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I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 3

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed. 3

Chapter 3 – Union of Yin and Yang (2)

I ignored it and grabbed Midsummer’s chest tighter. Big enough to hold with one hand. I was distracted by the soft texture and the smell of the girl’s flesh.

Midsummer slowly wrapped her hands around my head. Her cheek touched her chest, which was softer than a marshmallow. The sound of a thumping heart beat in my ears.

“If you push it too hard… It hurts. Live a little…”

With one hand caressing her breasts, the other hand groped down her curves.
Thighs soft enough to resemble breasts.
Her hand went inside it.

“Wait, wait…!”

What was so embarrassing, Midsummer drew her legs together.

“I have no hair.”
“…I don’t have one.”

He pulled her head out slightly and met her eyes with Han Yeo-reum. The blue eyes lost their way and moved around.

“I’m sorry…!”

Suddenly, she brought her fingers to Midsummer’s crotch. A hot wind brushed her face.

“Come now?”
“I don’t know.”

He kissed her timidly on the lips.
Midsummer didn’t deny it and gently closed her eyes.
Her fingers slipped slowly through the soft crevices.
I could feel the sticky liquid. The midsummer’s cli was already moist.
An excited moan escaped between the kisses.

Carefully, he inserted one of her fingers. Even though it was only one finger, I felt a strong sense of resistance. Only the tips of her fingers moved slightly. The warm touch, the wrinkles on the vaginal walls, the tight yet flinching sensation.
Let’s get the finger out again.
Midsummer hurriedly grabbed her arm.

“I’ll do it slowly.”
“Don’t put it in yet… Just the outside.”

Midsummer took her hand and brought it to her own clit. She touched her little clitoris and then rubbed it under her. She rubbed her own pussy with her fingers inside her as if it were her masturbator.

“Yeah… Good.”
“Do you usually masturbate like this?”
“…Don’t masturbate.”

Midsummer glared at her eyes. Also, it’s cute.
I’m going crazy because it’s cute


I was forced to lie down in an upright position in midsummer. Her breasts, which had been vaguely visible until earlier, came into view clearly.
Even when she was lying down, her bouncy breasts and pink nipples were quite beautiful. If there was a work of art created by God, would it feel like this?

Body was hot

I threw the duvet out of the bed.

“It’s embarrassing… Can’t we cover it with a blanket?”

Midsummer timidly protested, covering her breasts with her arms, but her instincts had already eaten my brain. Flatly refused.

Do not look at such a pretty body?

“Open your legs.”

She said to Midsummer, who was still clasping her legs together. Embarrassingly, she spread her legs apart.

…Wasn’t enough. Did you open it because you opened it?
I climbed on top of Midsummer and immediately spread her legs violently.


Closing her eyes tightly, Midsummer lowered her hand to cover her own crotch.

“Get your hands off me, midsummer.”

Midsummer shook her head. He forcibly removed her hand from covering her vagina. Contrary to the strong display of resistance, there was no strength in Midsummer’s hands.

As she removed her hand, she saw innocent flower petals tightly closed in a straight line. Her eyes were inadvertently drawn to her pink pussy, slightly redder than her skin color.


When she came to her senses, Midsummer was staring at me.

“No, it is pretty.”

Out of all the women I’ve seen on video so far, Midsummer is by far the best. That can be predicted.

“That… Is it going in?”

Midsummer’s eyes were fixed on my cock, which was about to explode. She stretched out her fingers, measured the length of her cock, and then brought it to her stomach.
The blue eyes gradually widened.

“Have you ever had sex?”
“…I haven’t actually tried it.”

She slightly averted her gaze, and then she confessed that she was her virgin.

“Know. What is sex in midsummer?”
“I could have done it.”
“I guess so.”

As long as it’s midsummer. Anything would have been possible.


Midsummer tilted her head at her innocent nod.
I opened her labia, which were tightly closed, with one hand. A small hole was visible between the pink flesh.
Midsummer asked, but I honestly couldn’t believe my cock was going into that little hole.
Resisting the urge to fuck her right now, he grabbed her prick with his other hand and brought it carefully. The moist mucous membrane touched her glans.
I’ve never done it myself, but I know it from my knowledge.
I rubbed my cock gently against her pussy, which was slippery with sticky juice.

“Aren’t you sick?”
“Yes. At this level… It’s okay.”

Her moan escaped through Midsummer’s lips as her head touched her clitoris.

“I don’t have condoms. What to do?”

While the thought of wanting to put it in her mind dominated her head, she realized a serious fact.

“…Just put it in.”

Midsummer murmured softly.

“It’s okay?”
“Yeah… Put it in.”

When I tried to squeeze her back in, Midsummer pulled her butt all the way back.

“Not there.”

His posture was also strangely uncomfortable. After all, the lack of real experience seems to show through in this respect.

“Ugh, no. For awhile.”

Midsummer took her pillow from her bedside and tucked it under her own waist.

“This is better.”
“Is not it?”

He straightened his posture again and brought her cock to him.

“A little lower. Than before.”

The cold midsummer hand touched his cock. As if to gauge her position, he grabbed her cock and locked it in his crotch.


