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Into the Creations 21

Into the Creations 21

Chapter 21 – 021. Vampire Detective

021. Vampire Detective

“… Madam. I’ll put it inside.”

After breaking into the madam’s cunt, I slowly pulled back.
Currently, I am in Madame’s office. In other words, it was Yeong Hye-jeong’s office, and Madam was sitting on the desk with her legs apart.
The madam’s top was loose, revealing her breasts, and the tight skirt went up and hung over her lower abdomen. White semen drips down her hairy pussy.
Madame Kim Mi-ok said as she pulled out a tissue and thoroughly wiped her pussy. I stared blankly at the cleaning scene.

“So, what are the requirements?”

As I tilted my head, the madam let out a small sigh.

“You didn’t hear me right?”
“It’s because of Madam. Madame’s body was so erotic that I couldn’t concentrate.”
“…… Why do you say all that? I’ll wipe your cock, so come here.”

The madam touched my limp cock. With a gentle touch, she wiped the juice and semen from her prick. Needless to say, my cock got another erection in the process.
I watched as Madame looked at my cock and licked her lips quietly.
Raised pants. It’s nice to hang out with a madam, but this guy had a lot of work to do today.

“There is a camera installed in the special room number 6 that he entered. There are no cameras in the other rooms, so don’t misunderstand.”
“Ah. Camera. But why is that?”
“…… You only enter the special room number 6, right? Once you get used to it, you will notice the existence of the camera, of course…. I’d like to clarify before it becomes a problem. Of course, this is a secret. The only people who know about this are me, the head of security, and myself.”
“Oh yeah? Still, I’m going to go into special room number 6. Madame must still have a hard time believing me. So watch it on camera.”

The reason why I insist on special room number 6 is because of the camera. To hack and steal the video. To do that, I had to turn off the camera.

“… Is it a big fan, or is it a fetish like that?”
“Of course, it is an interpersonal badge. FYI, my fetish is a pretty girl fetish. Of course, the madam is also within my fetish range.”
“I’m worried because you only say nice things.”

The madam carefully arranged the loose top. It was an elegant gesture, but it was very fast. I learned that there is a realm in organizing clothes.

“Can you tell me what the requirements are now?”

I remembered. Before fucking her, I had casually told her that I had requirements instead of shutting up about the camera.

“… Uh. Are you using the room for free?”
“No. What do we eat I can give you a 10% discount though.”
“Ah. Then something else.”

I put on the black fishnet panties that the madam had taken off beside me. Because of her hair, black hair peeked out from between her panties.

“… There are 2 requirements. One is a madam masturbation video.”
“What… ?”
“A madam should know how it feels to be caught on camera. The face doesn’t have to show up, but the whole body has to show up to be recognized. And the pussy has to look good too.”
“… These are requirements beyond my imagination. Okay. I’ll give it a try.”

The madam grabbed the end of the tight skirt and pulled it down. The panties slowly start to disappear. I’m sure I’m wearing clothes, but I don’t know why I look so hot.

“Second is… You know I have room sex right? When you make your choice a little later, bring them to girls who can have room sex. Not the ones I played with last time, but the new ones.”

Madame’s power in entertainment establishments is not small. Above all, this is Yeong Hye-jung. It is not strange to say that Kim Mi-ok’s power is the king only here. If Madame actively helps, she will be able to play hotter than last time.

“Yes. That’s a bit Even if it looks like this, our Yeong Hye-jeong is outwardly prohibited from taking second rounds?”
“I can spend 100 million here today.”

I went up to Madame, grabbed her cheek, and kissed her.
I poked the tip of my tongue between my lips as if putting a key in a doorknob, and my lips naturally parted. The madam’s tongue came out to greet her. The two tongues played sticky in each other’s mouth.

“Please. Madam.”
“… Ha. Many of today’s reservations have been canceled… There are signs of a recession, so maybe it’s possible.”
“Yeong Hye-jung is in a recession?”

I asked with my eyes wide open. I couldn’t believe it.

