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Into the Creations 1

Into the Creations 1

Chapter 1 – 001. Ability Awakening

001. Ability Awakening.

I lay on the futon and stared blankly at the ceiling before checking the time on my smartphone.

11 am.

I woke up too late as I thought.

‘Today… Was it Professor Park’s lecture? I’ll be damned again later.’

Department of Hunter, Kukcheon University.

This is the university and department I attend. It’s a department with a funny name, but it’s surprisingly popular.

In modern society, hunters with special abilities are almost treated as heroes, and the average profit a hunter earns is comparable to that of an employee at a large corporation. In addition, if you have good skills, you can even become a celebrity-level star.

So, in the eyes of ordinary people, the Hunter Department is a place full of dreams and hopes.

However, the Hunter Department is not a department that ordinary people can apply for.

There are two conditions.

One must have the ability. In this world, only those who use their abilities can become Hunters. Hunter was, in other words, a psychic.
The other will have the potential to bloom abilities. I am the case. I am an aspiring hunter who attends the Hunter department.

‘Fuck. When the hell am I going to wake up?’

There is potential. It has been directly certified by the state. Just in case, I went to different hospitals and had physical examinations 3 times, and all the judgments were the same.
However, now that I am 21 years old. I am the only non-awakened person in the department.

Of course, I didn’t like going to school. Seniors look at them with pitiful eyes, peers look down on them, and juniors look down on them.

‘Awakening! Awakening! Awakening!’

I wriggled my body alone.

I wanted to awaken so much. Other people wake up at some point, but I don’t know why that moment doesn’t come.


Scream in your mind

It’s because I know that the soundproofing of this studio is poor. Every Friday night, I confirmed it by the moaning of the man next door’s girlfriend.

‘I woke up too! I want to do well! Go to the club! I want to have a one night stand!’

Hunters are popular. It’s easy to seduce women just because you’re a hunter. In fact, I saw that my classmate easily seduced a woman by claiming to be a hunter. He seduced a woman well even though he was an F grade subject.


The more you think about it, the more it sucks.

It was when I was wriggling on the futon for a long time.

My whole body glowed white.


I jumped up from my seat. Precursor of awakening. It was manifesting in my body now.


The body shone for a while, then faded.

I immediately closed my eyes.

As soon as the Awakener awakens, he naturally knows his abilities in his head.

‘My ability is….’

Something comes into your mind. The feeling of being forcefully injected was not good even for empty words. But endured I had to put up with it.

‘Yu-hee life! … A life to play and enjoy? What’s this!’

In your head, information about your abilities is continuously injected.

‘Check the app for details. …… What? Fuck! What’s this.’

I hurriedly checked my smartphone even though I was dumbfounded and cursed.

There was an application called ‘Yuhee Life’ that did not exist before. The app icon was a red heart shape. I wondered if there was anything like this.

‘What. Awakening the original ability like this… ? Fuck! It can’t be. Or breathe fire! Get stronger! Become a clairvoyant! Most of them have that ability! Why am I the only one?!’

He grumbled, but moved his hand.

I clicked on the Play Life app.

Honestly, it’s my ability, but I don’t know the detailed ability. ‘Check the app for details.’ Is an asshole.

Maybe it’s a really great ability. I put my expectations into it.

[The playful life begins.]

There was a character on the screen that seemed to have moved me as it was.

It was a 3D character.

Moderately muscular body and face close to normal. Naked there Even the genitals hanging between the crotches were the same as mine in reality.

It gave me goosebumps at the moment, but I thought it was because I thought it was an app made with my skills. I know that there are many incomprehensible things in the world.

[Sung Yujin
Level: 1
Strength: 4 Stamina: 2 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 1 Stamina 2
Retained points: 10]

“Intelligence 1? Shit guy! I’m a bit stupid, but not 1! 1 silver! And why is my energy? It’s average for me. … Oh 2 is the average. Then you understand.”

I comforted myself

In fact, I knew that my stamina was trash. I didn’t do this in the old days, but these days, even if I hit my daughter, I ejaculate very badly.

I clicked on the chest of my character on the screen.

[You can invest points to engrave a tattoo or change its shape.]

