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Into the Creations 17

Into the Creations 17

Chapter 17 – 017. Vampire Detective

017. Vampire Detective

It was the day Seong Yu-jin visited Tenpro, which she had found through her illegal website.
SW Room.
Kim Jin-cheol, the manager of Gangnam’s famous tempro, clicked his tongue slightly when he saw Seong Yu-jin approaching him.
SW Room does not accept any new customers. The manager meets first and judges the person. Because of this process, SW Room was able to maintain its title as a top-notch entertainment establishment.
In fact, most of the guests who visited the SW room were those with high positions in society.

‘What. That guy Why is the suit so messed up? Do you have any money?’

Sung Eugene had just come out of the sauna. He didn’t care much about his crumpled suit. I would take it off anyway. What are you bothering to do? He prioritized physical cleanliness over clothing.

“Uh…. Mr. Oh Moo-han?”

Oh Moo-han was a pseudonym Kim Jin-cheol used externally. In the SW Room, even prostitution is possible, so you have to be careful in everything.

“Yes. It’s ohmuhan. Seong Yujin… Are you?”
“Yes. I want to go to the SW room. I have prepared 20 million won in cash here.”

Seong Yu-jin took out a bundle of bills from her arms. That’s definitely a lot of money. However, from Kim Jin-cheol’s point of view, it was full of suspicious things.
First of all, he came alone.
The SW room is accepted as a guest if it is judged that there is no problem even for ordinary people. However, he never comes alone. Two are rare, and groups of three or more are rarely found.

‘… What. Why did you come alone? Are you a reporter?’

Second is the atmosphere. SW guests almost bleed two kinds of atmosphere. Arrogant or anxious. However, Sung Yu-jin was neither of those things. It was the first kind that Kim Jin-cheol faced.
The third is very young. He only looks like a college student. The age of guests visiting the SW room is at least 30 years old.
Fourth, there is no car. The fifth carries a wad of money in his pocket casually.

‘…… Did you come to commit suicide after playing around today?’

It’s a ridiculously leapfrog idea, but with this floor, things beyond the original imagination sometimes happen.

“This is Sung Yujin. Are your friends somewhere else?”
“I came alone.”

She replies as if she is going to die of annoyance.
In response, Kim Jin-cheol decided.

“It is difficult. Our SW room does not accept single guests.”

Jincheol Kim flinched. Sung Yu-jin’s eyes changed in an instant. Her eyes, which contained her annoyance, were nowhere to be found and were sharp as if they would kill a person.

‘This, this is dangerous!’

Kim Jin-cheol slipped away, reaching his hand behind him and clenching his fist. He sent an autograph to a bodyguard hiding nearby.

“Don’t you accept single guests? Can’t you see the money in my hand? Why are you talking like that now? Bring the boss, son of a bitch.”

Seong Yu-jin said with her annoyance.

Haha. Just calm down….”

At that time, the bodyguard Kim Jin-cheol was waiting for appeared on one side.

“Ha, fuck. The kid who didn’t even know where this place was and didn’t even have blood on his head….”

Simply put, he was a gangster. Kakdugi hair, a formidable impression, and an open suit.

“What else?”

Seong Yu-jin frowned and looked at her gangster.
The gangster flinched. Then, she bent her waist at 90 degrees toward Seong Yu-jin.

“Sorry, brother! I didn’t see well! It was dark, so I couldn’t see him very well!”
“…… Older brother?”

Seong Yu-jin muttered incredulously. He thought to himself. Genius hacker. It is true that he was doing illegal things, but he was not a gangster.

“Yes, brother. I heard about you from the upper level!”
“…… Are you Director Park Chan-sung? Tsk. Done Don’t call me brother.”
“So, what do you call it?”
“Don’t call me, bitch.”

Cold sweat broke out on Kim Jin-cheol’s face.
A gangster is a member of the Toseong faction, which has Seoul as its territory.
A proud man from the best organization in Korea, he folded his back as soon as he saw the man’s face.

‘My, what have I done?’

I thought he was a weird guy, but his opponent is a big man who even a gangster can bend his back! He racked his brains over how to get out of this situation.

“Therefore. When is the boss coming?”
“Sin, sorry! I misunderstood the person! Please forgive me!”

Kim Jin-chul just fell to his knees. If he bowed, he had the confidence to bow.

“…… Under.”

Seong Yu-jin looked at him and let out a sigh as if she was dumbfounded and asked Kim Jin-cheol.

“…… Oh Muhan Mr. Where is the SW room?”
“It is a building with a red car. This time I committed a very big disrespect….”
“It’s done. I go first.”

Seong Yu-jin walked towards the building where the SW room was located. Kim Jin-chul quietly got up from his seat only after confirming that he had entered the building. Then he looked at the gangster and asked.

“That person… Are you by any chance an officer of the Tuseong faction?”
“No. I am not an executive.”
“Well, then… ?”
“I heard you’re a killer.”
“Key, a killer?!”

Kim Jin-cheol was startled and involuntarily screamed and looked around. Fortunately, no one was nearby.
He lowered his head and asked quietly.

“Gee, is it really killer?”
“Just in case. The upper level showed me a picture of him and told me to be careful. He’s a guy who kills people casually.”
“Huh, huh….”
“Ah. And he said he really likes rooms with women. I told you to pretend you didn’t know, but… Hey! Where?”
“Sir, I want to give you some service!”


