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Into the Creations 3

Into the Creations 3

Chapter 3 – 003. SV-7495

003. SV-7495

The moment she held the glans, a sense of ejaculation rushed in.


I bit my molars and endured it desperately.

However, when her hot yet soft tongue licked the glans and stimulated the urethra, he couldn’t stand it and squirted semen into her mouth.


With both hands, hold her hair as it tries to escape and fill her mouth. I shuddered at the pleasure of ejaculation.
It was a longer affair than ever, but the end existed. The slightly shrunken object fell helplessly from her mouth, gushing out semen.
He could see thick semen through his parted lips.

“Don’t spit.”

I said coldly. For one reason, the excitement slightly faded.

She was unable to spit out or swallow my words. I ordered her hair pulled back to make her face stand out.


Her long eyelashes quivered. In an instant, the eyelids lowered and the lips closed.

Gulp. Gulp. Gulp.

The neckband moved from top to bottom. Eventually, the throat stopped, and she opened her mouth. My semen didn’t exist in my open mouth.
I smiled with satisfaction.

“Great. I don’t think this is the first time I’ve eaten semen. Did you eat your husband’s semen like this?”

“…… This is my first time eating semen. I’ve never eaten my husband’s…….”

“Okay? I’m surprised. When I saw you’re good at this It would have been popular if I had even appeared in an AV.”

“Don’t insult me.”

I shrugged and jerked my cock. During the short conversation, the cock was fully revived.

“Bur, already?”

I curled up the corners of my mouth. I felt my stamina increase. Before I raised my energy level, I had to go through sage time for several hours once I wrapped it.

“Isn’t your husband like this?”


She didn’t answer, but the answer was enough.

“What are you doing. Suck.”

Her lips curled up again. The tongue moves and licks the glans. It was the same action as before, but I felt inadequate.
I didn’t know that I was soaked in pleasure before. Her fellatio is very passive.

‘It’s different from wildfire. She sucks very aggressively in porn.’

“Stay. Zhong. Shuu up.”

I feel good. But somehow I feel regret. I wondered if he was pretending, but seeing as he focused on fellatio, it wasn’t.

“Suck more aggressively. You must have seen AV a few times. You have to do it right, and I will leave this house quickly.”

Whoop! Zhong! Chow!

Her cheeks became slender. At the same time, I felt a tremendous suction power. I frowned and endured it. It wasn’t just sucking. The tongue moves exquisitely to stimulate the genitals.


In the end, I couldn’t stand it for even 3 minutes and squirted into her mouth. The limp cock slipped out of her mouth. She gulped the semen in her mouth as if she knew it without saying it.

I looked at it with satisfaction. It’s clear that she’s underneath me.

‘The problem is with me… I can’t stand this soon. I need time.’

How to turn off time.

Well, is there anything wrong I have no choice but to play with the woman in front of me. Then it will naturally stand there too.

I got up and held her like her new bride.

“Kyaaak?! What, what?!”

I’ve wanted to try it for a long time, but it’s surprisingly not heavy. Not surprising. I am constantly training my body.

“What? I’m trying to get serious about it now. Where is the bedroom?”

“Chi, the bedroom! Look at that! It is my home and my husband’s home!”

I laughed at her words.

I was thinking of wasting time, but the response was already coming there. It was rewarding to raise the energy level.

No. The thought that he was about to violate her pussy from now on made the cold excitement flare up again.

“Give me a choice. Bedroom or out of the house. Which one is better?”

A look of astonishment appeared in Leia’s eyes. I’m a do-it-yourself man. She said biting her lip.

“… The bedroom is on the second floor.”

“Sorry. Outside is fine.”

I picked her up and strode her up to her bedroom.

As I entered the bedroom, I saw a large, soft-looking bed. I threw her on her neatly made bed.


She let out her scream and involuntarily spread her legs apart.

Between the crotch, you can see the labia minora glistening with love juice. A black hole peeped out through the slightly open slit. The hole flinches as if tempting me.

As I approached the bed, possessed by something, I found a picture frame hanging on the wall.


A wedding picture was hung.

Wearing a pure white wedding dress, Leah is making a happy expression. Beside her was her husband in a tuxedo. With a clean impression, there is no angular spot. It was a wedding photo of a handsome man and a young woman.

I felt something rising in my chest.

Guilt? Not. This is a joy

‘NTR isn’t my taste… Do you think you eat someone else’s woman in someone else’s bedroom? I can’t stand it.’

Naero Nambul.
I chuckled.
The cock was already stiff to the limit. The Cooper fluid on the tip of the glans seems to be urging me to drive it quickly.

I approached the bed.

She is staring at me with her legs attached at some point.

“Open up.”

I ordered.

She trembled at my gaze and slowly spread her legs apart.

I waited for my legs to open. The legs that opened very slowly seemed to open a secret door.
Beecher in the black bush was calling me.

It’s my first time, but I know where to put it because I’m sick of watching porn.

He climbed onto the bed and walked between Leah’s spread legs at her knees. There was her pussy in front of my cock.

Jjiik. Take

I rubbed her beech with the tip of the glans. Between the soft labia and the glans, which are wet with love juice, the love and Cooper fluids are mixed.
It made me feel good just by doing it. However, that’s for a while. I then fitted the glans into her hole and pushed her waist forward.


“Ah. Ahhh… !”

I thought it would be loose. Every night if I were her husband. No, I would have been poking around every hour instead of leaving it alone. However, contrary to my expectations, I felt a significant tightening.

