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Into the Creations 16

Into the Creations 16

Chapter 16 – 016. Vampire Detective

016. Vampire Detective

Three slender fingers poked her pussy. Her eyes narrowed. She tells her that her finger masturbation is nothing but caress.
On the screen, Sung Yu-jin is driving his huge cock into Mi-young’s tiny pussy.

“Ah… Young cock….”

Kim Mi-ok opened her mouth slightly. Her hot breath comes out.
When was the last time you ate a young cock? She seemed at least 10 years old. In the meantime, the only things that have been in and out of her pussy are always the soft cocks of old men.
She was the one who screamed out loud under the old people, but she had never reached her climax. How could she have an orgasm when her cock wasn’t very hard and rarely held an erection for more than 10 minutes.

“If it’s that cock…….”

She seems to be able to get a light orgasm just by putting it in.
Miok Kim, her natural nympho, immersed herself in masturbating, imagining her big cock piercing her own pussy. However, despite her masturbation, which she has been doing for a long time, her climax did not come.

“… Oh. Dear Reika. To beat the mill like that… ,”

Reikarang worked for a long time. She and she know each other privately as well as publicly.
Kim Mi-ok knows Reika’s secret, that she is in fact a married woman. In addition, she knows that Reika is surprisingly not active in sex.
I’m not the kind of girl who would shake her ass so zealously. How the hell does that cock feel good?



Miok Kim wiggled her waist as if she were her own Reika and teased her cunt with her fingers.
Her excitement culminated in the sex between Hera and Eugene Sung. The posture on the bend that Eugene Sung calls the cross press. She was in a position where the cock penetrated her cunt hard.

“Me too…….”

I want to be stuck like that too.
Miok Kim finally removed her hand from her cunt. She didn’t have an orgasm, but her cunt was wet as if it had been poured with water.
After sex, I saw Seong Yu-jin sitting still.

“… Hey, I’m still not satisfied.”

Her erection is slowly loosening, but the eyes of Kim Mi-ok, who can be said to be the pinnacle of her gentry world, could not be fooled.
Miok Kim thought about her, then she looked down at her cunt. Between her blackened labia minora, transparent love juice sticks like a spider’s web.

“Only once….”

Kim Mi-ok muttered a little and stood up from her seat. After tidying up her clothes appropriately, she turned off her screen. Of course, the video is still recorded on the laptop.
She locked her door and went outside.
The place she is heading to is the special room No. 6. This is where Sung Yu-jin is.


The door opened and it was a woman who entered.
She is also a woman who looks quite old. She covered it up with makeup, but it couldn’t hide the air it gave off or the wrinkles around her eyes.

‘She’s a madam.’

I don’t remember the name.
I looked at her in silence and put her whiskey on her table. It means if you have something to say, say it.
The madam gave a meaningless smile and closed the door to the room.
She then undid the shoulder straps of her white one-piece dress, which clung to her body, to her side.

“…… !”

Swoop. Took.

Her clothes fell to the floor, exposing her naked body. Her large, drooping breasts and hard, dark-brown nipples could not overcome her age.
Night flesh protruding slightly from the lower abdomen, and wet hair that looked like seaweed.
The madam opened her thighs and spread her cunt open with both hands. Her wet cunt came out through the seaweed-like hair. The labia minora of the pussy were discolored black and stretched slightly, and the slightly larger scarlet clitoris was firmly swollen.
Black rose.
Looking at her cunt, I thought of a black rose. The cock that had been drooping grew in an instant.
Madam laughed contentedly at the erection of my cock.

“Self. It was called Korea’s best myeonggi…. Would you like to taste the legendary pussy?”

She grabbed the black petals and stretched them out to either side of her. The liquid on the petals looked like a spider’s web.
I secretly swallowed my saliva.

“Madam. There are two conditions.”
“… Yes? Even though I even said embarrassing things because I thought you would like it, there are only two conditions… ?”

I jerked my cock and took a step.

“One is the price of alcohol. You don’t do much anyway.”

I don’t have cash right now, but Yeong Hye-jeong doesn’t only accept cash. You can pay for alcohol by swiping it with a credit card.
This condition is not because it is a waste of money. I just wanted to poke it once.
The liquor I buy in the room and the liquor the madam buys. It’s kind of an achievement… In other words, it can be shredded.
And I wondered if Madame wanted my cock that much.

“Okay. I won’t pay for the drink. What’s the other one?”
“Photo. I want to take a picture of her pussy.”
“…… Do you want to take a picture of this old pussy too?”
“My hobby is to take pictures of the pussy I’m about to fuck. I want to take a picture of the face, but it must be difficult. I’ll see but I’ll take a picture.”
“Ruler. Take a picture Or do you want a different position?”

