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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 1

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 1

Chapter 1 – Summer

I hate summer.

The place where the shower stopped smelled of rain.
The fishy earthy smell mixed with the stale, musty smells from the sewage system.

Contrary to the dark sky with no moon visible, the city was dazzlingly bright. The rain-soaked asphalt glistened in the neon light. The acrid smell of exhaust gas stung her nose.

“Fuck, fuckin’ weather.”

The stinky summer breeze brushed my cheeks. It’s hot and humid even at night. Summer makes people irritable.

The messy street stalls were still crowded with people today. I broke through the crowd and packed tteokbokki, tempura, and fish cakes at the place I always go.

I moved insensitively to an old apartment nearby. I feel like I’m getting used to this.
We got on the elevator and arrived at our destination.
No. 1004.
Naturally, I pressed the door lock password and opened the door.
In front of my eyes, I saw a house that had been opened five minutes ago.

“Midsummer, come out immediately. Give it 3 seconds 3, 2, 1!”

Growled and shouted.
Tadadak. I heard small footsteps. A beautiful girl in her dolphin pants and a sleeveless tee with her breasts exposed peeked her head out between her walls. Her voluptuous breasts swayed with each movement.

“Oh, Tteokbokki…!”
“Aren’t you fucking tidying up the house?”

Ignoring my grunts, Han Yeo-reum opened the package and returned it.

“You are there, why me?”

Midsummer shook her head, her blue eyes shining. Long black hair gently waved.

Looking at it like this, she was a pretty girl who looked like a painting.

Although the fact that she has no vitality at all and her bubbly personality have forgotten all the likability she acquired with her appearance.

“Crazy year. Can I be your husband?”

He said while tidying up the room.

“Ah, that went too far. Let’s keep our line, Kim Mu-gong.”
“The good protects you.”
“No shit. Do you know if anyone can enter this pretty girl’s room?”
“What is a pretty girl? Take off your eyes and tell me.”

Midsummer slowly rubbed her eyes.

“Are you noticed?”
“Yeah, it’s fucking ti-nam. Did you wake up?”
“I’m naturally nocturnal. Didn’t you see the logout time?”
“I saw it. Is that the same for me?”
“You are good.”

Midsummer knocked me with her foot.

“Surely just.”
“…Fuck it. What are you talking about with the monkey?”
“This will turn around…! Mmmm.”

She passed one of her fries to Midsummer’s mouth, which jumped up. He immediately calmed down and calmed down. But what if it’s not a monkey?

As much as her goal-striking personality, that was how she got to know him.
There is a game called Moorim Electric.
Should I call it an RPG set in modern times? It is a game about what happens when a gate occurs in a world where modern Moorim exists.

As befits the gutter world view, the feature was that unlimited PK was possible.

– Fuck this bitch! Where do you live
– If I tell you, can I come? You can’t win in games, but is it different in reality?
– Is it different? What if I come?
– Yes, come.

It was midsummer when I met a PKer who persistently pursued me who was a gamer with manners. It was such a trivial thing.

I met him with the intention of being a good person, and when a pretty kid in school uniform came out and opened his eyes… I was at a loss for words. When we met, the age difference was 3 years, and we were awkward with each other, so we ate, exchanged contact information, and broke up.

When I came to my senses, this is what it looks like. Midsummer is said to have passed away both of his parents. And that was me too.

Thanks to the formation of a strange consensus, we quickly became friends. Of course, rather than between a man and a woman, they were just bad friends. Time flies like a lightning bolt, and this year, Midsummer was the year I became an adult.

“I wonder who the hell will take you, really.”
“Are you not going to get married?”
“Can I?”

Midsummer pursed her lips.

“There were boys who said they liked me.”
“Didn’t you go out with them? If that was the case, wouldn’t I have had to go through all this trouble?”
“Shut up!”

Her feet came flying right away. Like kicking while sitting, it was slow. She dodged lightly.

“The joke is over, are you ready?”

I said to Han Yeo-reum, who ate everything I bought and was tapping her stomach.

“I already set it up.”

Jumping up, Midsummer headed to another room. She roughly cleared away any traces of what she had eaten, and she immediately followed.

Today was the main event of Moorim Electric, ‘Descent of the Demon King’. If we don’t stop this, the world could be destroyed or something.

Game companies also need to make money, so I wouldn’t actually destroy them, but there was no doubt that there would be a huge patch in case of failure.

