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Into the Creations 9

Into the Creations 9

Chapter 9 – 009. Sports Day

009. Sports day

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa… !”

I passed the ninth hurdle and was finally facing the last 10th hurdle, Hishiragi Yura.

About 10 meters ahead, I saw Yura lying on a mat and spreading her legs in an M shape. She is seducing me However, my body was tengeunmangeun.
The ninth hurdle was formidable. I was supposed to endure the fellatio for 3 minutes, but I ejaculated in 2 minutes.

My proud cock is limp and dangling as if to say its limits.

‘Who is my opponent?’

I looked to the side. My competitor, the man from the red team, has just reached the 7th hurdle. The seventh hurdle is the footjob. I had to endure the woman’s kicking technique for three minutes. It is an obstacle that belongs to the easy side.

The man’s face was haggard. And I will probably have a haggard face too.

‘I ejaculated twice on the 5th and 9th.’

The 9th was Felaccio, and the 5th was Riseungwi. The woman jumped on top of my stomach and rocked her waist up and down her with great passion. It was only 3 minutes, but to me it felt like 10 minutes.

‘That was an illusion.’

I walked toward the final hurdle, thinking of the obstacles I had overcome so far. I didn’t even have the strength to run.

The closer I got to Yura, the more detail I could see of her body.

Spreading her legs in an M shape, Yura spread her cunt wide open with the index fingers of both her hands. She seemed to be welcoming me, but her vaginal opening between her open pink labia was dripping with her juices.

‘… It sucks.’

Obviously sucks But my cock is not responding. They are too tired to react.

‘Can not help it. I can’t stop here.’

The woman in front of me could be said to be the most beautiful woman in this athletic meet. Leaving here is an overstatement of language. I came all the way to her to fuck her.

‘Complete recovery!’

Use the skill

Then, the tired body returns to its original state in an instant. Mental fatigue remained, but as the body recovered, the penis instantly hardened.

I could see that Yura was flustered. Her limp cock suddenly got bigger, so she was right.

I ran towards her. She climbed straight onto the mat and grabbed her thighs with both hands to get her top position. Having completely recovered my strength and stamina, I put my cock inside my pussy without holding back.

“Ahhh… !”

A hoarse voice rang out.


I was amazed. As soon as I put it in her cunt, the vaginal walls were wrapped tightly. It’s like rubber The softness was alive.

He shook his back and threw a piston. After hitting it a few times, the juice flowed out.

To be honest, my movements were immature. He had power, but no skill. I mean, it comes down to technique. However, his overwhelming physicality was to the point of making his technique obsolete.

Puck! Fuck! Perpuck!


I shook my back with all my might. When I pulled back, the pussy came with it as if regretting it, and when I charged forward, the pussy squeezed tight as if it wouldn’t let go.

“Haaaaa… ! Whoa! Ah… !”

Yura’s upper body bent. There was no innocence in her expression as she tilted her neck. It was the expression of a bitch suffering from pleasure.

He grabbed his bouncing chest with his right hand. He squeezed it hard enough that his handprints remained.

“Aww… ! Will go… Same! Haang!”

Yura’s legs wrapped around my back. I fell over her. She pressed her face against her plump, plump breasts. Both of her hands held my head. It seems that he has no intention of letting go.

“Me too… It’s cheap… !”


My cock wriggled as I ejaculated, and Yura’s cunt tightened once more.

Yura’s body trembled as if she felt an orgasm. I sucked on her nipples and quietly enjoyed the afterglow of my ejaculation.

‘… I can’t keep going like this.’

I got up. My cock came out of her cunt. The round vaginal orifice was slowly contracting. In the process, pure white semen gushed out.

“Huh…. You’re amazing….”

“Yura-san was also the best.”

Yura thrust her own fingers into her cunt and scraped off her white semen.


I left her behind and trudged her to her point, her goal. I looked to the side and saw Seiko with her legs spread on the mat, masturbating while looking at me. The man on the other side has not yet reached the tenth hurdle.

She smiled at her and entered her goal.

