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Into the Creations 20

Into the Creations 20

Chapter 20 – 020. Vampire Detective

020. Vampire Detective

“What’s happening!”

Lee Mun-hyeon, head of the Black Cross Society in Korea, shouted at the executives gathered in the conference room.
When Lee Mun-hyeon, who was usually like the gentle uncle next door, vented his anger with a frown on his face, the conference room became quiet. The seven executives lowered their heads and avoided eye contact with Lee Mun-hyeon.

“Baek investigation department head!”
“… Yes. Chief.”

Baek Ji-wook, head of the investigation department, stepped forward.
The Korean Black Cross Society is divided into three departments. Support Department, Investigation Department, Combat Department. Baek Ji-wook was the top manager of the investigation department.
The Investigation Department investigates vampires. Find a vampire hiding somewhere, or investigate suspected cases caused by vampires.

“You tell me! What the hell is this all about!”

Baek Ji-wook held back his sigh. The atmosphere at headquarters was serious. You shouldn’t do anything to get caught.
He opened his mouth, recalling the incident that had happened two hours ago.

“…… Around 11:10 am today. The Headquarters commuter bus sped up and crashed into the Headquarters entrance. As for the damage situation, Hunter Park Ki-soo died, and Hunter Jo Joo-hyun was seriously injured and is still in a coma. The cause of the sudden acceleration of the bus is still under investigation….”
“… Baek Ji-wook, head of the investigation department. Warn you If you’re going to tell me to see something like that, just get out now!”
“… Sorry. Nothing is certain, but this case is confirmed as a terrorist attack by vampires and an investigation is underway. There were no people on the express bus. It seems that the vampire Jinzo used his psychic powers to terrorize the bus.”
“Now you are speaking properly. It’s up to you, the Investigation Department, to figure out who the real vampire is… What is Jinjo’s ability?”
“I am inferring it with telekinesis.”
“The power of telekinesis? Sounds funny! The bus didn’t fly, it ran! The wheel turned But what about telekinesis? Are you kidding me?”
“There is a possibility that the driving of the bus was precisely controlled with telekinesis.”
“Okay. Let it be. But the bus hit me at 300km/h. Do you think this makes sense?! The bus ran at KTX speed!”
“…… We will investigate thoroughly.”
“I will call in 80% of investigators from all over the country to find all the vampires hiding in Seoul.”
“Not enough. In addition, half of the hunters spread across the country were summoned. And search the nearby CCTV to find him.”

Hook, hook. Lee Mun-Hyun let out a rough breath. Perhaps because he had vented his anger once, his ghost-like face was relieved once.

“…… Combat chief.”
“Tell the hunters to be careful. Headquarters was openly raided, why not raid somewhere else? For the time being, act as a team of three.”
“All right.”
“How is Jo Joo-hyun?”
“Surgery is in progress. According to the doctor, the success rate of surgery is less than 30%.”
“…… I’ll have to pray to God Jo Joo-hyun escorts the hunters nearby. And the head of support.”
“Yes. Chief.”
“Contact the NIS and ask for help. This is a declaration of war from a vampire bastard to us, but from Korea’s point of view, we’ve been terrorized by vampires, so we’ll be proactive.”

Lee Moon-hyun jumped up from his seat.

“I’m going to the Blue House.”

He looked back fiercely at the gathered executives and said.

“… This raid is unprecedented in the history of the Korean Black Cross. You don’t have to tell me that it’s an emergency. Be sure to find him and kill him. What will Korea be like if we look funny to the vampires? I believe that you will understand even if you do not speak.”

Lee Moon-hyun came out.
Due to someone’s intervention that was not originally planned, fate began to turn differently.


Moon Ji-hyeok scratched his head at the traffic police officer in front of him.
Police Officer Yang Jung-min. She was very good-looking, with a neat hairstyle that came down to her collarbone, and she had been seeing her every day since he had entered. It was never intended. It was a coincidence. The problem is that the coincidences happen quite frequently, to the point where I’m worried that it’s not fate.

“Moon Ji-hyeok. Why do you keep following me? Are you a stalker?”
“I’m on the side of catching stalkers. I didn’t follow you, I came because of work.”
“For what?”
“The large express bus crash that happened today.”
“Why is that? Were you in charge of that case?”
“No. It’s not our business… Just. Something is strange. I watched the CCTV footage, isn’t it too fast for a sudden acceleration? It looks like there’s no one in the driver’s seat….”

It was famous on the Internet as a haunted bus. A ghost with a grudge against the company possessed and entered the bus. … Rumors are floating around.
It is a case that is attracting people’s attention because of this mystery.

‘… It’s ridiculous, but since vampires exist in this world, there’s a possibility that ghosts also exist. In addition, the atmosphere inside the police station is hushed up by this accident.’

Even though it happened in the jurisdiction of the police station to which he belongs, the police station was in the same atmosphere as usual.

“Well. That is… The head of the traffic department told me not to worry about this… We don’t know either.”
“Is that so….”

In the past, he would have listened to it once and moved on, since he was in another department anyway, but now he felt a sense of difference.

‘Maybe the government has known about vampires since ancient times. And… If this is the work of a vampire… ?’

Moon Ji-hyeok decided to take the time to personally investigate this incident carefully.

“All right. Then let’s go.”
“Wait. Eat this as you go. It’s delicious.”

Yang Jung-min came closer. At that moment, the woman’s dizzying flesh stung her nose, and she was startled.
“… Why are you like that? You don’t like green grape candy?”
“Oh, no. I will eat well. Thanks.”

Moon Ji-hyeok hurried away from Yang Jung-min.

‘…… You’re crazy. Looking at the nape of a woman’s neck and thinking it would be delicious… Do you feel like a real vampire? I have to go back to being a human soon.’