Dealing with the demon king was limited to the top 10 rankers. Midsummer and I are 1st and 2nd next to each other. At first, I wondered how a girl like this came in second place. Seeing her fight made her understand immediately.

He was truly a savage warrior himself.

It was also a talent to walk around as a slender female character. Anyway, since Hyeonpi, whenever there was an important event, we would meet and clear it like this.

It’s also fun to play games together.

“Let’s go. Take second place.”
“If it’s 1v1, I win?”
“Yeah, you’ve never won?”
“Bad baby.”

Midsummer raised her eyes. While she was roughing her mouth, she dutifully completed her raid preparations.



There must be something special about being a demon king.
As if he immediately denied what he thought, the raid boasted an insane level of difficulty. Let alone the demon king, I caught the Four Heavenly Kings or something in front of the demon king, but the other raiding party except for Midsummer and me was wiped out.

“Hey, midsummer. Do you think we’re screwed?”
“Yes. Maybe?”

The durability of the armor was in ruins, and the weapons were also in tatters. You only have one chance.

“Finally, let’s have breakfast and go. Take turns to guard the law.”
“Yass. Ungi brunch!”

Midsummer shouted cheerfully and sat down.

“Are you kidding me in this situation?”
“Are you nervous? Get your dick off.”
“Really, that bastard’s snout. Shut up and have a good breakfast.”

I gathered all the things I didn’t have, and I was ready.

“Let’s go.”

He opened the ugly door. I saw the figure of the Demon King sitting on the vast battlefield.

He opened his eyes

Instantly, we both died.


Only a message indicating failure was floating on the screen.

“Is this right?”
“I saw it. I just got a glare from him.”
“It’s not some kind of heavenly death beam. I have everything.”

While sighing and clicking his tongue, the game over message disappeared and something else popped up.



Midsummer tapped me on the shoulder.

“Let’s go. Take second place.”

Midsummer and I proudly pressed YES. For a moment, his entire body was surrounded by a bright light, and his consciousness flickered.


When I opened my eyes, I was in a different place. Beside her was Midsummer lying on her stomach.

“Fuck, what kind of dog is this…”

It was not an old apartment in Midsummer, but it was the inside of a high-end apartment. The body is hot. Her head was pounding.

Slowly, the new knowledge lodged itself in my brain. As if someone was forcibly injecting it.
I drew back the curtains and opened the window again.


The moment I saw the scenery outside, I had no choice but to admit it.

This is inside Moorim Electric.

Because I could see the huge panoramic view of Jungwon Martial Arts Academy in front of me.
I was certain because I had been to and from the game a few times.
Jungwon Military Academy was a world-class martial arts training institute established in Jungwon-gu, Seongnam-si.

Moorim Electric was a Korean game. Of course, everything revolved around Korea.

When I looked in the mirror, my face was the same, and my body was almost the same except for being a little more muscular.

If this is inside the game, it might be possible to use the system.

It’s a bit embarrassing to say it out loud, but now wasn’t the time to cover it up.

“Status window.”

He spoke in a whisper so that Midsummer, who was still fainting, could not hear.

As expected, a hologram window appeared in front of my eyes.

Name: Kim Mu-gong
Species: Human (20 years old)
Strength: 10 (F) Endurance: 10 (F) Agility: 10 (F) Strength: 50 (B)
Possessed Attributes: Out of Conscience (Inherent), Sun Retarded (EX)
Possessed martial arts: Cheonma Godong (EX), Blood Magic Gong (SSS)

From characteristics to invulnerability. It’s something I’ve never seen before in the game. Among them, there was one that definitely caught my attention.

Heavenly Demon Goddess.

It’s not the Heavenly Demon Goddess, it’s the Unicorn Goddess. When I clicked on the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art in desperation, a detailed explanation appeared.

[Cheonma Godong]
Rating: EX
State: 1 star
Absolute divine spirit created by Suramaje 修羅魔帝 Cheon Woo-jin after hearing the legend of a ‘winged horse’ that only covets pure women.
It is possible to identify female virginity.
Increases stats except stamina when dealing with non-virgin and male opponents.

I don’t know where to start tackling.
In the first place, the unicorn that covets a chaste woman has no wings. The winged one is Pegasus. It’s a crazy creator.
The more I read the description, the more my mind wandered.

It’s a martial art for identifying virgins.

I was at a loss for what to say.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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