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Into the Creations 19

Into the Creations 19

Chapter 19 – 019. Vampire Detective

019. Vampire Detective

After entering the game of ‘Vampire Detective’, I sat in front of the computer and turned on the messenger.
Genius hacker Kang Yoo-jin deals with customers through a dedicated messenger chat that is safe from the risk of hacking.

‘Kang Yu-jin has been passive in the meantime. He never talks to a customer first, except when he’s trying to get a new customer, and he only accepts a deal when a customer contacts him first.’

Yujin Kang was cautious.
He mainly sold information, but he did not accept commissions that seemed risky. Even if she sold information, she sold it at a fairly cheap price. If the price is high, I was worried that customers would have a grudge, so I avoided it as much as possible.
The customer Kang Yoo-jin had the most trouble with was Mun Ji-hyeok. Looking at the chat log, she responded roughly to other customers, while she treated Moon Ji-hyeok kindly, even using honorifics.

‘Because he’s a detective. I’m afraid.’

She even sold information worth more than 1 million won for just 300,000 won.
I clicked my tongue.

‘A sick bastard. What if you are a genius hacker? I was scared.’

I sent a chat to one of my clients, reporter Sungwoon Han.

Taker – I have good information, but don’t you want to buy it?

After about 5 minutes, Han Sung-woon sent a call. For reference, ‘T Messenger’, created by Yujin Kang, could also be installed as an application.
Han Sung-woon was the son of the chairman of the Hankook Ilbo, a famous newspaper in Korea. He is now working on a track record to take over the chairmanship as editor-in-chief.

Han Sung-woon – … This is my first time contacting you.
Taker – Won’t you buy it?
Han Sungwoon – It seems that the tone of voice has also changed. Are you someone else?
Taker – I’m in need of money. Won’t you live?

The reply didn’t come right away. It seemed that he was taken aback by how Taker had changed from before. I waited.

‘It’s a customer I’ll pay for, but it’s only for a few minutes.’

Han Sung-woon – The information about Taker has been clear until now.
Han Sungwoon – Let’s listen to it once. What information?
Han Seong-woon – By the way, you won’t be able to satisfy me with tolerable information.
Taker – Conflict between a member of the National Assembly and the Japanese Senate. How is it?
Han Sung-woon – …… You suddenly came with something huge. But that alone isn’t enough.
Han Sung-woon – The important thing is what conversations they had.
Taker – Economy. Congressman got paid.

I sent a brief reply.
Currently, economic relations between Korea and Japan are at their worst. In South Korea, a boycott campaign against Japan is underway nationwide, and Japan is stepping out in a way that it is second to none.
In this situation, this information is of great value.
There was no way that Han Sungwoon was unaware of this. And the Hankook Ilbo is big enough to handle this.

Han Sungwoon – Good. Thank you
Taker – 200 million.
Han Sung-woon – …… Too expensive. Excellent information, but I don’t think it’s worth that much.
Taker – I have solid evidence. If it was the Hankook Ilbo, it would be possible to make a deal with a member of the National Assembly or get more than double the profit no matter what you do.
Taker – A congressman’s betrayal. If this is known, Member of Parliament. And considering the damage the party will suffer, 200 million is too cheap.
Taker – There are also three Korean companies in there.
Taker – I’m in a hurry, so I’m giving it cheap.

200 million is really cheap.
As soon as this information becomes known to the public, Korea will be excited. One method is to threaten lawmakers or companies with this information.

‘I don’t need to forcefully raise money like that, so I’m just selling it cheap.’

To do so, it takes at least a week to a maximum of several months.
That time is too precious to me. Moon Ji-hyeok would have already become a vampire. He has no time to be playing money.

Han Sung-woon – … Okay. Can I deposit money into the account I told you before?
Taker – no. Another account. I’ll let you know. The deposit is 100 million. Deposit in installments.

Some time has passed.

Han Sungwoon – I deposited money.
Taker – I’ll send the materials by e-mail. I’m sure there are a few pictures. Check and deposit ok?

A reply came after 10 minutes.

Han Sungwoon – I also deposited the rest. But how do you get this information?
Taker – Secret. Effort.

How do hackers get information? Of course it was hacked. For reference, this is NIS information.

‘Well, Yujin Kang is really good at hacking large American companies. The US government didn’t touch it.’