Entering Yujin Kang’s house, I sat down in front of the computer.
But instead of turning on the computer, I wrote something on a piece of paper that was rolling around and left it in front of the computer.

〉 The goal is 1 billion! Make sure to earn!

“If I do this, will my avatar earn money?”

I smiled contentedly.
Looking back, it was a genius idea. It doesn’t make sense that my first IQ was 1.

“Intelligence meant studying the head~”

No matter how you think about it, intelligence is right for studying. I haven’t been able to study hard since a long time ago. When I took the exam, I was always the last.
I managed to avoid being in last place if I studied hard, but my grades didn’t go up so badly. In particular, in mathematics, even in high school, it was common to get 0 points. Fuck. Does it make sense that everything is wrong even if you take pictures?

‘My mother said that when I was very young, I randomly picked up and ate snacks that fell on the ground… It was a long time ago.’

It has nothing to do with intelligence. All little kids are like that.

‘I have an IQ of 90, but I took the IQ test roughly at that time. If I do it now, 100 will come out.’

In short, I think intelligence means something like mental arithmetic. I’m hopelessly bad at math, so it must be right.

‘What if you have good mental arithmetic skills? You have to be in good shape to enjoy sex.’

The bottom line is that it is better to raise the stamina stat than to raise the intelligence stat.

‘End of play.’


[End of play.]
[Experience calculation begins.]
[Kim Mi-ok’s bond level is 1.]
[Shin Hye-jin’s bond level is 2.]
[You get 1 bonus point for reaching bond level 2.]
[The level rises.]
[The level rises.]
[Acquire 14 points.]

Returning to reality, I smiled and took out my smartphone right away. First of all, the game of ‘Vampire Detective’ was put on pause.

‘Energy! Let’s start by raising our stamina!’

[Sung Eugene
Level: 12
Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Agility: 7 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

[Available points: 17]

17 points.
It seems like there are few points for spending a week in the game world, but in reality, not even a second passed, so I was able to think positively enough.
But soon my face was crumpled like a piece of toilet paper.

[2 points are required to increase Stamina stat.]
[Would you like to raise your energy level?]

“… Fuck.”

I pressed the strength ability just in case.

[2 points are required to increase strength.]
[Would you like to increase your strength ability?]

Power went into the hand holding the smartphone. I bit my lip and raised my agility ability.

[Sung Eugene
Level: 12
Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Agility: 10 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 10]

[Available points: 14]

[2 points are required to raise the Agility stat.]
[Would you like to increase your agility?]

I did it anyway, but it was.
To raise stats from 10 to 11, you needed twice as many points. And my prediction is that at stat 20 it will take 3 or 4 points to go up by 1.

‘… Shit. Were the points required to raise the skill level doubled?’

I know this is correct in terms of balance.
Come to think of it, the points were easy to earn. If you enjoy the game, basic points are given. Didn’t he get 14 points while living in the game world for a week this time?

‘…… I’ll have to use my points more carefully.’

[Sung Eugene
Level: 12
Strength: 10 Stamina: 10 Agility: 10 Intelligence: 2 Stamina 15]

[Available points: 4]

Carefully raised the Stamina stat by 5.

‘I’m going to have fun with more than 10 ladies after that, so I have to have that much energy.’

Remaining 4 points.
After thinking very carefully, I decided to draw randomly.

‘Four years! Gazuaaaaa!’

[Soft tissue paper
It is a roll of toilet paper as soft as silk.]

[Spicy cup noodles
It’s spicy cup noodles. Delicious.]

[Sacred Water
Might something good happen if you drink or apply the holy water?]

[Potential potion
When taken, it blooms a part of its potential. You may discover an unexpected talent.]

“At this level, the upper body has been hit.”

I was worried that all 4 might be bad. But holy water and potential potion. I was relieved when two of them came out. In particular, potential potions were expected.

“It’s my potential….”

First, I heard the holy water. It contained about 0.5L in a monotonous round glass bottle without any decorations.

‘Drink or apply?’

I took off all my clothes and ran to the bathroom naked. Then he gushed holy water down my cock. Sacred water was, at first glance, just water.

Hehe. It’s a holy shit now.”

A soft light shone on his cock.

“Oh oh.”

I was amazed. It has become a truly holy thing. But that’s for a while. On the one hand, I was also worried. A shiny cock. Isn’t it natural for women to be reluctant?

“…… Can’t you cancel? It’s not even a radioactive fuck.”

I checked the Yuhee Life app. The avatar’s cock in the app was also shining softly. And text floating on one side of the screen.

[The cock has been endowed with holy power.]
[Remaining duration of holy power – 59:20]

“… After. Was it like an enchantment? Thank god.”

I returned to my room in peace. His shiny prick rattled with every step he took.
I wiped the water from my prick with a soft tissue. The soft tissues were really super soft. It’s so soft, I don’t know if it’s silk or toilet paper. Maybe I’ll get addicted to this toilet paper.

“Then let’s try the potential potion.”


There was no taste. It felt like eating raw water.
I waited, hoping that something would change. But even after a minute, there was no response. Finally checked the app.

[No potential.]

“Dog fuck!”

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

창작물 속으로
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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