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Into the Creations 10

Into the Creations 10

Chapter 10 – 010. Hunter Department

010. Hunter Department

As soon as I returned to my room in reality, I lay down on the futon.

And right away, I opened the game life app and watched the automatic progress of the ‘Sex Great Sports Festival’ game. I could have stopped it with a pause, but I didn’t.

‘I was going to enjoy the sports day just this once anyway.’

I wanted to enjoy other creations as well. You can’t focus on just one sports event.

My avatar in the ‘Sex Sports Festival’ really has a sexy daily life. Seiko and Yumiko and other girls meet regularly and have sex whenever they can.

‘This bastard… You even take money from women?’

What he was doing was like being a prostitute.

The woman the avatar often met was Yura Hisiragi. As much as she was a beauty that was not easily seen, she went to the house and fucked each other. Then, maybe it was a rice cake, and we started dating each other.

Avatar also participated in the athletic meet next year. This time, Yura Hisiragi did not participate. Avatar was surprisingly possessive.

‘After all, he’s getting married to Yura Hisiragi.’

Even after marriage, he continued to prostitute himself. Even Hishiragi Yu knew that, but there was no feud at all.

‘I can’t believe there is such a woman… It’s amazing, it’s amazing.’

And what I additionally learned is that the avatar can use the skills I use. Avatar actively used the full recovery skill and enjoyed sex.

However, she did not use any hacking skills. It seems that I can’t use the skills I didn’t use in Yu-Gi.

‘This is useful information. Let’s remember’

Avatar died at the age of 55 from a double accident while lying on a bed with three young women.

Of course, he participated in the sports meet every year until his death. After the principal’s death, the son took over the principal’s position, and it was held every year.

‘It’s a much better end than being executed.’

After all, the avatar has had her sex life. I can say for sure. That’s a good life

[I saw the ending of the sex sports meet.]

[Couldn’t choose the world of sex sports meet.]

[The ending is saved and can be viewed again at any time.]

[You get 1 point as an ending bonus.]

[Sung Eugene
Level: 10
Strength: 5 Stamina: 8 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

[Available points: 16]

Currently I have 16 points available. I went straight to the random draw. I’m aiming for a crazy skill like hacking.

‘Life is one shot.’

However, I was at a loss for words after I had 3 booms in a row.

‘Puppy doll. Towels, boxer shorts… Fuck. Does this make sense?’

They were ordinary objects with no special abilities. I held my finger pointing to the random drawing with my other hand.

‘Random drawing is too gambling-like. Should I raise the level of the skill I have first?’

I was trying to make my full recovery skill level 2, but I hesitated. It took 5 points to raise one level. I gave up. To me now, each point was precious.

‘Uh? Raising the hacking skill level costs 1 point.’

After thinking about it, I raised the skill level of hacking.

[Hacking Lv.3
Electronic devices can be hacked. The more complex the electronic device, the shorter the hacking retention time. The electronic device you want to hack must be within a maximum of 30M. Multiple electronic devices can be hacked. However, the duration of hacking is greatly reduced.
Cooldown: 3 hours]

I raised it to level 3, but when I tried to raise it more than that, the required points increased to 3.

‘… I think I understand a little bit now.’

Depending on the skill type and level, the number of points required will vary.

After thinking about where to spend the remaining points, I decided to raise my stats.

[Sung Eugene
Level: 10
Strength: 5 Stamina: 8 Agility: 4 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

[Available points: 10]

‘Hunters have abilities, but they can’t leave out their physical abilities.’

[Sung Eugene
Level: 10
Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

Increased strength, stamina, and agility. I wanted to raise my stamina, but I held back. He’s not an idiot to the point of being full of stamina.

‘I don’t know how strong I am. I’ll try it later… Let’s pick out a game to play next.’

-My secretaries (movie)
-Sex Museum (AV)
-The sister next door’s secret hobby (movie)

It was these three that caught my attention.

My secretaries, my sister next door’s secret hobby was Korean erotic movies.

‘I don’t really like Korean pornography without actual penetration, but… If I go Into the Creations, the story will change.’

Sex Museum was Japanese porn. It was a provocative pornography about entering a sex museum and experiencing sex with women of all races.
What I noticed was that there were women of all races. It was very attractive to be able to fuck white, black, yellow, etc. Women.

‘I’m so worried. …… I do not know. Let’s choose later.’