The reason Kang Yoo-jin hacked the NIS was simple. She just belittled She was confident that she would not take even hacking.
I have also contacted other customers.
He didn’t ask for billions of money like Han Sung-woon. Han Sung-woon, the successor of Hankook Ilbo, is special. In the case of other customers, they asked for at least 3 million won and several tens of thousands of won.
I wasn’t just dealing with customers here. The information material I had could have been used in other ways as well.
I opened the computer drawer. There were more than 10 cannon phones.
For one of them, I texted someone.

Taker – Yo! Popular professional baseball player Kim Chu-young!
Taker – I’m Johnson.
Taker – Don’t chew text if you don’t want to find out.

I sent him a picture I had scraped together from the dark web. These are brutal photos that make the viewer feel sick.
After a minute or so, a reply came.

Kim Chu-young – I don’t know who it is. You’re having a lot of fun. I will file a complaint with the police.
Taker – You sounded like a sue and fell asleep.
Taker – Accused ㄱㄱ? This drug addict is a baby.

There was no reply. Kim Chu-young must have been embarrassed. One of Korea’s best professional baseball players, he actually maintains his position on drugs.
I sent pictures without stopping. This is a photo of Nade, a white English instructor from the United States. Kim Chu-yeong bought drugs from this guy.

Taker – But you also had an affair? Isn’t it a little strange that the target of the affair is the wife of a fellow player?
Taker – wife’s phone number starts with 9598, right?
Kim Chu-young – What do you want?
Taker – It’s money. If you deposit 3,000 into this account, nothing will happen.
Kim Chu-young – How can I trust you?
Taker – Believe it or not. But you make a lot of money Do you want to go on an adventure with only 3,000?
Taker – You seem to be worried. I’ll relieve you of that worry.
Taker – Text your wife.

Really sent The content is, ‘Aren’t you managing your husband properly, bitch?’. The content was written and sent without thinking, I swear.

Kim Chu-young – Please don’t touch my wife.
Kim Chu-young – I will deposit the money.
Kim Chu-young – Please, please do not contact me.
Taker – ㅇㅇ ㅅㅇ

I collected a total of 300 million by doing this shit for 5 hours. Kang Yoo-jin earned the money he had carefully earned over several years in just five hours.

“Actually, I was careful too.”

Kang Yoo-jin’s computer is dormant with so much corruption information that it is difficult to use. I used my brain as much as I could to select this information and only used those that were likely to be harmless.

“Still, 300 million is not enough. You should have 1 billion.”

I thought about it and reached for the keyboard again. The person to be dealt with this time is a rather dangerous guy from the original work.

Taker – heh heh heh
Taker – I know it’s a bit late, but answer me.
Taker – I’m in a hurry
Taker – urgent
Taker – in a hurry
Taker – Class
Taker – ah
Taker – ah
Taker – ah
Kang Wook-seong – Who are you?

The answer finally came.
Kang Uk-seong is a broker who mainly deals with money laundering.
I know his secret. Kang Wook-seong is a false identity. He is a British expatriate and a vampire.
He is a member of ‘Kantra’, a secret European vampire organization.

Taker – It’s me.
Kang Wook-seong – Taker doesn’t say that. Did you kill Taker?
Taker – Killed. I’m a taker.
Taker – This is my original personality.
Taker – The reason I’ve been shy all this time is because I don’t know you well.
Kang Wook-seong – Then you say you know me well?
Taker – Vampire. Uk. Cantra. Or what, call me Jay? Or Jayden?

Jay was a nickname and Jayden was his real name.

Kang Wook-seong – How did you know?

Kang Wook-seong was calm. His attitude was reflected in his age. I grinned. It was better if the opponent was calm. I will offer him a deal.

Taker – You haven’t forgotten my nickname, have you?
Taker – More to the point.
Taker – I want you to wash 300 million won.
Kang Wook-seong – 300 million? Too big. It’s kind of like talking in a chat like this.
Kang Uk-seong – It takes three weeks to do laundry the way you did.

Kang Yoo-jin, who is safety-first, would of course reply that it was okay, but I wasn’t.

