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Into the Creations 5

Into the Creations 5

Chapter 5 – 005. Sports Day

005. Sports day

Bang bang!

“Hwang Bi-seok! Open the door and this dog! “

I drew a bright smile at the noise from the next door that I heard in my sleep.

My sleep was disturbed, but I didn’t feel too bad. Rather, it was like listening to a quality lullaby.

“Open the door! I will call the police!”

“Ah, sir…. What the hell is that?!”

The man next door woke up and let out an annoyed cry.

‘It’s finally the beginning of bankruptcy.’

I closed my eyes. Today is a good night’s sleep.


6 pm.

I opened my eyes.

In the past, I woke up proudly, but now I woke up very lightly. It seems to be the effect of complete recovery or stamina.
I got up, washed my face, and immediately took out a bowl of fried rice from the refrigerator. It’s fried rice that I bought on the Internet at a discount.
I put the fried rice in the microwave, turned around and snapped my fingers.


[Hacking succeeded.]

[You can hack a microwave oven for 1 hour.]

“One minute and thirty seconds.”

Ugh ugh

The microwave is back.

The hacking skill was to my liking. It was to the point where I thought it would be okay to invest all the remaining points in hacking.


“… Oh Mr. I have to go get it.”

I grumbled and walked over to the microwave and took out fried rice.

Suddenly, I remembered the use of hacking.

He hacked into the electronic display board of any building in Seoul and started a pornography. It is also a Western hard video.


While eating fried rice, I picked up my smartphone and turned on the Play Life app. This was a very precious and filial piety.

‘I have to eat and do it again. Let’s go somewhere else this time.’

I clicked Start Play to see the list of games I could play, and then I clicked Manage Games.

[Play in progress]
1. SV-7495 (automatic progress)
2. –


Yes. SV-7495’s play wasn’t over yet. It was still in progress.

“… Auto progress?”

I pressed SV-7495. Then, a 3D image appeared on the screen. I was at the center of the video.

“No. For a moment. Are you imprisoned?”

The time in the video went very fast. What to say It’s so fast that it’s hard to get it right.

I panicked and clicked on the screen.

[Current Progress: X500]
[Time setting]

I dazed for a moment, then hit pause. Then the video on the screen stopped. The avatar that looked like me was still in prison.
When you press the progress speed, you can adjust the speed from 1 to 10,000.

“… Ah! Even if I finish the game, the avatar will do it for me.”

Press rewind to confirm the function. The video on the screen rotates. However, the avatar’s behavior does not change from what is set. This is a replay feature.

When I hit the mute button, I heard the guard’s threatening voice.

– Kaito Eugene! Stop and clean up!


It was Japanese. But I understood it like a native language.

Come to think of it, I understood Japanese without any problems even in the porn world. I swear I never studied Japanese separately.

“…… A side effect that came out after entering Yu-Hee? No, it’s not a side effect. Since you mastered Japanese for free, it’s a big deal.”

Mute turned on again. He had no interest in listening to the voice of a rough man.

I tried setting the time.

1 hours. 1 day. One week. One month. 1 year. I was able to set the time I wanted, such as 10 years. There were no restrictions.

I chose a week.

Then, the speed of the video was forcibly set to X10,000 and then paused.

“… Indeed. I can see the time zone I want.”

I ate fried rice and rewinded it to the very beginning.

A scene of the avatar looking at the house came out. That’s when I just entered the world of porn. It ran at 3x speed.

Avatar killed the man who tried to break into her house with a drop kick, then went into her house and raped her married woman.


I laughed out loud. Watching it in 3D, Leah is still hot. I wanted to shove my cock again.

I watched and increased my speed even more.

What I’m curious about is after I come back from the world of play.

“From here.”

Avatar, who raped the married woman to the fullest, fled out of the house. The place where Avatar went was a cheap hotel. Avatar slept in a cheap hotel and moved right away the next morning.

He walked through a residential area that looked quite affluent. It’s not just walking. He was walking moderately looking around. At first glance, they are looking at the angle of committing a crime.

