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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 16

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 16

Chapter 16 – The Vampire Incident (1)


Mo Yongseong said while keeping the pod intact. Beatrice shook her head.

“I didn’t even expect it.”
“Stop talking nonsense, did you see this?”

He handed over a tablet.

“You don’t even have to confirm it. I guess the defeat of Cadet Kim Yong was quite an issue in the Shinju Saga as well?”

Beatrice’s expression hardened abruptly. Practice classes are usually recorded as video.

That way, you can know for sure when something goes wrong.

It was basically secret, but due to its nature, the student council has access to all videos.

The tablet Mo Yong-seong handed over contained the scene of Kim Yong-sung being defeated by Kim Moo-gong.

The composition group was the biggest axis that formed the heavenly world, and of course, Beatrice, who belonged to the heavenly world, was not very happy with Kim Yong’s defeat.

“I didn’t mean to be sarcastic. Did I look like that person? This cadet, Mu-gong Kim, didn’t have a monk.”
“Well, our president is so aloof that it’s a problem. But weren’t you there?”
“Not on our side. Rather, I thought he was a rookie, but it seems that he is not.”

Beatrice leaned on the student council president’s desk and put on a puzzled expression.

“It can’t be. Where did he come from? We couldn’t figure it out either.”
“So are we. Maybe… It’s not the Demonic Cult, right?”

Mo Yong-seong undid his grip and cupped his chin with one hand. Due to the nature of Murim, it was common to hide the faction.
People from Sapa or Demonic Cults often entered the academy, and there were many cases in which they pretended not to belong at all or put up a disguised faction to prevent disputes.

“Well, in order to defeat Kim Yong, the Socheonma will have to come from the Demonic Cult.”
“Seeing that the president is also paying attention, it seems necessary to find out. The possibility cannot be ruled out.”
“Identification, but no individual access. As long as you keep this agreement, I don’t mind.”

They are said to be in competition with each other, but in the end, they belonged to the same Moorim League and were members of a political faction.

In the case of Sapa and the Demonic Cult, of course, they will jointly respond.

“You guys be careful. There were more cases of breaking the agreement and intercepting you.”
“Can’t you do that with a difference of less than ten times? President.”
“Done. Stop talking nonsense than that.”

Mo Yongseong’s eyes softened. He pressed his forehead with his fingers for a moment, then parted his lips.

“Have you seen the serial disappearance case in the metropolitan area?”
“It’s a mess.”
“There was an official letter of cooperation from the Murim League. Missing people have also appeared in areas not far from this side.”

Jungwon Military Academy is safe from external threats as it is guarded by the invincible telegraph and other faculty members. It’s ok even up close.

In terms of area, the neighborhood of the academy, which is at the level of a small city, was regularly patrolled by the Muksudae, a security agency belonging to the student council.


The problem is different. The “Nearby” Of Jungwon Martial Arts Academy was safe, but the cadets often went out of range. Of course, it was difficult to ensure the safety of each and every cadet.

“The cadets here are all unmanned, wouldn’t it be okay?”
“Yesterday, among the missing persons, there was a person from open country. It’s a three-gyeol, buntaju level, so it’s the least first-class soldier. Judging from the battle traces left at the scene and the results of bloodstain analysis, they said it was a one-sided attack.”
“It wasn’t on the news, was it?”

Beatrice asked again with her eyes wide open.
If it is a first-class soldier, it is at the level of being treated as a core force even in a huge munpa.
Even more so, if you are from an open country, you are not a talented person who can disappear without a trace.

“It was kept private. It will only add to the confusion of the general public if we inform them that a first-class military man is missing.”
“There must have been a reason why our secretary-general, who was checking attendance at the student council room every time, didn’t even poke his nose.”
“Okay. The opening has been reversed.”

With a deep sigh, Beatrice went to sit on the sofa in the student council room.

“I don’t think this is a normal thing. Shouldn’t we have to go out at least?”
“…I’m thinking about it. First of all, I set up a meeting with the president. Maybe for the time being, I think I will go out to the extent of refraining from going out.”

Mo Yongsheng fixed his gaze on something and brushed his hair.

Safety or freedom?

It has always been a very difficult problem.
Today, being the representative of the academy students was a particularly heavy feeling.


“Turn it off.”

My hands were trembling. A sore sound came out of his mouth.


Eventually I couldn’t stand it and gave it up. A barbell with a bunch of weight discs on it fell to the ground.

“Kim Mu-gong, huh~”

Midsummer, who was nearby, teased him, slightly covering his mouth. Her slightly visible pink tongue and one cute protruding fang are quite sarcastic.


He raised his middle finger towards her.

In pairs, of course.

Midsummer pretended not to see it right away, turned around and went to her training seat. The anxiety has doubled.

Now it was a ‘physical training’ class.
The content of the class was simple.
Training to develop pure physical abilities.
Of course, the moment I used my inner energy, the sanctions came right away.

Inner hole cannot be used.
Against exercise equipment, of course, the unicorn new skill does not activate.

