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Into the Creations 2

Into the Creations 2

Chapter 2 – 002. SV-7495

002. SV-7495

The man who was hit by the drop kick with all my might flew backwards and hit the wall hard.

The old man passed out, and blood flowed from his half-naked head.

I reached out my hand toward the uncle and felt his pulse.


He had seen human corpses, but this was the first time he had actually committed murder.

I looked down at my hands. My body was shaking.

‘… My guess is that this isn’t real. No.’

Told myself

The resolution for murder had been steadily coming after entering the Hunter Department. Because hunters fight not only monsters, but also criminals who use abilities.

‘I can’t collapse with just something like this.’

They killed ordinary people, not criminals. No, I killed the prospective rapist.

‘This world is the world of creations.’

It won’t be the real world. Or maybe it’s a dream.

My ability is a playful life.

In other words, the purpose is to play and have fun.

I turned away from my uncle’s corpse. To be honest, I didn’t want to care about the uncle’s corpse. There is no room for the old man to intervene in the work he is going to do from now on.

‘Mister. I will take over your role.’

Resolving inwardly, I proudly opened the front door and entered the house.

It was a neat house. And I could feel the presence in the living room. I hid my breathing as much as I could, killed the crowd, and approached the living room door.
Through the glass door window, I saw Kutomori Lea holding a rag and wiping the table in the center of the living room.


I gulped at her big ass. Even though I’m wrapped in jeans, I feel very erotic. In particular, the hip bone that can be seen when the waist is bent is an art. The panties she is wearing are black T-shorts.


I took a deep breath and slowly opened the living room door. Opened silently. Leah, who was concentrating on cleaning, didn’t notice.

He walked behind her and stretched out both hands and hugged her. With one hand, he grabbed her waist and covered her mouth with the other.

“Town?! Eup, eup, eup?!!!”

Leah’s eyes met with wide eyes.

“Quiet. I can kill you.”

I lowered my voice and spoke with intent to kill. What was said was, surprisingly, Japanese, which he had never learned. He was fluent at the local level.


Her face instantly turned terrified. My body trembled and my eyebrows fluttered.

It’s not smoke. I felt that way. I am a fan of Lea Kutomori, and I knew that her acting skills were the worst, as inversely proportional to her beautiful looks. Kutomori Lea is impossible to perform this well.


“… Aww.”

She nodded.

I grinned. And later, I smelled her. I don’t know if it’s shampoo or soap, but the scent that shakes my chest fills my chest.

‘Driving me crazy. Really.’

I held my erect penis against her voluptuous ass. I wanted to shake my hips right away, but I endured it with superhuman patience.

Without removing her right hand from Leah’s mouth, she undid her apron with her left. Her apron fell to the floor, exposing her toned body.

She swallowed her dry saliva again. Her large, G-cup, natural breasts were wrapped around a single shirt. What is surprising is that it is a no bra. The nipple part protrudes from the top of the shirt.


The moment I held her breasts, I saw her heaven. I instinctively rubbed her breasts. It didn’t seem like the softness of this world.
I wanted to rip off my clothes right away and drive my dick into that cunt.

However, endured

‘This is the situation I was hoping for. It’s such a killer situation, but I can’t just throw it away because of my lust.’

Slowly and as carefully as I could, I massaged her breasts, her nipples hardening. You can tell even through the shirt.


She let out a small moan. Being closer, I did not miss the sound.

“It kills my heart. My husband is good I can knead it every night.”


I kissed the nape of her white neck. Licked and sucked with her tongue.


After a few repetitions, a kiss mark formed on the nape of her neck.

Her tongue moved up the nape of her neck and into her ears. Her ears were clear, and she licked and sucked intensively at them, making her body quiver.
Leah’s nipples were hardened to the point where they were no longer there. The shirt makes her nipples look painful.
The glance at her eyes held not fear, but a faint heat.

‘… Under.’

I was convinced that this world was a world in creation.

Could there be a woman in real life who gets excited that the assailant who threatens her life massaged her breasts and licked her nape? Of course not.

“From now on, I’m going to take my hands off my mouth. Don’t scream, don’t be loud. It’s a residential area anyway, so there’s no one to help you. It’s good that you don’t even think about running away. I might kill you.”


She nodded her head.

I squeezed her left breast tightly with my left hand.

“Oops… !”

“I have no intention of killing you. It’s only this one time. After today, I will never appear in front of you again.”


She nodded her head through her trembling body.

I removed my hand from her mouth. Her hands were covered with her own saliva. I didn’t think it was dirty.

He stroked her buttock with his right hand. Her round hips felt good through her jeans.

“Well, it’s really only this one time… ?”

“You don’t think there is only one woman like you in this world, right?”

Laughing as meanly as possible, she averted her gaze.

I grabbed her chin with my right hand to keep her from averting her gaze. She wore light makeup and looked very pretty. I tended to look at faces a lot.

“Open your mouth.”


“Open up.”

When I said it forcefully, she reluctantly complied. Her crimson lips opened to reveal her well-groomed tongue with her neat teeth.

I gave her her kiss. She Forces Her Tongue In And Plays In Her Mouth As this was my first kiss, I had no technique whatsoever.