The target was soon set.

It wasn’t Leah’s level, but it was a house with a married woman who was quite outstanding. I didn’t miss the avatar peeking through her window at the woman’s breasts.

“It’s really me. You see her breasts next to her face.”

The avatar storms into the target’s house.

There was a man in the house who hadn’t come to work yet.

Avatar didn’t panic at all. He punched the man in the face and kicked him. There was no holding back, and soon the man was about to die. She screamed, but he didn’t care and threatened her.

– If you don’t want to die like your husband, do as I say.

What next…. It’s sex

We had sex until we were exhausted and went out leaving the woman alone.

“… It’s just the opening.”

Avatar took a train and moved to another town. This time, he also spent the day in a cheap hotel, and when he found a married woman with big breasts while hanging around in an upscale residential area, he committed crimes. If there was a man, he killed it as if it were natural.

“Auto proceed…. Are you repeating what I did?”

Avatar’s criminal activity stopped in about ten days.

The police showed up and arrested him.

In the meantime, 6 men were killed and 8 married women were raped.

Avatar’s crimes shocked Japan. And, of course, he was sentenced to death.

“I can’t even do trash movies.”

I increased the speed to the maximum. A boring prison life followed.

Eventually, the avatar ended his life by hanging.

[I saw the ending of SV-7945.]

[The world of SV-7945 cannot be selected.]

[The ending is saved and can be viewed again at any time.]

[You get 1 point as an ending bonus.]

“Five. Bonus points.”

I laughed.

Avatar died by hanging? That was the Avatar’s business, none of my business.

Rather, I was relieved. I have now confirmed that I will not die even if the avatar dies. I don’t know what will happen if I die in the world of play, but if it’s necessary, it’s enough to run away to the original world.

“Play is play.”

I lay down on the futon. When I woke up, my penis was completely restored. As the appetite was satisfied, the sexual desire secretly reared its head.

“I have an awesome app. See you~”

—-[List of selectable creations]
– A Nun’s Diary (movie)
-Avoiding the rain and wind (novel)
-One day in 1999 (drama)
-Jik Saw (movie)
– It is invisible to my eyes. (Novel)
– There was a demon. (Movie)
-She caught in her wall (AV)
-The Adventure of the King (Game)
-Super energetic Heungbu and Nolbu (novel)
-Snow White (Fairy Tale)
– City Life 4 (game)
-Survival Zero (Manga)
-The Love Horse Woman 5 (movie)
-I saw you (drama)
-Women’s University Ghost Story (movie)
-Kollitkkollit Episode 3 (animation)
-Pailed Electric (novel)
-Frozen Kingdom (movie)
-Hest’s Egg (webtoon)
-Sex Great Sports Festival (AV)
-Absolute Throne (Game, Drama, Novel)

A few things have been added as the level has risen.

“Five. There’s a lot to choose from. A nun’s diary… It sucks.”

A Nun’s Diary is a classic Western film set in a medieval monastery.

Of course, as an adult film, the nuns’ lewd sex life was expressed in a frank way. To be honest, I don’t know much about the movie. There were subtitles, but I skipped over to see only the erotic scenes.

“There was a blonde nun there.”

The best scene was the scene where the dildo was carved out of wood and the pussy was pierced. I saw it in high school, and I still remember that scene.

“… Direct saw. Fuck. It’s a horror movie.”

Most of the cast members are tortured to death. I had no inclination to enjoy pain and no desire to die.

“Isn’t the girl stuck in the wall a part number?”

I suddenly realized that I didn’t know what the part number was for the girl stuck in the wall. In fact, I don’t memorize the part number unless it’s the best work.

‘This is good too. Because it’s about violating a woman who’s stuck in a wall. But it’s a bit boring.’

The next thing that caught my eye was ‘My Horse Woman 5’.

It was on the list when I saw it before, but it is a classic Korean adult film. The actress’ hairstyle, fashion style, way of speaking, etc. Are very old, but she was pretty even now. Plus, you can feel the atmosphere of the early 90s.

