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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 15

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 15

Chapter 15 – Practice (3)

“Hmph, that sure is great.”

Professor Chungha’s prestige was so great that even the arrogant second sword system acknowledged it.

“Each of those plum blossoms is black, right?”

I asked Chun Ha-yeon, who was staring straight ahead with sunken eyes.

“Right. It’s at least the elder level of the Daemun faction. I might be the next Hwasan master.”
“Is that enough?”

At my question, Cheon Ha-yeon nodded heavily.

“It’s a completely different level between simply covering a sword with sword energy and scattering that type of sword skill everywhere. Even more so, if that is the person who has completed the twenty-four plum swordsmanship…”

Chun Ha-yeon crossed her arms and suddenly fell into thought. Perhaps he was trying to gauge the odds.

…Starting from the fact that you can talk about the odds despite the age difference, monsters were monsters all over the world.

“Want to learn….”

Midsummer muttered while looking at Professor Chungha with hazy eyes. The midsummer that shuddered with the fear of killing until just now is gone.

“It is pretty.”

He put his hand on Midsummer’s head and said.

“I don’t like gossip. To be blunt about this class, each of you will go into an artificially isolated room and fight a monster.”

After taking a look at the audience, Professor Chung-ha opened her mouth.

“They are real monsters, not fantasy. There are safeguards, but they won’t intervene unless you’re seriously injured. I’ll move. Please follow me.”

She turned around as she drew the sword she drew. We followed Professor Chung Ha into the academy.

Go through the forest covered by tall trees and between concrete walls and go deep underground.

“Was there a place like this at the academy?”

Midsummer tilted her head. It was also my first time here.

Eventually, we arrived at a large waiting area that could accommodate more than 100 people.

“I don’t know.”
“Is there something you don’t even know about?”
“Of course. Time is time, right?”

Since Cheon Ha-yeon could hear it, he said it close to Midsummer’s ear.

“Everyone, please be seated. After a brief explanation, we will go in one by one and start.”

The monster that appeared was ‘Goblin’.

The most common junk mob that appears in all kinds of gates.

However, even if they are trash mobs, it is difficult to deal with ordinary humans without weapons.

Humans who had no resistance to the primordial murder of monsters stiffened as they were.
If it wasn’t unmanned, attacking with a cold weapon entailed a great risk.

It was simple enough to use firearms for goblins.

From this point onwards, there were many monsters that modern weapons themselves did not work at all.

So unmanned people were needed.

Anyway, after Professor Chungha’s brief explanation, the first start was the second exam in middle school.

“One is too few. Anything else? I don’t want to dirty my sword just by dealing with goblins.”

Kim Yong grumbled at Professor Chung Ha.

“Cadet Kim Yong, short speech. This is one warning. Please observe basic courtesy. In addition. There is an undergraduate curriculum, so please obey me today.”

“Okay… Yo.”

Kim Yong, who was openly pointed out by Professor Cheong-ha, went inside.

“Those waiting, watch how the other cadets respond.”

A goblin trapped in the huge display in front was reflected.

The door in the corner opened, and Kim Yong rushed in.
Immediately, the goblin held up a clunky club and guarded Kim Yong.


The light from Kim Yong’s sword grazed the goblin.
The goblin split in half exactly from the top of the head to the groin.

It was a single hit.

There was no hesitation in Kim Yong’s sword. He didn’t even bleed.

I had won the last match, but just looking at that, I realized that it was a fluke.

With a bored expression on his face, Kim Yong came inside.

“Well done, Cadet Kim Yong.”

When Professor Chungha praised him, Kim Yong’s lips slightly went up. For a young master from a chaebol family, he has a very easy-to-understand personality.

In fact, revealing it openly like that is better than having a sinister personality behind the scenes.

So, even if the nickname “Second swordsman” Was attached among users, there would have been shouts of confrontation among in-game NPCs.

Rather, it seemed that he was not going to be careless anymore, probably because of his experience of losing to me.

