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Into the Creations 18

Into the Creations 18

Chapter 18 – 018. Vampire Detective

018. Vampire Detective

[No potential]

“Dog fuck!”
“Shut up!”

When I inadvertently shouted, the man next door shouted at me. He thought about going in and hitting him, but gave up. This is reality.

‘Bastard, don’t hack again later. I’ll destroy the family this time.’

Back to potential.
I decided to think positively about this.

‘Actually, all of my potential was a playful life app.’

You can acquire skills and raise your abilities by using the Play Life app. Didn’t it get bigger? In a way, the play life app was the ability to give potential.

‘Because I have a game life app. What about the potential…. Fuck.’

Still, isn’t it a bit lacking in potential?
Some might call me a greedy bastard, but human greed knows no bounds. What you already have is natural, and what you don’t have is what you want.

‘Ah. Human.’

Click Manage Apps.
Now it’s time to see what the Avatar bastard is making money.
The ‘Vampire Detective’ Yu-hee’s pause was released and the automatic progression started.
As soon as Avatar saw the paper in front of the monitor, he smiled and crumpled it up and threw it in the trash.

-Ah. I want to go to Yeonghyejeong again. But I have no money and work is annoying…. Should I call a call girl for 300,000 won?

Avatar started searching the Internet for Seoul call girls by remotely controlling the computer using hacking skills. Seriously, it’s an intention to call a call girl.

“… Okay. Avatar imitates my actions.”

I hit pause before the avatar called the call girl.

“I’ll think about money later, and this time I’ll have to watch Vampire Detective again from the beginning.”

I watched it live when Vampire Detective aired last year. I remember the big plot, but I couldn’t remember the detailed setting or story at all.
I plan to collect information by watching the drama again from the beginning.

“You can easily know the future information, of course you should use it.”

I started focusing on drama.
To be honest, the drama wasn’t very interesting. In the past, I watched live broadcasts several times and enjoyed watching them. It was boring right now.
I felt Yeo-ju before, but even now I see her as unattractive. Although the actress Kim Jung-mi, who plays Yeo-ju, has small breasts, she is quite attractive in other roles.

‘Is it because she’s a typical female lead?’

Then, a familiar face appeared in the drama.

“Wow…. Hyejin Shin. Just looking at her face reminds me of her tits and pussy. The areola was a little big… What kind of areola is the real Shin Hye-jin?”

I was curious to the point of going crazy.
If possible, I’d like to drop it now and check it out.

“Ojihe! I have a mole in my asshole on my shaved pussy!”

Of course, it is a story in Yu-hee.

“Nayeon! Inverted nipples! Nipples come out when excited!”

Actor Na-yeon was a married woman with her child. She remembers having hair near her anus as well. She said that a top-notch actress in the drama world is hairy… Is it real?
Young Hye-jeong’s madam, Kim Mi-ok, appeared. I searched on the internet and found out the name of the actress.
Her real name is Yoon Kyung-ju. She is 48 years old.

“Wow. That her face says she’s 48 this year? It’s crazy. Aren’t you a vampire?”

Yoon Kyung-joo didn’t have ass hair like Na-yeon, but her pussy had more hair than Na-yeon’s.
If you search the internet, you will see that she is wearing only a long skirt or pants that do not expose her legs. She is evaluated as being chaste because she always wears only clothes that are less revealing.
The only time she wore a lot of revealing clothes was at the year-end awards ceremony, and her back was all exposed.
With this, we cannot be certain that the body of the actress in real life and the body of the character in the game are exactly the same.
What if it was the same pussy as the real actress?

‘…… Let’s look at the creations of idols as a group. This must be the entertainment side. But does variety entertainment also go into creative work? Will you come in? Will go in What if it’s a music video….’

I didn’t stop watching the drama.

“Uh, he….”

What I saw was a lady who works for Yoon Hye-jeong. It was an extra that passed by. To be precise, she is the woman who sucked my cock in the kings game. There was a mole under her left nipple and a large clitoris.

“And he….”

