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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 14

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 14

Chapter 14 – Practice (2)


I naturally raised my upper body as if I had just woken up. Chun Ha-yeon flinched and looked away.

…It’s all dirty.

I never imagined that Cheon Ha-yeon would be curious about something like this.

“You, were you awake?”

Chen Ha-yeon’s lips twitched slightly.

“Just now. You woke up so early.”
“If you are unmanned, waking up at dawn is only natural.”

Why was the person who woke up at dawn doing this in front of me until just now?

The word is about to come out of your throat.
I’m curious about the reaction, but then it’s a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of a bit of

“But what were you looking at?”

Asked right away. What is the back seat? I mean, how can it be easy to see the high-spirited Socheonma flustered?

“…You are really mean.”

Chen Ha-yeon bit her lip.

Got caught

It was also the case that she immediately pointed out the relationship between me and Midsummer yesterday, but she had quite a bit of insight. She immediately grasped my intentions.

Still, it feels oddly cute.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t know you’d be interested in this.”
“…It was just that I came to wake him up, and his eyes naturally went to him.”
“Naturally? That’s really… Ugh?”


When I couldn’t even react, the wind was stuck in my forehead.

Sick. She clutched her forehead in intense pain.

Clearly this is what happened.

“You are playful.”

Cheonha-yeon, who left a red scar on my forehead, turned her head away. Since she’s doing that with her disheveled figure wearing only her nightgown…

Are you cute?

I want to tease you more.

But if I tease him more, there’s no way it’ll end like a lump. She opened her mouth in a slightly serious voice.

“I told you. If we live together, trouble will happen.”
“No, it’s not awkward.”

Cheon Ha-yeon firmly denied it.

“Then I’m glad.”
“Sorry. I overreacted. Is your forehead okay?”
“I feel like dying, but it’s okay.”
“…I’m sorry. It’s strange, so I didn’t care…”

It’s amazing. Well, according to the judgment of my unicorn art, Cheon Hayeon was also a virgin. It’s time to be very curious.

“Men are always like that in the morning.”
“All… Most, if not all?”
“Amazing. Other men are like this…”

Chen Ha-yeon stretched out her fingers and measured her length.

Hey dude

Right in front of me then what am I going to be?

One hand was not enough, so I placed it on his wrist and watched her tilt her head, and she let out a sigh.

There is a certain degree of not looking at others.

“…The size varies greatly from person to person, so don’t judge it. Because I am embarrassed.”
“Yeah, that’s right. It’s hard to contain your curiosity.”

What kind of virgin bitch is this?
I’ll turn around.

“You’ve never seen one before?”

Then you can.

“Anyway, it’s just a normal physiological phenomenon, so there’s nothing to be surprised about. I wash first.”


Leaving Chun Ha-yeon behind her slightly fierce eyes, she went into the bathroom.


[Recently, cases of disappearances continue to occur around the metropolitan area. These are the identities of the citizens who went missing yesterday. If you have witnessed a missing person or a crime scene, please report it to the police or other national authorities. According to the joint investigation between the police and the Moorim League, it is estimated that there is a high possibility that the Moorim people were involved, so ordinary citizens should refrain from going out at night…]

After wiping her hair with a towel, Cheon Ha-yeon was watching TV with a serious expression.

“What’s up?”
“I hear people often go missing these days.”

10 years ago…

I do not know. My memory is not infinite, and the events that occurred 10 years ago were not explained in the game in the first place.

“Didn’t the Heavenly Demonic Church figure it out?”
“We do not know everything. It is not easy to even work in Korea because political factions still openly reject us.”

Cheon Ha-yeon turned off the TV with a bitter expression.

“Are you familiar with the Blood Religion?”

She asked a question that flashed through her mind.
Cheon Ha-yeon stared at me.

“How do you know blood religion?”

Was it a secret at this point?

“No. ‘How’ is not important. Are you willing to exchange information? We still have some time before class.”

Because Cheon Ha-yeon woke me up so early, I had time to talk.