The married woman resisted. Her resistance faded as she tightened her hand on her chest. She soon gave up and was teased with her non-resistance by my tongue.
I opened my mouth. Her heart felt like it was about to explode, and her genitals were about to squirt semen, but she pretended to be calm.

“If I am satisfied, this time will be over quickly. But if I’m not satisfied…. Well. How long will you do it?”

“…… Really?”


“If you are satisfied… Is it really over?”

“I wouldn’t know if I had a husband. What happens after a man is satisfied.”


The married woman put on a determined expression. I laughed once and opened my mouth. His tongue twitched slightly as he meant to come quickly.
After a moment of hesitation, she kissed me on her lips.

Tongues tangled She was passive, but became more active as time went on.

When she tried to open her mouth, she pressed her head with her hand to prevent it from escaping. She couldn’t keep her mouth shut at the end, and we focused on her kiss as we shared her breath.

Saliva ran down his chin.

I suddenly came to my senses. A kiss is good, but that’s only a prelude.


I stopped kissing. An obscene silver thread lazily broke between her mouth and mouth.

I grabbed her shirt and tore it off with all my might. Her buttons fell off. Her breasts, which had been protected by her shirt, were exposed.
After removing her shirt, I was overwhelmed by her breasts for an instant and my body stiffened.

‘Unbelievable…. I never thought such a beautiful sight would exist in this world.’

It was a G-cup breast. It is a breast that should be grasped with two hands, not one.

I grabbed one breast and lifted it up.

“Ahhh… !”

Heavy. Great at the same time

He lowered his head and bit the brown nipple into his mouth. I licked the nipple as big as my big breasts with my tongue and sucked as hard as I could.


Didn’t stop sucking.

My forgotten instinct commanded me to suck the nipple. I obeyed the order.

Jjook. Side. Zhong.


I opened my mouth at the soft voice. I looked into her eyes. I could feel the hot heat.

“Take off my clothes.”

“… Yes.”

I was wearing only a light shirt and pants. She took off my clothes without difficulty.

My clothes, with only one pair of panties left, were exactly the same as my real body. She squatted down and took off my boxer shorts. The moment she took off her panties, I felt hot air on my face.

It was a mess.

The roaring erection of the cock was constantly leaking clear copper fluid. The light from the fluorescent lamp made the copper-soaked cock glow as if it were glowing.


It wasn’t the saliva I swallowed. Seeing my cock right in front of her, she couldn’t take her eyes off her. It was rewarding to use the points to grow her cock.

“It was kind of piled up. There. A woman like you really… It’s my taste. To the point where I would like to kidnap her if I could.”


Her face hardened. I chuckled.

“It’s a joke. No kidnapping such a nuisance. Stand up now.”


When I woke up, my breasts swelled greatly. It was truly a demonic chest.

I squeezed her breasts with both of her hands a few times and then knelt down in front of her.

Her groin was in front of my eyes.

I slowly took off her jeans. Her jeans came down, revealing a pair of black T-shorts. The center of the panties was wet with water.
After removing all my jeans, I reached out and grabbed her hips.

A firm, smooth, soft buttocks.

“I’m so sorry.”

I spread it to both sides, pushed it, and kneaded it.

However, I soon reached out to her. As I pulled my panties aside, the damp heat hit my face.
I looked at the place where the hair had been removed along the bikini line with a deep gaze.

‘It was covered with a mosaic in the video….’

In front of her was a vivid pussy without any mosaics.

I stroked the thorny bush and tapped the clitoris underneath with the tip of my finger.

“Ah… !”

Her body trembled A clear liquid flowed from the beecher.

“Open your legs so I can see you better.”

She bit her lip and spread her legs shoulder-width apart. The obscene smell wafting from there was slowly paralyzing my reason.
I stuck out my tongue and licked it. I liked the feel of the soft soeumsun and the hard beans.

‘Should I call it a slightly fishy taste?’

Not bad. No, it’s rather an addictive taste. I liked this taste. As I kept licking it, I couldn’t even taste the fishy taste.
I fucked my mouth and nose, took a deep breath, and sucked my cunt.

“Aang! Sleep, hold on… Aww!”

I put my tongue in the vagina and moved it. Jill clicked her tongue.

Her hands held my head and shoulders. He noticed that her legs were shaking.


The juice dripped down. Most of it came in my mouth, but there was quite a bit of juice that fell to the floor.

I finally opened my mouth and got up from my seat. I saw her face with her eyes slightly open.

Climaxed a woman. Even if this world wasn’t real, a deep sense of satisfaction welled up from below.

“Ha…. Ha…. Under….”

“It’s your turn this time.”

I wrapped my arms around her waist and sat down on the soft sofa. I spread her legs wide and sat her between them.


“…… Oh This….”

I was rejected, but I didn’t care.

“I sucked your cunt. Then you should suck my cock too.”

I grabbed her hair and pulled it toward my groin. The hot cunt rubbed her cheeks, nose, and lips. Cooperac is messing with her face.

‘This alone… It looks like rice. Shit.’

I was so excited. You know yourself well. But I couldn’t help it. It was my first time, and Leah was very naughty.


He growled like a beast and ordered. She closed her eyes.

“…… I know.”

She opened her mouth and caught her glans.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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