This is the woman who jumped on top of my cock in the game of kings and shook my back 50 times. There was a small burn mark in the shape of a butterfly on the inside of her thigh.
From then on, I straightened my back and started focusing on the drama.
Drama isn’t just about famous actresses. Apart from the main cast, minor roles, extras, and cameos appear. Among them, there are few who have outstanding beauty, but it is something you do not know. I memorized them.

‘Let’s memorize it. Except… For a moment. Come to think of it, you got Shin Hye-jin’s number in the world of play.’

Maybe Shin Hye-jin in real life is also this number?
As soon as the thought reached her, she impulsively picked up her smartphone and made a call.
With a beep and a rattle, someone answered the phone.


It was a male voice. I was acutely disappointed.

“Shin Hye-jin, isn’t it your phone?
“I got it wrong. Sorry.”

After hanging up the phone, I sighed. Maybe Shin Hye-jin’s and Hera’s pussies are completely different. It was something I couldn’t even imagine.

‘No, wait.’

Suddenly, one more thought came to my mind.

‘An actress doesn’t just film one project.’

In the case of an actress with a fairly popular main role, it was not strange to film 4-5 works in a year. She may have a break, but one work a year is too few.
I watched dramas and movies where Shin Hye-jin appeared on the Internet. She did more drama than I thought. Among them, there are only two films, and all of them are minor roles.
Open the Play Life app and quickly scan through the list of playable creations.

‘What if Shin Hye-jin’s pussy in the other play world looked the same as Hera’s?’

It can’t be a coincidence. No, I’m going to be a person who doesn’t believe in coincidences from now on.
Hyejin Shin… No, in order to check other actresses’ pussies, I was planning to enter the world of play and immediately go and rape them and get out.
But I wasn’t in the watermelon to hang my head down and despair gloomily. Among the creations that could be selected, there were no creations that Shin Hye-jin and other actresses participated in, except for the vampire detective. Not even one.


I let out another heavy sigh and decided to focus on watching the drama in silence.


“Ah! Brother! Seriously, I’m going crazy these days!”
It was a voice from next door.
I was about to shout that I was too noisy, but I remembered that the guy next door was in the worst situation and stopped the drama. I went over to the wall and leaned against it, trying my best to listen.

“… No. That photo was taken by me…. It wasn’t me who posted it on KakaoTalk! Not even drunk! What kind of idiot invites all the girls to chat and uploads pictures like that?! It’s because you’ve been hacked!”


I hurriedly fell off the wall. Laughter spills from the stomach. I covered my mouth with my hand.
I got a sense of what the situation was.

“I was going to report it to the Cyber ​​Investigation Unit! Did it! But if Noah Young reports to the cyber police, she’ll be damned that she’s reporting herself too!”

If it was Noah Young, she was the woman who was photographed naked by the man next door.

‘It would be embarrassing to report naked pictures to the police. I bet most of the other women in the picture do too.’

To be stupid
I laughed at him
If I had paid more attention to noise pollution, this wouldn’t have happened.

“Brother! I can work You know what I’m good at. I will make sure this doesn’t happen in the future. I’ll keep quiet. And it’s hard to find someone with a mask like me. Yes?”

Apparently, the older brother is the boss at work. And the guy next door will be told, ‘Don’t come to the club tomorrow.

“Brother! Please! We’ve known each other for five years!”

I started leaning on Jung.

“Oh, fuck. That’s not what I did! I was hacked!!”

Get angry

“… Please. It’s my fault. Please. I want to continue working there. Huh? I don’t have any money saved up….”


“…… Okay.”

I gave up.

“Sir baaaaal!”

Screamed And I also screamed.

“…… What is this baby ?! You want to die?!”

The man next door got angry.
Well, I understand. I must have been annoyed with the situation. I also want to release my anger. But you can’t hurt someone you don’t know.

“You’re the one I want to follow!”
“This bastard! Come out!”
“You don’t think you can go out!”

Naked, I put on my pants and went out the door without hesitation.
I am an aspiring hunter. Hunters try not to cause friction with ordinary people because of the Hunter Act to protect ordinary people, but I am not a formal Hunter yet. Officially, he is not a Hunter, but an ordinary person.