*(Sex Battle)

The last event was a sex match in which everyone participated. Men and women from both teams have sex with the opposing team. Then, the team with the last person standing wins.

In short, it is an orgy that marks the end of this sports day. It is also a grand orgy with 60 people at the same time.

-The sex match starts in 10 minutes~ It’s a group match, so please prepare everyone.

I quenched my thirst by drinking cold mineral water from the plastic bottle.


I glared at the mats spread out in the center of the playground. More than 20 mats were laid out, creating quite a bit of space. Up there, a sex war unfolds.

But I had no intention of enjoying an orgy.

Hishiragi Yura.

My goal is only one person.

“You. I’m done talking with my team.”


I asked back to Kurata, who was sitting next to me before I knew it.

He grinned and gave me a thumbs up.

“You take charge of Hishiragi Yura.”

“…… ! I mean?!”

“Okay. Didn’t I say I would definitely push it? Apparently, it must have been lacking in the obstacle race earlier, right? And Yura Hisiragi. That woman is a monster. There is no other man on our team who can deal with anyone other than you.”

“I will do my best.”

I said with a sad face. Of course, the words in my heart were different.

‘Joath. I can easily hit it.’

-Please prepare~

At the guide’s words, we stood in a line in front of the team camp. The same goes for the enemy team.


After that, our team and the enemy team ran with all their might to the center of the field. I ran faster than anyone else.

My destination was, of course, Hishiragi Yura. Yura is also running in a straight line while looking at me. Her tits bobbed, and my cock rattled. We wanted each other

We met at the center of the mat and exchanged tongues and saliva while kissing first. We were beasts in heat. No words were needed.

‘He’s good at kissing too.’

Kissing her stickyly, he reached out and touched her breasts and buttocks. Her breasts were superb, but her plump buttocks were no less. The elastic buttocks did not sag in the slightest.

“Ha. Ha. Ha….”

“Whoa. Whoa. Whoa….”

We opened our mouths and exhaled heavily. Even his breath felt sweet. The whole place was full of groans. Everyone else except us was already enjoying sex.

I lowered her knees and Yura raised her toes. She grabbed the prick shaft and inserted it into her cunt, grasping Yura’s thigh with both hands and lifting it.


I picked her up and fucked her. She repeated the cock thumping in and out of her cunt.

“Ah… ! This big cock… ! I can’t stand it! I love it… !”

My glans was thumping the entrance to her womb. Each time, she seemed to feel an uncontrollable pleasure.

“Fuck! It’s fucking delicious!”

I used another skill, erogenous zone detection.

[Hishiragi Yura’s erogenous zones: cervix, left nipple]


I laughed. I was already stimulating her erogenous zones.


I changed my position. I laid Yura down on her mat and grabbed her ankles. He took the so-called breeding press position and rammed her cock from top to bottom.

“Haggai! Hem! Ahhh… !”

A screaming groan escaped from her mouth. It felt like they weren’t putting it in her pussy, but they were taking pictures of her pussy with her dick. My body trembled as if I had reached a light climax. I didn’t stop

“Now it begins.”

It wasn’t long before a sense of ejaculation came over me. I didn’t have to put up with it. I was thinking of ending the day with Yura Hisiragi. Even if I ejaculate once, my cock won’t die.

As he ejaculated, he thrust his pussy into the beat, causing bubbles mixed with his love juices to rise. Tears flowed from Yura’s eyes. They were tears of pleasure.

“You move.”

I changed my stance. The position where I lay down and Yura climbed on top. She was on the rise Yura, who had already tasted halfway with her mating press, her drool dripped at the corner of her mouth and twitched her ass at my words.

‘Crazy! You move like this even though you’re half-lost? It really isn’t a normal year.’

If I hadn’t been a big thing, it might have been me who was suffering, not her.

“Oops! That’s it! After clothes!”

Yura fell on my chest. Up close, her face looked like a drug addict. The surprising thing is that even after she fell down, she kept shaking her hips.

“After that, let’s change posture.”