“If it’s something I can answer.”
“Not a big deal. Because it’s a trivial curiosity. Why is the Heavenly Demon God so hostile to the blood religion?”

It was a question I always heard during the blood bridge riot. It was not the political faction that risked their lives to fight the blood religion, but rather the demonic religion in many cases.

At first, many of the political factions, munpa, or guilds that cried out for righteousness or cooperation immediately recoiled from the brutal retaliation of the Blood Religion.

The Blood Religion was a single force, though not as strong as the Demonic Religion, and above all hyukriak.
The madman’s hands were terribly cruel.
Because they slaughtered all those involved who resisted and found their families, tortured and killed them.

Compared to the political faction, which had been hesitant, the Demonic Cult, with the cooperation of the players, continued the war like mad, eventually succeeding in driving out the Blood Religion.

Since the Demonic Cult was treated as a kind of mystical force in the game, the access routes were extremely limited. Of course, it was difficult to find the exact background behind the bloody struggle.

“Blood ties… Can be seen as our shame. When they decided to move to Korea, they could be considered Blood Religion as the force that fled the Protestant religion in protest against sealing and abolishing all the evil Dafa and martial arts. They are like worms.”

Cheon Ha-yeon’s eyes were burning hostility.


I kind of guessed. There was no way that a powerful force like a blood bridge would suddenly rise from the ground.

“The Blood Religion Corps is hyukri. Do you know The name of the next Blood Religion Master is Hyukriak. He probably hasn’t ascended the throne yet.”

Cheon Ha-yeon widened her eyes.

“Are you sure about that information?”
“I am sure, but there is no evidence. It’s the time when you’re still developing your strength in the dark. I don’t have the ability to peel off the stomach of blood ties, but aren’t you different?”

Cheon Ha-yeon, who rested his chin on his chin for a while, nodded his head.

“Looks like something worth checking out. What are you…”

Breaking blood with my own strength is an act of suicide.
But do I really need to do it alone?
I have such a strong friend.

Mandokmun does not yet exist, and Moorim Inspection Department is a government agency, so it is difficult to attack until it reveals its ambition openly.

But blood religion is different.

Sagittal flexor muscle.

It is good if the root can be removed in advance. He’s still weaker than before, and I’ve snatched away the chance that a blood priest should have.

It doesn’t matter if completely rooting out fails.
Even if the Demonic Cult checks things in advance, it will be much easier to deal with later.

“And check these guys out too.”

I wrote down the names and characteristics of some of the famous guys at the time of the Blood Bridge Jundong event and handed them over.

“…Let’s talk to the school.”
“OK. Thank you.”
“I am. If true… You must be my benefactor and the benefactor of Protestantism.”
“What kind of benefactor? Let’s get ready for class.”

Cheon Ha-yeon nodded and went in to wash.

Anyway, it’s a disappearance.

A world where dozens of people disappear every day in the middle of the metropolitan area in broad daylight.

I feel it again, but this world is right in the gutter.


“It’s scary.”

Midsummer grabbed hold of my collar.
Today is the day of major compulsory and practice classes.

Like the word ‘practice’, the goal was to deal with the monsters that actually appeared in the gate.
The reason why this academy was established is to prevent an unprecedented disaster called the Gate Crisis.
Of course, it couldn’t be helped that the curriculum was focused on that.

“What are you nervous about?”
“I can’t even kill bugs.”

His eyes tremble slightly, and he seems to be quite nervous.

“You killed well in the game, didn’t you?”
“It’s a game…! Can you just kill me?”
“See you later.”

I patted the back of the astonished midsummer. Anyway, thanks to my conscience, I won’t be able to kill people.


It didn’t seem like his composure would be disturbed by monsters.

“Are you okay?”

As we entered the classroom, I hinted at Kim Yong.
Kim Yong half-opened his eyes and leaned against a nearby pillar.
The image of him holding his form with his arms folded was the perfect second grader itself.

