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Into the Creations 4

Into the Creations 4

Chapter 4 – 004. Hacking

004. Hacking

[End of play.]

[Experience calculation begins.]

[Acquire the skill ‘erogenous zone detection Lv.1’ as the first play bonus.]

[As a first play bonus, acquire the attribute ‘Mental Resistance Lv.1’.]

[Additional experience is obtained as a first play bonus.]

[You get extra points for the first Yu-Gi bonus.]

[Lea Kutomori’s bond level is 1.]

[Acquire a large amount of experience as the first play bonus.]

[The level rises.]
[The level rises.]

[Acquires 5 points.]

[You get 10 extra points for your first play bonus.]

[From now on, you can choose your avatar’s settings.]

I was in my room. I was a little dazed. I looked down at my body. There were no particular abnormalities. Except that the cock is a little sore.
I subconsciously picked up my phone and checked the time.


11:12 am.

No time passed.

I definitely moved to the world of pornography and had a meal with a married woman. They copulated like animals, so I couldn’t tell exactly how many hours had passed. However, it felt like I was lying around for at least half a day.

“Is it a dream?”

To say that, there was a game life app. I clicked on the app and launched it.

[The playful life begins.]

My character appeared in 3D on the screen. The cock of the character that looked just like me was definitely bigger than before.

[Sung Eugene
Level: 8
Strength: 5 Stamina: 3 Dexterity: 4 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 8]

[Available Points: 22]

The level has risen.

Come to think of it, there was a notification window in one corner that wasn’t there before. When you touch the notification window with your finger, the log comes up.

“Experience point settlement? It has skills and traits. Five.”

After skimming the log, I pondered over how to spend the points.

“First of all, 5 points… Let’s invest in it.”

I increased the length by 2 points to set it to 18cm, which is the size when erect, and invested the remaining 3 points in thickness. I have become a great object that is not envied by whites or blacks.

I reached for the cock and, realizing the pain, removed it. Head down and check. The cock was definitely getting bigger.

Kochu’s bitterness must be the influence of the world of play.

I was excited about my first experience. I can’t even remember how many times I’ve experienced it.

“Great. Great. Can’t you just do it once? I’m going to go into porn again next time.”

I distributed the points with a smirk.

[Sung Eugene
Level: 8
Strength: 5 Stamina: 8 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

[Available Points: 10]

I put 2 in stamina and invested 5 in stamina. Needless to say, stamina, as I was shaking my waist wildly, I felt my stamina running fast. Sex was about stamina and stamina rather than power.

Invest in physical strength for a pleasant sex life.

“The remaining 10 points for strength? No, I didn’t feel any discomfort. Are you going to invest all your stamina?”

I felt it while investing in stamina, but stamina does not only refer to sexual function. When you invest in your energy, your body feels more energetic.

If you search for stamina in the dictionary, it also means ‘mind and body activity’. Maybe this is the true power of virility.

“Well, to me, stamina is sexual function.”

After thinking about it, I turned my gaze elsewhere.

Characteristics and skills.

‘There were skills and characteristics that I got while paying this time.’

[Mental Tolerance Lv.1
You develop immunity to insanity. I am not shaken by anything.]

It is a characteristic.

Looking at this, I understood that the characteristic is passive and the skill is active. I like games, so it was comfortable to understand in a game way.

“This sucks.”

It would have been nice if it had been a sex-related trait.

I fell face down on the bed. I was honestly tired. When I closed my eyes, I was confident that I would fall asleep within a minute.

‘Still, I need to check something.’

[Erotic zone detection Lv.1
You can detect the target’s erogenous zones. The distance to the target must be 1M or less.
Cooldown: 10 hours]

“Oh oh. Detection of erogenous zones!”

It was just the skill I wanted. If you have this, isn’t it possible to find out the target’s erogenous zone and take the initiative in sex!

I wanted to use the skill right away. But there was no target. I am the only one in this house.

“… Does this include me in the target?”

[Target-Would you like to use erogenous zone detection on Sung Eugene?]