This time it was a junior. Her body fell limply on the mat, but her hips were lifted high. A cock is driven into a pussy soaked in love juice.

Haha! Ahhhhh!”

Suddenly, I looked around and saw that people around me were watching us.

I don’t know how much time has passed since I’m so absorbed in sex. Rather than being ashamed of their gaze, I rather enjoyed it.

Slap! Slap!


He raised his right hand and slapped her on the buttock. With a crackling sound, her pussy tightened for an instant.

‘This is fun.’

I swung around my waist while stretching spanking.

A sense of elation came over me.

‘I can still do it two more times.’

He inserted it deep into her ass, clamped it, and ejaculated. I didn’t even think about the possibility of getting pregnant. I must have taken birth control pills anyway.

‘It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant. No, rather get pregnant.’

I poured out my semen once and pulled out my cock. My semen filled up in her gaping cunt. Yura’s body trembled.


A bright yellow fountain burst out. He was incontinent because he couldn’t bear the pleasure.

It smelled like dirt, but it wasn’t as disgusting as I thought. Strictly speaking, the disgusting smell did not lower my excitement level. I rammed my cock into my incontinent cunt again.


After that, I ejaculated two more times into Yura’s vagina.

I got up from my seat. My cock was full of juice and semen. The sky was getting dark little by little. It was a satisfying day.

When she lowered her gaze, she saw Yura stretched out like a frog. Her cunt convulsed, and white semen gushed out. These are my semen

-Ooh, the winning team has been decided!

As she thought about the end of the game, a notification window appeared in front of her eyes.

[Are you sure you want to quit playing?]

I knew that even if I didn’t have a phone, I could use the ability of the game life app to some extent in the world of play.

‘No. I want to feel this feeling here a little longer.’

* (Replay)

With the principal’s announcement of the end of the short sports day, we took a shower and changed our clothes. I put on jeans and a hoodie and checked my smartphone. It was the same model as the smartphone I had in real life.

I leaned against the school fence and fiddled with my smartphone. I checked and the operating system was the Japanese version. Also, the contact information was completely changed. However, when I entered the gallery, the photos I took in real life were stored as they were. There is also a play life app.

“I. Mr. Eugene. Would you like to exchange contact information?”

I looked up. Yumiko and Seiko and other women were watching me. They all have phones in their hands.

‘Aha. Is it an after-sales application?’

I grinned. There were many women who met me. There were well over 20 people, and among them was the judge.

“If you let me take a picture of your pussy, I’ll give you my contact information.”




Responses were varied. There were people who were surprised, and there were women who just shed meaningless laughter. What is surprising is that there are no women who hate it. Openness was no joke.

“Is that enough? Ruler. Take a picture.”

It was Seiko who came out first. She was wearing a long skirt, and she came up to me and immediately grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up.

She even took off her panties and bent her legs slightly outward to show off her cunt. The hair trimmed along the bikini line and the slightly open, thick lips were clearly visible.


I snapped at her cunt, admiring her natural action.

I even reached out and opened her pussy myself.


Click click.

Her cock started to swell and erect, but she couldn’t have sex. There were many women waiting.

“Please take a picture of me too.”

It was Yumiko. She took off her pants and held her cunt to me in her doggystyle position. Of course I didn’t refuse. Click click.

Then the women came up to me and showed me their pussies. I took a picture of her pussy and gave her contact information in return.

The last one was Yura Hisiragi. Her eyes met mine and she grinned as she lifted her skirt that came down to her thighs.


A thick dildo was moving inside her cunt. I wasn’t even wearing panties at all. I laughed and took pictures of the scene.

Click. Click!

As a bonus, I even recorded a short video.

[End of play.]

[Experience calculation begins.]

[Hishiragi Yura’s bond level is 2.]

[You get 1 bonus point for reaching bond level 2.]

[Yumiko’s bond level is 1.]

[Seiko’s bond level is 1.]


[Acquire experience points.]

[The level rises.]

[The level rises.]

[Acquires 2 points.]

[Acquire 3 bonus points for reaching level 10.]

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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