“I think the Blue House told the politicians something today. Also, there are signs of a corruption scandal between members of the National Assembly and companies. That’s why customers naturally buy themselves.”
“… Ah.”

It feels like something I’ve done has been the starting point.
I pretended not to know anything and got away from Madam.


Entering the special room number 6, I put money from my backpack on the table. There are a total of 20 banknotes stacked one by one. 100 million I was going to spend all this money on tips only.

“… Stacking it up like this has little impact. That’s why it’s not enough to overpower the steamer.”

Wouldn’t it have had a better impact if 100 bills were piled up with bundles of 10,000 won bills?
I pondered for a moment, then looked at the large fruit bowl in front of the table. There were plenty of fruits like grapes, bananas and plums on top.
Concerned, I moved the fruits to another empty bowl and put the money in it. A money bowl full of 50,000 won was completed.

“Good. This.”

Put the bowl of money in front of me and tip as you like.


I have money. And if the economy is in recession, the ladies will be more active.
I waited for the time of choice with high expectations. Soon after, the door opened and the ladies entered, led by the madam.

“…… Come.”

I unknowingly shed an exclamation.
I already knew from experience that Yeong Hye-jeong’s hostesses were of high standards.
The top-notch celebrity-level beauty wears sexy clothes. He will come to Yeong Hye-jeong to see it.
But today, their clothes are even more stimulating.

There were clothes where the chest area was so hollow that the nipples could be seen, and there were also clothes where the ends of the panties were visible even though they were wearing skirts. Some were wearing silk lingerie, others were wearing just a shirt.
But the girl who caught my eye the most was the girl in the bunny girl outfit. Black leotard lingerie and a bunny ear hairband on her head. It was enough to stimulate my appetite.

“Ruler. Who are you going to play with today?”

Madame urged the choice.
I opened my mouth slightly when I saw the number of people entering. It was a group of 30 people. It’s not to the extent of a bunny girl, but everyone is wearing provocative clothes and looking at me. To be precise, my eyes are nailed to the bowl of money in front of me.

‘Perhaps rumors of me had spread. They play sloppy, but they give a lot of tips for that.’

That was my intention, and it worked. The sight in front of you is proof of that.

“Seven people.”

He said as he unbuttoned his first and second shirts.

“Today, I’m going to play dirty with only 7 people. I prepared 100 million for that.”

Of course you know that the end is sex. It’s not like the madam brought her without notifying her, and even if she doesn’t know, she’ll be able to read the atmosphere.

“So, if you came without determination, leave now. Madame and I will understand. Right?”

Madame smiled and nodded in agreement with me. Generous she waited for a minute and no woman left the room.
Choice has begun.
A brief introduction of them followed. I exercised the greatest concentration of my life.

“Great. Then let’s get started. Bunny girl first.”

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no reason not to choose a bunny girl. Big breasts and narrow waist. A toned buttocks and straight legs wrapped in black stockings. It stimulates men’s instincts without mercy.

“I am Noah. Please take good care of me.”

Noah came over like a model, waving her long brown hair, sitting to my right and crossing her legs. She inadvertently continued her choice, refraining from reaching her hand towards her.
She’s the girl this time she’ll sit to my left.

‘…… Shit. All 30 people are amazing! It’s hard to choose.’

After thinking about it, I chose a girl wearing only a white shirt and red T-shirt. It was a D-cup bust, but the nipples protruding above her shirt were the reason for the choice.

‘This… It’s harder than choosing between jjamppong and jjajang, fried and seasoning, and mom and dad.’

My cock was already erect just by looking at them. It’s not full-bodied, but it’s clearly a tent. It is hidden behind the table and is not visible from the front.


After checking my crotch, the bunny girl smiled and stroked my thigh. Good but a bit dangerous

‘Shit. Let’s quickly choose and start. And anyway tomorrow… No, he’ll come back the day after tomorrow.’

Time is gold
I quickly made my choice while repeating that famous quote that everyone knows.
7 people in total.
My stamina level is 15, so if you have sex while playing moderately, you can handle it. In addition, I also have a full recovery skill.

