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The Women Who Betrayed Me Regret It.

The Women Who Betrayed Me Regret It.

날 배신했던 여자들이 후회한다.
Native LanguageKorean

A cursed life full of NTR! Episode 2 Life is revenged with NTL!!!

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  1. Mako says:

    An absolute trash of an mc with no character development, he deserves to be cucked

  2. Myaha says:

    Naive MC almost had no character development. The ‘system’ is literally a baby sitter that forced MC to take revenge by using quest. If the system didn’t do that, MC most likely would repeated the same life he had previously before returning to the past.

    And yeah, the system didn’t send MC back to the past long enough to prevent his girlfriend cheating. By the time MC was sent back to the past, his girlfriend already cheated.


  3. StelleingYourMom says:

    Man… This mc should get pounded by rabies dog

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