Jump! Jump!

We came out at about the same time, and I burst out laughing.
The man next door had a handsome face, but his body was insignificant. He was about 5 cm shorter than me. For reference, my body is moderately muscular.
The man next door, who met my eyes, seemed to be good at controlling his anger in an instant, and his face hardened with tension.
I sighed and laughed at him.

“Fuck. I can hear everything from next door. If you’re going to make a call, do it outside. If I hear your fucking voice one more time, I’ll go find it and kill it. Did you understand?”
“Ah…. Yes. Sin, sorry.”

I slam the door again.
A deep smile was drawn on my lips. I was quite satisfied because I knew today that the situation of the man next door was not as good as I thought.

‘I won’t let you ruin the family.’

It seems that half of my life has already been ruined.


Late night.
Moon Ji-hyeok, the main character of the drama, Vampire Detective, was working undercover.
He quietly lowered himself in the dark car and watched a house. His partner briefly headed to the sauna. Mun Ji-hyeok wanted him to buy at least something simple to eat when he returned.

“…… When is he moving?”

The suspect he is monitoring is a man in his 30s who is suspected of murder. He fled after shoving and killing a woman in her 30s in a nightclub’s bathroom.
Circumstantial certainty. What matters is hard evidence. If that is certain, a warrant will be issued.


Moon Ji-hyeok glanced at the rearview mirror. In the rearview mirror, a rather handsome man is staring at me with a melancholy expression.
Exceptionally lifeless and pale skin.
He opened his mouth slightly. It has pointed fangs. It is so sharp that it is hard to see it as a human being.

‘Vampire. Vampire….’

The other day, he encountered a vampire in an alley, and his fangs stuck in his neck and he almost sucked his blood to death. If the car hadn’t passed just in time, if the frightened vampire hadn’t run away, he would surely have died.
He somehow lived off a vampire, and his body became a vampire. It was a secret I couldn’t tell anyone.

‘Vampires really exist….’

He’s naturally a vampire, and he’s done some research. He also tested his own body.
Reality was a bit different from the fictional vampires.
You can move during the day, but your body feels heavy and weak. During the day, it was below average human physical ability.
On the other hand, at night, their physical abilities rise to such an extent that it would be rude to compare them with humans.
He was startled when he jumped in place. He simply jumped up to a height of almost 1M or more without help. He could have reached 2M if he focused properly.

‘I can eat food, and I can sleep at night. Except for the pointy fangs and pale skin, there is no visible change.’

There was still no desire to suck blood. I saw a cross, but what is that? I just think garlic? I had garlic chicken for dinner a few hours ago.

‘I hate to admit it, but the body of a vampire is outstanding.’

It’s only hard during the day, but at night it flies all over. I think I can deal with about 5-7 humans with ease. Unless, of course, those people didn’t have guns.

‘Still, I don’t want to become a monster.’

But in the end, vampires are monsters. A monster that sucks human blood. And Moon Ji-hyeok was a detective.

‘There must be a way to return to being human. So once… I need information about vampires. I have to catch the bastard who turned me into a vampire.’

The problem is, we don’t know where the bastard is, and most people don’t think vampires exist. It is not easy to investigate.

‘…… Should I ask Taker?’

He is a hacker that he became aware of while investigating a scammer a year ago.
As a detective, Mun Ji-hyeok wondered if he should catch this hacker as well. However, it was not his job to catch hackers. He was roughly going to turn it over to the relevant department… He learned that hackers are excellent intelligence dealers.
Hackers traded all sorts of information for money. Moon Ji-hyeok sold high-quality information that can only be obtained by running around until the soles of his feet sweat for several days for only 300,000 won.
So I changed my mind. She knows how great the power of information is, so she chooses to make a deal with the hackers.

‘If you are Taker, you must know about vampires… I don’t know what to call this information. 50 million won… ?’

It was an amount that could not be easily used by the common people, so his thoughts deepened a little.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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