

Even if it was a B cup, it would oscillate every time it moved. I waved her arms and looked at Yumiko’s breasts, her nipples to be exact.

The color was brown and the shape was pretty. The nipples were hard erected.

Yumiko also looked at my body. To be precise, it was as if his eyes were nailed to his erect penis. Gulp. The neck of her neck moved.

-Five~ Six~ Seven~ Eight~

Yumiko and I squatted down. The legs are spread out in the shape of an M. I stared openly at her shaved pussy.

Unlike her nipples, her pussy was bright red. He had no hair, so he looked naked. The wings of her pussy were quite large, but they were wet and glistening.

Yumiko also flinched as if she felt my gaze. Then, he shook his body gently. The labrum was slightly opened, revealing a hole.

-One~ Two~ Three~ Four~

We stood up again and waved our arms. Me and her couldn’t take our eyes off each other’s bodies.

-Next, leg workout~!

The leg exercise involved one person lifting the other person’s leg. Think of it as spreading one leg upwards. And when the groin is opened, of course, the genitals are exposed.

‘This sex national gymnastics is getting more and more blatant. No, is it explicit from being naked?’

First of all, the man raised his leg first.

I put her right foot out towards her. Without saying a word, Yumiko grabbed my leg with both of her hands and lifted her up. There was a slight difference in height, but it wasn’t a problem.

“… Ah.”

Yumiko couldn’t take her eyes off my cock. This world was a porn world. It is said that a big dick is better than a handsome guy. If both are good, even better.

I deliberately strained my cock and jerked.

“Touch it once.”

After all, sex is a national gymnastics. Even if you touch someone else’s genitals, no one will say anything.



Yumiko reached out and touched my cock with one of her hands. Her soft hand ran over her pole.

-Five~ Six~ Seven~ Eight~

I switched legs. Yumiko again touched my cock and ran her legs. The workmanship was not normal. If you treat him sincerely, he will probably ejaculate within 3 minutes.

-One~ two~

This time I lifted her leg.

Her shaved pussy was exposed. Her crimson pussy was wet with love juice. I reached over and spread the wings of her cunt.


Yumiko did not resist. Her juices dripped from the hole. It looked like it wanted my cock to be fucked right away.

I put my middle finger in the hole.


Her middle finger writhed and I scraped her vagina, causing her body to tremble intermittently.


-Five~ Six~

She changed her leg Of course I didn’t cross my fingers. On the contrary, he moved his middle finger even more.

When you remove your finger. My hands were soaked with love juice.

“You look pretty. Waxing is nice too. Have you done it recently?”

“Ha… , Yes. I got waxed yesterday. Because today is a sports day. Do you hate waxed women?”

“It can’t be.”

– Chest workout!

We put our hands on each other’s chest.

Exercise is crazy. It was just a time to touch each other’s hearts.

I teased her stiff nipples while squeezing her tight B-cups. She also stroked my breasts and touched her nipples.



When Yumiko pinched my nipples, I pinched hers. I had to resist the urge to bite her nipple into her mouth.

-Tongue exercise~!

It was a goal-striking warm-up, but I liked it.

We stuck our tongues out of our lips and licked each other’s tongues.

– Neck exercise~!

I knelt in front of Yumiko. Her hand holds my head Neck movement is an exercise that shakes the opponent’s head in front of the groin.
Of course we didn’t do it right. I opened her mouth and covered her shaved pussy. He moved his tongue as hard as he could.

“Huh. I feel good… !”

A small bite on the clitoris lifted her back slightly.

~One two~

It was my turn. She sat down in front of my crotch and put my cock in her mouth. Her glans in her mouth is caressed by her bewitching tongue.

She then rocked her head back and forth and used her throat to perform fellatio. Even though the cock touches her uvula, she doesn’t spit it out. It was a great skill.

-Back workout~!

With Yumiko standing with her back turned away from me, I pushed her back as hard as I could. At the end was my cock.

I put my hands on her back and her waist to keep her from falling. Yumiko sucked on my balls.

– Exercising the whole body!

The thing to come has finally come.

We hugged each other. It was such a movement. And, of course, it doesn’t end here.

Yumiko grabbed my cock and stuffed it into her own cunt.

“Haaaaang! Also! Grow… Haha!”

“Whoa. It also tightens Yumiko’s pussy.”

Because it was so big, I had to tighten it even if it was loose.

I leaned back and pushed forward again. It was a piston movement for pleasure.

I’m going to go to the middle of the day!


She groaned.

All eyes were on us. Of course, they enjoy sex just like we do. However, Yumiko was the only one who let out a loud shout. I grinned and rubbed Yumiko’s butt with both hands.

“Joe, okay… !”

But we had to fall. Because it moved on to the next exercise.

-Waist exercise-

Of course, they stuck together in less than 3 seconds.

Yumiko lowered her upper body into a position of her junior position, and I grabbed her pelvis with both hands and began to exercise her lower back as hard as I could.