I tried pressing my head.

[You can invest points to engrave a tattoo or change its shape.]

It is a shape that can be molded into points.

I touched my genitals with a sharp feeling.

[You can invest points to engrave a tattoo or change its shape.]

One more click on the penis enlarged it. If it was someone else’s cock, I would have spit out curses right away, but thinking of it as my own cock made me feel lovable.

“Can you possibly increase it?”

When dragging the cock, it stretched.

[You can increase or decrease 1 cm per point.]

Not only the length but also the thickness can be increased as well.

I’m in trouble.

‘Honestly, mine is a bit small. Just a little bit above average anyway. It’s a bit small.’

Of course, that’s just the length. I was confident in the thickness.

After thinking about it, I invested 5 points and pressed down the length of the penis.

The response came right away. The genitals tickled.

I took off my pajama pants and pulled down my panties. The penis got bigger.

“Ohhh… !”

Squat squeak.

I tried kneading several times, but I couldn’t get an erection. At this point, I invested the remaining 5 points in Stamina.

[Sung Yujin
Level: 1
Strength: 4 Stamina: 2 Agility: 3 Intelligence: 1 Stamina 7]

Again, the reaction was immediate. I felt power entering the place that had been drooping without any reaction. After a little fiddling with it, I got a great erection. Roughly speaking, it is 16 cm long.

Length that cannot be held with one hand. The length far exceeds the Korean average.

‘Seeing this, I want to invest more in thickness… That’s something I’ll have to do later.’

I removed my hand from my penis. What you need to do now is to figure out your abilities, not your daughter-in-law.

I pressed the menu at the bottom of the screen.

[List of Possessed Attributes]
[List of Possessed Skills]
[List of Belongings]
[Random Drawing]
[Summon Character]
[Start playing]
[Play Management]

There were a total of 7 menu windows. I was thinking of pressing them all in turn.

Attributes and skills were empty. It seems to have no basic characteristics or skills.

The belongings list had a total of three spaces, but they were also empty. I tilted my head while looking at the khan. Shall we call it a sense? Something felt strange.

‘… It’s really nonsense.’

With a feeling of hopelessness, I lifted the water bottle next to the futon. And I brought it to the screen just in case.

Then the bucket of water was sucked into the screen. A bucket of water was drawn in an empty cell.

“Wow…. It seems like I’m at a loss for my abilities.”

It was also easy to take out. When I double-clicked the water bottle on the screen, it came out naturally.

I laughed and put the water bottle, steel sword, and sportswear in.

Hunter department often practice practice. It is to fight against low-level monsters such as goblins.

As an incompetent person, it was difficult for me to go to university with these things. However, the iron sword cannot be left at the university. It was because someone could have stolen it with an item worth more than 700,000 won.

“Now I can go to school lightly.”

[Random Drawing]

A box with a question mark appeared.

I was able to draw once with 1 point.

[First Press Limited Free 3 Draw!]

“That’s right, thank you so much.”

Without hesitation, I clicked the random box and started drawing.

I was not good at holding back. Seeing this just makes me cringe.

The box in the screen shook and lit up. Something round came out of it.

All stats increase by 1.]

“Is this a good item? I have no idea what’s going on in the first place, so I don’t know if it’s good or bad.”

I clicked on the screen.

[Your belongings list is full. It is automatically materialized.]

A round pill came out of the smartphone. I picked it up and looked around. Just looking at it, it was a black pill that looked like rabbit poop.

“Well. Let’s just eat. What is my ability?”

I just put it in my mouth. The summoning team melted as soon as it touched the tongue.

I trembled. My body felt refreshed and energized. When I checked my ability, it went up by 1.

[Sung Eugene
Level: 1
Strength: 5 Stamina: 3 Dexterity: 4 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 8]

“Five. Nice Then the next draw.”

[White wrist guards
Masturbating makes me feel better.]


I was sure. It’s a joke.

I looked around for the materialized wrist guard and threw it at the wall.

“The Summoning Team was good! Please do something like a summons!”

The final draw has begun.

[Acquire skill, full recovery!]

