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Let’s NTL the Heroine of the Hero

Let’s NTL the Heroine of the Hero

용사의 히로인을 NTL하자
Native LanguageKorean

I was reincarnated into a novel with few friends. That is Shine Artello, the heir to the ducal family who plays the villain. However, the superpowers of the games I liked came with it. So I decided to take it all away. “The Heroine of the Hero? It’s okay if I take all of that, right?”

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  1. Jay says:

    This novel is shit. Maybe because it’s quite confusing with mtl or something else but he keeps on bragging about his prowess like if i were to release my power the world itself would be destroyed and even if the world is destroyed it isn’t enough to harm me and all but I don’t understand why his perception is so weak. In the beginning he said he has to seal his stats so that he can live with others but things like perception and intuition doesn’t get sealed. He doesn’t pay attention to things like information and takes everything as when that happens I’ll get to know it no big deal. I kinda hate it he has all that power and connections but he keeps on making small mistakes there was this time where that yandere bitch tripped on his feets because he was too focused on his surroundings. Him who is strongest can make such mistakes yuck. Plus he never used his Ex title to its limits. Wasted title. Waste of time don’t read it.

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