In particular, my smarts started to react to being able to fuck that actress in her younger days.

The woman intended to eat it once and throw it away. After all, there are plenty of creations to choose from.

“Great Sex Sports Day.”

When I saw it, I inadvertently read it.

That’s japanese porn However, I have failed after trying to hit my daughter after seeing this.

“This is completely entertainment.”

Porn is porn, but it was close to entertainment. When I tried to hit my daughter, I laughed because it was absurd. Concentration itself was difficult.

“It’s an orgy. This.”

30 women. It is a pornography where 30 men have a sex sports day.

Actually, I don’t like orgies very much. The length of the video is limited, but if there are many cast members, the content will change to Jung-gu Heating. It was very difficult to concentrate and masturbate.

“But it’s a different story if I do it myself instead of watching it.”

My fingers chose the great sex sports meet.

[I chose the Great Sex Sports Festival.]

[Avatar is created.]

[There are two avatar settings that can be selected.]

“Ah. Come to think of it, did you say that you can choose your avatar’s settings?”

[One. Eugene Lee
-23 years old, Korean-Japanese.
-At the Great Sex Sports Festival, they are the back team.]

[2. Eugene Lee
-23 years old, Korean-Japanese.
-At the Great Sex Sports Festival, it is the red team.]


I’m at a loss for words.

Let’s say it’s a different setup. It’s just the difference between the white team and the red team.

I chose the back team. The reason is that it is number 1. There was nothing to say about it.

[The game begins.]

* (Opening ceremony)

When I opened my eyes, I was in a playground where dust was blowing. There is a large school in front of you. The weather is clear and the temperature is a bit high. The weather is perfect for moving.

I was naked. Except for the pure white identification band around her forehead, she was not wearing any threads.

It wasn’t just me. All the men and women standing in line with the five around them were like that. They, too, were naked except for a band tied across their foreheads.

The age group ranged from 20s to 40s. I was the younger of these.

A total of 59 people. 30 men and 29 women stood naked. The one remaining woman is on a podium in front of the playground.


The naked woman standing in front of the naked principal was pretty. Her hips were tight, her waist was cinched, and her breasts were full.

Her long black straight hair reached her waist, but ironically, unlike her lascivious body, her face was innocent and pitiful.

“Representative member! Hishiragi Yura..Hehe… !”

I looked at her ass and let her laugh.

Pussy and anus. There were dildos in both places. If you look closely, the dildo vibrates.

‘Suddenly, I’m going crazy. Being outside naked… I feel a sense of liberation.’

I only rolled my eyes to check the people around me.

The woman next to me was a well-groomed short-haired woman with a fairly decent appearance. A neatly waxed shaved pussy was visible on her chest, about the size of her B cup.
She has power on her cock.

‘Shit. I don’t think I should get an erection.’

I looked at the man next to him. The man’s genitals were already erect. Seeing that put my mind at ease. It doesn’t seem to matter if you get an erection.

‘Young. It’s fucking small Will it be 10 cm?’

I looked straight ahead.

“Ugh… ! We are… ! Do your best… Awesome! Do your best… !”

I saw a woman with a dildo inserted into her pussy and anus, reciting the oath diligently. Was her name Yura Hisiragi? I thought over the name and looked at her lower body. Her posture was already relaxed. Her legs were spread apart and her juices dripped on the vibrating dildo.

‘Ah! I want to fuck him.’


My cock, which was more than half erect, seemed to be burping.


The woman next to me looked at my cock and held her breath.

The people around me are all Asians. Even if there were Westerners, I was confident that I would not bow down.

I could feel the eyes peeking at my cock from various places. Jealousy and envy in men’s eyes. There is curiosity and strange enthusiasm in the eyes of the women.

“I swear… ! Heeheeeee!”

Two dildos fell off and juice spurted out, soaking the floor. Gorgeous cumshot

I looked at the color of her braids. Red. Is the enemy team.

‘Be sure to hit it.’

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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