There was no hesitation in answering. I grinned. And I knew. She is in heat now He must have been in heat while watching what happened in this room with a hidden camera.

“Your posture is perfect right now.”

Dew-like love juice trickled down between the black petals.
I captured the moment, took several pictures of her cunt, and threw my smartphone roughly on the sofa.
Grabbing his cock, he rubbed her black rose, smearing her love juices on it.

“You have a lot of hair. Are you not doing hair removal? If it’s a madam, I don’t think it’ll be strange.”
“I am not a young child. Plus, most of my customers like the hairy side.”

Most of the customers who go to Yeong Hye-jeong are older. If you’re in your 30s, you’re very young, and usually you’re in your 50s or older. And most of them are conservative.

‘But. It hasn’t been long since waxing has become common in Korea. Unlike the West, Eastern people tend not to shave their hair.’

I don’t cover my pussy
As long as you have hair, it’s good. If you don’t have it, it’s fine as it is.

‘The important thing is… That I’m fucking her pussy… !’


“Ahhh…… !”

After inserting the cock, I was startled by the engulfing pussy.
The best name in Korea! Legendary pussy! I thought it was just a joke, but the reality was different.

‘Is this a famous machine!’

Vaginal wrinkles move as if they are alive. Even if I don’t move, the vagina moves on its own to stimulate the cock. In addition, the temperature is high, and the vaginal pressure is not inferior to that of young women.
I thought I knew how she built Yeong Hye-jeong.

“Ugh~. Great. This feeling…. Long time no see. Young kids are good.”

Even though I was pushing her cunt with all my might, I was relaxed.
I grinned.

‘There’s also a pussy like this.’

I shook my back with all my might.

“Ahh…. Under…. Yes….”

Madam was elegant. She closed her eyes and let out a hot breath while moaning softly.
It wasn’t that Madame didn’t feel it. Rather, unlike her chaste face, her pussy made a vulgar gurgling sound as she spewed out her love juice.

“Are you starving?”
“… I haven’t had sex in a long time. ..Hehe. Does my pussy feel good?”

“Uh. Madame pussy is delicious It’s not a lie to say that it’s a great machine.”

When I pulled out my cock, a wistful groan escaped from the madam’s lips.

“Lean against the wall.”
“Do you like to play behind?”

Madame sticks out her ass. Through the open petals, her love juice drips down.
From what I saw, she wasn’t starving for a month or two. How hungry are you?

“I like anything that gets fucked. Madam?”

Insert the cock deep into the pussy. The pussy was delighted and she wrapped around my cock.
I grabbed my hips with one hand and spread them apart. There was no hair near the asshole.


He inserted her thumb into the chrysanthemum-shaped anus. Should I say it as expected? Went in without difficulty.

“No anus. I wasn’t ready.”

Madam held my wrist. I let go of some regrets and gave up my lingering attachment to anal sex.

“Hoo-wook…. Madam. What number am I?”
“… Yes?”
“Out of all the men Madam has ever experienced, how many guys with the biggest dicks?”

He asked, continuing to shake her waist. My eyes were focused on the madam’s wildly shaking chest.

“Well…. In terms of length, the 7th string?”
“… 7th? It’s a bit of a shock.”
“No way. Wouldn’t I have done it with a foreigner? I’ve even been fed up with American officers.”
“…… I think I will lose my confidence.”
“Don’t be disappointed. Because you are superior in circumference and hardness. Those guys have big cocks, but they’re very soft. Besides, I wasn’t as ruthless as you.”

Moment. I felt my pussy squeeze tight.
I know this feeling Madam had reached its climax. But I was behind her so I couldn’t see her expression. However, I can only guess that expression from her weakly trembling shoulders.


I slapped the madam’s ass, shaking her cock even more and cumming in my vagina.

“… Ahhhhh.”

Madame’s body slips and falls to her floor.
The madam looked up at me quietly. She says that her lustful eyes are not yet satisfied. I grinned and lowered my body towards the madam.
What does the hard and cold floor have to do with it?
There’s a woman over there who wants me.
I inserted my cock like I was feeding a hungry animal.


Madame’s eccentricity gradually grew.



Early morning around dawn. I sat down on the bench and sighed sadly.
I was wearing a disheveled suit, which gave off the vibe of a man who was cut from work. Occasionally, diligent office workers looked at me with pitying eyes and passed by. Of course, I didn’t pay any attention to their gaze.