“Heh, never mind…!”

Kim Yong snorted and turned his head around. Seeing a man talking while acting like that makes me want to have a fucking night.

If I ambushed and hit the head with the Blood Magic Ball, wouldn’t I win?
I inadvertently had such a foolish thought, but I tried to restrain myself and went inside.

“The professor in charge is a woman. Are you from the Volcano Sect and Maehwa Swordsman?”

Midsummer brightened his eyes.

“Are you interested?”
“It’s cool. I liked the game too. Maehwa Inspection.”

Moorim’s Taesan North Head, Shaolin, was also on the verge of collapse, and there was no way it would have been fine since it was a volcano located in the island right next to it.

The Volcano Faction, which had been scattered with only a few surviving, still succeeds in regrouping in Korea.

That’s how they established a new conduit in Maehwasan Mountain in Gyeongsangnam-do and made a new volcanic wave to pass on the legacy.

Anyway, it’s such a ridiculous setting, but thanks to the hard work of rebuilding, it seems that it produced quite good swordsmen in no time.

If there was talent, it was immediately put in as a great scholar or an elder’s direct disciple, and the distribution was twisted mercilessly, so it was difficult to guess the position based on age alone by the standard of 10 years later.

“Here he comes.”

He tapped the side of Midsummer, who was clenching his hands lightly.

A woman with silky black hair hanging below her waist and a plum blossom headdress on her head approached with calm steps.
The sleeves of the clothes made of cotton fabric were embroidered with elaborate plum blossom patterns.

He must be at least in his late 20s, but with a little bit of exaggeration, it would have been believed that he was the same age as Midreum. A bit mature midsummer? She was, of course, an eye-opening beauty.

“Why do you think I look like you?”
“…Is not it? Isn’t it my mistake? Do you know who it is?”

Midsummer whispered in her ear. At first glance, she was believed to be a sister.

It’s been a while, but I’m sure. It was just like that 10 years later.

“Plum blossom gum peak Cheongha. He is the youngest plum inspector.”
“Who is it.”
“It’s just that he’s one of the best of our older generation.”

The fact that it is Cheongjabae in the Hwasan Baeja of Uncheongsun Typhoon Uncheongsun Taepung also means that the woman is the distribution of the long-term child.

Because the current Hwasan Jangmunin was Unhyeonjin, Unhyeonjin.

A young female disciple who is caught in the distribution of first-class disciples, most of whom are middle-aged.

That’s why it was said that you can’t tell a volcano just by looking at its age. Even in modern Moorim, distribution is an important issue.

In addition, looking at the number of swords, it seemed that at this point, he had already risen to the seat of Maehwa Swordsman, Hwasan Seven Swordsman.

“It’s pretty… Shall I join the volcanic wave too? Instead of ignorant martial arts like Soma-gong, I want to learn something like an elegant plum blossom swordsmanship.”
“It is already too late. And if you go there, you won’t meet me?”

No matter how secular the Volcano faction is, they are basically guru, so they are quite picky when it comes to dating.

Maybe that’s why, Professor Chung Ha-ra was also a virgin.

…Is even the professor a virgin now?
No matter how young

“Then it won’t work.”
“Let’s cook it well or cook it well.”
“Nyuye Nuye.”

Midsummer pursed her lips.

“Everyone has gathered. Let me start by introducing myself.”

Suddenly she drew her sword and she swung lightly.

Finely fluttering petals and the strong scent of plum blossoms filled the air.

“…Twenty-four numbers of plum swordsmanship, two dozen four-handed plum flower swordsmanship, plum blossom manlihyang. Did you finish it at that age? It is truly indeterminate.”

Even Chun Ha-yeon, who had quietly approached me, looked at me in admiration.

“Hwasan, who is in charge of this class, ask Chungha.”

A purple aura that spreads softly like the sunset.
Through the red plum blossoms falling from the sky, she held her sword upside down and swung it.

It was so beautiful and unreal that it was hard to take my eyes off it.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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