Taker – I’ll visit you tomorrow evening. It’s a pawnshop in an alley in Yook Sung-dong, right?
Kang Wook-seong – You said you were coming in person? You? Besides, you know that I’m a vampire, but you’re coming?
Taker – I’m not going to fight, so what?
Taker – Money is urgent. And there is also information worth 700 million won. Do you want to buy it? Cash, of course.
Kang Wook-seong – The conversation is too fast. I don’t understand.
Taker – No big deal. Just making a deal
Taker – A roster of Korean Black Cross vampire hunters.
Taker – Would this be worth 700 million won?

The Black Cross is an organization of vampire hunters, the greatest enemies of vampires. The reason why Kang Uk-seong acts as a broker in Korea is to find out the surveillance and information of Korean vampire hunters.

Wookseong Kang – Are you talking about the whole of Korea, not just Seoul?
Taker – ㅇㅇ
Kang Wook-seong – Then I want to buy it even if I give 1 billion won. If your information is real.
Taker – It’s real. Check it out tomorrow Oh, prepare 1 billion in cash. Excluding money laundering fees. Is this tidying service possible?
Kang Wook-seong – It is difficult to prepare 1 billion immediately.
Taker – How much do you have?
Kang Wook-seong – 400 million won. The remaining 600 million will require about 3 days.
Taker – Then 400 million first.
Kang Wook-seong – Got it.
Kang Wook-seong – It’s just a case where the information is certain. Otherwise you die
Taker – I’ll live because I’m sure.

I turned messenger off.
In fact, there was no list of Korean Black Cross vampire hunters on Kang Yu-jin’s computer. Had to go get it tomorrow.
I closed my eyes and checked the plan.
No, there was no such thing as a plan. I think it’s something that takes less than 5 minutes.

‘…… Shall we call a call girl?’

I sincerely thought so, but I endured it.


Next day.
I headed to Apgujeong. The Korean Black Cross headquarters is located here.


I found it without difficulty. Because I knew the location and shape of the building while watching the drama.
It was a 10-story building. There is a guard near the entrance, and you need a card key to get inside. From the outside, it is a regular company with strict security.
A large express bus was parked opposite the building. It will be a commuter bus.
I looked up at the building openly from the front gate and picked up a cannon smartphone. I can feel the guards watching me.

‘The height of the building does not exceed 30 m. Well, it doesn’t matter if I cross it.’

[Hacking succeeded.]
[You can hack Seojin Kim’s computer for 3 minutes.]

Roughly, I hacked into any computer in the building and broke into the network dedicated to the Black Cross.

‘Found. A list of Korean Black Cross members.’

A total of 913 people. 174 of them are vampire hunters, combatants who risk their lives against vampires.

‘It’s easy.’

While looking at my smartphone, I headed to the hamburger shop right next door.


I bumped into someone on the shoulder while walking down the street. When I took my eyes off the smartphone and raised my head, I saw a man with a frown and a man next to him who seemed to be in a group.
I figured out who they were at once.
They are Vampire Hunter Park Ki-joo and Jo Joo-hyun.

“Oh write. It’s bad manners to look at your phone on the street. Let’s be careful. Yes?”

Park Ki-joo said badly.
I snorted at them and said.

“Be careful with them.”

I ignored them and headed to the burger joint.

“Giju. Stop. You know we’re busy, right?”
“You have time to teach that bastard some manners.”
“No. Do you want to write poetry again? The atmosphere at the headquarters is not good these days because of the mosquitoes. Do you want to buy it too?”
“Ah. Okay. Got it.”

I was about to open the door of the hamburger shop.

[Hacking succeeded.]
[You can hack a large express bus for 15 seconds.]

Boaaaaang! Wow!

Suddenly, a large express bus parked opposite the building suddenly accelerated, broke through the glass door at the building entrance, and crashed inside.
I glanced towards the building.
Park Ki-joo was hit head-on. The body is nowhere to be seen, but blood drips down the floor.
Jo Joo-hyun was wrong. Even so, it wasn’t all right. Even with quick first aid, the injury is serious enough to leave him crippled.

‘Be careful.’

For now, it was beneficial just to deal with the persistent Park Ki-joo. Park Ki-joo was one of the vampire hunters who harassed Moon Ji-hyeok until the end. And he’s a guy who’s very likely to hinder me in the future.
One of the biggest blockers has just disappeared.
This brought me closer to my true purpose, the ‘Orb of Life’.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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