[Full Recovery Lv.1
Fully recover. All status ailments are removed and wounds are healed.
Cooldown: 24 hours]

I opened my eyes. The usage of the skill came into my head.

After thinking about it for a while, I exercised my experimental spirit.

Usage was simple. Just think I’m going to use the skill.

“Full recovery!”

I looked at my body. There were no flashy effects like the skills in the game. However, there were changes in my body.

“All the scars on my body are gone….”

A small burn mark on the belly button. A calf with a scar from a mosquito bite. All the acne scars left on her face were gone.

“On top of that, my skin got better. Ah, is this what it means to completely recover from status ailments?”

My guess is that the condition of the internal organs in the body has improved. Previously, the physical examination said that the liver was not good, but this time it may have recovered.

Because of that, my face has become a bit more handsome. Before, he had a normal face, but now he seems to have become a handsome man.

Acne scars and clear skin were just as vicious.

“That’s crazy. It’s a recovery ability! A hunter with the most valuable recovery ability among hunters… ! I am also a noble…….”

I closed my mouth.

The ability to fully recover was an ability that only worked for himself. Besides, it can only be used once in 24 hours. Because of this, Hunter’s ability was very poor.
I let out a sigh of regret and moved on to the next menu.

[Summon Character]

There were no characters that could be summoned. Just passed

[Start playing]

[Currently, you can proceed with one game.]

[The number of games that can be played increases every 20 levels.]

[You can enter the world of your chosen creation.]

[Creations that can be selected depending on the level are limited.]

[List of selectable creations]
-Avoiding the rain and wind (novel)
-One day in 1999 (drama)
– It is invisible to my eyes. (Novel)
– There was a demon. (Movie)
-Super energetic Heungbu and Nolbu (novel)
-Snow White (Fairy Tale)
-SV-7495 (AV)
-Survival Zero (Manga)
-The Love Horse Woman 5 (movie)
-I saw you (drama)
-Women’s University Ghost Story (movie)
-Kollitkkollit Episode 3 (animation)
-Pailed Electric (novel)
-Frozen Kingdom (movie)

There are dozens of creations to choose from.

But there is only one creation that catches my eye.

It’s a video I watched a week ago. How amazed I was when I saw that.

“… This, this.”

I got a sense of what my abilities were. But I couldn’t be sure. Experimentation is needed to be sure.
And the perfect experiment was here.

I pressed the SV-7495.

[SV-7495 is selected.]
[Avatar is created.]
[The game begins.]

The smartphone emitted an intense light, and I felt my mind being sucked into it.


In front of my eyes was a two-story house with white walls.

I looked at the houses with my mouth open in a daze from behind the lamppost. Then I shuddered. It was because he knew very well what the house was in front of him.

The SV-7495 is an AV.

Adult videos.

Simply put, it is Japanese porn.

I’m in the wild now. The house in front of you is the proof.

The title of SV-7495 is ‘The Stranger Breaks into the House of a Married Woman!’ And it is the work of AV actress Rea Kutomori.

‘Ji, calm down, Seong Eugene! I can’t believe that this is reality yet!’

I took a deep breath. If I didn’t, my heart would burst and I would die.

Just then, the front door of the house opened and a woman came out holding her garbage bag in one hand.


I was horrified.

A married woman came out wearing jeans and a shirt that clung to her body and an apron.

A sharp nose and red lips. Pure white skin. A hairstyle with dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail. Big ass and breasts.
The AV actor I had only seen on the monitor was in front of me.

‘Ji, the real Kutomori Reda… !’

I looked around. It crossed my mind that perhaps this might be an AV filming location.

Then I found a man and my hot head cooled down.

I found a man hiding behind a wall and spying on a married woman.

‘The man who often appears in AV!’

I gritted my teeth.

This unfolding.

I couldn’t have known

‘In porn, that man breaks into a house and kills a married woman…. Shit!’

A married woman who threw trash in front of her house started going inside.

The development was obvious. She won’t lock the door and the uncle will break into her house.

‘…… Decided.’

I thought about it very deeply for a short time and came to a conclusion.

The uncle started to move.

And I run to my uncle

‘Mister. Thank you so much!’

I threw a drop kick.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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