A notification window appeared in front of my eyes, not on my smartphone.


I was taken aback, and then I nodded my head.

[Sung Eugene’s erogenous zone: cock. Neck]

“Hoo. I understand the cock, but was the neck my erogenous zone?”

I was amazed. For the first time in my life, I realized that my erogenous zone is the neck.

I also knew that if I invested points in skills, I could raise my level. Of course, I did not invest valuable points in skills. I invested in the skill, but it might not come out as well as I expected.

Then, I checked my belongings list. A deep smile soon formed on my lips.

[List of Belongings]
1. Black panties
2. Iron Sword
3. Sportswear

I took out my black panties and held them in my hand, bringing them to my nose.

Kutomori Lea’s panties.

“Write it!”

Well. The fragrant scent of fabric softener.

It’s a bit unfortunate. You should have brought what you were wearing.

“No. After all, this is a souvenir. And if this….”

I entered the gallery of my smartphone. I took pictures of small things like the timetable, but I found several pictures taken at 11:12 am.

Of course, it is a picture of Leah, a married woman.

She is opening her mouth and her drool is dripping. There were my handprints on her breasts, and my cum dripping down her crotch.

“Shhhhh. It’s hard to see again!”

I remember the feel of my breasts and the tightness of my pussy. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.

I frowned and shook my head and left the gallery. It’s because the cock was sore. At least right now it was impossible to jerk off. Does a guy like me not know how to be moderate?

“Random drawing.”

I pondered for a while while watching the random drawing.

And soon came to a conclusion.

‘Pick out. It’s more profitable to pull out than to raise stats. What if an attack skill comes out in the draw? I can become a full-fledged Hunter right away.’

In fact, the desire to become a formal hunter was not that great. There is a game life app, but what use is that hunter?

Still, you have to make money and live. In addition, I gradually became a full-fledged hunter and did not want to be ignored.

‘Only 5 points! Let’s spend only 5 points!’

I pressed the random draw with that promise.

The question mark box on the screen swayed and lit up.

It is perfect for whipping.]

I took a branch from my inventory and threw it aside.

“Fuck Niimi!”

Fevered, I pressed the draw button again.

[Gold ring
It is a 24K 4-money ring.]


He took out a gold ring. It was a rough shape, but it definitely looked like gold. Unless the app is lying to me.

“I should sell this.”

I put it on my finger and pulled it out again. I don’t like accessories very much. It was cumbersome.

[Growth Potion
Drinking increases your height by 1 cm.]

“Right! I have to give you this!”


Currently, my height is 179.2 cm. Although he is not short, he could not cross the 180cm wall. However, with this growth potion, the story is different.
Without hesitation, I took out the growth potion and poured it into my mouth.

“Big! Write! But is bitterness good for the body?”

I felt itchy all over my body and then it went away. I know without checking. I grew taller.
I smiled and clicked random draw. Something was lucky.

[Add Yu-Gi slot.
The play slots that can be played have increased.]

“Is that good? It must be good because you can play more.”

After breaking the 180cm barrier, I was quite forgiving.

I clicked the last random drawing with joy.

[Acquire skill, hacking!]

[Hacking Lv.1
Electronic devices can be hacked. The more complicated the electronic device, the shorter the hacking maintenance time. The electronic device you want to hack must be within a maximum of 10M.
Cooldown: 3 hours]

I stared at Skill with my eyes wide open.


My mind starts spinning around. I’m never stupid If used well, this skill is more terrifying than anything else. In today’s modern society, electronic devices are the most important thing, and at the same time, they are common things that can be seen everywhere.

After thinking about it, I decided to use hacking as a test. There were many electronic devices in my room. TV, computer, refrigerator, etc.

‘No wait. Is it okay if I’m within 10M?’

It was well worth a try.

I used a hack The target is the smartphone of the man next door on the other side of the wall.

The nameless bastard is probably in dreamland by now. He goes out every night and comes back early in the morning. When he’s not out at night, he’s almost 70% likely to bring a girl.