Haha. Got it. Doesn’t your husband look as big as my cock? Beef jerkyhaha.”

I laughed hard at her husband.

“Oh no! He’s small… Alas!”

I pushed it all the way to the root in one go. Leah tilted her head and pursed her lips.

The tip of her glans touched the entrance to her womb. I flinched and twisted my body. Her vagina, which squeezed his cock tight, was very hot. My fur and hers rubbed against each other.

‘It was good that I ordered fellatio in advance. If it wasn’t for that, I would have wrapped it inside as soon as I put it in.’

There was no joy in graduating from sympathy. Only the desire to get more pleasure filled me.

I shook my back. Front. Back. The sloppy back teasing at first got better as I got used to it.

“Haaaaagh! Aaaaah!”

Puck! Puck! Fuck! Puck!

My balls and thighs hit her ass. Each time, Leah’s large breasts recoiled. Before she knew it, she was holding her bedspread with both her hands.

“Haaaaang! Hickhaha!”

Unlike her groan, I let out a rough breath and shook her waist. Both eyes were fixed on her bobbing breasts. Finally, impatient, she stretched out her hand toward her breast.

After pinching and turning the hardened nipples to the limit, and teasing her, she rubbed her breasts with her entire palm.

“Haaang! Stop that! Joe, get some rest… Aang!”

I ignored her. Looking at her face contorted with pleasure, I could tell that she too had boarded the elevator to climax.

I rather accelerated my waist. She closed her eyes tightly. But proportionately, her mouth opened even more. I could see the even teeth and the coveted tongue.

“Ahhhhh! Go, go away… !”

It was a voice I heard in the wild. The vagina was tightened like squeezing a rag.


I also let go of the ejaculation I was holding back. The body drains away and pleasure fills the mind.

I closed my eyes and collapsed on top of her trembling orgasmic body. He grabbed her face with one hand and stuck her tongue in her mouth.


Still unconscious, she responded to my tongue movements, albeit weakly. I licked her tongue a few times and touched her breasts before pulling her up.

I pulled out my cock. Her glans and pillars were glistening with juice and semen. I stared at her contracting cunt. White semen was visible through the holes. Soon the semen came out and ran down her ass and landed on the bed.

“That’s great. … No, it’s fucking delicious. Really.”

Blood rushes to the groin again. Already at the limit But I couldn’t stop. I didn’t want to stop.


“Ugh… ?”

“This time we fall behind. There are many positions I want to try.”

I got under the bed and pulled her legs down and draped them across the bed. Turn her body around and assume her doggy position. Drip. My semen dripped in her cunt. I frowned and inserted my index finger into her cunt to scrape out the semen.

“Aaaaa! Aaaaah!”

She corrected her stance several times before collapsing, and stopped her hand when clear love juice instead of her semen flowed out.

And she rammed her cock right away.


“Fuck. To live without knowing this good thing… I lost a lot of money.”

I rocked her back wildly, and she accepted my cock. Far from resisting, he even moved his waist to match my movements.
Yes. We were already beasts in heat. They threw away all reason and ethics and pursued only pleasure.

Sizzling! Sizzling! Sizzling!

When the feeling of ejaculation came over me, I pulled out my cock. And I lay down on the bed.

“Get on top of me and you move.”

“… Yes.”

Leah, who answered with eyes widened in pleasure, moved as I said. She grabbed my erect cock with one hand and adjusted it to her vaginal opening. And, without hesitation, she began to purr.

“Tell me. My Cock And Your Husband’s Cock Which one is bigger?”

“Hem! All you… Hey, go to sleep! Your cock is bigger!”

Leah gasped for her pleasure on top of me, she replied. She even used the recoil of her bed to move her waist.

Haha! Haaaaang! Great… ! Like!!”

“I see.”

She spread her legs to show me. He could clearly see his cock moving in and out of her pussy. Her juices splattered and her huge breasts swayed.
Venus was above me.

“Ah. Cheap.”


* * * * *

I got out of bed

It was already dark, and the bedroom was a mess.

My white semen flowed from her cunt as she twitched on her face.

“Ah. Good night. Great.”

I stared at the limp cock. She’s already pushed her cock to the limit. She won’t stand no matter what she does. It is rather painful to touch. I felt like I couldn’t even masturbate for a while.

“After. In my heart, I want to lie down and sleep, but….”

I went out of the living room and put on my clothes. Then I found my smartphone in my pants pocket. It’s the same model as mine in real life.


There was a game life app. And there are letters on it.

[Are you sure you want to quit playing?]

After thinking about it, I went back to my bedroom with my smartphone.

“It’s a shame to just go, so it’s a commemoration.”

Take a picture of Leah, who is already asleep in a hazy mind. I took a picture with my face and breasts exposed, lifted one of my legs and took a picture of my cunt, and took a full body shot.

“If you put this on the Internet, it will be a mess. Kuk-kuk.”

She is a completely different person from AV actress Lea Kuto Mori, but she looks just like her on the outside. So if you post it on the Internet, it will become a hot topic.
Of course, I had no intention of posting her picture on the Internet. These are my memories.

“It would be a pity to do this.”

I opened the closet next to the bed. And found one of her black panties. I randomly threw the water bottle from my inventory on the floor and tucked her panties in. It is a souvenir.

“Enough then.”

I slapped her on the butt. Her body trembled.

[End of play.]

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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