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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 2

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 2

Chapter 2 – Union of Yin and Yang (1)

At least there was one thing that was fine.

[Blood Demonic Art]
Class: SSS
State: 1 star
A technique that emits the energy of the extreme yang.

Awesome simple explanation. It was an excellent martial art just below the EX rank. Unlike the new unicorn, where I couldn’t figure out why it was EX grade, this was definitely acceptable.

However, the fact that it was magic took some time. It would be catastrophic if you went out of your way after learning magic arts incorrectly. So, one of the main mobs in Moorim Electric was a runaway Mine.
If it’s a ‘real’ magician, it’s better to throw it away. According to the knowledge that was forcibly injected into my head, it didn’t feel that way.

Just in case.

The problem was the rest.

[Out of conscience]
Rating: Unique
It maintains unwavering composure.

I think the reason I’m not nervous right now is because of this trait, but the blood magic attack and the name were also taken.
What is Exodus of conscience? Exodus of conscience. In fact, these were all minor issues.

Its name is also brilliant, ‘sun retardation.’

Looking at the EX grade, I thought it was a good thing, and the moment I read the description, my breathing stopped.

[The body of the sun]
Rating: EX
A body with extreme yang.
They usually die before passing the terms.
You can temporarily find balance through the union of yin and yang with a woman with a negative energy.

When I looked at the status window, my age was clearly listed as 20 years old. Terms are around the age of 20.

According to the description of the sun retardation, there is a possibility that I will die before this year.

“This crazy.”

I wondered why they spread such high-level martial arts, but there was a ridiculous penalty.

“Hey, midsummer. Sleep and wake up.”

I kicked the midsummer with my toes. If I was like this, midsummer would be the same.

“Umm… You can’t go there, Kim Mu-gong.”
“Stop talking nonsense!”

It was only then that I screamed out loud, and then I stood up with a brusque appearance.

“What. What else is this?”
“Let me summarize. We fell into the world of Moorim Electric, and if we shout ‘status window,’ we can use it and have the knowledge we were forcibly injected into. Check it.”

Midsummer, who had only opened her eyes, opened her lips. He must have received a penalty as well, to the point where his normally pale skin felt pale.

“Status window.”

Midsummer timidly shouted. After looking at the status window for a while, Midsummer’s eyes widened.

“I am the Heavenly Demon Demonic Art, the Blood Magician, and the Sun Retarded.”

Said first It was a little hard to say about the Out of Conscience trait. She was sure to make fun of her.

“…I am the EX-class Heavenly Mountain Goddess Gong, the SSS-class Small Magic Gong, and the EX-class Moon Eum Retarded Moonlight Body. It’s all negative series. Are we against each other?”

If I had positive martial arts with a positive body, Midsummer was negative martial arts with a negative body. It even felt contrived.

“Have you seen the description of the Moon Moon Delay?”
“…They say they will die before handing over the terms and conditions. Somehow, my body feels heavy.”
“You too…”

We got along well with the time limit penalty.

“I was told to unite yin and yang with a woman of extreme negative, but you are written as a man of extreme polarity? But what is Yin-Yang harmony?”

Midsummer’s face turned bright red at the words he spat out casually.

“You you? Do you really not know?”

Midsummer spoke in a tone that was almost astonishing.

“Isn’t yin and yang in harmony adjusting the balance of martial arts? Like Taegeuk. Are you saying that you and I should join hands and learn martial arts?”
“This, this… You asshole!”

“Excuse me,” Cried Midsummer.

“No, I really don’t know, so why are you cursing?”

Suddenly, a sense of resentment came over me. Now, I never thought I would be treated like that by Midsummer.


Midsummer bowed her head and placed her hand on her chest. Somehow, her face also turned a little red.

“Sex! Yatsu! Do I even have to say this with my mouth?”


Understood. So it’s a yin-yang combination. She must have heard of it, why did she forget it?

“So, you and I have to have sex in order for the two of us to live?”
“Yeah, yes.”
“Let’s just follow. What are you doing alive?”

She said with a deep sigh. Do you want to fuck with him? No matter how you turn around, that’s not okay.
What kind of sex does she have with the kid she’s seen since wearing her school uniform? I am not a beast. The Out of Conscience trait doesn’t control my brain. Go away, you bastard. Whoa Whoa.

“You are too much.”

Midsummer’s eyes were moist. No, I said it out of consideration, but why are you like that?

“Calm down, my dear. Don’t get me wrong, it’s because I think of you as my younger brother. You can’t have sex with your own sister, can you?”
“I’m a bad boy!”

Midsummer threw the cat cushion next to her. Because of her soft material, there was no sense of her hitting.

“No, it is true that you are pretty, but that is that and this is this.”
“Who said they would do it?”
“Okay. Let’s just follow I think that would be more convenient. Sex isn’t the only way to begin with. To what extent would it be resolved if it was an extreme negative or an extreme negative?”
“…That’s impossible. Did you see our border? Which age to find the right decision? Calm down, Kim Moo-gong. We could die tomorrow.”