I fell asleep while watching TV.


On my way to college, I found a place where all sorts of garbage, including furniture, was dumped.

‘Looks like he’s moving too.’

I tried to ignore it, but I noticed an abandoned radio. Part of the side was smashed.

‘… Shall we try hacking? I don’t know if it will happen.’

I thought there was a high possibility that it wouldn’t work because the concept wasn’t connected. But my expectations were wrong.

[Hacking succeeded.]

[You can hack the radio for 15 minutes.]

Succeded. There was obviously a wire missing, but the light on the radio came on. Even though it was obviously broken, I heard a song of good quality.

-Oh~ Sexy Lady~

With a stiff face, I turned off the radio and hurried my steps again.

‘No way… I’m sure you’ll be really successful This is a real fucking ability.’

I saw a black mid-size car parked next to it. As the level of hacking rises, multiple electronic devices can be hacked.

[Hacking succeeded.]

[You can hack a car for 1 minute.]


The hacked car starts.

Chin chin! I could also adjust the gears of the car to my liking.

The range of electronic devices that hacking skills refer to was wider than I thought.


The wheels of the car moved forward. I stopped the car right away. My purpose was to confirm my ability, I had no intention of stealing a car.

I turned the gear back to normal and turned off the engine.

‘This… I think you can hack bank ATMs too?’

I am the one who hacked the radio without an outlet. ATM cash machines will be able to succeed lightly.

‘It’s stupid.’

Let’s say you hack into an ATM and withdraw money. What next?

My hacking skills don’t last long. It is different for each electronic device, but if it is about ATM, it will be about 3 minutes. The important thing here is to hack the CCTV as well.

‘It sounds crazy.’

Not only is the ATM machine itself equipped with CCTV, but Korea is a country where CCTV is installed inside and outside the building. If you try to find it, it is common to see CCTV on the street. If you steal cash from an ATM by hacking, you will be immediately caught by the police. Since it’s a serious crime, the police will do everything they can.

‘Hacking skills must be used without being noticed. How should I use it?’

I went to school thinking about it.



“Uh. Hi.”

Entering the classroom, I bowed moderately and sat in the back seat. It was always my seat.

It’s a bit embarrassing for me to say this, but I was being considered in the department.

It’s a kind of sympathy.

Hunter wannabe. In other words, it means that you are not yet a Hunter, but an ordinary person.

In addition, the Hunter Special Act is very difficult and heavy, so Hunters are careful not to touch ordinary people. If a hunter without a back boat accidentally touched an ordinary person, the bell of life could ring splendidly.

However, there is a subtle contempt in their eyes as they look at me. This is not my delusion. Once upon a time, I overheard them having a conversation where they ignored me and laughed at me.

‘You can talk as much as you like. My ability is thousands of times better than yours.’

I sat there blankly, as always.

Other students are wearing rather unusual costumes. Wearing things like leather armor, coats, or gauntlets.

For the actual battle that will come someday, I wear the equipment on a regular basis and train. It was a bluff as an excuse. Newcomers who have just become hunters want to reveal that they are hunters in some way. It is to enjoy the envy of the general public.

‘… Fuck. I want to do that too.’

I felt out of place in the department because I couldn’t awaken my abilities. Not an outsider though. I know how to deal with people moderately.

“Five. Seong Yujin. Why did you come earlier than me?”

A man with grassy hair came and sat down next to me.

Oh Joon-Hyuk.

He is my classmate and my best friend in college.

“I slept soundly yesterday.”

“But my skin seems to have improved a bit. Where did the pimple marks go?”

“I got some management.”

I lied blatantly. It’s to the point where I wonder if I’m good at lying like this.

“Professor Park was a bit angry. You will hear one today.”

“It always happens.”

“Damn it.”

We giggled and exchanged meaningless jokes.

“Hey. Look at this. It’s my sister who ate yesterday. I struggled for two months to fuck this older sister.”

Oh Jun-hyeok held out his smartphone and showed me a picture of a naked woman. She was lying in bed, her head cut off, but her body exposed.

Her breasts are A-cup and she has a small scar on her waist. Her cunt hair was well-groomed, but her labia minora were discolored brown. Flipping through the picture, I saw a picture of her pussy with a used condom on it.

I almost burst into laughter involuntarily. This guy’s ejaculate is not even half as good as mine. And when you look at his cunt, he’s only slightly wet. It seemed that he had never had an orgasm.