Puck! Fuck! Puck!

My cock mercilessly pounded her womb. My balls slapped the well-groomed mound of her pussy.

“Ohhhhh clothes! Go! I think I will go!!”

“Then go.”

The vagina was greatly contracted. I closed my lips tightly and resisted the feeling of ejaculation. When the cock was pulled out, her juices dripped.

– Run in place!


“It’s not over yet.”

I caught Yumiko who was about to droop. Then she grabbed both of her thighs and lifted them up. Her back touched my chest.


I put my cock inside her cunt and started jumping.

Her hole opened and my cock mercilessly moved in and out of it.

“Hugh! Haaang! Aaaaagh!”

Yumiko let out her eccentricity without the slightest hesitation. I didn’t mind and continued running in place.
The pussy squeezed my cock tight. I felt a sense of ejaculation and erupted without holding back.

I ejaculated in my vagina for over 5 seconds.

-Breathing exercise~!

The smaller cock slipped out of her cunt. My white semen dripped from her vaginal opening.

Thick, thick semen dangled from her cunt as if it were about to drip. He seemed to like her cunt quite a bit.
I held her still until she warmed up.

*(Carry and run)

After the warm-up, we each moved to a spot with canopy tents at both ends of the playground. There was a chair there, and the ice box next to it was full of drinks.

I slumped down on the plastic chair in the front.

It was awkward to move naked at first, but I quickly got used to it. It was fine now. Besides, I’m not the only one who’s naked.

“You. I saw it earlier and it was amazing.”

I looked to the side. There was a man with a bald head.

“My name is Kurata.”

“This is Eugene.”

“Okay. Eugene-kun. You are in good shape. Are you in good physical condition?

Kurata scanned my body up and down. The uncle’s gaze was unpleasant, but he decided to endure it. He didn’t look very gay. Instead, I also scanned Kurata’s body.

It wasn’t a nice body. He had small scars here and there and a lot of hair on his lower body. Most of all, the cock was small. However, it was interesting to see the beads embedded in the head of the prick.

“Well, I don’t get tired of doing it just once. But why?”

“I think you will become the ace of our back team. I’ll give you a hard push How is it?”

“Are there any pushes for this sports day?”

At my question, Kurata looked around him, lowered his upper body, and spoke in a whisper.

I got goosebumps at the attitude and backed away a bit.

“Look around. There are a lot of women But there are young women and there are old women. There are also some rather ugly women. I’ll come forward and actively push a pretty girl to you. How is it?”

I opened my eyes wide. Certainly the offer was enough to seduce me. I wanted to fuck a pretty girl. If possible, to a woman with big and pretty breasts.

“But does Kurata-san have that kind of power?”

“I have been participating for 7 years only this time. I’ve been attending this sports meet since the beginning. There is some strength in this sports day. How is it?”

“Good. I will accept that offer. But is there any reason for doing that?”

“What? Because of the prize money, of course. If you win, it’s 3 million yen. It’s 100,000 yen per person if you divide it among team members. Other people seem to enjoy the sports day itself, but I’m not. When you get to my age, I enjoy having fun, but money becomes a little more important.”

100,000 yen.

In terms of Korean currency, that is 1 million won. Certainly, with that much money, Kurata’s greed was understandable.

I grinned.

“Miss Kurata. If you push me with all your might… , I will give you my share of the prize money of 100,000 yen if you help me win Yura Hisiragi.”

“What? Really?”

“I didn’t participate in the sports meet for the prize money.”

I looked at the red team camp on the other side. Among them, he is looking at Yura Hisiragi. Even though it was far away and I couldn’t see it well, my sexual desire was stirred.

Hehe. I need to help with this with all my might. I’m only telling you, but actually, the organizer of this athletic meet, the principal, is my friend.”

It meant that he would use his connections to help me. I smiled contentedly.

“What are your tastes?”

“What’s so different about men’s tastes? It’s good if you’re pretty. Oh, I like girls with big breasts.”

“A woman with big breasts… OK. So what sport are you going to be in? Personally, I want you to leave at least five things.”

“How many events does the other person compete in?”

“There is only one individual sport. There are also physical problems, and isn’t a man’s stamina infinite?”

“I want to compete in all sports.”

He came into the wild. I wanted to fully enjoy all the content.


“Can’t you?”

“No. Is it possible. But will you be okay? Physical strength and stamina would be a problem?”

“I am confident.”


Kurata glanced at my groin and nodded.

“Well, there’s no way you’re not confident when you’re wearing that much stuff.”

– After a while, I will start running with my hands on it. Participants, please gather in front of the podium.

“Carrying and running?”

“It’s running that men struggle with. It’s a run where a man carries a woman and runs. Oh, of course, with a shovel inserted into her vagina.”

It seemed like he knew what to insert even if he didn’t say it.

“Are you going to participate?”


“Then wait a moment. I’ll bring your partnerhaha.”

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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