As the midsummer guide, I carefully pushed the tip of her glans in.


Even when I put it in a little bit, it was very stiff.

“Are you okay?”

Instead of answering, Midsummer bit her lip and gripped her bedspread. I pushed the tip of her glans in a bit more. She forced herself into a hole where not even one of her fingers could fit.

Duduk. Duduk. Duduk.

The sensation of something being cut off was vividly felt. It even seemed to tear her non-woven fabric.

“I’m sorry…!”

Little by little, but steadily, my cock dug into the midsummer cunt.
A blatant feeling that pierces the flesh.
Midsummer’s inner flesh was tightly clinging to it.
The warmth, softness, and bumpy texture of the vaginal walls were transmitted to the tip of the glans as it was.
Live without pain. I moved my back.

“…Kiss Me.”

Midsummer kissed her lips. Inserted, she leaned her body toward Midsummer.

Midsummer wraps her legs around my waist.
Her hands were wrapped around the back of my head.

Eyes slightly wet with pain, disheveled hair, sweet smell of flesh and breath. A graceful chest line that extends from the slender collarbone.
The hot sensation and tightness felt from the bottom.
Drives people crazy

He rubbed her body gently and kissed her lips violently. The soft tip of his tongue entangled between his gaping teeth, and threads of saliva continued to fall and fall.


Every time I moved my waist, Midsummer flinched.
It seems that the pain of the first experience is still burdensome.

I put one hand behind Midsummer’s head, and the other hand grabbed Midsummer’s hand and interlaced them. He stopped kissing and gently bit Midsummer’s ear lobe.


Midsummer let out her loud moan as she squeezed her hand. She then lowered her hand from holding her head and patted the back of my neck. As if not to do it.


I half-closed her eyes and moved her hips more quickly. It wasn’t even the proper quality of the piston, but I was already feeling ejaculation with the crazy suction power.
Snap. The sound produced by flesh colliding with pubic bones.


The sound of breath in midsummer mixed with pain and pleasure.
All kinds of strange sounds filled the room.

“I think it’ll be okay if I do it a little… Faster.”

Midsummer whispered softly. Without refusing, he thrust his cock deeply into it.
He released his tightly gripped hand and gently stroked his cheek.
A few teardrops wiped the marks on his cheeks.

“I love you.”

In a mournful voice, Midsummer pursed her lips.

‘Do I love him?’

And sudden doubts. It was hard to contain the feeling of ejaculation from the strong sense of immorality that followed. I quickly pulled out her cock.

Along with the feeling that the strength of the whole body was drained, semen poured out over Midsummer’s belly button. Because it had been piled up for a while, quite a lot of it flowed down the boat.

He hurriedly picked up the tissue next to her and started wiping it.

In mid-summer, he looked at me curiously as I ejaculated.
Dipping her semen with her finger, he was asking questions.

“…I’m seeing this for the first time. It smells amazing.”
“It’s the first time, so of course you’ll see it for the first time.”
“Ugh, it doesn’t taste good.”
“Why are you eating that?”
“I was curious, so I ate it.”

Midsummer stuck out her tongue and laughed bashfully. She wiped the semen from her body and looked down at her.

A faint trace of blood was visible on her.

“Are you bleeding?”
“It really sucks when you do it for the first time. I heard there are people who don’t.”

I came out with a tissue and wiped the underside of the midsummer. Red blood flowed out.

“Show me that.”

Midsummer took her bloody tissue. She looked at it for a few seconds and then she tossed it away.

“…It was worth the pain.”
“What’s worth it…”
“It’s noisy, how did you feel? Joe, did you like it?”
“It was good. What should I do?”
“Okay? Come and see.”

Midsummer hit the seat next to her. She lay down quietly for once.
Midsummer, who had been staring at me with her moist eyes, suddenly got on top of her. Her voluptuous breasts swayed with her movements. Her long hair hung over her face like a curtain.

Facing her face, Midsummer grabbed her by both of my wrists.
Her lower body also reacted to her soft skin and moderate weight.

“What are you doing?”
“I have a question.”
“Stat window. How strong are you?”
“10. It is F. Why?”

She smiled bewitchingly, midsummer whispered in her ear. Looking at it like this, it’s really pretty, it’s fucking pretty. There is no such thing as a nine-tailed fox who is bewitched by having sex once.

“I am 20. Are you weaker than me?”

Midsummer raised the corners of her mouth. For some reason, her arm strength had been unusual since earlier.

“What are you going to do? You want more sex?”
“…Next. The lower part still hurts.”

Do you have any plans to do it next time?

“Then why are you doing this?”
“You didn’t answer earlier.”

I had some guesses, but I pretended not to know.
Midsummer’s face, which had been hesitant for a moment, turned red in an instant.

“This, this… You bastard!”

She lifted the pillow next to her and hit me in the face.

The full swing applied with 20 strength was more intense than I thought.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

I Possessed With My Female Friend. But Other Women Are Obsessed.

여사친과 빙의했다. 그런데 다른 여자들이 집착한다.
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2022 Native Language: Korean
I possessed a female friend in a modern martial arts game.


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