…Isn’t this what I gave to Cheon Ha-yeon and Kim Yong-do to become stronger?

Seeing him glancing at me and turning his head quickly, it seemed that he had developed a strange sense of competition.

I didn’t intend to.

Thinking about the future, it wasn’t bad for Kim Yong to become stronger.

“Me, now it’s my turn.”

Midsummer grabbed my collar lightly. Since the order is randomly assigned, Midsummer came first rather than me.

“Cheer up.”

He gently stroked Midsummer’s back. It worked, seeing my heart rate stabilize little by little.


She nodded her head and moved her steps slowly.

The opponent was the same goblin.

Since this is the first class, it seemed that the purpose was to make the monsters get used to the killing and killing.

In terms of skills, none of the cadets gathered here could be defeated by goblins or anything like that.

However, in actual combat, weak hesitation is the difference between life and death, and in most cases, such cases arise from an instinctive reluctance to kill.

Midsummer, who had been calmly looking at the goblin, raised her spirits by licking her lips.

A pure white cold air wrapped around her body and in an instant rode on her hand and came out as it was.

The moment when the round light wave filled with the energy of small magicians hit the goblin’s body.

Red blood and glistening flesh splattered everywhere. Around the place where the goblins were, there were only chunks of unrecognizable meat. Due to the intense cold, some of them froze, adding to the bizarreness.

I finally realized why the name ‘magong’ was attached even though it was pure martial arts.

The fact that goblins became like that meant that people were the same.

“…Something is a little different from what I thought.”

The midsummer that came to an end came with a bitter expression. A pure white steam came out of his mouth.

“You have to fight for survival with them anyway. There’s no need to be awkwardly sympathetic. Just think of it as a mob.”
“Yeah, I know… I wonder if there will be a case of killing people someday.”

Were you thinking that way?


I shrugged. It would be nice if I could only stop the gate erosion, but there were quite a few fights with the same person in the game.

It wasn’t just huge powers like blood bridges that were the problem.

Even the by-products that came out of attacking the gate right away were not a penny or two.

There were not a few people who were aiming for it and committing crimes.

It’s a perfect crime if you close the gate after dealing with the opponent you’re aiming for inside the gate.

To expect only human goodwill.
This world is full of malice.

Suddenly, when I looked at the display, Cheon Ha-yeon blew a neat wind and pierced the goblin’s head with a huge hole.

If you don’t control the power, that’s what happens. It is a skill that brings admiration all over again.

After Cheon Ha-yeon, it was my turn.

Maybe because of the nature of conscience, I honestly didn’t think anything of it.

It just feels like going to catch a real game monster.

That doesn’t mean it lacks a sense of reality.
My heart is just calm.

With intense murderous intent that stimulates the skin as soon as you enter.
The drooling saliva and the goblin stench emanating from her body made her feel terrible.

I took a step reluctantly.

I don’t know why, but as I approached, the goblin staggered back with a club.

Another light step.

I grabbed the goblin’s trembling head in a surprise attack and hit it with the energy of the blood magic attack.


A terrifying scream echoed in the closed room.

Hot blood gushed out from the goblin’s entire body along with the roaring heat.

Steam rose, red blood soaked my shoes, and the smell of cooking meat and iron stung my nose.

Also, I didn’t feel anything.

I used my hand on purpose, but my heart kept the same heart rate as usual.

‘It was something like this.’

I finally got a sense of the nature of Conscience Exodus.

The sensation itself that shattered the human-like goblin’s insides was vivid.

Of course I thought it was grotesque.
It just didn’t affect my psyche at all.
I washed my hands and went outside.

“I have been.”
“It’s grave. Are you the Kim Moo-gong I knew?”

Midsummer looked at me with a hard face.

“You have to adapt. What can I do in a world like this?”

He stroked her soft hair and smiled slightly.

“That’s right.”

Then he relaxed his expression and leaned his head slightly towards me.

“Ummm, excessive affection during class is prohibited.”