Midsummer’s words hit the mark. In fact, the only way to live was with me and him. Her head was messed up.
I just wanted to die like a joke, but I didn’t really want to die. Even if I think about it from my point of view, as a deceased person, there was no way right away.
It would be better if I knew the time limit, but everything was uncertain. As Midsummer said, the sun could explode tomorrow and die.

‘There’s no answer.’

Midsummer was pouting with her lips tightly shut.

“…Wash it first.”

In the end, she had no choice but to spit these words out. Midsummer nodded her head and went into her bathroom.
I wiped her forehead with the palm of my hand. How did it happen like this

Will I ever be able to go on like before after having sex with him?

The thought of that immediately caught her breath. Perhaps because of the nature of being out of conscience, you think before your instincts. As long as I’m a human being, of course I’ve had dirty thoughts about him.

At first, there were many times when I suffered difficulties because of Midsummer’s defenseless attitude. She’s now. No matter what she does, she only looks like a cute little sister.

Why did I distance myself from him? Looking back, it was a stupid reason. Something, it just made me sad. She wanted her little boy to be happy. So I didn’t touch it That was it.

As she rested her chin on her chin and thought, the strong scent of shampoo crossed her nose.

“…I’m here.”

Midsummer came out wearing only one long towel. Her straight white legs and breastbone were exposed.


Feeling awkward, I went into the bathroom where Midsummer washed. I was dizzy, perhaps because of the hot steam and scent.

After a thorough shower, I came out. Midsummer was not in the living room.

I went in along the bottom where some water remained. Midsummer was lying on a luxurious bed in the master bedroom. She pulled her blanket under her head and bowed her head.

Carefully, they got inside the duvet and lay down next to each other. Soft skin touched her shoulder. The wet feel of her dry hair and the rich scent of her shampoo made her feel drowsy.

“I will take it off.”

He took off even the towel that Midsummer was wearing and threw it away. We got naked like that.

“Hug me.”

Midsummer spoke as if whispering in my ear. I quietly turned her body to the side and hugged Midsummer’s body. A large, soft chest pressed against my chest, and midsummer’s legs intertwined with mine.

We stared blankly at each other at a distance of nose contact. Even under dim lighting, Midsummer’s face was pretty. It was so beautiful that it took my breath away.

I wish he was this pretty.

“It’s fucking pretty.”
“Do I really need to curse?”

The kid who usually lived with swearing in her mouth. She pursed her lips. That figure was just cute, so I held Midsummer tightly in my arms. A breath of breath that I didn’t know whose it belonged to.

“…Kiss Me.”

Midsummer’s eyelids slowly closed. I carefully pursed my lips.

I have no experience with women.
It was the same with him.
As soon as she saw it, perhaps because of the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art, she realized that Midoreum was a pure virgin who had never been touched by a man.
It was unexpected. Considering her looks, it wouldn’t have been strange if she had changed men once a day.

That moment.
To be honest, I was relieved.
Finally. I was a man too.
I tried hard to deny it.

We continued with a clumsy kiss that was more like a lip smack than a kiss. It was filled with the refreshing scent of toothpaste, probably because it had just come out of the wash.

“You… Kiss, I can’t.”
“This is the first time.”

Distance yourself for a while.
As if pleased, Midsummer smiled faintly. Then he kissed me on the lips again.
As our lips and sometimes our teeth clashed, we became more and more proficient.

Little by little, tongue and tongue intertwined. My heart was beating loudly. Midsummer’s hand turned downward.

Took. Midsummer’s touch touched that erection. I was slightly startled and removed my hand, then carefully grabbed the pillar again. Soft, cold hands gripped my prick and played with it.

After sharing tongue-to-tongue kisses for a while, they fell slightly. The thread of saliva was thin and then broke.

“Can I see it?”

It was obvious where to ask.


I nodded. Midsummer lifted her blanket slightly and looked down at her.


Opening her mouth slightly, Midsummer stared blankly.

“Is this your first time seeing a guy? You don’t even watch porn?”
“Even though I haven’t watched porn, I’ve had sex.”

As if in defiance, Midsummer rolled her eyes. I’ve tried it, bitch. She knows that he is a virgin, even if she doesn’t have the Heavenly Demon Sacred Art.
What about clumsy topics from one to ten.

“Oh, yes. I know, so let someone with experience lead.”
“Lee, Reed?”
“I’ll lie down, so take care of yourself. Why, there is something you do by getting on top.”
“…Stomach? What is that? I never did.”

I don’t know this, but I won’t say that Ji is a virgin until the end.


Why are you so cute He is the cutest when he shows his useless pride. The urge to torment me surged. Suddenly, he grabbed Midsummer’s chest.
I was so excited that I gently touched the protruding midsummer nipples.

“I’m sorry…!”

A screeching sound eventually escaped from the mouth of the midsummer that had been holding her lips together. Gently, he pressed his cheek against her soft chest.

He bit her nipple lightly with her teeth. So that it doesn’t hurt.

Tak-tak! Reprimandingly, Midsummer hit her on my shoulder with her palm. An excited moan passed by my ears.

The meager resistance of midsummer actually excites me more. He licked her tongue and sucked on her nipple.


I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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