“Then. Have a good time.”

Madame left the room with the girls who were not chosen.
I looked around. Pretty girls with their own charms were looking at me intently.

“First of all, should we dance and sing? Or alcohol? Anything or a game?”

Dancing and singing raise the mood, and alcohol and games turn it into an obscene atmosphere. After that, we all become beasts. That was my plan Of course, there is a cheat key called money in the middle of this plan.

“Let’s start with the game. I heard you play the game very hot?”

Bunny girl Noah said. Her eyes were on the money bowl. It seems that you already know all about the king game I played in the room before.

“Great. Then let’s play a penalty game this time.”
“A penalty game?”

The shirt girl sitting next to her, Se-Ri, asked back as if she didn’t know.

“Everyone draws lots by writing penalties on paper. If you succeed in the penalty written on the paper you draw, you will receive a prize, and if you fail or give up, there will be no sanctions. By the way, the stronger the penalty, the bigger the prize money will be. Of course, that decision is mine.”

I said with a sly smile. After doing this, I plan to move on to the king game.
The girls looked at each other. It didn’t matter whether they competed with each other or competed with each other. If the severity of the penalty is low, no money can be given, and if the penalty is severe, money can be given.
Money can do everything here.

“It’s good~. I’ll bring the paper.”

The lady at the far end of the room walked out of the room and she returned in less than a minute. Paper, pen and lottery box are in his hands.

“Then let’s begin. Lose while covering the penalty. It’s no fun if you know in advance.”

I gave myself one minute to write down the penalty, wrote the penalty I had thought of in advance on a piece of paper, and put it in the lottery box.

〉 Sexy Pose

‘This should be enough.’

If you just use something like fellatio from the beginning without a build-up, the atmosphere will only get worse.

“Ruler. Then turn turn.”

I grabbed the box, shook it moderately, and handed the box to the woman sitting on the far left.

“You have to pull it out as soon as you put it in. Otherwise it is invalid.”

The pseudonym she uses in Yeong Hye-jung is ‘Hara’.
She has dyed her bobbed hair blonde and is wearing a see-through red negligee. Her belly button and red panties were exposed.
Her face was that of a fox, and when she smiled, her eyes curved like crescent moons, giving off her charm.


After confirming her punishment, she frowned and pondered.

“Are you giving up? There is no need to overdo it.”

It wasn’t me, but the lady sitting next to Hara said to Hara.

“No. You can do it.”

Hara glanced at the bowl of money in front of me and stood up from her seat. She and she came to me. Only then did I see the contents of the penalty paper in her hand.

〉 Deep kiss. 1 minute.

‘…… Under.’

It is a penalty that is several times higher than the penalty I wrote.
I was sure The 7 babes here are competing with each other. Of course, the goal is the money bowl in front of me.

‘Good. This.’

Things went well for me.
Hara came to my side and then stopped. I saw the tent between my groins. I was sorry but I couldn’t help it. The bunny girl sitting next to me gently stroked my thigh until just now, but if there’s no response, that’s a eunuch.

‘Are you going to give up?’

It wasn’t. Again, she sat on my right thigh. Her thighs pushed my cock aside. My cock pressed against her thighs in protest, but her thighs shamelessly refused to leave.

“Brother. Please open your mouth.”

When I opened my mouth slightly, her cold hands gripped my cheeks.
Kissed her Her tongue sticks out.


Hara’s upper body fell on me. Her firm breasts pressed against my chest. She sucked my tongue, making a noise on her side, as if showing off to the women around her.

“For a moment! One minute passed!”
“Sorry. Your tongue was delicious.”

Hara touched my cock as if it were a mistake and stood up.

“How much is the prize money?”
“3… 300,000 won.”

I said, wiping the saliva running down my chin with my thumb. It was Hara’s spit, not mine.

“Yes. I’ll take it.”

The money left in the money bowl was now 99.7 million won, not 100 million.
The ladies lit double wicks in their eyes when they saw Hara taking the money.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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