“It looks like a rag.”

I wasn’t surprised. It’s been over a year since this guy showed me pictures of the girl he was having an affair with. After Oh Jun-hyeok became a hunter and a club jukdori, he took pictures of the women he ate. Seeing her openly filmed, she asked for forgiveness and filmed it.

The fact that I took pictures of Lea Kutomori and Yura Hisiragi’s pussy was largely influenced by this guy.

“Not that slut. She wasn’t kidding with this older sister. Even her moans are fucking hot.”

Oh Jun-hyeok was a guy who became a hunter to fuck women.

I didn’t really hate Oh Jun-hyeok. However, every time he boasted to me, I felt very sick to my stomach. Until then.

“Looking at the body, a face appears.”

“Hey. This older sister is flattering.”

“But why are your breasts so small? Didn’t you have the same taste for big breasts as I do?”

Come to think of it, most of the women he ate had small breasts. Even if the average breast size of Korean women is an A cup, it was a bit extreme. Among the pictures of women Oh Jun-hyeok showed me, I can count on one hand the memory of seeing a woman with a C cup or larger.

“Are you saying that? Of course, I also like women with big breasts. But a woman with big breasts has a lot of pride, so it’s hard to eat. After. Fuck. I’ve never had more than a D cup. Even if I was an E-rank hunter, I would have eaten them all.”

“A grade E or an F grade.”

I smiled and took out my smartphone. The pride that I have suffered in the meantime. Now let me do something too.

I went into the gallery and opened the picture.

It was Lea Kutomori. It was a picture right after the love affair was over, from the face to the body. Fully exposed. In addition, her large breasts and pussy are also exposed. From the vaginal opening to the flowing semen. It is perfect.

“Uh, uh, uh… ?!”

Oh Jun-hyeok was embarrassed but couldn’t take his eyes off him. It was only because she was superior to any woman Oh Jun-hyeok had ever had a relationship with. A body for a body, a face for a face. There was no shortage anywhere.


Oh Jun-hyeok’s neck belt moved.

“This, this woman, isn’t it Kutomori Lea? What. I wouldn’t take a picture of my grandmother. Did you take it? No. Is it synthetic?”

As expected, Oh Jun-hyeok immediately recognized Lea Kutomori.

“Does this look synthetic? This is a picture I took myself after picking and eating yesterday. And it’s not Leah Kutomori. He resembles someone.”

I showed all the pictures of Lea Kutomori. Oh Jun-hyeok couldn’t take his eyes off him.

Rea Kutomori’s cunt was overflowing with my semen, but she was lewd enough to not mind that. Losing her mind, her open-mouthed lewd expression and her voluptuous breasts hanging down her side. It makes me cringe even to watch it again.

“Seo, did you have sex with this woman yesterday?”

“Of course.”

“…… No. I can’t believe it.”

I admit that too.

What if Oh Joon-hyeok showed me a picture of Kutomori Lea and ate it out of the blue? Of course it would have been dismissed as bullshit.

“And there are women like this.”

I smiled and showed the photos I took at the end of the sports day.

“Uh… ? What, what Where did you get this picture from? Sexnet? Not really… There was no picture like this on sexnet.”


It is a historical illegal site and a personal adult broadcasting platform as a sex community. She is famous for her nopaku broadcasts that show even her pussy. However, you have to spend some money to watch the show.

As a poor, self-taught student, I didn’t have the money, so I didn’t enjoy sexnet even though I knew about it.

“It’s because I took the picture myself.”

They were pictures of women with their pussies exposed. Raise your skirt, lower your pants, and stick your butt out in a doubling position. It’s full of pussies in different postures. These are pictures from an angle that would never come out with a voyeur.

“Whoa, whoa…….”

Oh Jun-hyeok admired the last photo of Yura Hisiragi. A large dildo is embedded in her pink pussy, and it is wet with love juice. If you were a man, you couldn’t help but be proud.

“Oh, where did you download it from? Let’s share child.”

“Ana. That I really took do a search on the internet Because it’s a picture that never comes out. Look. I also took a video.”

I showed Oh Jun-hyeok a video of Yura.


The dildo moved violently in her pussy. A drop of love juice dripped down her white thigh. The video was short, about 30 seconds, but intense.

“Gee, is it real?”



Oh Jun-hyeok’s eyes at me were still full of distrust.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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