‘Hacking! Use!’

[Hacking succeeded.]

[You can hack Hwang Bi-seok’s smartphone for 3 minutes.]

A translucent window appeared in front of me. I determined at once that it was the home screen of a smartphone. The wallpaper is a picture of a character that is popular these days.

‘Was his name Hwang Bi-seok?’

I first knew

I hurriedly moved my hand. I couldn’t touch the hologram, but it responded to my finger movements.

There is nothing more thrilling than spying on other people’s personal information.

I saw the banking app, but I didn’t touch it.

‘It’s not like I hate it that much.’

The first thing I aimed for was the gallery.


There was a picture of a woman. Her face is covered, but her body is exposed. However, her face was also sloppily covered with her hands, so it was not difficult to infer her appearance.

“You’re uglier than Lea Kutomori. Leah was really good.”

I didn’t even send a message to him because I didn’t like his face or body. Her body was full of flab, and her breasts were also small with an A cup. Plus, maybe it was the lighting, but her skin wasn’t very clean either.

She is a woman who knows the taste of Lea Kutomori and won’t eat it even if I give it to her. …… No. I’ll eat it if you give it to me.


As I scrolled down the gallery, there was a picture of another woman. The man next door seems to be quite capable.

I smirked and entered KakaoTalk.

As I browsed through the contacts, I realized that there were exceptionally many female contacts. And through the KakaoTalk profile, I was able to find out the job of the man next door. He is a club employee.

‘Uh? Is there a grade attached to the girl’s name?’

A. B. C. D.

A total of four grades were assigned. I noticed the standard of that grade easily. Ranking of looks If you look at the profile picture, there is a woman’s appearance, but the A grade was prettier.

‘You’re such a trash bastard. Heck.’

Will the family break up? Would you spoil your work life? After thinking deeply, I decided to save these poor women.

I invited all the girls with a rating after their name to the chat room.

There were 17 people in total. Quite a lot.

-Juseon Kim (A): ? What is it brother

-Noah Young (C): ?

-Park Joo-hye (B): Who are you?

-Park Joo-hye (B): Tombstone Oppa, what is this room?

There were three people who responded right away. However, over time, other invited women will come.


I couldn’t contain my laughter. I tried to hold back, but my body felt like it was controlled by someone else. It was so much fun.

“Cucka cucka cucka!”

I opened the gallery and started clicking through sex pictures of the guy next door to post them in the chat room.

-Me: (Picture 1)

-Me: (Picture 2)

-Me: (Picture 3)


-Me: (Picture 10)

I didn’t upload all of them, but I uploaded 10 carefully selected photos. Of course, the criterion is the condition that faces can be recognized.

And coincidentally. A woman named No Ah-young, who is now in the chat room, is the main character in one of the pictures.

There was no response from the women. You must be shocked by the photos by now.

-Me: I’m good at sex. I really want to eat you guys. Who wants to have sex with me?

The chat room was quiet.

The one who broke the silence was a woman named Kim Joo-seon. She is a woman who is not in the gallery pictures. Maybe she wasn’t the woman she was working on.

-Kim Joo-seon (A): crazy bastard

-Kim Joo-seon (A) left the chat room.

-Park Joo-hye (B) left the chat room.

Noah’s phone call came. Of course, I declined Noah-young’s call. She called again but also declined.

-Noah Young (C): Pick up the phone from her brother

-Noahyoung (C): Answer the phone

Checked the hack hold time. Only about 20 seconds left. And that’s enough time. I turned off Hwang Bi-seok’s smartphone. As a result, there is no possibility that Hwang Bi-seok will wake up because of the smartphone.


I couldn’t contain my laughter.

The man next door’s misfortune is my happiness!

Although this issue could go into legal trouble, I wasn’t particularly afraid. How can I catch myself after being hacked and reported to the cyber investigation team?

I am not an electronic device… To be precise, he hacked with skill. There are no traces of hacking.

I will never have my sleep disturbed by the fucking moaning of the next door.


I was able to fall asleep feeling better than ever.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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