That’s what it means.

Right now, I’m just the weakest in the academy with strength, durability, and agility all F.

Of course, even if it’s F, it’s an unmanned standard, and it’s much stronger than normal people.

Then, what do you do, being the lowest rank doesn’t change.

At least, he endured aerobic exercise as an evil, but in this kind of strength training, it immediately became apparent.

Because the numbers are accurate.

Everyone looked at me with eyes that were half scorn and wonder.

There was a man who went beyond that level and was even seriously shocked.

Kim Yong-eun continues to look at me in disbelief that my physical ability is the weakest.

‘It’s burdensome.’

There’s nothing good about being looked at by a man like that.

“Is this a slightly better level than an apprentice soldier? You are truly a strange man. It’s not so good to train too much for inner strength. Balance is always important.”
“Of course I know.”

Cheon Ha-yeon tilted his head as he lightly lifted the barbell I had lifted ‘with one hand’.
Roughly, why can’t I hold this light thing properly and groan?
Seemed to mean this.

It is unfair.

The lack of strength is not due to lack of training.
As if I was bragging about my extraordinary skill, the status window forced me to calibrate it like this.
Just looking at it right now in midsummer, I could easily lift a weight that was several times my weight.

…But why is he so strong?

I said it was definitely 20 strength, but I wonder if the difference by one step was this big.

Seeing Cheon Ha-yeon do that with her slender forearm, the sense of reality fell terribly.

It’s not a real contraction muscle, it’s a circle.


A roar hitting my ears woke me from my thoughts.
It must have been just the sound of a barbell being put down, but the floor vibrated as if some kind of earthquake had occurred.

“I’m sorry…!”

The woman with big breasts who was caught bowed her head and apologized. At her feet was a huge barbell with dozens of weight discs attached to it.

…As expected, the iron-blooded Empress Lee Ji-ah is right.

With that kind of strength, he must have smashed the heads of the wicked like breaking watermelons.


She took a deep breath and stood in front of the barbell again.
Anyway, this problem could not be solved in a short time.
You just have to train consistently.



I’m dying.

As she pushed her body to its limit, her limbs trembled.

Although his strength itself is low, his recovery ability is quite good because of the sun retardation, and he recovered quickly after taking a little rest. Since ancient times, yang qi has been a symbol of physical strength.

Thanks to that, the eyes that were ridiculed began to change to surprise at some point.
No matter how weak your muscles are, if you repeat it ignorantly, it will look a little different.
On the contrary, I even heard a voice suspecting that I was being overbearing.

I really did repeat sets to die for and live for.

“Kim Mu-gong, huh.”

Of course, there were people like Midsummer who sneaked up near me and teased me again.

“This is for sure.”
“What exactly?”

Midsummer’s mouth curled softly as she slightly tilted her head.

“Let’s see over the weekend.”
“What are you going to do?”
“I’ll know when I see it.”
“I said there was no scary person for a wait-and-see person.”
“Uh, yes?”

One step. Stepped forward
One step. Midsummer receded.

As I approached once more with an unknown sense of incongruity, Midsummer pulled back, keeping her distance.

“Why are you going back?”
“…Don’t come too close.”

She licked her lips and glanced at her under her own body.

It was like that. Realized.

“I will throw this when it comes.”

Han Yeo-reum lightly lifted the 80kg dumbbell next to her.

“Yumma, if I get hit by that, I’ll die.”
“I don’t know.”
“I don’t smell sweat.”

It was the same as training together, so a drop or two of sweat stood out on his forehead in midsummer.

In fact, even considering that, I didn’t sweat at an abnormal level.

Even I seem to be very concerned about that.
Midsummer’s face heated up.

“It’s not because of that! I’m going to wash up.”

Then she turned around and quickly ran into the shower.


After all, there is something worthwhile to tease.

By the way.

There was one thing that became clear through training today.

I only trained for one day, but the strength value in the status window increased from 10 to 10.1.

It was still an F grade.

Considering the inner strength, the grade seemed to change by 10 units.

‘I should train separately.’

He was already recovering somewhat.
After I exercised before possessing it, my arms didn’t even go up.
It was the same that the arm didn’t go up right after now, but the difference was that it was restored in 10 minutes.

“Chun Ha-yeon, can I ask you a favor?”

I asked Chun Ha-yeon, who was training in a lofty position next to me.

“You are my benefactor, so as long as it is not an unreasonable request.”
“Help me train. Even in midsummer.”

There is an instructor who is better than most professors next to you, so there is no need to study on your own.
The Heavenly Demon also means the master teacher of all Protestants.
It was still a small heavenly horse, but it didn’t seem like that temperament had gone anywhere.

“Certainly, you look like you need some hard work. It is not that difficult.”
“Thank you.”

As long as it was confirmed that the muscle strength is rising, intense training has become a must.
The correction for non-virgin and male in the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art also shines as the existing number is higher.


[Player ‘Kim Mu-gong’ synchronization complete.]
[Ranking 1st place privilege granted.]
[The file function is unlocked.]

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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