It was like a combination of sexual desire and appetite.
Mun Ji-hyeok, feeling embarrassed by the sudden desire, raised his hand and covered his face, then hurriedly lowered it feeling frightened.
A vampire’s body temperature is lower than that of a human.

‘It’s terrible.’


I entered Yook Sung-dong in the evening when it was starting to get dark. Located on the outskirts of Seoul, this place is often referred to as Daldongnae. And this place boasts the worst security among Daldongne.
Entertainment establishments are lined up one after another, and there are also illegal brothels that are secretly operated. And Yook Sung-dong is a place where many gangsters and ethnic Koreans live.

‘It’s a window…. Shall we go find it?’

However, he soon gave up on that idea. The entertainment establishments here were obviously of low quality. It won’t be any different than a window. If you visit a prostitute for no reason, you will only be disappointed and waste your time.

‘It’s better to go somewhere else at that time.’

I entered an alleyway and found a shabby pawn shop. It was a house full of junk, but the light blue gate was extremely rusted. The front door reads “Pawn shop” In red spray.
I pressed the doorbell next to it. An old man’s voice was heard along with a ding.

“…… Come in.”

Opened the door and entered. In the yard, there were all kinds of junk and a few container boxes. More like a junkyard than a pawnshop.
I walked to the shack, where it wouldn’t be strange if I collapsed right away. When I opened the door and entered, a better interior came in than I thought. Still, on the surface, there were quite good items on display, probably faithful to the pawnshop.

“Come. It’s here.”

There was an old man in his 60s sitting at a wooden table in front of him. He was short and full of wrinkles on his face, but his eyes were shaped.
I glanced at the two men standing on either side of Kang Uk-seong. The pale-faced men are glaring at me. Silently tell me not to do nonsense.
I walked over to the table and sat across from him.

“…… He was younger than I thought. How old are you?”
“21 years old. Money?”
“It’s under the table.”

He poked his head to the side of the table and looked down. There was a box containing a bunch of 50,000 won bills.

“As I said, 400 million. Where is the list?”

I put the backpack on my back on the table. I opened the zipper and poured out the inside. A USB sticked out along with several cannon bankbooks.

“I wash the things in my bank account, and the list is on the USB. Check it.”

Kang Wook-seong gestured to the man next to him, and the man inserted a USB into the laptop on the table and checked the data.
The roster is certain.
A total of 913 members belong to the Korean Black Cross Society. 174 of them are professional vampire hunters.
The roster contains personal information such as their names and residences, phone numbers and combat history.

‘…… Looking back, I think this is worth more than 3 billion.’

The lingering was immediately brushed off. If 3 billion was called, there was a possibility that Kang Wook-seong would not have responded to the deal.
After about 10 minutes, the vampire spoke to Kang Uk-seong.

“…… The roster is correct. It matches the information we have and is more accurate.”

Kang Uk-seong nodded his head.

“Take the money. The remaining 600 million will be ready in three days.”
“Five. Thank you.”

I started putting the money in my backpack one after another. To do this, I prepared a fairly sturdy backpack worth 200,000 won.

“How did you get this?”
“What would a hacker do? I got it by hacking.”
“… Do you think we didn’t try to hack? The Black Cross uses its own network in each country. Hacking is impossible unless you break into the building and search the computer.”
“There is always a way. You just don’t know.”
“How is that?”
“That is my base. Think for yourself. There are many possibilities. One of them… Did a traitor from the Black Cross team up with me?”

The money was exactly 400 million.
I unzipped my backpack and stood up.

‘Since I got the money, I should go to Yeonghyejeong. Let’s play properly this time.’

Laughter came out of nowhere.

‘Young Hye-jeong, go aaaaa!’

I hurriedly got ready to leave the house.

“Taker. Can I ask you something?”
“Uh. What?”
“Where are you going to spend the money so urgently?”

I grinned. I thought to myself that it was probably the best laugh of my life.

“To be king.”


“That human…. Not normal. Wouldn’t it be better to think about the future and kill them in advance?”

Kang Wook-seong was quietly troubled by the proposal of the vampire standing quietly next to him.
Admit that
I don’t know how, but I brought a list of the Black Cross. If that is possible with real hacking skills, even the vampire organization Kant is at risk of being hacked by him.

‘Fortunately, I’m not on good terms with the Black Cross.’

That means there is still a possibility of becoming a collaborator.
There are many humans who cooperate with Kantra even though they are not vampires. Man was a creature that could go hand in hand with a monster if it would benefit him.

“… No. Taker is not the enemy. More than anything, I covet the ability to kill. It would be okay to continue our business relationship.”
“I’ll put one behind me.”
“Stop tailing. Didn’t you notice the taker’s attitude towards us? He’s no ordinary guy. Even though he knew that this place could be a limb, he entered confidently. There must be something hidden and….”

Kang Wook-seong replayed the memories from before in his head.
Sung Yu-jin’s voice, way of speaking, expression, and eyes. Combining all of that, she comes to one conclusion.

“That’s crazy. They are not really afraid of us. I’ve seen some guys with similar eyes in the past.”
“…… What do you mean?”
“A guy with eyes like that can be divided into two types. Either a mad killer or a monster more than us.”

Kang Wook-seong swallowed his words behind his back. That guy’s eyes are like a boss.

“Know all the Black Cross guys on the list, and keep an eye on them from afar. Hunter, let your subordinates know so that they don’t mess with it.”

At that, the man frowned slightly as if he didn’t like it.

“Should we just leave the Hunters alone?”
“You need that much safety equipment to clear the beehive. Especially if it’s a wasp. Behind the Korean Black Cross Society is the government of the Republic of Korea. If we touch it clumsily, we become more dangerous. This is not Africa or South America. Be careful not to make hasty moves and mess things up.”

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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