A clear voice echoed behind me.
Professor Chung-ha approached us at some point.
There is a saying called Amhyang Budong (暗香浮動).
Here, immobility was immobility, meaning floating, not immobility.
Amhyang generally meant plum blossoms.
And like the scent of plum blossoms floating around, there was a secret and eloquent footstep on the volcano.

Amhyangpyo 暗香飄.

It was one of the footsteps representing the volcano.
Twenty-four plum swordsmanship and amhyang table.
Judging by the use of purple-tinted energy, the learned method is Jahajingong (紫霞神功).

This is a level that captures the rising season of the volcano in one body.
It was not for nothing that Cheon Ha-yeon was called the next Jangmun Seal.

“Sorry. It was my first time, so I was a little nervous.”

She lowered her head slightly and said.

“If it’s the first time, it can be. Please be a little careful. Because I have eyes for other cadets.”

Professor Chungha lightly smiled with a hint of base energy. And then it went away without a sound of footsteps.
Looking at it like this, it’s like a really mature midsummer, so it’s hard to take your eyes off it.
Perhaps noticing my gaze, Midsummer rolled her eyes and tapped her side with her elbow.

“It’s amazing. Even her lost sister would believe it.”
“…But the professor was staring at me earlier.”
“Go and ask if there is any missing sister.”
“No bullshit.”

Midsummer laughed. Now she seems to be back to normal.
I saw a few cadets trembling violently, as if they were all familiar with this world.
Of course, most of them were skillfully handled like Kim Yong and Cheon Ha-yeon.

Certainly, since the martial arts learned were diverse, there were things to learn in their own way, and it was nice to just watch it.

Thanks to that, the morning class went by quickly.

Although the busty girl caught in the middle took a little longer.
It was only a few tens of seconds difference.
The moment he timidly stretched out his fist, the wind pressure alone sent the goblin flying far away and crashing into the wall.
I was convinced when I saw the goblin flattened like a rat cannon.

She’s a Iron Blood Empress.


There are several groups in modern Moorim.

If you look only at the political faction, the Murim Maeng is in charge of everything.

Shinjusa, centered on the Chinese school of literature, is the Four Houses of Shinju.
The Shinju Saga was again divided into Confucianism, Buddhism and Zen sect, and each formed a faction.

Cheonwaecheon(天外天), which was created mainly by Korean Murim, against the Shinju Saga.

Under the umbrella of the Murim Maeng, these two forces, Shinjusa and Cheonoecheon, were the largest.

Of course, Shinjusa did not mean that there were no Korean martial artists, and Cheonoecheon did not mean that there were no Chinese martial artists.

It’s just that the propensity differed depending on the side that became the main axis.

Each faction prioritized their own interests rather than belonging anyway.
This composition continued throughout the academy.
The best place to show that was, of course, the student council.

A beauty with light pink hair robbing her gaze removed her lips as she looked around her video.

“There are a lot of monsters in the freshmen this year.”

Vice President Beatrice.
One of the strongest armed groups of the Moorim Alliance, where the forces of the heavenly world became the main force immediately after graduation.
She was a woman who was appointed as the next assistant manager of the Heumgeomdan (欽劍團).

“You haven’t forgotten the meeting, have you?”

A man in a blinding white uniform was sitting at a desk.
With a firm expression, he clasped his hands together and brought them together in front of his face.

Student President Mo Yong-seong.
This was the person who was appointed as the next vice-danju of the Shingeomdan (神劍團), in which Shinjusa was the main force.

Of course, they were competing with each other.
This time, there was even a common point of using a sword, which sparked more sparks.

Unlike normal student councils, the battle of nerves inside Joongwon Martial Arts Academy was quite fierce.
It was to the point where we agreed on something like ‘the student president and the vice president must not belong to the same group.’

“Of course. By the way, Chairman?”

Beatrice narrowed her eyes and looked at Mo Yongseong.

“Can’t you do something like that? I feel like I’m going to order something to get on. Or at least those glasses.”

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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