“It’s a big deal.”

For the past week, I’ve been literally swinging my dick in this game world.
It was so much fun that I didn’t go back to reality for a week.
Then what’s the big deal Money was a big deal.

“Balance of 300,000 won…….”

On the first day, we nominated Young Hye-jung’s three aces and played. A total of 1.5 billion won was spent. I even got Madam as a bonus. It was a well-rounded but satisfying day.
The next day, I went to Yeonghyejeong. However, she did not make a nomination this time and made a choice. She, of course, rented a special room and had fun with the 5 people she chose as her choice. And of course we had sex in the room. Here she spent 80 million won.
The next day, she met Hera privately and went on a date. What surprised me at this time was that Hera’s real name was the same as her real-life actress, Shin Hye-jin. And the end of the date ended with having sex at Hera’s house.

4 days left. And the remaining money is 70 million won.
I wanted to play at Yeonghyejeong. There were many women she hadn’t eaten yet. The hostesses there were all above celebrity level, so it was like heaven to me.
However, in order to play with the angels of heaven, money was required. 70 million won was ambiguous.
So I went to another room salon, commonly called Tenpro.
Well, there were some problems, but in the end, I was able to have fun with the Tenpro girls. However, compared to Yeong Hye-jung, the level was definitely lowered.

‘Still, it was fun.’

The next day, I went to another tempro and played.
And so was yesterday. I had just sent a bunch of girls to Hong Kong swinging my dick at Tenpro, and I came out and sat on the bench.

“300,000 won….”

My bankbook… No, Yujin Kang’s bankbook was smashed.
300 million was spent in one week.
The reason I was so depressed wasn’t because I was thinking about the future. The future is something Kang Yoo-jin thinks about, not me.
I feel sorry for the fact that I can’t go to Tenpro with Yeong Hye-jung because I simply don’t have money.

“Money. I have to earn money.”

I took out my smartphone. My smartphone has Kang Yoo-jin’s smartphone function. The gallery and the Play Life app are mine, and the rest of the contact information and materials are Kang Yoo-jin’s.
But reflexively, I entered the gallery. There were pictures of women that I even made a folder to organize. But most of them are just pictures I took.
The ladies were reluctant to be photographed, but they allowed us to take pictures of their pussies for 500,000 won. Still, the girls who did not allow it had no choice but to give up.

‘My beautiful collection.’

Especially among them. His favorite collection was video.
Yeong Hye-jung’s special room number 6. I hacked the camera secretly hidden there and sent the recorded video to my smartphone.
One thing I learned during this process is that you can transfer files even if you are not connected to a network such as the Internet. It wasn’t as surprising as I thought. My hacking is a skill that hacks broken radios without a concept.
The second is the capacity of the smartphone. There are 5 cameras installed in the room. This camera was also a specially made top-of-the-line product, and even though the capacity of the recorded video was no joke, it was stored on a smartphone casually. My smartphone had unlimited capacity.

‘Whoa. When you feel uncomfortable… I have to remember the memories of Yeong Hye-jeong.’

I played the video of the second day.
There I was, messing around with 5 girls.
When the atmosphere is somewhat ripe. The game of kings has begun.

-Five! Am I the king this time? Joath. 1 kiss the king. If successful, 150,000 won! Punishment for disobedience!
-A kiss or something….

I gave dirty orders when I became king, and bet money as a reward for success.
And, so to speak, almost 80% of the time, I was the king. It was a conspiracy among the girls. I knew but pretended not to know.
After some alcohol was exchanged and the atmosphere heated up, I went up to the table naked.

-Serve the king a blowjob three times! 5 minutes! 300,000 won!
– Oh my… It’s a shame.
-5 times. Ride 50 times! 50 million won!
– Mmm. Is it number 50? Then I’ll do it. One two…
-No. 2 and No. 3! With my cock in the center, pussy from both sides bubi bubi! 3 minutes! 300,000 won!
-Brother… That’s kinda…. Should I just punish or drink?
-I’m okay.
-Would you like a black rose?
-…… I’ll just do it. If you think about it, what did you come to here?
-4 times! Masturbation show! 1 million won!!!
– Ahhh… ! There… , Could you give me some bananas?

I turned off the video. It hurts more when you look at it.
Hyejeong Young. Hyejeong Young. Hyejeong Young. I want to play at Yeonghyejeong!

“…… More than this. I can only make money.”

Having made up my mind, I went back to Yujin Kang’s house after a week.

Into the Creations

Into the Creations

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Korean
[The Play Life app has been installed.][Starts Play.]I can enter into the creations.


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